tagGay MalePussyboy Nephew Ch. 01

Pussyboy Nephew Ch. 01


So I went to stay at my aunt and uncles. I had finished another year at university, and my mom said I should spend a few weeks with them, if I had nothing better to do. At first I wasn't that interested, what with my aunt living in a quite area and they were both in their forties, I liked the city where we lived, and enjoyed being around my mates. However I think my mom was concerned that if I stayed at home I was spend all my time sucking cock, and I think she saw me as being a bit of a threat to her and her casual lovers. After all last time I was back home I had been screwing her then boyfriend. Besides a couple of weeks out of town wouldn't be too bad, I might be able to earn a few bucks at my uncle's factory, so eventually I agreed, and found myself on the train. Along with my clothes and other essentials, I had bought some porn, and my favourite dildo. My uncle and aunt knew I was gay I had "come out" last year when I was 19, but I doubted I'd find any opportunities up there, so I thought it best to prepare for a few solo experiences.

After a three-hour journey I arrived at the station, I saw my aunt, and gathered my stuff got into her car. She looked older than I last remembered seeing her, although for a forty-one year old she wasn't too bad looking. She was pretty slim, short black hair, although her breasts didn't stand out much. Basically she had the look that many soccer moms have, although without being a mom. She seemed pretty pleased to see my, perhaps more excited than I had expected, and I enjoyed the conversation during the twenty minute drive back to her house. It was a very nice house, much larger than my aunt or uncle needed, as they had no children. However it was a status symbol, and my uncle had an important job, so it was appropriate for him to have a large house to entertain in. My aunt let me settle in, I had a good size room, with en suite facilities. She helped me unpack my bag, however the zip on my rucksack broke, and its contents poured out all over the floor. I look down, horrified, as my twelve-inch dildo and two porn films fell out. My aunt giggled, and said she that it was a few inches bigger than her toy. She picked up one of the films "Pussyboi Gangbang 3" and said that it looked interesting, before popping it back into my bag and dropping the bag on my bed. I was relieved that she hadn't been angered, as my mum had always told I that her elder sister was pretty conservative, but she seemed cool.

Later on we had dinner. Uncle had came home and I was amazed at how fit he looked. He was well tanned, and had obviously been working out, I said as much to him, and he laughed and said I could join him down the gym if I wanted. At this he laughed again, I reckon because he knew I wouldn't go. I have always been on the small side, once or twice in the recent pass I had been confused for a female, and I guess he was laughing at this. He also suggested that I could get some work experience down at the plant if I wanted, to which I said that would be great, although my aunt said she wanted to take me shopping and let me get my bearings in the local community, before rushing me off to work. After dinner we chatted for a while longer, but my uncle said he had to get to bed early, and my aunt went off to do the washing up before following her husband. They wished me good night, and I went off to bed as well.

However after my long day I felt pretty horny, so I put the Pussyboi dvd on and undressed myself. The porno progressed, as a petite blonde slut dressed as a whore entered a room full of fit naked men. The girl began sucking one of the men off, whilst others gathered around her and began to undress her. Naturally with her clothes off you saw "her" flat chest, before revealing "her" shaved cock and legs. The men used and abused the crossdressing slut, brutally fucking "her" mouth and arse repeatedly. Whilst this was going on I stroked my dick, and sucked on the dildo, thinking it strange that my aunt probably did the same to hers, and whether her husband knew. The porn came to its sticky conclusion, as twelve men jerked themselves off all over the face of the young slut, who eagerly lapped up all the cum, swallowing as much as possible. However there was a lot left over and it stuck to "her" face before dripping onto "her" chest. After this, the slut spread "her" legs revealing her gaping hole, which still had cum oozing out. With this I finished jerking myself off, trying to get as much cum onto my dildo as possible, and then licked the dildo clean. Once I hadn't liked the taste of my own cum, but after snowballing with other gay friends, I had developed a taste for it. After this wanking session I nodded off to sleep.

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