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Acting Persons: Monica (36), business-woman; Cindy (18), cheerleader

Monica gave the 18-year-old, blonde teenage-girl the one hundred dollars. The so innocent and shy looking young girls hands were shaking a bit. Monica always loved that shy excitement at her teenage amateur hookers.

Monica was a 36-year-old consultant. She was in a high-paid management position. Due to her job she had to travel a lot. The last two weeks she again had been staying in a lonely hotel room in Atlantic City. Just opposite of her hotel there had been a kind of diner where one of the cheerleading-teams met after their training.

Monica was about 1,75 meters in seize and was doing a lot of sports, so that her body was still in very good shape and she was rather slim. Also her breasts were not big, but still quite firm for her age. She had dark brown hair that was going down a bit over her shoulders. Her face had the expression of an experienced, but still younger looking, beautiful managing-lady, that obviously took very well care of her body. The 36-year-old woman had always been a lesbian since she was a teenage girl. Due to her job she had no fixed relationship. She loved young looking teenage-girls that had no lesbian experiences so far.

For some days Monica had watched that blonde cheerleader. With about 1,65 meters, she was quite smaller than herself. The girl had a very white, soft looking skin. She had blonde, long hair. Her face was very pretty and had a young and innocent look. If Monica had not heard it during the girls conversation once, she would had guessed that the girl was not older than 16. But she was 18. She had a very slim, tender body and her tits seemed to be rather small too.

After watching her for 5 evenings Monica had finally followed her to the washing room. She had just stepped behind her and without even greeting her she had said:

"These are one hundred dollars!", she had waved with the money in her hand to the teenage-girl. I will give you these and another one hundred if you just let me lick your sweet pussy to a wonderful orgasm. Nothing more, nothing else. So decide now, or I will be away in half a minute."

The girl had blushed and reddened. Then she had nodded.


On the way to Monica's hotel the excited girl had told that her name was Cindy and that she was no lesbian at all, but that she would do it for the money. Monica had smiled.

Now the girl was already stripping of her clothes. She did not dare to look up while doing so; she was a bit ashamed of what she was doing here.

The 18-year-old girl was looking wonderful. Monica told her to spread on the hotel bed and the girl followed her wish.

Monica had stripped to and was now only wearing her panties. Her nipples were rock hard due to the excitement and the arousal that the naked, young body on her body caused in her.

The shy and excited Cindy had closed her eyes. Monica was smiling again. With her hands she spread the girls legs even further. Her sweet, young-looking crotch-area was a perfect dream of pussy. She was completely shaved.

For some time Monica just took in the beautiful, highly erotic sight of the teenage pussy in front of her. Maybe that was the most beautiful pussy the 36-year-old lesbian had ever seen.

The perfect, white skin, no hair on her mount of venus, her cunt lips perfects drawn and her little clit hardly visible now.

Monica laid herself between Cindy's spread legs and slowly brought her face closer and closer to the wonderful treasure. She moved her hands softly beneath the girls wonderful, firm arse-cheeks and lifted her a bit, massaging her arse-cheeks while doing so.

She took in the fresh smile of the teenage-pussy. Cindy had shaved after the training less than one hour ago and was still smelling of the soap she had used. Monica loved the smell, but she knew that she would love even much more the smell, that would soon be brought forward – the smell of lust.

Monica planted a first very soft and tender kiss onto the girl's pussy. Her lips were hardly touching Cindy's beautiful cunt. Slowly she kissed her way softly down her slit. She started at her completely hairless mount of venus. She kissed every inch of the teenager's soft skin. Gently and tenderly her lips were touching her skin, moving down with every kiss and the down her wonderful slit, till she almost reached the pretty ring of her anus. Monica would have loved to kiss that wonderful arse too, but that had not been agreed.

When the woman kissed her way up the slit again, she recognized that the teenage – girl started becoming moist. Her lips took in the first scent of the girl's pussy juices. Monica kept kissing, slow and soft and with each kiss she felt that her little hooker was becoming more and more wet.

She heard that Cindy was starting to breath harder and she saw her bite her lips. Her pussy was really blooming now. It shimmered with her wetness and now already had the wonderful smell of lust and sex. It was a wonderful smell.

Monica could not resist any longer and she now also used her tongue on the girl's pussy. She took a long lick from Cindy's anus up to her mount of venus, taking in the wonderful taste of the young girls pretty pussy. She tasted perfect. Monica had always adored the taste of a fresh pussy, but that was really perfect.

Eagerly the older lesbian started licking the girl's pussy. Her tongue became faster and harder. And the 18-year-old cheerleader obviously was aroused by what the 36-year-old businesswoman was doing to her. She moaned loud now. Her eyes still closed.

Monica's tongue was in between the girl's wonderful cunt-lips now, drying to enter her pussy as deep as possible. Cindy's tasty love-juices were flowing freely now.

The teenager's clit was already hard and swollen. Monica circled it with her experienced tongue. She teased it, licked around it, kissed it softly and sucked it into her eager mouth. Then her tongue licked up and down her slit again. She ate her pussy, opened her mouth to take in all the wonderful, tasty pussy juice, she kissed her softly and tried to fuck her with her tongue the next moment. Cindy almost cried now of lust.

Monica loved to hear that sounds of pleasure and pure sexual arousal. She knew that the girl was already very close to coming, but Monica wanted her to even keep her arousal till she would let her cum.

She stopped licking her and just planted soft butterfly kisses all over her crotch. She outlined the shapes of the young girls pretty, wet cunt-lips with her tongue. She just breathed into her pussy, teasing her. She very softly kissed her clit and licked and kissed her mount of Venus for a while, till the girl had calmed down a bit again.

The bed-sheets beneath the girl's crotch were soaking wet already of her pussy juices.

Monica started to lick her again. Up and down her slit, with her tongue, her lips and her whole mouth, even her nose, buried her face into the girl's crotch, pressed it against her, rubbed her. Soon the girl's juices were all over the older lesbians face. Monica loved that feeling.

Monica was now changing between licking quickly up and down the teenagers slit, entering her sweet little pussy with her tongue, like tongue-fucking her, taking all of her tasty sex-juices that she could get and kissing, licking and sucking her hard clit.

Cindy was moaning loud, let out loud cries of pure lust and sexual satisfaction. Her pussy was quivering. Monica knew that she was not close to come. There was no stopping now. She sucked hard on the teenager's clit and pressed her face fully against the girl's cunt.

Cindy cried out loud and she came to a long and loud huge orgasm. Her juices were flowing in a stream and Monica's eager tongue was licking in circles to get as much as possible of Cindy's taste.

After Cindy had finally relaxed a bit again, after her first lesbian climax, the experienced businesswoman looked up to the cheerleader smiling out of her pussyjuice-covered face.

"Did you like that my little, sweet hooker, my young whore?", she asked.

The girl nodded.

"You have earned your money now, Cindy. You can go if you want. Or you can stay and I will make you cum, I will make you cum with my hands and fingers, I will make you cum by licking and pleasuring your sweet, little arse and I will pleasure your wonderful, young breasts and nipples till you cry of lust. You can touch and fumble another woman for the first time and you can taste a pussy for the first time if you want. Do you want to go now, my little hooker?"

The 18-year-old girl just shook her head. Monica smiled and she moved up along the girl's naked body and she kissed her. Cindy tasted her own pussyjuices as the 36-year-old manager kissed her deeply and passionately, pressing her young body tight to her body and massaging her arse with her hands.

That would be a wonderful, long night, after which Cindy would maybe never again think of having sex with a man. She would make her young amateur hooker a lesbian.

Feedback, Comments and Votings are very welcome!! I will love to read your feedback!! ….and never forget to enjoy a wonderful pussy, it's just one of the most wonderful things on earth…

Your pussylove69.

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