tagNonConsent/ReluctancePut in Bay Honeymoon Ch. 01

Put in Bay Honeymoon Ch. 01


As I sit here to write this down, I still cannot believe it happened to me. I cannot believe I was so foolish to put myself in this situation I found myself in. But my husband bares part of the blame. It would have been more attentive instead of ignoring me, or what happened to me would have never happened.

I was trying to recharge our relationship. It was our 20th anniversary, and I thought we needed a spark. My husband didn't seem interested in me much anymore. He watched TV, rather than come to bed with me. And when he did make love to me, it was too short and he seemed to lack passion for me.

So I thought we needed to get away and rekindle our relationship.

I picked a four-day weekend at Put in Bay. It's a wonderful island in Lake Erie. I've always heard of the festive and even wild party atmosphere and I thought it would be perfect for us. I booked us into a resort on the island and made arrangements to have our two teenage sons cared for while we got away.

At 40, I thought myself still attractive. I have gained just a few pounds in the years since our marriage. My husband probably a few more. But I still loved him and still found him attractive. I just felt he didn't feel the same about me.

I went shopping and bought some nice outfits for the island. I tried on several bathing suits, picking out several nice conservative ones, but I also picked out a revealing bikini. I thought I might get the confidence to wear it at a private time at the resort and maybe my husband would look at me like he used to.

We took the ferry and checked into the resort. It was a small place, with maybe 30 rooms. It had a pool and a large hot tub surrounded by a high privacy fence. As I saw it, I entertained thoughts of going out to the hot tub with my husband, while wearing my sexy revealing suit, and perhaps engaging in some hanky panky.

Once in the room, I approached my husband and kissed him. I hoped the change of scenery and the fact that we were alone would put a charge in to him. It did not. He made love to me in the same manner he always did. A couple of kisses, a couple of touches, he got on top of me and pushed in and out of me for maybe a minute before he came. Then he needed a nap!

I lay there with tears in my eyes. I felt so unfulfilled, so unattractive. As he snored next to me, I recalled how it was years ago. How we would sneak back to his apartment for a hot session of lovemaking while his roommate was gone. How we had made love on a beach once. How did we get here from there? I felt horrible and went and took a shower.

My husband woke up later and we made plans for dinner. We walked to one of the local bars that even at 6PM were already getting pretty wild. I looked around the room and saw so many young people, yelling and laughing and drinking. I longed for those wild irresponsible days.

We sat and had a few drinks with my husband barely talking to me. He seemed more interested in what was going on at all the other tables. I got up to go to the bathroom and as I exited the restroom, I bumped into a tall young man. He smiled at me and said. "Well excuse me." While he looked me over.

It had been years since anyone had looked at me like that, so instead of just walking away, I smiled back and said. "No problem."

His eyes again went up and down my body quickly. I wasn't really dressed too sexily. But it was strange feeling his eyes roam over my body.

"You here alone?" He asked.

I was tempted to say yes, but I smiled and said. "No, I'm with my husband."

He winked and said. "Just my luck. All the sexy ones are always taken."

I was stunned and flattered. Here was this young man, maybe half my age flirting with me, and I was kind of flirting back!

"Why don't you and your husband join us? We're sitting over there." He said as he pointed to a large table in the back. It was filled with young people being wild.

I smiled and said. "Maybe we will."

He smiled deeply and leaned in close and looked deeply into my eyes and said. "I hope you do pretty lady."

I went back to our table, my heart slightly racing. I sat down next to my husband, but kept one eye on the table in the back. It was piled high with beer cans. The music was loud and several of the young women at the table stood up in their chairs and danced sexily. I looked over at my husband and he was looking straight at those young girls.

Just then, my new friend appeared at our table.

"Hi. My name is Brad. Nice to meet you both." He said.

He shook my husbands hand and introduced us to Brad. Brad then told my husband he had run into me outside the bathroom and had invited me to their table. Would we care to join them?

My husband looked at me, and then at the table where the girls were dancing and said. "Sure."

Part of me was angry. I knew why he wanted to go there. But I wanted the same thing. So we picked up our drinks and went over. We were introduced to everyone. It was a wild fun group. Brad bought us each a drink and sat next to me.

My husband pretty much ignored me while he looked at the young women who kept getting up on their chair and dancing. Several times they lifted their shirts, like they were going to take them off. The crowd cheered for them to flash. They said they would for a shot. Some of the guys sitting there bought them each one and they stood up and lifted their shirts to the crowds delight.

We had several drinks and the place kept getting wilder and wilder. Other women at other tables did the same as the young women at our table. My husband pretty much ignored me as his head swiveled around the bar looking at all the bare breasts being exposed.

I was angry, but also intrigued with Brad. He seemed so interested in only me. He talked to only me and never seemed to notice the women lifting their blouses. It made me feel so good and so attractive.

We had been at the bar when Brad's group said they were going back to their rooms. And to my surprise, they were staying at the same resort as us. Brad announced we'd all meet at the pool in 15 minutes.

My husband and I left. As we walked back to the resort, he barely talked to me. He staggered a bit and when he did talk, his words were a bit slurred. He seemed to be in a hurry to get back to the resort, and I guess I was too.

We went to our room, and I went in the bathroom to change. I tried one of the conservative suits and stood in front of the mirror. It just didn't look good enough. I tried on another and still did not care for how it looked. Suddenly my husband knocked on the door.

"Are you ready yet?" He yelled.

"No. I still trying on my suits." I called back.

"Shit. You'll be in there all night. We'll miss the damn party!" He yelled back.

"Go ahead. I'll be there in a minute." I told him.

He left. I knew he wanted to get there and see what the wild young women were up to. Like they'd want a flabby old man like him. I came out of the bathroom and grabbed the skimpy suit out of my bag. I tried it on and stood in front of the mirror.

I almost cried. I thought I looked so old. My tummy wasn't flat. My breasts sagged. My legs looked flabby. I just looked at myself and thought I should stay in the room. There was no way I could compete.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I grabbed a beach wrap and put it on as I looked through the peephole. It was Brad!

"Come on. What's keeping you?" He asked as he knocked again.

I tied the wrap and open the door. He stood there in his suit. It was my turn to run my eyes up and down his body. He was young and firm. I felt a tingle as he pushed open the door and came in.

"You coming down?" He asked.

"I was just getting ready." I lied. I couldn't tell him I was ashamed of how I looked.

"Well here. This will help." He said as he handed me a bottle. "Drink up!" He commanded.

I took a short drink and swallowed and then coughed. "What is that?" I said while coughing.

"Mescal baby. Have another." He said.

"Later." I told him.

"You ready to go?" He asked. "Your hubby is already down and partying."

"He is?" I asked.

He took me by the hand and took me to the window. My husband was in the pool with a girl on his shoulders. I was stunned. Brad looked at me and saw I was upset.

"He can have them. Those girls don't have a thing on you. If I was your husband, I'd be up here with you instead of down there."

Well that's all I needed to hear. I thought what was good for the goose, was good for the gander. I took the bottle from Brad's hand, smiled, and then drank again. It burned a bit less and I smiled and handed it back to him.

We drank and talked and drank some more while we sit on the edge of the bed. I got up several times to look at my husband. He was always playing in the pool or drinking with some young woman, so I sat and drank with Brad. My husband didn't even seem to be missing me.

Part of me was enjoying Brad's attention. I had no intention of doing anything other than flirting, but when I stood up one time to go to the window, I got dizzy and almost fell. Brad caught me in his strong arms, and looked briefly into my eyes before he kissed me deeply.

It caught me totally off guard. I did nothing for a second. Then I found myself melting in his young strong arms. I opened my mouth and kissed him deeply. He pushed his tongue in deep and began to hold me closely against him. I hadn't felt passion like that in years. But I had to stop.

I pulled away and told him to stop. He didn't at first, but I told him again and he did.

"I'm married. I can't do this." I told him.

He smiled and said. "I understand. I just couldn't help myself. I think you're so damn sexy."

I loved hear the words, but I felt I had let it go too far.

"Let's get down to the pool." I told him.

We walked down the hallway and got into the elevator. I felt his eyes roam all over me and I suddenly realized I was wearing the skimpy suit. I almost panicked and went back to the room, but after several shots of the Mescal and seeing the way Brad looked at me, I decided to be bold.

We entered the pool area, and I found my husband in the large hot tub with two other guys and three young women. He barely acknowledged me as I sat by the side of the pool, letting my legs dangle in the water. He called to me to join him, but I had no desire to sit there with him and those young tramps.

I quickly removed my wrap and slid in the water. The water felt wonderful and helped clear out the fog from the Mescal and Brad. I swam around a bit and came to rest by the side of the pool, facing towards the hot tub.

My husband was not even looking my way. He was looking at one of the girls that was now sitting on the side of the hot tub topless. He was staring and talking to her like I didn't even exist. Suddenly I was startled to feel someone swim up behind me and wrap his arms around me.

"Hi there sexy." Said Brad as his arms tightened around me. He rubbed his crotch against my rear and I could feel a growing bulge being pressed against me. I looked to my husband, hoping he would see this and maybe get jealous and maybe stop this young man from touching me and grinding against me.

But he wasn't even looking.

Brad's hands began to explore me underneath the water. And under other circumstances, I would have stopped him immediately, but I was getting angry with my husband. His looked very drunk and his eyes were locked on the 20 something bimbo who was shaking her breasts and laughing while she talked with him.

First, Brad only touched my arms and then my shoulders and back. And I didn't make a move to stop him while I stared at my husband whose eyes were locked on that girls breasts. I was getting so angry.

So when Brad's right hand went down the front of my bathing suit bottom, I let him. And when his other hand lifted my bikini top and began squeezing my breasts. I let him do that too.

I was angry and now and I was letting Brad do whatever he wanted. Brad kept grinding his now hard cock into my rear end as he slid his finger in and out of me while he pinched my nipples and squeezed my breasts. But when I felt him tugging at my bottoms and I felt him bare penis rubbing against my bare butt, I had to stop him.

I turned around, pulling his hands off of me and telling him quietly to stop. He smiled and looked me sexily. He took his hand and grabbed mine. He pulled it quickly to his penis and wrapped my fingers around it.

It was so hard and so big! My stomach was in knots. I had never felt anything like that before! I had been with only one other man than my husband. And he was about the same size erect as my husband. Brad was huge and so hard. He wrapped my fingers around his shaft and made me stroke it. I struggled and pulled my hand back. Brad smiled and pulled up his trunks.

I adjusted my suit and got out of the pool. I went over to the hot tub and got in next to my husband. He was so drunk he could barely talk. He tried to introduce me to the topless girl, but he could barely get out her name. I told him we should go up to our room and he said I was a party pooper.

Then he looked at one of the other young women and said. "Geesh. She's no damn fun at all! Why don't you lighten up and have some fun? God! You're like my mother or something!"

Everyone in the hot tub laughed and I felt so humiliated. I got up so angry. I told him to have fun and I got up and walked back into the resort. Tears were in my eyes as I pressed the elevator button. I wiped them away and then felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Brad.

"He's a damn fool. You're sexier than any of those stupid bitches." He said.

I fell into his arms sobbing. He pushed me inside and pushed the button and the door closed. I sobbed until it opened and he walked me down the hallway. We entered the room, and I quickly realized it wasn't mine.

"I shouldn't be here." I said.

"You need a drink." He said as he offered me a bottle.

I took a long drink and then began to cry again. Brad held me and told me how foolish my husband was. How beautiful and sexy I was. And how badly he wanted me.

I walked over to the window and looked out into the pool. One of the girls was now straddling my husbands lap, shaking her bare breasts in his face. I turned away and grabbed the bottle and drank another drink and then another.

Brad joined me at the window and grabbed the bottle. He took a drink and then handed it back to me. I took another. The burning had stopped a long time ago, and I looked at my husband while I took another long drink right from the bottle.

I have no idea how many more drinks I took from the bottle. I just know it was a lot. I sobbed a bit more and then began to feel a bit ill. I had to go to the bathroom badly. I handed the bottle to Brad and walked slowly to the bathroom. I felt so woozy. I closed the door behind me and sat down on the toilet. I rested my head in my hands. I felt dizzy and disoriented. I closed my eyes and felt the room spin. Then I must have passed out.

The next thing I recall was being in my bed. I felt horribly disoriented and I was trying to recall the night and what happened and how I got back to my room. I tried to open my eyes, but the room was so dark, I couldn't see anything. I was so confused and my thoughts were so cloudy. I tried to get my thoughts in order and recall all the events of the night.

But those thoughts left me as I felt my vagina being manipulated orally and it felt so good. It has been years since my husband went down on me. Of course, he always wants me to do it to him. But he always finds an excuse not to do it to me.

I felt his tongue and fingers delicately playing and delighting me. I recall thinking he must have learned something somewhere, because it's really feeling good. I opened myself up further for him and began to pump against his action.

His finger penetrated me and he began to concentrate on my clitoris with his tongue. He'd never done it so good. I felt myself lubricating like crazy as his tongue really did a number on me.

I lay there drifting and feeling pleasure like I haven't felt in years. I tried again to open my eyes, but I still could not see. I wanted to rub my eyes, to clear away the darkness, but I realized I couldn't move my hands.

What was going on?

My husband really began to lick on suck on my clitoris unlike nothing I'd ever felt before. He had all the right moves and I found myself approaching a major orgasm. I felt so strange; I assumed it was all the alcohol. But I was going to cum and cum big.

My body tensed as I exploded. I recall hearing myself cry out. It was almost like an out of body experience. I always had to worry about being loud at home. I never wanted our sons to hear our lovemaking. But here, alone in a hotel room with my husband, I could let go. And I did.

Waves of pleasure crashed over me as I came like I've never came in years. I screamed and screamed as my body writhed in pleasure. I relaxed as my husband played softly with my vagina. I felt so relaxed and fulfilled.

Then I felt him mount me and I willingly accepted him. I had cum like I hadn't in years, but I strangely wanted more. I felt his cock enter me and I welcomed it. He pushed deep and then withdrew. Then he pushed deeper and deeper. And with each thrust he seemed to be hitting new territory. He had never felt so good.

He felt so hard, so stiff, and so ....... Big!

Realizations slowly began to sweep over me. I tried to move my arms and realized they were tied down. I realized my eyes were open, I just could not see because they were covered. And who ever was inside me wasn't my husband!

"God no, please don't! Stop! Please stop!" I screamed.

The man fucking me ignored my pleas and began to fuck me hard and deep. I screamed again for my attacker to stop, but I quickly felt my mouth being covered. My attacker pushed hard and I felt him hit bottom. I'd never felt anything like it before. I felt so full and stretched to the hilt.

He lifted my legs up lifting my rear off of the bed. He buried his big hard cock all the way into me and fucked me so intensely I had trouble breathing. My vagina felt so stretched and full. I'd never felt anything like it.

Then I felt my nipples being sucked and it caused sensations to course through my body. On one level I was mortified as to what was happening. But another part was being fulfilled, as I always wanted. I felt helpless to stop what was happening as I felt the stranger use me. I kept begging for my attacker to stop, but he would not.

He let go of my legs and lowered them. I felt him lift off of me and move to his side as he pumped into me with a slow steady rhythm. I suddenly felt the sensation of someone licking my clitoris and it sent shockwaves through my body. I'd never felt a sensation like this before in my life and I recall my body shuddering in pleasure.

I couldn't figure out what was happening, but my body was out of control. I began to moan and spasm on every thrust, every lick of my now sensitive clitoris. An orgasm quickly approached and then exploded throughout my body. It felt more intense that anything I'd ever felt before. I recall hearing myself scream in delight as it swept over me.

My orgasm subsided and then quickly rose again. I came again and screamed in delight. And they kept coming one after another over and over again. I've never felt anything close to in my lifetime. It was like riding a roller coaster that never ended. I stopped struggling and fucked back against my attacker, willing taking every inch he gave me.

My clitoris felt like it had a thousand nerve endings. And they were all exploding in pleasure. I felt wetness seeping out of me and dripping down coating my thighs and rear. I felt like a total slut and I was letting it happen.

I felt my attacker approaching orgasm, and I recall begging for him to cum inside me. He obeyed and I screamed as my body shuddered as another huge orgasm swept over me. I felt his hot cum shoot deep within me and I loved the feeling. He slowly pulled out of me and rolled to my side. I felt him softly finger my oozing wet hot vagina as he nursed on my hard nipples.

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