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Jeff grabbed Janet's hand and placed it in his lap. She felt his boner throb in his pants. Janet didn't resist. She knew she would end up paying for what she had done. She just didn't know it would be this soon. She resigned herself to do what ever he wanted.

"I really like this one." He said, as he held her fingers around his erection and moved her hand to stroke it. "You seem quite ... what's the word? Oh yeah ... orgasmic."

Janet saw a picture of her face as the boy made her cum. The look of sheer pleasure was imprinted there as surely as if a bright red neon arrow was pointing at her face with the words - 'SHE'S CUMMING' - flashing off and on.'

Janet's fingers fumbled with the tab on Jeff's zipper as she silently slid to her knees between his wide open legs. She pulled the zipper over the bulge of his erection and fished inside.

"I like a woman who takes control."

Jeff laughed, but it soon turned to a groan as her fingers found his naked cock and pulled it free. He undid the button on his jeans and tugged them down.

"I like my balls free." He said as he put his hand on Janet's head and encouraged her downward.

Janet opened her mouth and felt his stiffness go in. It wasn't as big as Tony's, but was big enough that she had to stretch her lips to get it in. She tasted the salty pre-cum. She tightened her lips and started bobbing her face in his lap as her hand jerked him.

"Better be quick, unless we -ah you, get caught." Jeff joked. "Suck my cock you stuck up cunt." He pushed up hard against her face. "I ain't your goddamn husband. Suck my cock like you mean it or I might just bend you over and bust that sweet asshole before I go show Tony the pictures." He ordered.

"That's it." He groaned as she picked up the pace. "Oh god, you got a sweet fucking mouth. Oh yeah cunt. That's it. Suck me like the whore you are."

Janet shifted her gaze and looked at him.

"Fuck yah. Let me see them eyes." He brushed the hair away from her face. "Oh shit. There's nothing sexier than a woman with hate in her eyes and my cock in her mouth." Jeff said when his friend's wife looked at him.

Janet gave him the best bj she knew how, hoping it would be over sooner. He reached into her top and pinched her nipple hard. It hurt but she didn't stop.

"Oh fuck. You're gonna make me cum, bitch."

It only took a few minutes of her lips sliding up and down his cock before Jeff held her head tight, burying his dick deep in her throat. He twitched and exploded, sending his cum down her throat. He kept a hold of her, making sure she had to swallow or choke. He watched her neck muscles move as she did.

"Aaaauuuuggghh. Take it all, you cunt." He bellowed. "Swallow my load, you cocksucking, whore, bitch." He held her head and pumped a couple times as he finished. "Ung ung ung."

When he was done cumming, he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her face off his cock. A thin line of cun trailed from Janet's lips to his deflated pecker. Jeff grabbed a couch pillow and wiped the string on cum off himself. He stuffed his limp dick back in his jeans and stood up.

"You give a not bad blow job with the right incentive." He said.

Janet was sitting on the floor as Jeff walked to the kitchen. "What about the pictures?" She asked, almost sobbing. It was the first thing she had said since it started. She sounded weak and defeated.

Jeff walked back to her. He held out the phone, showing her the shot of her getting fingered. It disappeared.

"That's one gone. Only five more." Jeff said as he clicked the phone shut. "I shoulda got the one that holds 10 pictures."

"What???" Janet said.

"I'll call about what you can do to erase the next one." He said.

"No." She cried. "I won't." Janet couldn't believe she had to suck him off 5 more times, or do something worse.

"You will." Jeff snapped. "And just to prove it. Roll over and bare your ass."

Janet glared at him for several seconds.

"You bastard."

She rolled on her stomach and pulled her shorts to her knees.

"Spread your cheeks." Jeff ordered.

Janet bit her lip and reached back and parted her asscheeks. She blushed partly in anger and partly because of what she was showing this man she despised.

"OHH." She cried out when he touched her.

Jeff stuck two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. He started sawing them in and out. Janet tried to resist but the combination of her recent orgasm and the taste of cum in her mouth and now this was just too much.

"Ohh God." She groaned.

Jeff pulled his fingers away and stood up, leaving her lying on the floor holding her ass open.

"I'm going to fuck you in your whore asshole next time, so you better loosen it up." He said. "Now get your cheating cunt outside before your very jealous, flies into a rage, drunk of a husband comes looking for you." He put the phone in his pocket and whistled as he went out the door.

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