tagTransgender & CrossdressersPutting Magic Back Into A Marriage

Putting Magic Back Into A Marriage


Sue decided to be honest with the Wizard at Spell-R-Us. Why not? Her marriage had drifted into a friendship. They loved each other but rarely had sex any more. So she mustered her courage and went to the counter.

But the Wizard saved her the embarrassment. 'Have your husband Bob drink this magic potion and he will become much sexier. It will permanently change him so you both will enjoy sex much more with each other. Guaranteed. You will have more sex and each time with be better --- for each of you."

As Sue took the bottle she did not believe the Wizard. But she could not help wondering, if it did work, what kind of change could occur. Would Bob get a firmer body, bigger muscles, or a larger cock? Or would the change be mental - would he become a more passionate or creative lover? Sue only knew that their sex life had become routine - at most once every two months, with little passion. So she took the potion, not really believing that it would do any good. But she figured that even if Bob just thought he would become sexier, then he would! What did she have to lose?

Sue returned from the store, got into her sexiest negligee and underwear, and waited for Bob to return from work. Slim, with B cups, a gorgeous face and great legs, she looked great. Finally, Bob opened the door. He stared at his lovely wife. Not only was she wearing her sexiest underwear, she also was slowly twirling an extra bra and panties, the way that drove his crazy, just to tease him. Bob knew they were going to make love.

Sue purred, with a twinkle in her eye, "Bob, tonight is going to be magic for us. Please drink this love potion. It will change you in a way that will make you even sexier than you are now." Bob knew that their sex life had become boring and also wanted to please Sue. So he drank it. Why not? He didn't believe in magic potions, of course, but there was little to lose. Instantly Bob started to change.

The first changes were that Bob's hair got lighter and started growing by inches. Then his shirt and sports coat got tighter around his chest. Bob was astonished that the potion had worked! He grinned, decided that the potion was changing him into one of those long-haired Samson types, with huge chest muscles. Sue had the same thought, and as his shirt and sports coat got tighter and tighter Sue thought about the large muscles she would soon see on Bob, and breathed sexily, "Bob, take your shirt and coat off and fuck me really good with your sexy new body, my long haired lover." Bob grinned and stripped off his sports jacket and shirt.

And saw his breasts. They both gasped when they saw his firm D cup tits with erect nipples. And his slim waist went down into his pants which contained--- Bob had to see. He reached down into his pants and felt his pussy. After a stunned pause Bob said in his new girlish voice, "Sue - I had no idea you thought this kind of a body is sexy. But if you want to make love with another girl, I want it to be me. I didn't realize that you wanted this, but I am willing to give it a try, for your sake because I love you."

Sue, however, was too much in shock to speak. Bob was now a girl! Sue had never seriously even thought about making love with a woman. She thought that women could be beautiful, naturally, but Sue liked being the sex object in the family, the passive one with the worshiped body. She loved the idea that an adoring man would make her body, her sexuality, the center of the action, of his lust. Sex, for her, was to lie back and be pleasured, which would in turn give pleasure to her man.

But now Sue was trapped. She had told Bob that if he drank the potion it would make him sexy, and now that she had changed him into a girl she could not very well say that she did not want to make love with him.

Bit in truth Sue didn't' want to touch him or have him touch her. If anything, she feared his new sexuality, because she had to admit that Bob was a knockout - a buxom blond who was sexier than she was. And he was a girl - that was the problem! With tits that were larger than hers, and nipples that were totally erect, as if they were looking for action. Tense nipples, as if they wanted to fuck a woman like a cock.

As she was trying to decide what to do Bob put on the extra bra and panties that Sue had brought to tease him with. He had become a vision of sex - but female sex. He- actually, she - was now dressed snugly in a bulging bra and sheer panties. Bob smiled, "I had no idea that this was what you really wanted, Sue. And thanks for the awesome bra and panties - I am really creaming in them. No wonder you were twirling them for me! You knew that I would soon be wearing them. The only small thing is that the bra is too small for me. But I won't have it on that long anyway. In the meantime I'll give you want you want."

Bob stepped forward and kissed Sue, who was paralyzed with fear. He first pressed his soft lips to hers. Sue did not kiss back at first, but then relaxed a bit. This was not so bad. She could stand to kiss him like this if she closed her eyes. In fact, she had to admit that it felt good. Soft and different. What was she so afraid of? Why was her heart beating so loudly? The gentle kissing was by the 2 delicate lips of the one she loved.

But then Sue felt Bob's nipples poke into hers through their flimsy bras and thought -- well, she was not sure what she thought. She liked it in a physical sense, but she was also terrified of liking it. What really terrified Sue, however, was that she felt her own nipples harden as they mashed against Bob's thrusting nipples. She had never felt another woman's breasts before, not even with her hands. But now she was feeling tits with her tits!

Sue's cunt also seemed to have a life of its own. "Darn it," she thought, "I'm getting wet. I should not be creaming over a girl. Stop it," she thought. "You are a 100% straight married woman. You don't like this. You like rough lips, a hard hairy body, and a cock."

Bob, by contrast, totally enjoyed the kiss and kissed her harder, using his tongue more and more. At their lips locked, their breasts pressed hard against each other through their flimsy bras, and he made sure that their cunts started to grind into each other though their sheer panties. They both started to ooze, and their creams merged into a sexy glue.

Bob was feeling sexier than he (actually, she) had ever felt in his (her) life. He could tell right away that he loved having beautiful and sensitive tits that could press into Sue's tits. If only she would touch them. Or -- my gosh -- kiss them? No wonder women loved it so much - he had of course never before had any idea what it was like.

He also loved the feel of his panties mashing into his cunt. But Bob decided that Sue was shy (actually, she was in shock and in fear of what was happening), so he said, "Relax, Sue. I'll do all the work. You just lie back and enjoy yourself. Sue, accustomed to being he passive one in bed, did not resist.

Bob slowly took off all of their clothes. First his bra (which was way too tight on his D cups) and panties, then Sue's, and he gently got on top of Sue. Bob looked into Sue's eyes and said slowly, "Wife, I love you. Feel what your husband is about to do for you. To you. With you. What only a sexy woman can do, with my incredible tits and clit." At the same time he pressed his cunt into hers, clit rubbing clit, and he rubbed his tits onto hers, nipples pressed into nipples, while he embraced her passionately.

Sue instinctively draped her arms around his (actually, "her") soft, sexy body as they kissed deeply and started to make wild love. Bob came instantly, in an explosion that left them both shaken. For Bob it felt like nothing else that he had ever felt. But afterwards he felt even more different because, instead of being satiated, he came again. And again. And again, with each movement of his clit on Sue's pussy.

But Sue was still in a state of shock. She realized she had been grinding her pussy against Bob's, caught herself and tried to think clearly. "Stop it! Get a hold of yourself, girl." She admitted that Bob was really sexy -- but he was a sexy girl! He did have awesome tits and a great pussy! And Sue admitted that Bob's kisses were great, and that the feel of Bob's really soft tits against hers was much better than having his old, flat hairy chest press into her breasts. And the feel of their cunts rubbing together was pushing her higher than she had ever gone. A clit rubbing on her clit was too much!! She was getting higher than she thought possible.

But Sue clenched her fists. This couldn't be happening. She was getting turned on by a girl! No! This could not happen to her! She didn't want to be a lesbian. She decided to fight it. She had the will to fight it! How could another woman possibly turn her on - no, it would not be allowed to happen. She would not let it happen. Sue clenched her fists even tighter and summoned all her willpower. She was strong, and reminded herself: "I am a strong, straight, married woman!"

Sue closed her eyes and tried to picture Bob's cock and face. But all she could see, even with her eyes shut, was the beautiful woman who was making love to her. She closed her eye and thought about Bob's old flat, hard, hairy chest with its tiny nipples -- but in her mind Bob's tiny tits grew into his new wonderfully tender, smooth and kissable tits.

"Fight it, Sue. You like cock. Cock, cock, cock!! A flat, hairy chest, hairy everything! You love to suck tiny flat nipples on a hard chest. And to feel a hairy rear end as a cock rams into you."

But Bob was now stunningly soft and beautiful. When Bob brought Sue's hand to his wondrous (and not-at-all manly) nipples she sensed that she might lose. She thought, "It's not fair. Bob is not fighting fair. How can I fail to get turned by such a beautiful girl? Bob's face is like that of a goddess, and his voluptuous tits are infinitely sexier than they used to be. Even sexier than mine! His nipples are electric! Larger than mine, even! And I admit that his rear is so much softer and smoother than it used to be. But I must fight it. I don't want to be turned on by a woman, no matter how beautiful, passionate, and sexy she is. I will not allow it!"

But those soft lips, that beautiful face, that soft bottom, those holdable and kissable tits. Sue thought, "Bob is just not fighting fair. What girl could resist tits like his? Even 100% straight girls like me are only human. Any other woman would have given in a long time ago. I have to remind myself that I too am a woman. But I have to admit that, compared to Bob, my body is almost as uncurvy as that of a man. Maybe that is why I am getting so turned on - maybe I am the man, relatively speaking? No - I am a 100% girl, but what girl could resist that horny pussy grinding into her pussy? But now I have the little tits in the relationship, now I am the flat, straight, angular one, and Bob is the curvy one."

"Forget what is happening in your cunt," Sue thought, "be strong, be a real woman." She summoned all her willpower --- and came, with an orgasm the likes of which she had never experienced. And then came another, even more earth shattering blast, as Sue and Bob's cunts almost seemed to merge. And then another orgasm, which made her pass out.

Afterwards Bob readily admitted to himself that he had never felt as sexy in his life. Just thinking how it started, with him in his -- darn it, he meant "her" - new body, dressed in sexy underwear, seducing Sue, who was dressed in her sexy underwear, was off the charts. Bob had come more in that one session than the old Bob had ever come in a month. What was not to like?

Bob mused to himself --herself! -- that he had no idea that Sue was a lesbian. Clearly that was why their lovemaking had diminished so much, why there was so little passion any more. But now they could make up for lost time.

Bob reflected how life is funny and unpredictable. Now he was a sexy girl, married to a beautiful girl. That was sexy squared! He had never seriously thought about being a girl before. But he had often enjoyed lesbian fantasies - thinking of what 2 woman could do to please each other. Watching lesbian porn, it had always seemed the sexiest thing imaginable, far more exciting than straight sex, and it had dominated his fantasies. But he had never dreamed that he would be in the same room as lesbian lovemaking. Nor had he ever thought that instead of watching 2 lovely lesbians make love, now he would be one of them.

He put his left hand on his right tit and his right hand on his clit. He thought about his old chest, with his old tiny insensitive nipples, and about his old cock that could only come one time. Then he thought about Sue sucking his new tits, and with just tiny rubs of his finger Bob masturbated his already-turned on clit to orgasm, yet again, coming more times and harder than the old Bob ever had.

There would be a lot of adjustments, but why would he even consider going back to being just plain old Bob? He felt as if he had just won the lottery - which he had not even known existed and had never meant to enter. He admitted that he loved his new self. Sexually the change was a vast improvement. He also could see that Sue liked it better. Finally, it would improve - save - his marriage. His self-image continued to be that of a man, but if he wanted to he could continue to dress in male clothing (except that he would need to wear a bra) and he wouldn't have to put on make up if he didn't want to. But so what if his self-image was that of a man inside a sexy female body - why was that a problem?

By then Sue had revived and lay there, with her head on Bob's chest. Her head was spinning as she thought, "In one way I am like millions of married women after they have made love, with my head on my lover's chest. Except that my lover's chest has beautiful tits on it, with huge nipples, because my lover is a woman. And I caused it!"

"Yesterday I was a regular wife. Today I made lesbian love with my husband - I mean, with my wife. Last month I had a dull sex life with plain old Bob. Today I had volcanic sex with a beautiful woman. Yesterday I was the wife and he was the husband. Today we are each other's wife. If anything, he is more womanly than I am. Yesterday I had the gorgeous face, the sexy chest, the sexy rear in the family - in every way I was the sex object, not Bob. He could only lust after me, dream about my body, and envy my sexuality."

"But today I have to admit that I envy his body, his tits and rear, because they are even sexier than mine. Bob is now also a sex object - I guess that makes us equals."

"How could I have ever been happy sucking a man's hard tits and fondling a man's hairy rear? Because I was too stupid to know the delights of lesbian sex. I wouldn't admit even to myself what I really like. In fact, the whole idea of touching a man now seems so boring - even silly. Why bother when I can touch this awesome creature? Enough being a passive sex object for me."

"Never again will I settle for that. Bob deserves to have me make love to him! To his sexy new body! From now on I will be the active one - at least half of the time! In fact, I think I'll suck Bob's tits and rub his clit until he comes again right now. And I also want to touch, caress, and kiss his gorgeous face. A 30 minute kiss would be fun. I wonder how many fingers I can fit into his cunt? What a kissable face, what a soft body. In the old days I could pleasure all of Bob's zones at once. But now he is sexy all over, so I can't pleasure all of him at once, but I sure will try. Sue, be more like a man, by giving pleasure to someone more feminine than you are."

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