tagGay MalePutting Myself Through College Ch. 06

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 06


The next few weeks were uneventful, I was able to spend a considerable amount of time focusing on school. I had a number of assignments, most were one hour sessions with businessmen in their respective hotel rooms. I had one assignment where I was asked to whip a guy with a riding crop, he wanted me to leave red marks on his ass. This really turned him on, because when he took me, I could almost not walk afterwards. My ass was getting used to being assaulted, but some cocks felt better than others.

The only unique assignment that I had during this time was a married couple. Yes a married couple, this would be my absolute first time with a woman, well almost. It was an anniversary present for each I was told. The couple I found out were both openly Bi-sexual, and the woman was a very dominant individual who got off watching her husband submit to her and others. She wore a black leather dress, almost like a dominatrix. She instructed me to lie on my back and she lowered her pussy to my face, while at the same time ordering her husband to suck my cock.

This continued until I was about to cum, when she stood up and ordered me to stand as well. Her husband was on his knees as she gave my cock a few last strokes then shot my cum (like it was her cock) into her husband's waiting mouth. She yelled until he swallowed, calling him all sorts of demeaning names. She then ordered her husband onto his hands and knees and had me mount him. She put on a strap-on and invaded my ass at the same time. The three of us fucked for a while, until I came inside her husband. I was then removed from him, as she continued to fuck me now even harder. Her husband moved around to my face, and I took him into my mouth and sucked him off until he came into my mouth. She was a bit crazed and had long fake fingernails, which she used to leave a few marks on my back.

That was a different experience to say the least, she was a total top. Not once did anything enter her, not her husband, a toy or even me. The husband for the most part, I think would have been happier in an all male relationship with a dominate top. He came across as a total pussy, and no pun intended but she seemed to be a total dick.

It was just before Valentines Day and Kevin called me with an assignment that would pay $ 5,000 for the night. It was a Valentines party given by a gay couple for their friends and they wanted to do something extra special this year. It seems that a dear friend of theirs had just passed away leaving them a nice sum of money. I could tell that Kevin was a little unsure about them, as he told me that he had made sure that everyone at the party would practice safe sex. That was something that was never discussed nor practiced during any other of my assignments. The mere mention of this made me a little uncomfortable, but I was intrigued about the party, plus the money was really motivating me by now. It had been just over a month and a half, and I had already managed to save over $ 20,000. I was told to be open to some new idea's, and Kevin asked me a few times during the conversation if I was willing. For some reason this turned me on and I said yes. I found myself totally into guys now, and the one experience I had with a woman did nothing more than to strengthen that decision.

I was not sure what to wear to a gay Valentines party, so I went on the internet at the college library. I only had a few moments of privacy, and much to my displeasure, nothing jumped out at me as gay while looking at costumes online. I did not understand why, but I wanted to wear a special costume, it was almost like I was the guest of honor instead of an employee at the party. It finally dawned on me to be cupid, so I purchased a white sheet and manipulated it into a large diaper.

I found it hard to focus on school that day before the party, thankfully nothing important was taking place. The day of the party, which was scheduled to start anytime after 5pm and last until well no one knew for sure, I went to a pharmacy a good distance from my rented room and purchased a large 36 pack of condoms. I made sure to purchase the most expensive box, they came in different colors and according to the box were well lubricated. I did not eat to much that day, and showered just before I left. I packed my costume in a bag and went to the site of the party dressed in jeans and a t shirt.

The house was newly built, and had a three car garage. The furniture inside was sparse, as the owners were still getting used to the space, as they had just moved in only weeks before. I was given a quick tour of their home, and told that they would try to keep the party contained for the most part (at least in the beginning) to the garage area, which was empty except for props for the party. I then got dressed, which really turned their heads, they could not hide their smiles, and helped them to finish setting up and put out the food & drinks.

Their guests arrived in pairs or groups over the next half hour, I could not believe that everyone showed up on time, before I knew it there were close to twenty people attending the party. Most of the guests were very friendly and introduced themselves to me right away, everyone loved and appreciated my costume. I was in fact the only one wearing a costume, so I was definitely the center of attention.

After mingling for a while, one of the owners pulled me aside and told me that none of their guests knew that I was hired for the party, and to please keep that information between them and I. That was good news to me, I was enjoying the party and the attention, and I did not have any real friends at that point during my life, so I did not attend too many parties.

Nothing happened for about two hours as everyone eat and caught up on the latest with one another. It was then suggested that they put on some music, one of the guests had a CD with him that he had mixed, it was all dance and disco music. This is when things started to heat up, as everyone started dancing and people were touching one another. One of the guests, a large man who I found out was actually a hair dresser grabbed a hold of my hand and brought me over to his area. I am not a real good dancer, but no one seemed to care. This gentleman after a while, started "dirty dancing" with me, you know arm around my waist and trying to grind his body into me. What made this so much fun was that he was trying to see how far I would go, when I was actually there to be with any and every (if necessary).

Before long, some of the men had started to remove some of their clothing, one man was dancing in only his underwear. This continued for a while, when one of the owners brought out a table and said that it was time for desert. Next thing I know we was encouraging me to climb up on the table. Now it was my job, but I went along with the act and let all of the guest cheer me on, until I agreed.

Once on top of the table, a little but sturdy wooden one, I was asked to take off my costume. I did and was done to my real underwear. I was then guided by several hands to lie down on my back, I then had whip cream, chocolate syrup and other messy treats poured on top of me. This led to a lot of sucking and licking all over my body, everyone was well into it, and my erection trying to breakout of my underwear showed how much I was enjoying it too.

Seeing my plight one of the owners dropped down and pretended to speak with me for a moment, then stood up and told his guests that I was hot & horny and wanted an orgy. Really original with that line, but hey it was what I was paid to do. He then produced a pair of scissors and cut my underwear off, piece by piece to the cheers of all his guests. I was now completely nude and in no time, so was everyone else.

Instantly I had several guys surrounding me, two went after my cock, taking turns sucking it in to their awaiting mouths. Another one tried to put his into mine, I was able to let him, when I remembered Kevin's warning about safe sex. I was worried that I would kill the mood, but I sat up and told everyone that I had a surprise. The two that were really doing a fantastic job on my cock, stopped long enough to hear me. I jumped down off the table and grabbed the pack of condoms from my bag. I said "look different colors". I then passed them out, and then hopped back up on the table.

This time, I positioned myself on my hands and knees and over the course of the next two hours, I had over a dozen party goers fuck my wanting ass. It was incredible, everyone was very considerate, and I was having the time of my life. Soon though, most had cum several times, fucking and sucking one another, I even saw one man take another's fist up his ass (scary looking).

The drinks flowed for the next couple of hours, and soon some of the party goers were saying goodbye, others had passed out. I had spent the a few just lying there, trying to recover, thank god no one had an extremely large cock. The owners of the house then approached me, and asked me to join them in their bedroom. A friend of theirs was already in their waiting when we arrived. They gave me this whole story that they were all safe, and that I could trust them. This went on for a few minutes, until I agreed, and soon it was bareback fucking and sucking as usual.

The four of us were lying on the bed in two separate 69 couplings, the two owners, and I and their friend. We sucked on each other for a while, trying to bring each other back to life. It worked and soon everyone turned their attention to me. I had one of the owners move behind me and penetrate me from behind, the two others were in front of me, feeding me their cocks back and forth. This continued until the one inside my ass filled me with his man juice. The friend then went behind me and started to tongue my ass, he was trying to retrieve the cum out of it. I was then able to concentrate working the other owners cock in and out of my mouth, until I was rewarded with several large streams of cum hitting the back of my throat. I considered for a second, but then swallowed, it really came down to (no pun intended) that he tasted very good.

The friend finished rimming my ass, then moved on top of me forcing my body flat against the bed, he then put his cock inside of me as both of his friends picked up my legs from behind. I different position, as he fucked me while holding me as tightly as he could against his body. I could feel every moment, this man was a master with his cock, it was like magic in my ass. The feeling was like no other, even after having so many in me that night, I still enjoyed this like I was a sex starved beast. When he finished, I did. Not from the fact that my cock was rubbing back and forth against their bed spread, but because he had worked magic inside of my ass. I can call it nothing more than an orgasm, like a woman must receive inside her vagina.

Everyone was finished at that point, and heading off to never land. They thanked me again and again, then I finally left. As I was walking down the street leaving their house, I heard someone running towards me. I turned to look and it was the large hairdresser that I had danced with earlier that evening. He had not taken a turn with my ass earlier, he had been busy receiving oral from two others for quite a long time.

He told me that he wanted to say goodnight and that he was sorry we had missed out earlier. To my surprise, he told me that he wanted to give me a blow job. It was late and we were on a sidewalk in a housing development, not the safest of places to do anything. Yet he dropped to his knees right there, I was very tired and worn out, but just the fear of getting caught knowing that I would go to jail, made me rock hard in seconds. He really worked my cock with his mouth, it was good while it lasted. Too bad I came so quickly, and only had a few drops left to reward him with. He then gave me a big hug, turned and went back to the party.

I was in a daze after that, it was something that had not happened to me before. I walked about half a mile outside of the development to catch my bus. I arrived back at my rented room, just before the sun came up that morning. I went right to bed, and did not wake up until after the sun had gone down.

This is the end of Part 6, please e-mail me with your thoughts, and if you want to see more. Thanks RobXXX

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