tagGay MalePutting Myself Through College Ch. 07

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 07


It was now the beginning of March, I was having a banner semester and on pace to receive an A in all of my classes. My job had proved to be very beneficial, as I had discovered something about myself that I never knew was there, plus the added benefit of enjoying so many pleasurable experiences. The fact that I had now saved over $ 30,000 at this point did not hurt either.

I had a steady string of assignments following the Valentines Day Party, but they were all one on one in somebody's hotel room. I did not want to ask Kevin for something more, as I did not want to seem like I was turning into some kind of pervert, but something had been unlocked within me and I was doing this now more for the experience and gratification than the actual money.

Due to my busy life of work & study, I had not made the attempt to make friends with anyone at school. I did not need anyone, plus if someone was to find out, I feared that I would have to leave school out of embarrassment. I had forgotten a paper at home one day, so after class I had to leave the campus, run home to retrieve it, and return to school within an hour to turn it in to my professor or he would not accept it. He told me he had plans that afternoon, but if I could be back there before he left he would give me a pass just this once, that it was not his normal practice to accept papers late.

I made it back to his office just in time, but as I was handing my paper to him, I received one of the biggest shocks of my life. One of my past clients, a man who I had did an assignment for only a week earlier in his hotel room was present in my professor's office. He acted like he did not know me, and waited for the professor to introduce us. I was scared out of my head that I would be exposed, instead nothing happened and I was quickly allowed to leave.

Later that evening I received a call from my professor, we talked for a while about my paper and the course work, nothing important. I knew he was trying to get at something, then he dropped a bomb on me. My professor admitted to being Bi-sexual and told me that his friend had told him about my profession, after the two of them had finished fucking after lunch. I could tell that he had a new found interest in me, but my only saving grace was that I knew he was married. I did not want to become somebody's side piece, just because they had something to hold over my head.

I then took charge of the conversation, figuring either I stopped this right from the beginning, or if I was going to get exposed it was far less embarrassing over the phone then in front of a classroom full of my peers. The professor was very nervous, but I finally got it out of him that he would like to meet me in his office later that night. He had an evening class that would be over at 8:15. At 8:30 I arrived at his office, the professor quickly locked the door behind me, after looking out into the hallway to make sure that no one saw me come in.

My professor was a middle aged man who stood about 6'3", he was average weight, with nothing unique about his appearance. He quickly started to undo his pants, then stood there looking at me, while rubbing his cock. I understood what he wanted, and I dropped to my knees and took him into my mouth. This actually kind of excited me, being used like this. I gave him my full attention, trying to do everything that I could to his cock, but he was so excited that he finished in no time at all. I looked at him and then spit his stuff out into a waste paper basket. He then had a look of remorse on his face, and I just told him that I had better receive an A in his class, regardless. My professor just shook his head yes, then we both hurried out of there. I had made no money, but I had assured myself the grade I wanted. My professor avoided me after that, the rest of the semester went on like nothing had ever happened.

It was the weekend before Spring Break and Kevin had arranged for me to meet with three men for what was called an extended assignment. I was going to be paid $ 10,000 for an entire weekend. I would meet them on Friday evening and remain until Sunday night. I was told that they would like to film as well, would I mind. I said no, as I had never been filmed on video before, it excited me like I was going to be a porn star.

I arrived that Friday evening, and was meant by the three men, they introduced themselves as Mark, Tom and Scott. Tom and Scott were brothers and Mark was a life long friend. Their hotel room was really large, they had moved a lot of the furniture prior to my arrival to maximize the open space. I could see several tripods and video camera's lying around. We discussed what they wanted to do over the weekend, and I was told that each wanted to film their own private movie. What I was presented with next surprised me, each handed me a script, they actually wanted to film a "movie" not just capture our sexual adventures. I had no problem with this as I was making more than I had made since my first assignment, but I knew that was so expensive because the client was paying to be the first one ever to violate my ass.

I looked over the scripts that I was given, it was kind of a turn on reading them, as each was a little bit off the norm. Something inside me said just let go, have fun and most of all given them the performance of a lifetime. I have read where Ginger Lynn was such a popular actress because she made love to the cameras not the actors she was with in her movies. I was conscious of that during all of the filming. I just made sure that they were no going to sell these, but I quickly could see, these were private and these men were more turned on about the idea of shooting the movies that the actual sex itself.

Mark was given the honors of shooting his film first. The script called for me to dress up in an apron and provide more than just maid service to his room. I dusted and straighten things up for a few minutes, making sure to been over as much as possible, including wiggling my ass for the camera from time to time. This first scene ended with Mark walking towards me with his pants lowered just below the waist, and I taking his cock into my mouth and delivering a wonderful blow job. Knowing that we were being filmed, I moved back at the last minute and allowed Mark to cum on my face. I then looked directly at the camera and licked it off my face into my mouth with my tongue, the used my fingers to capture anything that was out of reach. I then swirled it around, almost spitting it out, then swallowed it all down, making a big production out of it.

I then made his bed, as he took my ass, finishing all over my back. He then fed it to me with his fingers as I moaned to the camera how yummy it was. After a short break, I was filmed giving Mark a shower, with plenty of oral, finishing with me bent over and him exploding in my ass. Mark's final scene was the surprise appearance of his two friends, where I said my #1 line of the film, "You dirty boys need your pipes cleaned". Mark stood back taking over the camera duties as I got down on my knees and rotated my attention back and forth between Tom and Scott. This continued, until Scott sat down on the toilet, and then I lowered myself onto his lap (his cock going in my ass of course).

Scott was a strong guy, and easily lifted me, standing up and pounding me from behind. Tom was stroking my cock while this was happening. I came, then Scott did. I was then dropped to the floor, where I was turned over on to my stomach was Tom took my ass, finishing all over my butt cheeks. This is where Mark came in to finish his movie (Scott had taken over camera duties once again). Mark kneeled down, lifted my face and said his big scripted monologue. I did not pay too much attention, as I was focused on the camera, trying to look as if I was completely satisfied, which I truly was. That was it for the night; we all had some food and drink, and then went to bed. I had a hard time sleeping, thinking about what was next to come.

The following day was Tom's turn, Tom's film was an incest based film. Tom and Mark played brothers and I was playing the role of Mark's son. All four scenes were shot of the large bed that they moved into the center of the room, to allow Scott to move around and shot it at all angles. It started off with me "walking in" on my "father" making out with his own brother. I was invited to stay, after I said how turned on I was, and how it had always been a "fantasy" of mine. We performed oral sex on one another, lying in a triangle, which each of his finishing our partners face.

The next scene, I was taken from behind by my "daddy" Mark, while I sucked off my "uncle" Tom. Tom really was turned on by telling his "nephew" to suck his cock and making sure that I swallowed it all, before he licked his brothers cum off of my ass. We rested, and then we shot a scene where I concentrated on sucking the two off, which lasted a good half hour. They both finished on my face, then I had booth loads spooned into my mouth, for a scene stealing swallowing.

As the two of them rested, Scott needed some relief, so he picked me up and carried me over to the other side of the room. Scott sucked me off first, much to my delight. Scott then buried his tool inside of me for a moment, but I stopped it, as this time I had a request. I had him let me face him as he picked me up with my legs wrapped around his waist, then he shoved it into me, with some assistance. I was hopping up and down on his tool, I was really fucking myself more that he was fucking me. This just blew his mind, and he unloaded a gusher that he had been saving all day inside of me. It was so much, that it was soon leaking out.

These three men were generous as we all rested, cleaned up, watched some TV then went out for dinner. They treated me to a very nice meal, I was told to order anything that I wanted. We took our time and talked a lot, we were there for over two hours before we left. We went back to the hotel room and finished the movie with a final scene, where my ass was in the air, and Mark and Tom traded off burying their cocks into me. This scene took a long time to finish, boy was my ass given a work out. They finished by taking their cocks out of my ass and then individually bringing their dirty cocks down to my mouth to cum on my face. I then ended the scene by thanking my "uncle" and telling my "daddy" how much I "loved him".

I woke up the next morning, wondering what Scott had in mind, as his script was very vague in that he wanted to be a school principal and I was playing the bad student. Scott was very pleased with what he saw from me the prior two days, so he changed things up a bit, asking my permission of course. I first had to enter his "office" where I was verbally abused for my poor grades. I was then told that he found out that I was setting off firecrackers in the bathroom, and that he would have to punish me for both offenses.

I was first bent over his desk, where he lowered my pants, then spanked me with a belt. He tried to not hit too hard, but his goal was to make my ass red. I accomplished this, then had me given him a blow job. We finished the first scene with Scott pulling out of my mouth and shooting his cum on his desk, I then had to lick it up.

Next we filmed an anal scene where I was bent over his desk and fucked until he came in my ass, with me of course begging him to do so the whole time, when of course I was not telling him how bad I was, and that I deserved this punishment. After a short break, he sat in his chair were I brought his cock to life with my mouth, then sat on his lap, burying his cock in my ass until he had finished fucking me. This felt good, especially when I felt him finish inside of me.

After lunch, went started the final scene, which was shot in two parts. First they sent up the one camera on a tripod, and I was called into the bathroom, this was my punishment for the firecracker stunt. The only way that I would ever learn my lesson, Principal Scott told me was to undertake his "special punishment". I stood in the shower, and all three of them gave me a golden shower. Scott let the other two go first, then he step right in front of me and pushed me to my knees. I was ordered to open my mouth, and then he pissed into my mouth. It did not taste good at all, so I let it flow out as soon as I could. Then the scene finished with me being told to stand up, had my hands tied above my head to the shower head, then being sodomized by all three. Mark, Tom then Scott did me in that order, all leaving their traces all over my ass. They finished filming by focusing in on me, and blasting the water down from the shower head all over my body.

I absolutely loved this assignment, the sex was incredible, and all the dirty movie thoughts really added to the excitement. All three took a moment or two to say a special thank you and goodbye to me as I left. I called Kevin to collect my money as the next week was Spring Break and school was closed. I picked up my money the following morning, and before leaving Kevin's Office he asked me what my plains were for the following week. I told him that I did not have any, so if he had anything for me to just call.


This is the end of Part 7, please e-mail me with your thoughts, and if you want to see more. Thanks RobXXX

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