tagGay MalePutting Myself Through College Ch. 10

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 10


My assignments continued over the next two months, nothing special, mostly just "modeling" sessions with businessmen. It had gotten to the point that I knew the layouts of several well known Center City Hotels very well. School was also going very well, finals were coming up and I was on pace to receive all A's, thanks to all my free time. My life was school and work, I had no social life, but at that point in my life I was fine with that. I had also managed to save close to $ 40,000, which was more money than I could have ever imagined. My drive had not diminished at all, in fact because my work offered me my independence, my education and this money, it had become something that I cherished. Did I see myself as an escort in 10 years, no, but I also knew that a lot more men were willing to pay for me at 18, than would be willing at 28.

When the week of final's finally arrived, I informed Kevin that I would not be taking any assignments that week. Well Kevin wanted his money, and made sure that he had something for me on Friday evening, not that I minded as my finals would be complete by then. I am happy to say that I did quite well that week, and was very satisfied with my efforts, I would now have a three month break from school to enjoy summer.

That Friday evening, I had an original assignment to say that least. I wealthy known businessman, who had quite the reputation with the ladies had discovered that his son was gay. He had caught his son on the internet joining gay sites and was in total horror. He decided that he would heal his son and had arranged for several ladies of the evening to entertain his son the night of his 18th birthday. Unfortunately his son was not able to perform and from what Kevin told me, if it had not been for the family name, he would have disowned his son. What he did not want was a scandal, so he had contracted with Kevin to provide someone for his son's first time, as he did not want his son picking up a disease or attracting any attention to the family. For this assignment I was going to make $ 5,000 for the entire night.

The son's name was Michael and he was a cute blonde just about six feet tall. He was kind of skinny, I guess that he weighed maybe 160 pounds. I was introduced by the father, who took every opportunity to insult both Michael and I until he left us alone in Michael's room. He told us that he was leaving, the house was ours until the morning, but did not want to see any signs of our perverted activities. This man who regularly bedded girls young enough to be his daughter, had the never to call us perverts.

Michael was kind of shy at first, really not saying too much. We just sat around for a while, until we struck up a conversation. Michael then became very interested in hearing about my career and how I got started. After a few brief war stories so to say, Michael had a visible erection. I suggested that we get more comfortable, and in no time Michael was completely nude. My clothes followed his in a pile on the floor, and my first customer younger than I, approached me and started to kiss me. We stood and kissed for several minutes, with our erect penises brushing against one another ever so often.

I could tell after a while that Michael was hesitant on his next move, as his kiss grew weaker and his body was not masking his indecision very well. I decided to make this memorable for him, so I dropped my right hand down and started to slowly stroke his cock. This was meant with a positive reaction from Michael, as he reached out and grabbed a hold of my shoulder to balance himself as he enjoyed the slow hand job. Once I knew that he was ready, and willing to let me take the lead, I dropped to my knees and looked up at him. Our eyes locked, and I let my tongue flick out of my mouth, just making contact with the tip of his cock. Michael's knees went weak for a moment, I savored the effect that I was having on him. I remembered my first time, it was all for a clients pleasure, I wanted Michael to have one that was all for his.

I teased him for a bit, just making contact with his cock, but not taking it into my mouth. Finally he pushed forward just a bit, his way of asking me to please go further. I made a production out of my next move, making sounds and licking my lips, like I was really anticipating taking his cock into my mouth. Finally I opened up taking just the tip in, and then I closed my mouth around it tight. I sucked on it a little, then stabbed at it with my tongue. Michael's body was jerking around, as I must have been sending electric shocks through his cock.

I allowed more to enter my mouth next, then even more. Before long I had it all inside of my mouth, and then I started to suck up and down in a rapid fashion. The slow build, followed by the immediate all out assault on his cock, was more than Michael could handle. He immediately reached out and grabbed around my shoulders again, then instantly came into my mouth. I partially stood up, so that my mouth was still below his head, but where he could get a close up view. I swirled everything around inside my mouth, including sticking out my tongue so that he could see, I then swallowed much to his delight.

Michael could not stop talking after that, he was telling me how great it felt, then started asking me how did I learn to do that. I response was simple, I told him that it came from practice and that certain partners inspired me more than others. Michael then led me over to a chair, and had me sit down. Michael then dropped to his knees and crawled between my legs. He engulfed my cock and started sucking. He caught me against a tooth here and there in the beginning, but soon calmed down enough to really give me a pleasurable blow job. This young man had all the desire to become a great cocksucker some day. Michael kept up his efforts until I was just about finished. I told him once I was about to explode, I was not sure if he wanted it in his mouth or not, but Michael just motioned me to let it flow, I did and he swallowed just like I had done for him.

We then talked again, and I asked Michael how far he wanted to go tonight and what did he want to do. Michael wanted to do everything, and as our conversation continued, I could see the caterpillar become the butterfly. It was at this point that I saw a change within Michael, he suddenly took over the dominate role, and I was once again the hired sex doll. Michael asked me to climb up on the bed, I knew what was to come next, I looked back at him and smiled. I was happy to see this transformation happening right before my eyes, not to mention I was used to and more comfortable in the role of the submissive or bottom.

Michael was on top of me as soon as I climbed up on the bed. He kissed me, while pushing me down onto my back. He moved in between my legs, and lifted them slightly, gaining access to my ass. Michael reached down between my legs and spread my ass cheeks, he sucked one of his fingers into his mouth, then used the saliva covered digit to penetrate my hole. Michael fingered me for a few moments, and was studying my reaction at the same time, it was like he was feeling around inside of me for my spot.

Michael took out a condom that he had hidden under a pillow behind my head, and spread it cover his cock. I was wondering why he would do so, especially after swallowing me earlier. Michael was experiencing his first time, so I chalked it up to inexperience and youthful lust, as to why he was not thinking clearly. He then line up his penis to my entrance and pushed in hard. Though the condom said lubricated, it does not mean lubricated for men, there was some discomfort on my end, thankfully I had seen so much action in the preceding months that my ass was very forgiving.

Michael held me close, as he fucked me, he kept trying to go in deeper with each thrust. Finally at one point, I told him that he was completely inside of me, just concentrate on enjoying it as much as I was. Michael had astronomical stamina, as he last about five minutes, before he had finally cum. "That was awesome", he told me as he was pulling out. He took off the condom and threw it in the trash. Michael had great recuperative powers as he fucked me four more times that night.

The next morning we awoke early, and Michael took out his lust on my ass once again. I was then on the receiving end of a very enjoyable blow job, as Michael continued to impress me. Michael then showed me flashes of his father. After a night of using me for all of his sexual desires, Michael had found the comfort to impose his will.

We moved our activities to his private shower, off to the back of his bedroom. I went to use the toilet, but was told no. Michael started to talk about things that he had seen on the Internet, so he had me sit inside of his garden tub. Michael grabbed my legs, so that I was lying inside of the tub on my shoulders, with my midsection well above my head. He then ordered me to piss on myself while he watched, I could see him grabbing himself as I released a steady stream of hot piss that shot all over my stomach. As I finished, Michael told me not to moved, he then stood above me and pissed on me. He had good aim, as his stream hit me all over my face.

He seemed very please with himself once we had finished, then we moved into the shower where we cleaned one another off. Michael then moved behind me and pushed me over, telling me to grab my ankles. He worked a soapy finger into me, then another. Michael then shoved his cock into me with such force that the action and his body weight sent me falling over forward. He followed me, and kept his weight pushing down on me to pin me to the shower floor. Michael then fucked me in a downward motion, as the water was hitting me in my face. Since he had only cum a few minutes earlier, he was able to go and go and go. Finally he exploded inside of me, then he immediately pulled out and finished cleaning himself, while I was still lying next to his feet.

I told him while we were drying off that he was going to make someone an excellent lover someday, and that boy once he got comfortable, that he was a real dominate top. Michael thanked me, and told me that he would never forget this. He kissed me and then led me towards the door. I had to be out of there before his father returned, and Michael was very conscious of that. As I was about to walk out, he stopped me and said that was very happy that I had spent the night with him, that I had made him feel comfortable enough, that he could actually act upon his desires.

The assignment, while not my favorite, was overall an enjoyable one for me. The money was good, so was the sex. I wish the kid luck, he was going to need it to get through the next few years with his father, but once he gets out of my own, he was going to be alright. Kevin stopped by my place later that morning to pay me, and we bullshitted for about an hour, yet he never go around to telling me what upcoming assignments were available.

This is the end of Part 10, please e-mail me with your thoughts, and if you want to see more. Thanks RobXXX

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