tagGay MalePutting Myself Through College Ch. 12

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 12


Kevin woke me up the next morning with an urgent phone call. It seems that two of his models were busted for prostitution and he was worried that his business would be exposed. As a result he told me that he would lay low for the next week or two, but that he would work with known clients to try and get me some work (in other words, Kevin did not want to lose any more money than he absolutely had too). It took less than an hour for Kevin to call me back. It seemed that several other models were causing him issues, and then he gave me the snow job of how cooperative I was and that I was his favorite model to work with and such.

Kevin had another "special" assignment for me, anymore this usually meant something that would last more than an hour, and surprisingly this one was. The assignment was a bachelor party of all things. A gay man and a lesbian were getting married for reasons that were not explained to me, so the woman was hiring me to entertain at the party she was throwing for her future husband. It seems that the woman's brother had used some of Kevin's other models in the past, so I was assured it was safe, not that I had ever been afraid of being arrested in the past.

I arrived at the party at the scheduled time, and walked into a room full of men. In the middle of the room, they had put a number of boxes together to construct a little stage. They all started to cheer when I arrived, and I was escorted to the stage, and then everyone started to yell for me to strip. I am not a good dancer, nor am I an experienced stripper, but I just imitated strippers that I had seen in the past on TV. It worked, as everyone was having a good time. First went my shoes and socks, then someone asked to suck on my toes. I sat on the edge of the stage and this man sucked and licked between my toes for several minutes. I then took off my shirt, and had a few move closer to the stage and feel my chest. Next I made a production out of taking off my pants, this brought the loudest cheers of the night.

Soon I was dancing around in only my underwear, and a few of the party guests started to shove dollar bills down my pants, mostly to get a feel of my cock. I was erect in no time, then the soon to be ex-bachelor did the honors of slipping my underwear off of my body to expose my cock and ass to everyone. I was then invited off stage, where everyone took a turn feeling me up, I even had a few jack me for a second or two.

The guests went back to dancing, talking and watching a gay porn movie that was on. The guest of honor, took me by the hand and led me upstairs. I was thrown on the bed, and he hopped up with me. A friend of his soon joined us, and the friend took out some lube, and really greased my cock up. The bachelor then sat right down on my cock, no problems or pain, nothing. He started hopping up and down on my cock, fucking himself. His friend moved around to my head and pushed his cock towards my mouth, and I started to suck on it. The bachelor rode me like a pro, until I was spurting out a monster load. Once he was finished, his friend jumped up on the bed, and immediately entered his ass. I was then instructed to suck him off as his friend fucked him. I did my best, but we were not in the best of positions. Once his friend finished fucking him, he grabbed me, and fucked my mouth until he had cum.

Soon after this, we had rejoined the party. I talked to a few of the other guests, and was also trying to find my clothes. I had no luck in finding them, I was stuck there in the nude. I had a few drinks with everyone, then sat down to watch the movie that was playing. It was an older movie from the early 70's. Two convicts had escaped prison, and once they had run a good distance away, the larger one threw the smaller one to the ground and sodomized him good. It was during the time when movies could still me made so depictions of rape or violence within the sex scenes.

This had everyone horny, and soon it looked like a bathhouse orgy in the living room. Everyone was naked, and either sucking or fucking one another. One of the men asked me point blank how much was I making for the party, $ 1,500 I told him. He handed me a roll of bills, and asked if I was willing to take it further. I looked down and could see close to a thousand dollars, and said yes, what would you like. Well they were inspired by the prison film, so the man who handed me the money, picked me up and said "let's run a train on him". I did not know what that meant, but I soon figured it out. Over the next hour, I was continuously fucked by nine different men, several of them got back in lines for seconds. When it was over, I could take no more and let it be known. That was it for that night, I sat around and recovered the best I could, and had a few mixed drinks to counter the discomfort that I had with my ass at that moment.

My clothes were returned to me later that night, well at least my pants and my shoes. My shirt, socks and underwear had mysteriously disappeared. One of the guests drove me home, I had him stop several blocks from Greg & Nina's house, then walked from there to maintain my privacy.

The next morning Kevin called and questioned what I had done at the party, I thought he was just inquiring, then I realized he must have found out about the extra money. I lied and he let it go, but I did get the all money should flow through him speech several times right after that. Hey if I want to do a side job, then I will do it, it is my ass not his that is getting fucked.

I had no assignment for the next day, so when Greg & Nina asked if I was free, I said yes. I had told them about the party that morning at breakfast, and they both seemed very excited about me taking one cock after the next. I let it be known that I was in no shape to fuck that day, but it was a good kind of hurt, that made everyone laugh and kept the conversation nice and light.

In the early afternoon Nina came into my room and asked me to follow her. Greg was sitting in the living room with four other people, two men and two women. I was introduced to both couples, and soon everyone was nude. I was asked to video tape them, and given a camera. Over the next hour I filmed as much action as I could. The men kept trading off the women, and few times the women worked on each other. Nina finally grabbed the camera from me and told me to join in on the fun. I took off my clothes and the next thing I knew all three men were sticking their cocks in my face. Their wives cheered as I brought them off over the next twenty minutes.

One of the men commented about my ass, but Greg told him that I was not going to bottom today, then he told his friend "but just wait until next time". The man then did something that took me by surprise, he crawled around in front of me on his hands and knees and asked me to fuck him. I could not believe my luck, I was getting to top twice in two days. The man's wife really cheered me on as I entered her husband. She was literally pushing me from behind, trying to make me pound her husband, harder and harder. I pushed forward one last time, then grunted loudly, as I came. Everyone standing around cheered, it was only then that I realized Nina had caught it all on tape.

Everyone cleaned up then, except for Nina and I. She asked me to follow her to my room. Inside she asked me about my sexual experience with women once again. I told her what I had said earlier and this seemed to excite her. She laid down and asked me to fuck her, she wanted her pussy to the be first one my cock had ever entered. I asked about Greg, and she said not to worry, "we all play with one another, remember".

Well here it was, my first time, I gently moved between her legs and lined up my cock with her pussy. I pushed forward and was all the way in before I knew it. A pussy was sure different from an ass, much loser and it had a different feel. It did not hug my cock like a tight ass did. I started to fuck Nina, taking my time, trying to savor the experience. I only went so long when I told her I had to cum. She wanted it inside of her, but I asked about pregnancy, I was told not to worry she was fixed as Greg did not want children. I came inside of her, I was truly no longer a virgin in every sense of the word now.

I had not heard Greg enter, so when his words broke the silence, I was startled. "How was it", he asked? I said it felt good, different, but good. Greg moved forward and held me down on Nina, who instantly wrapped her legs around me. Greg told me that he knew my ass was sore, but that it was incredible and he needed it right there. I was still hard inside of Nina, so when Greg took me from behind, with each penetrating push, he was fucking his wife too vicariously through me. This was a fantastic experience as Greg was really gentle. He and I both came at the same time, Nina exploded too, my first three way orgasm.... FUCKING INCREDIBLE.

That was it for the day, I went to bed early that night and slept very deeply. The next morning I helped Nina make breakfast and get Greg off to work. Her and I then cleaned her house, then spent the rest of the morning grocery shopping. I called Kevin around lunch to see if he had anything for me, to my relief the answer was no. Nina asked me what my plans were after I got off the phone, and she seemed please that my schedule was free.

Nina then asked me if I would like to meet Greg for a late lunch, I said why not. She drove us to his office, and Greg welcomed us both in. A co-worker of Greg's joined us, I recognized him as one of the men at their home the night before. Greg's office was very large and private, so he shut the door and made sure his assistants knew he wanted his privacy. They must have thought that he was enjoying lunch with his wife and friends, but instead, they all had me naked in no time.

I was not sure what was going on, Greg's friend (who had still never mentioned his name) laid down on the desk and I was asked to climb on top of him. Nina lubed my ass by sticking three fingers inside of me, and then lubed up the man's cock. I climbed on top of him, and rode him like a good little cowboy. Greg was fucking Nina why this was going on, and the man who was fucking me, reached out and stroked my cock as I hopped up and down on his tool.

This was not the type of lunch I had expected, but not one that I was complaining about either. Greg pulled away from Nina and climbed up behind me. He moved me forward, so that I slipped off of his friends cock, then buried his inside of me. He fucked me for a minute, then withdrew, and pushed me back unto his friend. Nina was fingering herself the entire time, watching all of the action. Greg went back and finished inside of his wife, as his co-worker finally came inside of me.

"She is training him slowly to be her private toilet", Greg told his friend. I was turned over and Nina hopped up on the desk and squatted over me and pushed her vagina muscle until Greg's cum was dripping from her into my mouth. Only a few drops came out, but it was enough to turn Greg and his friend on. Piss on him, the friend said, Nina tried, but did not have to go.

Nina and I got dressed and left, and as soon as we reached the house, she told me to follow her. What was next I was thinking? Nina took me to her favorite room, the basement and tied me up to the horse. She took out a butt plug and pushed it into me. She then took out a whip and gave my ass way too many lashes to count. She was good, nothing hurt me, but when she was done my ass was bright red.

"I have to go now," she told me, and then untied me and ordered me to kneel in front of her. She squatted over my face and streams of her urine flew into my mouth. I tried to swallow as much as possible, but much of it hit the floor. We used a few towels to clean up, as I was not licking that up off the floor. Greg made it home early that night, and Nina had me assist her in giving him a blow job before dinner. I was fucked twice night by Greg, once in front of Nina then later that night once she was asleep.


This is the end of Part 12. Please e-mail me with your thoughts, and if you want to see more. Thanks RobXXX

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