tagGay MalePutting Myself Through College Ch. 15

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 15


Labor Day weekend passed and things started to return to normal. Greg & Nina returned from their vacation, Greg had really gotten sunburned while on vacation, so Nina tended to him the first few days they were back. My client schedule picked up again, I had three assignments that week. The fall semester was going to begin the following week, and I was anxious to get going, I had already read the first few chapters for my upcoming economics class, and had read about half my business law text.

The next week passed, and the semester started. My first day went great as I had three classes, all in the morning. I had worked out my schedule so that three of my classes were held three times a week, each session was one hour. My fourth class was held twice a week for an hour and a half each class, that was on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I also took one night class, a three hour session held every Tuesday night. This allowed me plenty of time for study, and would provide enough time for Kevin to fill my free time with assignments. Things went great for the first few weeks, then one day Nina & Greg sat me down prior to dinner to have a talk.

Ever since their return, Greg and Nina had been acting a little different, I did not really notice at first. I originally thought they just needed a rest to recover from their non-stop partying and Greg's bad case of sunburn. The talk started out with them both telling me how much they liked me, so I knew something was coming. Finally Nina came out and announced that she was pregnant, it was something that she and Greg had been working on for a while, I was told. At that point I remembered having unprotected sex with Nina, but before my mind went running wild, I was told that Greg had gotten her pregnant on vacation. I told them that I was very happy for them and wished them all the best.

The other shoe dropped then, when Greg told me that now that they were going to be parents they would have to change their lifestyle for a while. They started out by saying that they could no longer host parties, etc, etc. Finally they got around to me, saying it was a very hard decision, but they felt it would be best if I moved out. I did not say anything, as I was really not upset. I liked them both, but even I knew this was never going to be long term. They said I could have a few weeks, and gave me back my money that I had already given them for that month.

I was now on the search for a new place to live, the third time in six months. I had no luck the first week, but on the second I actually landed a very nice place, thanks to a friend of Greg's. Greg's friend's father owned a large townhouse, but had recently gotten married again, and was in the process of building a new home for his bride. The man was renting the top two floors, three bedrooms and one and a half baths to a family he knew. He had finished his full basement, even putting in a full bath, and to make it even better it had its own private entrance. He would be willing to rent the basement to me for $ 800 a month, if I could come to terms with him and the family he was renting the other part of the house to.

I met the man and the other family one evening over coffee, after I had been given a tour of the basement. I told him that I would take it, he first wanted to make sure that I would agree to the terms the other family wanted. I said fine. They did not want any loud music or parties in the basement, which was fine with me. They also wanted to keep the door to the basement locked at all times, separating me from their part of the house, again I was fine with that suggestion even going so far as to suggest that the landlord keep the key. I could tell that I would not become friends with these people, which was actually to my liking, this was perfect I would be left completely alone by these people.

Kevin was more than happy when I told him that I was leaving Greg & Nina's. I moved out of their house the first week of October, finally moving into a place that I knew I could remain for a good while. School had gone very well that first month, and I had received good grades on all of my initial exams. I had even started talking to a number of classmates, something I had very rarely done the previous semesters. No real friendships developed, I did not allow it, but at least it was nice to have people to bullshit with before and during my classes.

The first weekend of October was a busy one. Kevin had arranged for me to have two long assignments that Saturday. I had a three hour assignment that morning, I actually had to meet a client at his hotel room at 9am, as the client had a flight back home that afternoon. My night was booked for another assignment, one with two men, so all I did was sleep that Sunday, $ 3,000 richer though.

Kevin called that following Monday and asked me if I would consider skipping my class that following night. I told him no, that I could not miss my Tuesday night class that week. I received a call back only minutes later, asking me if I could work that Wednesday evening, I said yes. The assignment turned out to be a real fun one.

Since it was now the fall and the evenings were cooler, yet not bitter cold, a client had requested an escort to walk him around the city was he was there on business. I knew that the man would want to do more than walk, I just thought that it would end back in his hotel room. Kevin told me that this assignment would pay $ 1,000, though I would be spending more than two hours with the man. It seems he was charging this off as an unexpected travel expense, but that he and Kevin understood that there would have to be a limit. Kevin only cared about his cut, so if I was working at a reduced rate, he did not give a rats ass.

That Wednesday evening I met the client, he introduced himself as Albert and he told me that he was traveling on business with another co-worker so he could not host in his hotel room. Albert also told me that he was an exhibitionist, and loved showing off for others. I should have known. We walked about six blocks from his hotel into an older section of the city. Albert led me down into an alley way, and told me to blow him.

Albert was very insistent, and before I knew it, I was down on my knees sucking his cock. I worked him in and out of my mouth, but was also trying to look around to make sure we were not being watched. Albert on the other hand, was hoping for it. I serviced him until he came, but he did not finish in my mouth, he pulled out and shot it on my face. I had to use my fingers to clean myself off, he instructed me to lick them clean, which I did.

We walked about a mile from the alleyway, until we reached a little park. Albert took me into the park and laid me down on a park bench. Albert whipped out his cock and force fed it into my mouth, pushing himself down, fucking my face until he had cum. This time he finished in my mouth, and when we were leaving, I noticed that two homeless people had witnessed the show.

Albert and I circled around some more, and after about two hours (and two blow jobs) we were back near his hotel. Albert then led me down a stair way which led to an under ground café, which was only open for breakfast and lunch. Albert pulled my pants down and bent me over. Albert fucked me in the dark as several people passed by. He was just about finished when two men walking past must have heard our noises, as they stopped and looked down to see us. Albert did not break his stride, until I felt him finish inside of me. He zipped himself back up, then walked up the stairs. I heard him boasting to the two men, that he had just had a fine piece of young ass. He yelled down to me to hurry. I shot up past the two men, who were momentarily stunned, they were expecting a girl to appear I suspect. We walked away fast, as they started calling us fags and such.

I asked Albert was it his objective to get caught, and he said that was part of the fun. We finished up our date in the bathroom of a restaurant right across the street from his hotel. He went into the stall and dropped his pants, sitting down on the toilet. I was then told to suck him until he was hard. I did as instructed, and then I had to sit on his ass. He held onto me tightly, and pushed up (almost hopping at times) to fuck my ass. While we were doing people were coming in and out of the men's room. As we finished and he was pulling up his pants after pushing me off of his lap, I saw someone looking at us from under the next stall. Albert simply told me that it had been a nice evening and walked out without even saying goodbye. I was trying to pull my pants up, when the other man started to try and convince me to come over to his stall.

I had to think quickly, so I asked him to drop his pants so that I could see his cock. As soon as he dropped his pants, letting them fall all the way to the floor, I burst out of my stall and ran out of the place. I ran for a few blocks until I was sure no one had followed me. I had actually run in the opposite direction of my train. I hailed a cab and had him drop me off at the train station to avoid walking about anywhere near the hotel or restaurant. Though I had been scared and concerned at times, while thinking back on it during the train ride home, I did have to admit that it was fun.

I told Kevin about the assignment the following morning, saying that though it was fun (at least in one sense) I did not want anymore assignments with that client, not that it was a real possibility it would have arose. Kevin agreed, he did not want be becoming a victim of some homophobe, or getting arrested and possibly dragging him into it as well.

I did not work for the next few days, as I was involved in two major assignments for school. I had a very large paper to pull together for one class, and even worse, a presentation for another. I hated giving public speeches or presentations before the entire class, I hated looking out into a sea of eyes, most of which either cared less or were pissed off by the amount of effort that always put into my work. It was during this time that something else passed, with no acknowledgement from anyone, I finally turned 19. Yes I was now, no longer the ripe young 18 year old, I wondered if this would affect my workload with Kevin? I must confess that things in my mind do shift from time to time. During one period it is the adventure and the sex, at other times it is the money that motivates me. My job may sound exciting, but at times it can be a bitch.

I really wanted to know at this point, why could I not find a happy medium with everything in my life? Why couldn't the assignments come in as I wanted them, and why couldn't they always excite me with new twists? Why does every professor in college always assign major projects or schedule exams at the same time? I mean it is either feast or famine. Why couldn't I find a stable place to live, no matter where I went, I would find problems with others? I guess that I should not complain, I was still in school, and I was making more money doing my "modeling" than I could have made doing anything else at that point in my life other than dealing drugs.


This is the end of Part 15. Please e-mail me at with your thoughts, and if you want to see more. Thanks RobXXX

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