tagGay MalePutting Myself Through College Ch. 16

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 16


"How would you like to be in the movies?" That was the first thing I heard out of Kevin's mouth. Kevin told me that an old friend who was in the porn business was in town and looking for talent to be in a few of his movies. Well this one I really had to think about I told Kevin. Being a "model" AKA an escort is one thing, as it is kept quiet, but if I shoot a porno won't I risk being exposed to my classmates and my family? Kevin took charge of the conversation, telling me that the chances were very slim. He put it straight out when he said, "Would any of you classmates admit to watching Gay Porn?" I knew that he was right, so I agreed to listen to Kevin's offer.

Kevin told me about his friend and that he was looking for some new talent, as he swung through the East shooting scenes for a number of new movies. I started to wonder, now that I am 19, were the normal clients now wanting younger? We discussed what I would have to do, and how much money I would be paid. I was told that I would shoot three or four scenes over a two day period, that Kevin would drive me to the locations, and that I would receive a check for $ 5,000 at the end. Now this is where I really had to take my time and consider, if I did this my real name and personal information would be given to this man to keep on file, due to Federal Laws. I mentioned this to Kevin, as our arrangement had always been under the table so to say. Yet as always by the end of the phone call I had agreed to Kevin's request.

A few days later I was on the set of my first porn film. The scene was a doctor's examination, and I was the patient. I handed a hospital robe, you know with the open back and told to change. I took everything off and put on the robe and then waited for about 20 minutes as they got the lighting correct. The set if you can call it that was set up in someone's house, it was a small bedroom with white walls, quickly made up to look like an examination room. Well I knew this was not going to be a high budget flick to begin with, it was just interesting for me to be a witness from a behind the camera point of view.

When we finally began to shot, I walked in and sat up on the table. The actor playing the doctor came in and chatted with me for a moment, then started to give me a physical examination. My robe came off, and he let his hands roam my entire body. He then brought my cock to erection and knelt down as to examine it. This of course turned into a blow job, which he preformed quite well I may add. The only problem was that they stopped half way through, to change the camera angles and the lighting. I was instructed as to how to cum and did so, he let my cock fly out of his mouth, and then I just let it shot out. The other actor picked it up with his fingers and pretended to look it over, before saying some bullshit line.

It was now time for him to take my temperature, rectally, with his "thermometer". I was turned around, and before they started shooting, I was given a butt plug caked with lube to work into me to get me loose. He entered me quickly for the camera and quickly started fucking me. He had good staying power, as we stopped several more times to change the angles. His cock felt good, going in and out of me, and he would shift his body slightly from time to time for the camera which actually produced some unexpected pleasurable results for me. He finally came by pulling out and shooting all over my ass. They cut, though we did not move, then they repositioned one last time for the other actor to say his final lines. That was it, my first film, it took about two hours from start to finish. The scene itself would last just over 25 minutes I was told, once edited all together.

Later that day we were in another room and I was dressed in a cheap black tuxedo, as I was playing a young piano student. My piano teacher was to tutor me in more than just my playing. He was dressed in a tuxedo as well, I guess the dress made sense, but since I was not involved in the whole film I could not compare my scene to others. This scene took only an hour to film, as they had more room to set up the camera's, and thus all changes could be made quicker.

I do not know how to play, so the scene started with me playing four keys over and over, as instructed. I then made a mistake, which allowed him to move closer to me and put his hands over mine to show me the error of my ways. This led of course to him kissing the back of my neck, then dropping his hands onto my lap. He turned me around on the bench, and then pulled my pants off. He sucked on my cock for a while, but did not bring me off. I was then bent over the bench, then the piano and fucked in the ass from multiple angles and positions. I was finally placed back on the bench in a missionary position, so that he could pull out of my ass and cum on my chest. I had to jack off to cum on my chest as well, allowing my fluids to mix with his.

That concluded my first day of filming, two scenes and I was expecting to do the same the next day. Of course Kevin always had other plans, I was told on my way home that there had been a change in plans, and that I would have to be on set very early the next day. I asked why and was told that I would be in two more films the following day, but my presence would be required to two scenes for each. Well somehow I knew this was coming, no more money for me, but I could guarantee this meant more money for Kevin.

The next morning, Kevin picked me up just after 7am and we were at the set in no time. Believe it or not I did not know what the films were, so I asked and was told the first was a prison film and the second was a naughty college student film. The prison film required me to taken twice. We shot this in an unfinished basement with the cinderblock walls and fencing put up to reflect a cell door. In the first scene I was the new fish, the other actor who was more than twice my size, basically manhandled me. I was gently (but it looked rough for the camera) pushed around, had my pants pulled down and his large cock shoved up my ass. He fucked me pretty hard, and we actually shot this from only one angle, so they only stopped once to move closer for the cum shot.

I did not get a chance to cum, and was asked not to. The next scene I was offered protection from the first guy by two slightly smaller men, of course I would have to give them something in return. This scene was a straight forward oral sex scene, I sucked them both off, one man finished quickly. I worked on the other guy, who eventually grabbed my head and fucked my face. Both men finished on my face of course, and they moved the camera's in closer for each shot.

I had finished my first movie well before lunch, I was given a chance to shower, but again asked not to jerk off. Once I was finished, I was quickly moved into a bedroom and told to lie down. I sat naked with my cock in my hand, and spent the next half hour jerking off, and saying their stupid lines. Funny thing was that I came very quickly due to all of the action I had been involved in earlier, they just cleaned me up and had me stroke more. They would piece it together in editing I thought.

We took a break to eat, and I watched them shoot two more scenes with other young guys, but I bet I was the only true college student there. We eventually got around to my final scene late that afternoon, I was paired up with another young kid, but he was really effeminate. I sucked him for a while, and then it turned into me fucking his ass. He was not a good fuck, and there was no chemistry between us. I finally was allowed to finish, and the kid came soon after by jerking off. We then had to stay in our final positions for a few minutes to say some final lines, now the most exciting ending to the day.

I was paid at the end of the day, via a check, so I knew I would have to report the money at the end of the year. That must have been some bargain for the producer, six sex scenes for four movies, and all I cost was $ 5,000. Kevin drove me home and thanked me for helping his friend out. I wondered if I would ever get the chance to do that again, especially since I actually enjoyed myself for a large part, I was told that I would be sent copies once they were finished editing, I could not wait.

The next day was back to business as usual as Kevin called me early to make sure that I could arrange my schedule to take care of a customer that evening. This assignment turned out to be a kinky one. The customer went by the name Reverend, and I met him in a church parking lot that night, and he led me on foot about two blocks away to his house. He told me that my soul needed to be saved, that he would release the inner demons inside of me.

The man had us both nude within minutes of entering his house, and he was whipping his penis around like he was blessing me. From this we collapsed on the floor, well I just laid down following his lead. He moved his body around and we engaged in some oral sex in a 69 position. I could instantly tell that mine was not the first cock who had parted his hungry mouth. We were down there trying to suck the evil out of one another's body for about 10 minutes, we both ended up accomplishing our goals, only to swallow the others "bad seed" down our throats.

We retired to his bedroom, where he tied me up on the bed, he even took a tie and wrapped it around the base of my cock. He did not make it so tight that it turned blue, but came very close. The good reverend then lubed up his cock and used it to bless my ass from the inside. The client was in his mid 40's and had a nice size cock, must have been over 8", it really filled me up with just the right amount. What made this fuck so memorable was that he worked his cock around inside of my ass, until he hit a pressure point within me. I started to moan, and this brought him great pleasure as he was "saving my soul". I came, with either of us touching my cock, it felt amazing. He grabbed a hold of at this point and really increased his pounding, he was soon spurting his salvation inside of me.

I was untied and given a few minutes to clean up and relax. The reverend walked into his closet at this time and returned with a restraining devise the likes I had never seen before. It was a self made contraption, two large wooden planks which intersected in the middle, with real chains bolted to each corner. He placed this down on the floor and lied down on his stomach. He asked me to chain him to this device, which I did. I was then instructed to commit sodomy upon him. I used his lube and coated my once again erect cock, and then poured some on my fingers which I worked inside of him to get him ready.

I inserted my cock into his ass, and quickly realized many had cum before me. I fucked him slowly to start off which, as I had to adjust to the feeling of the hard floor against my knees. He told me that he was a sinner for doing this, that he needed to be punished. He asked me to reach over and grab his belt which was lying off to the side. I grabbed this belt and used it to spank his ass. Harder, was all he said. The harder I hit him, the more he liked it. By this time I had stopped fucking him and had pulled my cock out of him. He raised his ass up in the air as much as he could, and I continued to strike his now very red ass, until he requested that I stop. I then entered him again and pounded his ass until I had finished. Not much sperm left in me at that point, but it did feel good to cum none the less.

I untied him afterwards, and he jumped up as quickly as he could. He hopped on the bed, once again lying on his stomach. I applied a cream to his red ass for a while, this brought him addition pleasure, and I could see it in his face. Our session had come to an end at that point, so I dressed and left his place. This guy had indeed enjoyed this session, as Kevin called to tell me the following day.

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