tagGroup SexPutting On The Ritz

Putting On The Ritz


"I'm really looking forward to seeing you there," she said.

"I can't wait either," Aaron replied.

"Well, I'd better be going. Till tomorrow, good night."

"Good night," he replied.

Cindy slowly hung up the phone. She just couldn't believe what was happening. So many times she and her husband Cameron had talked about this fantasy, but she never really believed it would really happen. She stood there lost in thought for a moment, visions of things they had discussed dancing in her head. She could feel a stirring deep inside, an itch that had longed to be satisfied, soon to be relieved.

It has been several months since she met Aaron and his wife at the local bar. Cindy and Cameron were there having fun with the karaoke regulars. While Cameron had been on stage, singing one of his favorites, Cindy watched as the adorable couple came into the crowded, smoky bar. The place was very packed that night, and the only two empty chairs were the ones at her table. They stood there for a few moments, looking for an empty table, when she decided she'd offer them to join her and Cameron. She motioned to them, and after a quick questioning glance, they accepted. Cameron's song ended and he joined the three at the table. After a few short "How do you do's" and "Where are you from's" the four had become handsome friends, laughing and flirting as if they had known each other for years. The night passed quickly, and over the next few weeks, they had found they all had much in common, including common fantasies.

So, fast-forward back into the present. Somehow, the four had it all planned out. They were going to meet tomorrow night in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton. The guys decided together, that if they were going to do this, they were going to do it in style. The ladies certainly weren't going to argue!

Cindy went about setting the coffee up for the next morning, locked the doors, turned off the lights, and headed into the bedroom to join Cameron. He was lying on the bed, flipping through a recent copy of Penthouse.

Giggling, she asked him, "Doing last minute research?"

Startled, he jumped a little and smiled up at her. "Yeah, just checking to see if there are any new ideas out there," he said.

As she undressed, she glanced at the ladies on the page before him. " Do you think Ashley's shaved?", she asked.

"I don't know, but, we'll soon find out!" he said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bed next to him, kissing her hungrily. " I hope she tastes as good as you, though!" Cameron kissed his wife again and snuggled in close to her as they both floated into dreamland.....

The limo pulled up outside and Cameron called to Cindy. "Honey! It's time! Hurry your sexy little buns up!" Cameron had been ready for their fun filled evening for 45 minutes, while Cindy was finishing up upstairs. A couple of seconds later, Cameron got the first glimpse of his wife as she stood at the top of the stairs. His eyes traveled up from her tiny feet in black heels, up her shapely smooth, stocking clad legs, to her silk navy blue skirt that swayed as she slowly took a step down, over her blue silk blouse, noticing her excitement, and up to her stunningly beautiful face. Five years of marriage didn't dull the reaction he had every time he looked at her. Pure admiration showing in his eyes every time. Cameron couldn't wait to show off his wife to the other couple tonight. He couldn't wait to see her floating on passions tides. A goddess in her own right, she was truly a sight to behold.

Making their way out the door, Cameron held the door of the limo open for Cindy to climb in, and then quickly followed her. The limo twisted it's way through the city while it's passengers silently dreamed of the evening to come.

The limo pulled up in front of the beautiful hotel. The couple went in, found their friends, registered at the desk, and were led to their room. As they entered, each was taken aback as the sight of the lovely room enveloped them. The carpet was as soft as a cloud, the furniture looking of old antiques, yet brand new, the lighting from the large chandelier above, glistened down. There were flowers everywhere and a couple of bottles of Champaign chilling by a beautiful fire.

Cameron set down the suit case and walked over to the doors leading to the bedroom. He open the double doors and stepped in to the equally beautiful room. "You guys got to see this!" he yelled to the others. The other three joined him and were delighted when they laid their eyes on the bed. The pillows and satin blankets had been arranged to look like a giant rose blooming before them. It was a sight to behold.

Cindy was standing very close to Ashley and whispered in her ear, "Have you ever seen anything like it?" As Ashley whispered "No," and shook her head in response, Cindy could smell the sweet aroma of Ashley hair. An overwhelming impulse over took her, and she softly brushed her lips to Ashley's neck.

A little shocked, and yet excited, Ashley jumped a little and asked "Does anyone want a glass of Champaign?" All agreed it was a wonderful idea and soon the four were sipping the tasty drink and getting cozy on the soft floor in the larger room.

Cameron watched his wife taking in Ashley's beautiful form, gliding her eyes over to Aaron and taking him in, and then resting her gaze upon himself. He could see the excitement building in her eyes. Her breathing was beginning to get quicker, and her cheeks were becoming a rosy color as the passion welled up inside her. But, what to do? Quickly he thought, something had to break the ice.

"Aaron, Ashley has mentioned that you are a master at massages. Cindy here has been working hard all week and I know she could really use a good back rub. How about you showing me some of your moves on her, and I'll practice on Ashley?" Cameron said.

As he quickly stole a glance at his wife, he recognized the "Thank you" in her eyes.

Aaron was happy to oblige, and scooted over to Cindy. "Why don't you let me help you take off your blouse and lie on your stomach." he said. The two stared into each other's eyes as he helped her with the buttons of her soft blouse. Ashley watched her husband's expert hands as Cindy laid down and he started to rub her back. Cameron did the same with Ashley and repeated Aaron's movements with his hands. As the men rubbed, they agreed that the bras had to go, and unhooked the hindrances.

Stroking up and down, back and forth, the men moved their hands in loving circles and lines across the ladies backs, relaxing them and easing the mood. Cameron repeated Aaron's moves when he slowly dipped his fingertips lower on Cindy's sides, lightly brushing against the sides of her breasts. And when Aaron moved his hands lower over Cindy's back to her smooth round bottom, Cameron didn't hesitate to copy.

Small sighs of happiness escaped the women as they stared into each other's eyes and enjoyed the other's husband's hands. Cindy lifted her backside up when Aaron moved his hands to her bottom again and slightly spread her legs. That was enough invitation for him and he gently slipped his hand up her skirt to find her pantiless. Surprised he smiled big and winked at his wife. Spreading slightly more, Cindy moaned a little deeper when he brushed his fingers over her lips and slipped his finger into her waiting hole.

Cameron was reveling in his wife's delight as he moved his hands lower on Ashley and found the same thing Aaron did. Both women were sighing their approvals and Cameron knew the evening had begun.

After a few minutes of wondrous petting, Cindy had to have more. She got up on her knees and removed the rest of her clothing, leaving only thigh high stockings and a garter belt. With a questioning look, and an approval, Cindy crawled over to Ashley, who had flipped over to be face up now, positioning herself between her legs. For so long now, she'd wanted to taste another woman, and to do it while her husband watched. She lowered herself so she was just above Ashley's bare, neatly trimmed pussy. Her hair falling over her shoulders and brushing against Ashley's thighs. Cindy took a deep breath in, savoring the moment, the smell, of another woman's sex. Sticking out her tongue, she gently licked the outer lips, kissing, teasing.

Ashley began to quiver from the anticipation and Cindy took her cue to move in more. Her tongue slipped between the folds, finding her swollen clit. Without ever having licked another, Cindy instinctively knew what to do. She circled her tongue around and around, up quickly, and down slowly. Repeating the movements over and over.

The men watching, had undressed and were focused on the show before them, gliding their hands over their swollen shafts. Cameron began rubbing his wife's bottom as she licked the sweet treat under her tongue. It didn't take long before he had himself behind her and was rubbing his hard tip against her wet lips. He heard Cindy moan a beautiful guttural sound as he eased the head of himself into the opening of her sex. In front of him, beyond his wife, he could see his friend kneeling over his wife's face as she lovingly licked the head of his member.

Cameron moved a couple of more inches deeper into his wife, feeling the hot wetness of her silky insides closing around his length. With practiced moves, he began to pump into her.

Feeling the vibrations of the Cindy's moans against her clit, seeing Cindy's sexy husband behind her, making love to his wife, and the feel of her husband's dick in her mouth, was too much for Ashley. Cindy noticed Ashley's desperate moans, and took her clit completely into her mouth, suckling on it while rotating her tongue over the sensitive little button. This was all it took. Ashley lost all hold of reality and rode her orgasm. Screaming out in pure pleasure as Cindy kept up with the bucking movements, licking up her sweet juices as they flowed out of her.

Ashley's orgasm started a chain reaction in the others, causing Cindy to loose control as her husband thrusted in and out of her. She began to convulse inside, gripping her husbands rock hard shaft, pulling at him from the inside.

Feeling Cindy's orgasm, the wetness, the tightness, the vibrations, and hearing and seeing the beautiful women, Cameron had no choice but to let go inside his wife, shooting the first, white hot, eruptive load deep within her canal.

Aaron feeling his wife have her orgasm while her lips were wrapped around him, seeing and hearing the other couple, triggered him into one of the most powerful shots in his life. Squirting his load straight down Ashley's throat, she gobbled it up happily, as she always had.

Temporarily satisfied, the four recovered from their orgasmic highs and agreed to take their fun to the large bed in the other room. Once the bed was stripped of it's many pillows and blankets, the four climbed on and entwined themselves in an undetermined embrace. Hugging and kissing everywhere.

Cindy had longed to try something and gave her husband a knowing look. Cameron laid down on his back and and Cindy gently helped her feminine friend to her knees. As Ashley hovered above Cameron, Cindy held her husband with one hand and spread Ashley's lips with her other, easing her husband deep into Ashley's hot folds. Once she was satisfied with the scene before her, she positioned herself over her husband's face, facing Ashley. Next, Aaron stood to the side of them and the girls playfully shared, sucking and licking on Aaron. With the two of them giving his package so much attention, it wasn't long before Aaron was showering the both of them.

Ashley confessed of her desire for the next position. She laid herself on her back, Cindy, on top of her, in the sixty-nine position, Aaron moved in, over Ashley's face, and slid easily into Cindy's tight box. Cameron taking the same place, just under Cindy's face, slid into Ashley's warm hole. Cindy and Ashley hungrily licked each other's clits and occasionally licking their husband's hard rods as they moved in and out of the others sex, tasting each other on their significant others.

The smell of passion soaked bodies, orgasm soaked body parts, and pure love generated desire filled the room. Ashley was in heaven having her fondest fantasy realized. Watching her husband thrust in and out of the woman as she licked her to orgasm. She could feel Cindy's clit grow hard as she neared another orgasm. She could see Cindy's lips tighten around Aaron's shaft, and she could see him growing harder and thicker as he neared also. Ashley took Cindy's clit between her lips and suckled for all she was worth. After a few quick rounds of her tongue over her clit, Cindy an an explosive orgasm on Aaron's cock. She could feel him begin to twitch as he went over the edge deep inside her. Unable to hold back she let out a loud scream as the orgasm's tides washed over her. Under her, she could feel Ashley's body moving to the unmistakable motions to an earth shattering orgasm. Her husband matching the sounds as he filled the woman as she suckled on her clit the same as she had hers.

The night gave to many more satisfying tidal waves as each were sent to the edge of the heavens, both as a foursome, and coupling off in pairs. Various positions adding to the splendor of the night. And the four, while wrapped in each other's arms, and drifting off into sleepy land, agreed this couldn't end without the agreement that there will be more evenings like this to come. Once every six months or so, you'll see the limo passing by, taking the couples to their fantasy's destination.

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