tagGroup SexPutting up the Tree

Putting up the Tree


He came upstairs to a wonderful sight: his two loves, breast to breast, naked and in ecstasy. He knocked quietly and entered, removing his clothes quickly. They appreciated a little warning; you never know when one of the kids is coming up to snuggle into bed. He slid into bed as his pale redhead rolled off his Hispanic beauty. They all cuddled a bit and talked. Red was home from a holiday visit to her dad, and then her mom. He found out she had a Yule tree she cut from her mom's farm in the pickup, and they needed to get it out now. "OK, but just let me snuggle for a minute more," he asked.

His minute was up. Red and he dressed and went to get the tree. She seemed supercharged. She must have had a good time with their Spanish firecracker. While putting on heavy coats, he remarked on the Pagan symbol of the tree used by so many Christians. She said, “I really want to use our Yule tree as a May pole next summer, and then as a Yule log in a year.”

He agreed, since he had done that a few times in the past. They got the tree out of the truck, into the house, and fitted into the tree stand. They work well together. After everything was ready, they fell into a passionate kiss standing in the living room, tongues dancing wildly. He broke the kiss to kiss her neck. He felt the wolf come out in himself, and he growled into her ear. He bit hard into her shoulder and she gasped, revealing more of her neck to his teeth. He flicked his tongue on the sweet spot between her shoulder and neck. She giggled. They kissed hard for some time, and then she broke the kiss, saying, "Hey, let's continue this after we go get naked!" She led him upstairs.

Their Spanish princess was still awake. He kissed her and then stripped in the closet. When he came out, his flame-haired love had moved to the middle. He knew what that meant, since she usually is on the outside when she wants to sleep. He surreptitiously grabbed a condom from the table at the foot of the bed and placed it on the nightstand as he slid in on her other side. His Latina looks on through the glaze of sleepiness. Red grabbed his head and pulled him into a kiss. Their passion picked up from where they left off without an easing. He is quickly nibbling and biting her neck again, since he knew she loved that so much. She reminds him of how much by purring in his ear. The animal growl rises in his throat. He moved down to her breasts, sucking hard on a nipple. She gasped and ran her fingernails down his back. He purred into her fleshy globe. Their dark-haired lover stroked both their bodies as they made love. He tried to go down lower, but Red stopped him, saying, "I don't feel like that tonight."

He went back to biting her shoulder, and his Hispanic lady said, "She's telling you to get the condom, because she really wants to fuck."

Who is he to argue with two women? He grabbed the pre-positioned condom from the nightstand, ripped the foil and put it on. He french-kissed his redhead as he slide into her. She arched her back and moaned into his mouth. He started slow and steady, but still driving hard into her. He lifted his shoulders up so he could look down on her as he thrust into her sweet body. He watched her breasts vibrate to the slap of our flesh. He changed the angle around until she said, "Oh, yeah. Right there. Oh, oh, oh."

She raised her knees up and his angle shifted again, now much deeper into her. She gasped as he hit bottom, her first orgasm gently squeezing his member. Her panting and moaning triggered another animal response, and he growled again, a snarl crossing his face. His hips took on a life of their own, and he started thrusting faster into her. The shift brought on another climax from her. He looked over briefly at his Hispanic lover, and she looked on with love in her eyes. He looked back at his red-haired love below him, and her eyes were closed in ecstasy. Her breath caught in her throat as another peak consumed her. She brought her heels down onto his hips pulling him into her harder. She grabbed his nipples in a tight pinch and the top of his head exploded. His hips pounded faster into her, blurring in frenzy. Suddenly his cock erupts inside of her, and his feral roar drowned out her gasp of delight. A minute goes by before he slowed and stopped thrusting.

He collapsed on top of her, all three of them surrounded by the afterglow of sex. She squeezed him internally, and he warned that if she kept that up, he might not stop here. She just smiled warmly into his eyes. He slipped from her and rolled to the side, kissing her as he put his head down. As he removed the spent latex, she rolled over to kiss their brunette partner. He laid and listened to them, a lip smack here and a gasp there. In his mind, he listened to the wonderful sounds they made, trying to figure out what is happening. Who is sucking on whose nipple? Who is stroking whose clit, or thrusting fingers into whose cunt? He loved listening to them. He hoped they both love listening to the other two when they made love.

He needed to wake up early to get a child ready for something tomorrow, so eventually the women moved to the futon to let him rest. He fell asleep, smiling at the noise of their rising passions. He had never been happier.

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