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Putting Your Female Partner First


There are women who will continually seek the person who will give them that elusive orgasm. Someone who will make their pussy shout in glee and cause those convulsions that only happens when they use their trusty vibe. If a woman like this should stumble into your arms, here are some ways that you can help her. You can turn her into the sexy vixen you want her to be.

Media portrays some women as hot, raring to go, and able to have effortless orgasms. And, as women, we think that we should be like that. However, there are more women with difficulty in achieving that orgasm than those that actually have one.

Let's face it, books, films and - above all - teen and women's magazines paint a very different picture in which today's females are hot, raring to go and effortlessly orgasmic.

If your lover is considered "mature," all the better. A woman is more apt to have an orgasm as she matures than if she were a ripe virgin, fresh for plucking. Before you get started, stock up on the goodies: a gentle lubricant, candles, soft music (but turn the television off), and a vibrator.

If she hasn't already done so, encourage her to masturbate when she is alone. She will find out what makes her have "that" feeling. She can discover what pleases her and what turns her off. Be the secure person, go out and buy her a vibrator. She does need to be alone to fully appreciate the rewards of masturbating, and if she is, you will reap the benefits ten-fold.

Include her vibe in your sexual play if you have to, but stimulate her clitoris. As the penis is important to a man, the clitoris is important to a woman. A vibe can be her best friend; you should know that nothing is closer than a woman and her best friend.

A woman's brain is the sexual center of her body. To really turn a woman on, it is important to stimulate her brain first. This includes: love, romance, cuddling, and a stress-free environment. These things can turn her on just as much as your caresses and fevered kisses. If your partner has children, arrange to send them to a relative. If she has a stressful day, pamper her.

For goodness sakes, this is not a sprint. Treat her body like a marathon. Fast might get you to the finish line quicker, but you don't want to leave your partner hanging do you? Let her know you treasure her body; she will be yours.

You know those things on her chest? Those are called breasts. They have nipples. Caress them. Kiss them. If she likes, be rough with them. They are more than pretty things to look at; they can be the stimulant to reach an orgasm.

Two words for you: Oral Sex. Women love it too. Caress her pussy as you want done to your cock/pussy. Don't rush it. A pussy is like an orchestra; all the instruments need to make sure they are stroking all the right chords. Don't get greedy. Let this be all about her. Don't wonder when she will turn the tables and pleasure you. Let her sit or lay back and enjoy it.

Your woman most likely understands what it takes to get her off. She just knows. Don't question it. She has turned to her "best friend" and knows what pushes her buttons. Ask her. Do it to her. Enjoy it.

Do you ever rebuff her when she takes the initiative? Don't. Encourage her to decide your agenda. Encourage her to make the first move. This will give her confidence in herself and free up her mind from worries. This might just be the push she needs to have that all important orgasm. A confident woman is an orgasmic woman.

This "never" happens, but if you should reach your climax before she does, find the energy to continue kissing her and simulating her so that she can climax too. Don't be selfish. It is all about her at this point.

You may not be a big talker, but there is one place where you do need to talk -- in bed. Compliment her. Tell her she is beautiful. Marvelous. Sexy. Lavish praises on her. She is not looking for long, detailed conversations about your day, but a few choice words can send her right over the edge.

A woman usually does not climax thorough penetration alone. If she has climaxed this way, chances are that her clitoris was massaged in the process. Allow her to fully enjoy this experience without worrying about mundane daily things.

These are just suggestions for helping her to have that orgasm. Chances are that you experience an orgasm almost every time. Isn't it time for her to "come" first?

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