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Putting Yourself Out There


Of my many kinks, the biggest is my obsession with exhibitionism. I can stop it. It gets me off and I can't help it. I do it in a way that I think is "responsible." Ultimately, I am what I am, and I try not to hurt anyone with my little hobby...

Most days, I stop at one or another of the public beaches parks on the way home from my job. I usually have a thong swimsuit in my car along with a few other accessories. Sometimes, I wear a thong under my jeans. So, when I get to the beach, I simply take off my pants and shirt.

Anyway, today I stopped at a park with a "beach." It's located on the in-shore side of a peninsula. There are a lot of nooks and crannies to get lost in for some privacy. It's not a clothing optional beach, but it is, unofficially. You see a lot people in the more secluded areas wearing little or nothing.

I like to wear a thong or g-string bathing suit, and if the time and place is right; I take off my thong and simply wrap it around my wrist like an elastic bracelet.

This afternoon, I went for a walk on one of the secluded stretches of beach. It's bordered by thickets of mangroves and very difficult to be caught by any law enforcement people, even if they gave a shit.

As I walked, I was feeling very aroused in a new thong and hoping for some excitement. At the far end of the beach, I saw a tall, thin blonde laying on her stomach soaking up the sun. I thought this would be a nice chance to strike up a conversation with an attractive woman. I get off so much on flirting with sexy women when I'm in a thong, and sometimes they actually flirt back!

As I approached, I noticed the woman was much older than I had thought: maybe 20 years my senior. However, I couldn't help but to think how attractive she was for any age. Deep, bronze tan, long blonde hair (bleached), with a taught body. She had on a sexy black bikini, which I might think a bit conservative for someone much younger. She had the bikini top untied to avoid a tan line across her back.

When I got nearer, I decided to initiate a friendly exchange to put her at ease. I've found over the years that a single man walking nude or in a thong on the beach is usually perceived as a pervert, unless he smiles, says hello, and acts generally normal decent and friendly towards everyone. I try to act that way, but still have a slight air of confidence and sexuality whenever I'm in these situations.

So, I said "hello, are you enjoying the afternoon?" She looked up and smiled back: "yes! How about you? LOVE your swimsuit! ha ha!" After that, I think we both felt very at ease. I was semi-aroused and my thong emphasized the fact.

I continued the conversation, and she sat up not bothering too much to hold her top in place. She asked if I had come down to that end of the beach to go nude....

I told her that I would love to if she didn't mind, and she dropped her top. I removed my thong, and my cock flopped out and bounced up and down once. I thought I might cum right then and there...

We continued having a civil conversation about how often we visited this beach, had we met before, etc. Standing with my cock at her face-level, I could feel myself getting hard. I tried to mentally will my erection to go away, but it just kept rising.

I panicked and said "excuse me but I guess it's obvious I think you're attractive. " I would normally never say something like that, but I did. She told me she thought it was hot and to not worry about it. She went on to say she had thought about "jumping my bones" at first...then she went on further to say that she knew a lot of guys get off on being nude in public. She asked me if I was one of those guys...

At that point, I realized I was in the presence of a very cool or very stoned lady. A sexy MILF, at that. "I told her of course I am. In fact, I came down here to jerk off. ha ha." (I wasn't kidding) She told me she saw a lot of guys sneaking to that spot for a quick jerk...mostly gays jerking each other off.

She asked if I was gay, and strangely it turned me on a lot. I could feel pre-cum oozing, but I was scared to look down. I asked her if she thought I was gay. She said: "no....well maybe bi! ha ha "

I said "Look, I'm not going to pretend. I want to jack myself off. You seem like you can handle that truth. I'm going to go into those mangroves over there, pull some lube out of this back pack and go for it. If you see anyone coming: whistle or something...if you want to watch or join me, that would be very cool."

"Ha Ha...OKAY!" she said..."go for it. That's about as straight forward, or HORNY as you could be! I'll watch out for you."

As I walked over to the mangroves, I thought how fucking stupid that was. Not where I really wanted the conversation to go. I wanted to get a cheap thrill out of telling her I like to jack off outdoors, when I really should be sitting on her towel sucking her tits and getting a blow job. Shit. I couldn't go back. I just wanted to get away, jerk off and wait for her to leave. This sucked.

I walked to the edge of the trees and got out my lube. I looked around and the coast was clear. I took a deep breath and started oiling up my cock. God it felt good. I had my back to my new friend, 40 yards away. I turned around, and she was walking toward me, still topless.

I faced her as I slowly stroked my cock, now thinking about making it last. She got close and I stopped stroking. She said: "I can't believe you were serious!"

Feeling back in good stead again, I told her: "I'm sorry. Most people that come to this end of the beach are either cool with it or not. I figured you were cool with it."

She slid her hand down into her bikini bottom and said: "I am. Go for it."

I started stroking again, as she fingered herself. Her eyes were glued to my cock and my hand sliding up and down. This wouldn't take long, I thought. I saw her fingering herself as though she really was masturbating. I mean, she wet her fingers in her mouth, then frigged her clit with her middle two fingers...then, she slid one finger inside her, then two. She finger fucked herself for a minute then, I started fucking my fist fast and furiously. She pulled down her bikini with her free hand and gave me a view of her two fingers rubbing a circle over her wet clit.

A second later, I started to cum. I pointed my cock back toward myself and shot 4 long spurts of cum on my stomach, chest and face. She let out a moan and a muffled squeal and held her fingers hard against her pussy as she came.

I milked the last drops of cum from my cock and she smiled and watched and slowly loosened her grip.

"That was fucking great. Come back over and take swim with me when you get yourself together," she said.

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