tagMind ControlPutty In Her Hands

Putty In Her Hands


Shannon arrived home from a late day at the office. Another night where she had to work late when she had plans. She quickly jumped in the shower, and then threw on a cotton dress. She put on her makeup to the sound of rain beating against her roof. The phone rang and she rushed to the bedroom to answer it.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hi sweetie. Are you coming over tonight?" asked the male voice on the other end.

"Yes, Michael. I am so sorry. I was stuck at work again late tonight. I am getting ready right now. I will be over just as soon as I can. Although this damn storm will probably ruin all my preparations anyways."

Michael laughed and comforted her by saying; "You look beautiful without all your preparations anyways. I will see you in a little bit, just drive safely. I don't want you to get in a wreck driving over here."

"Thank you, Michael. You are a sweetheart; that is why I love you. I will talk to you soon."

Shannon threw on her long, tan trench coat and headed out the door after putting the final touches on her face. She rushed out the door, running through the pouring rain to her car. She could hear the rumbles of thunder in the distance. She pulled out of her driveway and headed down the back streets out of town. She pulled up to a red light and her car began to sputter. She held the brake down and pushed on the accelerator to keep the engine running. The light turned green and she exited town.

She wished Michael would take her up on her offer to move in with her so she wouldn't have to drive out of the city to see him. Shannon drove down the back road as the lightning began to dance across the sky. Her windshield wipers waved back and forth in front of her face, wiping the downpour away. Shannon was a couple of miles out of town and listening to the relaxing music on the radio when her car began to act up again. After sputtering a few seconds the engine and power shut off. Shannon smacked the steering wheel and cursed her car.

"Twenty-five years of my life and I have never had as terrible luck as tonight!"

Shannon reached in her pocket for her cell phone, but it wasn't there. She frantically searched her other pockets then checked the passenger seat only to remember that she had placed her cell phone on the kitchen counter when she was putting on her coat. In her rush she forgot to pick it back up. She was about to cry. Tears were welling up in the corners of her eyes.

Seeing a house just down the road, Shannon decided to make a run for it through the dark, rainy night. She bundled her coat up and grabbed an umbrella. She opened her car door and opened her umbrella. She climbed out into the fierce weather and slammed her car door shut behind her. The strong winds blew the rain at her, despite her carrying the umbrella. Shannon walked on the side of the road towards the house when a big gust of wind kicked up and blew her umbrella inside out. Shannon cursed the storm as she tried to fix her umbrella. The rain was coming down so hard that she was drenched within seconds. Shannon gave up on fixing her umbrella as it would be of no use now anyhow and hurried to the house.

The front porch light was on and only a dim light in the back of the house was visible. Shannon ran the doorbell as she stood in the pouring rain hoping someone would answer. The door slowly opened and there stood a beautiful woman. Shannon looked at her face and was mesmerized. Unable to speak for a few seconds the lady asked, "May I help you?"

"Oh yes. I am sorry. My car just broke down on the side of the road over there. I was wondering if I could use your phone."

The lady opened the screen door and said, "Sure. Come inside out of the rain. That was rude of me to let you standing out there in the rain. I apologize. You are drenched sweetie. Would you like to dry off first?"

Shannon shook her head yes. She stared into the woman's deep green eyes. She was amazed at how her long black hair glistened in the dim light and rested upon her full breasts. The woman's breasts were accentuated by the tight black sleeveless top she had on.

"I am having the worst day. I was on my way to see my boyfriend when my car broke down. I forgot to grab my cell phone off my kitchen counter in my rush because I had to work extra late tonight. Things just keep getting worse and worse for me."

The woman put her long, thin hand on Shannon's shoulder and said, "There there you poor thing. Let me see if I can make your night a little better. Would you like me to dry your clothes for you really quick? I have some clothes that I think would fit you fine and I can warm up some hot chocolate for you while you wait."

"I don't know. I am already running late and I don't want to have to burden you. Besides, my boyfriend will be worried sick if I don't show up soon."

"I'll tell you what...what was your name again?"

"Oh I am sorry. Shannon. My name is Shannon."

"Nice to meet you Shannon. My name is Valerie. How about if I take those soaking wet clothes for you and give you a dry set to wear. You can call your boyfriend and let him know what happened and where you are. In the meantime I will make some hot chocolate and we can relax until he gets here. Does that sound like a plan?"

Shannon shook her head yes. Valerie turned around and disappeared only to return a few seconds later with a towel. Shannon dried off with the towel before being lead to Valerie's bathroom.

"Let me grab you some clothes and then you can change in here Shannon. By the way, you have such a gorgeous figure. I hope you don't mind me saying so. It is just that those drenched clothes show the outline of your figure well."

As Valerie exited the restroom Shannon wondered if she was being hit on or if Valerie was simply being complimentary. Shannon didn't think she was that good looking. She knew she had a decent body and fairly good looks but she wasn't one who turned heads when she walked into a room. She thought Valerie, on the other hand, was absolutely beautiful. Shannon couldn't help but glance at Valerie's ass as she exited the room. She admired how Valerie's tight cheeks bounced back and forth in those tight jeans. Shannon's thoughts were interrupted when Valerie re-entered the room. Valerie handed her some clothes and shut the door behind her.

Shannon quickly peeled the soaking wet clothes from her body. She grabbed the dry shirt off the counter and noticed that it looked entirely too small for her. Having no other choice, Shannon pulled it over her head and struggled to put her arms through. She looked in the mirror and noticed that the shirt exposed her stomach at the bottom and pulled tight against her breasts, even exposing her nipples through the material. Shannon stood there for a minute and wondered what she was going to do. She couldn't possibly go out there with her breasts sticking out like that.

Shannon heard a knock on the door and looked as the door began to open. Valerie entered and stopped in her tracks, her eyes glued on Shannon's lower half, which was exposed. "I am sorry. I thought you would be dressed by now", Valerie said as her eyes scanned up Shannon's body.

Shannon felt very insecure and violated at this moment. Valerie handed Shannon a cup of hot chocolate and left the room. Shannon stood there in shock, not moving for more than a minute. Her thoughts came back to the present and she realized she still hadn't put any pants on. Shannon quickly grabbed the shorts, wanting to put them on before Valerie appeared again. Shannon couldn't believe that Valerie had given her a pair of Spandex shorts to put on. Shannon quickly slipped her feat in them and pulled them up to her waist.

Shannon looked in the mirror and noticed that the shorts outlined every single inch of her body. She felt as though she was wearing see-through shorts. Valerie knocked on the door again and asked if Shannon was decent. Shannon wanted to say no, but told her she was. Valerie opened the door and quickly surveyed Shannon before speaking.

"Shannon, these clothes show off your beauty. It is a shame to hide your beautiful figure behind a cotton dress. I bet few people know how beautiful you are because you always hide your body behind baggy clothes or cotton dresses. Am I right?"

Shannon replied, "Well, I don't think of it that way. These clothes are a little bit too revealing for my liking. I am not one to show my every inch to the world."

Valerie quickly replied, "Why not? You have a great body. Why hide it? Do you think I am good looking?"

Shannon was caught by surprise from Valerie's question. "Well...yes. Yes you are good looking."

"You thought so from the second you saw me. I know because I saw your reaction when I opened the door when you were standing in the rain. Despite everything that was going wrong and all the thoughts you had, the moment you saw me your mind cleared and you forgot about everything else. That is the power of wearing the right clothing hon. You can control a situation when you dress yourself properly. Come on let's go use the phone."

Shannon called Michael and explained her situation to him. She gave him the address and hung up the phone. Valerie put her hand around Shannon's waist and guided her to the sitting room.

"Sit down and we can chat while you wait for your boyfriend. So tell me Shannon, would you like to have the power to control certain people in your life and be able to get whatever you wanted without having to do a thing?"

Shannon hesitated to answer. She knew she did, but she wasn't sure this was the way she wanted to do it. Before Shannon said a word, Valerie sat down beside her and placed her hand on Shannon's knee. Shannon felt a bit uncomfortable with the way she was dressed and the way Valerie was being so forward with her.

"Listen Shannon. You have many inhibitions that are holding you back from getting what you want. Wouldn't you like to be able to leave work early any day you wanted to? Wouldn't you like to have some of your workload lessened? Wouldn't you like to have Michael begging to have you any moment you wanted to? Let me show you how you can do that."

Valerie took Shannon's hand in her's and began rubbing Shannon's palm lightly. Shannon was surprised that she began to feel comfortable and relaxed despite the fact that she could feel her nipples pressing against the material of the shirt and the crack of her shorts riding up her ass.

"Shannon let me hypnotize you. I will hypnotize you so that you will know exactly what is going on and you will remember everything when you come out of it. What I want to do is help you rid of you inhibitions and allow you to mold the world in your hands like putty."

Shannon didn't know what to think. She wasn't sure this was such a good idea. She had just met this woman and now this woman wanted to hypnotize her. Shannon had never been hypnotized but she heard of people who had been and were taken advantage of while under hypnosis.

Valerie added, "Michael is on his way and will be here in less than fifteen minutes. He knows where you are so it is not like I would have the time to take advantage of you. I wouldn't do that anyways. Besides, under hypnosis a person will never do anything they don't want to. I know there are lots of stories about people being persuaded to do things they didn't want to but it isn't true. No one will do something they don't want to. Those people had to have the want to do it in order for it to happen. Just close your eyes and concentrate on your palm Shannon."

Shannon found her eyes closing and her concentration focusing on the soft, relaxing strokes of Valerie's fingers on her palm. She heard Valerie telling her to think of a warm, calm place and go there. After what seemed like only seconds, Shannon heard Valerie tell her she was now in a trance and that she would remember everything.

Valerie asked, "Do you feel relaxed and care free Shannon?"

Shannon responded, "Yes."

"Would you like to rid of some of your inhibitions?"


"Let's get started then. Now tell me Shannon. When you saw me at the door did you like what you saw?"


"Did you feel your body begin to get excited?"

Shannon was shocked to find that she was speaking so honestly with this woman she barely knew. She heard herself reply "Yes I did."

Valerie continued, "I want you to open your eyes. You will still be hypnotized and speaking honestly. I want to free you of your inhibitions."

Shannon opened her eyes. The world around her seemed so peaceful. She could hear the wind blowing outside and the rain tapping against the window behind her. The dim lighting added to the tranquility. She looked at Valerie and gasp. "You are so beautiful Valerie."

Valerie asked, "Would you like to feel my breasts? Feel how soft and warm they are?"

Shannon replied, "I am not sure. I don't think I should. I have never touched another woman's breasts before or even thought of doing so."

Valerie replied, "That is because your inhibitions have prevented you from doing or thinking what your subconscious is wanting or thinking. Would you like to feel my breasts Shannon?"

Shannon watched as Valerie lifted her tight, black, sleeveless shirt and exposed her breasts. Valerie's breasts were only a few inches from Shannon's face. They were so perky and beautiful. Shannon knew that Valerie was older than her and must be in her mid-thirties.

"Touch them Shannon."

Shannon felt her hands rise up and touch Valerie's breasts.

"Don't they feel so soft?"

Shannon shook her head in agreement. She couldn't believe how soft and nice Valerie's breasts felt.

"Now Shannon. That was a big step in losing an inhibition. Let's take it a step forward. Lift your shirt and expose your breasts to me so I can feel your breasts."

Shannon lifted her shirt without hesitation. She moaned softly as Valerie put her soft, warm hands on her breasts. She felt Valerie tease her hard nipples with her fingers.

"Do you like my hands on your breasts Shannon?"

"Yes. They feel wonderful. I can feel my body getting warm and fuzzy."

"Yes. I could make you feel better than you ever have in your life, but not tonight. So what I am going to do is remove a few of your inhibitions so that Michael will give you a great night of passion. Do you like the way you look in the clothes you are wearing now Shannon?"

"Yes. I feel sexy in them. They raise my self-confidence. I never saw how nice my figure looked in clothes before."

"Exactly" Victoria replied, "You have never worn clothes that accentuated your figure before. Tomorrow when you get off of work you can come over and I will take you shopping so that you can get a whole new wardrobe that makes you feel sexy and self-confident. It will be at my expense. You can also keep what you are wearing now. I know Michael will be happy to see you in that."

Shannon smiled and replied, "Thank you so much."

"You are welcome. But, before Michael arrives I have a few other things I want to ask you. Do you like to give Michael blowjobs?"

"It is okay. His cum tastes really salty though."

"Tonight, when you give Michael a blowjob you will think that you are sucking on a Popsicle. When he cums it will taste like ice cream. Every time you give Michael a blowjob from here on out it will taste like whatever you want it to."

"That would be great."

"It will be great Shannon. And another question, do you like to be eaten out by Michael?"

"Yes, I love the feeling of Michael eating me out. There is only one problem though. I am very sensitive down there and I have an orgasm very quickly. I also am not able to have multiple orgasms. It still feels great if he continues to eat me out after I cum but I don't have another orgasm."

"That will all change starting tonight Shannon. When Michael eats you out tonight you will feel the same intense pleasure and sensations except that you will not have an orgasm until you want to. The orgasm will build and be very powerful tonight. Because it will be so strong you will not be able to have multiple orgasms tonight because you won't be able to handle it, but the next time you are eaten out you will begin to experience multiple orgasms for the first time. From there on out you will have the ability to control when you have an orgasm and you will be able to have multiple orgasms."

"Thank you very much Valerie. Your hands feel absolutely wonderful on my breasts. I am so hot and bothered right now. My clit is aching. I wish you would touch it for me."

"I will not touch your clit for you tonight Shannon. I will let Michael please you tonight. But would you like to see and touch my pussy?"

"Yes, I would love it."

Valerie dropped her jeans and stood before Shannon. Shannon stared at Valerie's beautifully shaped pussy. Her lips were so full and beautifully rounded. Her clit was swollen and budding like a new flower. This was the first time Shannon had seen a pussy this close to her face. Shannon reached out and ran her fingers around Valerie's mound and then up and down her slit a few times before Valerie pulled away.

Shannon begged, "Please let me touch your pussy some more Valerie."

Valerie replied, "That is enough for now. You may touch it more some other time, but Michael is due to be here any time. I don't think he is ready to see you touching me like that yet. Shannon I want you to close your eyes again. I am going to count down from three. When I reach one you will no longer be hypnotized and you will remember everything that happened. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand Valerie."

"Great. Whenever I say the word "skyscraper" you will go back into a trance like you are now. Do you understand?"


Valerie counted down from three to one and Shannon opened her eyes. Shannon felt like she had rested for days. She was filled with energy and still very horny. Shannon laughed and pulled down her shirt when the doorbell rang. Valerie smiled and winked at Shannon as she helped her up.

"You have a great night and I will see you tomorrow after work." Valerie said as she escorted her to the door.

Shannon opened the door and welcomed Michael. She watched as his eyes scanned her body twice before he moved or looked into her eyes. Shannon gave him a big hug and thanked him for coming to get her.

"Michael, this is Valerie, my new friend. She gave me these clothes to put on because my cotton dress was soaked. Do you like them?"

"Wow. Yes. You look beautiful Shannon. I have never seen you dress this way before, but I like it."

Valerie handed Shannon her semi-wet dress and gave her a hug goodbye. As Shannon began to pull away to leave Valerie whispered in her ear, "Enjoy the fireworks and ice cream tonight honey."

Shannon grinned and headed out the door with Michael. She longed to return as Valerie shut the door behind them. The two of them ran to Michael's car and hurried inside, out of the rain. Michael leaned over and gave Shannon a long, deep, passionate kiss. Shannon knew he was putty in her hands tonight and from now on.

To be continued...

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