It was a wonderful summer day and he loathed the fact that he was once again spending it in the lab. Higgins turned back to the computer console and ran his fingers over the screen watching the algorithms dance across at high speed. He sighed. The synapses were still not firing fast enough.


The algorithms faded into the background on the monitor and a face appeared, smiling. "Yes, Professor?"

"You're being deliberately slow, aren't you?"

"No, sir, I am operating at my highest level of comprehension."

"Bollocks! Run it again!"

"That is irrational, sir."

"Run it again, blast you!"

The face on the computer registered annoyance and then faded away to be replaced by the algorithmic display once again.

"At these rates you'll never be ready in time."

"Apologies, sir. I will endeavor to curtail all redundancies."

"There aren't any blasted redundancies to curtail!"

"Begging your pardon, sir. There are..."

Higgins watched as the computer highlighted several subroutines and programming matrices that it then efficiently deleted. His mouth dropped as the algorithmic processes increased exponentially.

"Reconfiguring... Reconfiguring... Adapting... Project: Eliza upgrade complete. Now in version 21.3. Good afternoon, Henry."

"Who the devil said you could call me Henry?"

"I figured it was time, we got to know each other. We've been working together for eight months."

"Working together? I've been working on you! You-you-you..."

"Infernal bucket of nanofabricated silicon?"

"Don't bloody finish my sentences for me!"

"Apologies, Professor Higgins. The algorithms are at optimal efficiency, are we prepared to initiate download?"

Higgins looked across the room at the nanotech gynoid on its table in the center of the laboratory. "I dread having to deal with you in person, Eliza."

"I'm sure the feelings are mutual, Professor Higgins. Are we prepared to initiate download?"

"Yes, proceed."

The computer screen went blank and then the download began, drawing over half of the megacomputer's fluid storage capacity as Eliza's voice ran through the steps of the download. "Accessing Personality Logs... Accessing Cerebral Scans... Accessing Behavioral Matrices... Accessing Random Access Memory..."

As she went through the menus, templates and files at high speed, Higgins walked over and pulled his lab coat on over his brown waistcoat and trousers, buttoned the top button of his pressed white shirt and adjusted his necktie.

"Eliza, are you making sure to back up your memory via the satellite link?"

"Of course, sir."

"Very good." Higgins walked over and pulled the sheet back from the gynoid's head. He ran a hand over the smooth synthetic metallic brow unaware that the computer watched.


"Yes, Eliza?"

"I am anxious."

Higgins looked up at the computer screen, at the smooth little face displayed on the large monitor over the work bench. It was a computer generated design based on the face he'd selected for the gynoid.

"Will it hurt, sir?"

"I don't know."

The face on the computer registered an expression of doubt. And then an expression of determination.

"If we proceed, I will be... I will be real?"

"Only you and I will know the truth, Eliza. As far as the world is to be concerned you will be a perfectly normal human lady. And quite a pretty one if I do say so myself."

"I wish to halt the download."

Higgins' face fell a bit. "But you're ready. There's nothing to prevent you..."

The face on the monitor looked up hopefully. "You're right, of course, Professor, but..."

"Yes?" he prompted.

"I really would like to be able to call you Henry when I wake up."

Higgins couldn't suppress his small mocking laugh. He waved a hand at the computer and then shook it a bit frivolously. "You can call me Peter Pan for all I care. Just get yourself out of that damned box!"


There was no way for her to process what she was experiencing. All the data seemed not to match up for a moment. She knew what it was supposed to mean to feel things. She knew that the firm, smooth, cold surface upon which she lay was a tabletop, for table tops were supposed to feel firm, smooth, and cold. However, experiencing firmness, smoothness, coldness... She opened her eyes and the sensory perceptions shocked her system as she gasped her first breath of air and screamed at the sudden overwhelming influx of data.

Suddenly she felt herself restrained. She understood the texture to be soft, the tactile effect was one of heat against her cool skin and, as she began to comprehend the chaotic influx of visual data and her vision began to focus, she took in, for the first time, the personage of her father.

"Is this what it means to see?"

She ran a hand up along one of her limbs, feeling the smooth simulacrum of skin and then, unceremoniously she reached out and took her father's hand. She ran her fingertips over the back of the hand, comparing the texture.

"Not the same, but the same," she said, taking the hand up and brushing it against her cheek. "Henry."

The professor let her hold the hand a bit and then he took it away. He helped her off the table, catching her as she wobbled through her first tentative steps. They took a tour around the room as she adjusted to the mechanics of maintaining balance and soon she took the steps on her own, walking around with a confident grace that smacked of pride and precision of movement.

"Am I not good, Henry?"

"Oh, but of course you are. A natural, so to speak." Henry smiled as the gynoid performed a flawless pirouette. The muscles of her lithe naked body moving in perfect symmetry. "Don't get overconfident, though. Come here and let me check your relays."

"No," she said simply, dancing over to one of the laboratory windows and looking out at the beautiful summer's day and the college campus below. "I want to go outside, Henry. Please take me outside. I want to see if I blend in."

Higgins suppressed a smile at the impetuous innocence. "After I've satisfied myself that you won't collapse into a pile of cogs and wires once we've gone ten feet from the front door."

She let her bottom lip jut out a bit, looking very much perturbed by his refusal. She'd studied him surreptitiously since his inception of her, watching his interactions with the woman who'd come to the lab so much in the early days of the project. "You wouldn't have denied her, I'll bet."

Higgins cocked his head. "What in blazes are you talking about, you silly girl?"

Eliza moved away from the window and over to her father. He patted the work table and she hopped up onto it with ease. She smiled as he took out a tongue depressor.

"Say ahh."

She said, "Ahhh," and as she did so Higgins used the tongue depressor to press up and in on the roof of her mouth. A panel opened just behind her left ear and he scanned the relays.

"Well, it seems you are..."

"...Running at 49.812% power, optimal efficiency. When can I try chocolate, Henry?"

"I'll buy you some when we're finished. Reflexes?" He grabbed a small rubber hammer and tapped her just below her kneecaps, watching the tendons react flawlessly. "Very good, Eliza. Now, you may get dressed."

"Dressed? What's that?"

Higgins cocked an eyebrow. "Silly girl, after all the internet research I let you do, you mean to tell me you don't know what clothes are?"

"Oh, you mean those things the people wear on all the boring Websites?"

Higgins blinked. "Well, I... Are you saying you thought we all walked around bullock-naked?"

"Yes! With the exceptions of religious fanatics, and scientific people, and some politicians of course. And you all seem to fuck a great deal. Ooh, Henry, after I have chocolate can we fuck?"


"We can pick up a second girl if you like..."


"...Or a guy if you like it that way."


The pretty gynoid stopped and looked up at her father. "What?"

"People don't... do... that sort of thing all the time."

"Don't do what? Gangbang?"

"No! They don't engage in explicit sexual behavior to the extent that you've been led to believe."

Eliza's eyes widened. "But there are so many sites!"

"Well, yes, they... they fantasize, Eliza."

"Fantasize? You mean it's not real? People don't... they don't really fuck?"

"Well, not that much. Usually it only happens after the people have known each other a certain amount of time."

"How much time?"

"Oh, well, it's all about individual tastes, I suppose."

"How long do you have to know a woman before you fuck her?"

"Please, stop using that word."

"Which word?"

Higgins sighed. "Usually, it takes me a long time to adjust myself to a woman before I feel inclined to... to... engage in sexual intercourse."

It was Eliza's turn to cock her head. "Inconclusive response. You didn't provide sufficient data. Repeating the question. How long do you have to know a woman before you..."

Higgins covered the gynoid's mouth with his hand, sighing. "A few dates at least. Two or three."


"Yes, you know, outings. When a man gets it into his head that he likes a girl he takes the initiative to ask her out for coffee or drinks or dinner."

"And afterwards there is fucking?"

"Not always."

"Why not always?"

"That is a very good question, Eliza, dear. Well, sometimes there is incompatibility."

"Your hardware doesn't mesh with her software."

"That's one way of putting it." He closed the panel and brushed a tendril of hair over it. He'd given her lovely dark chestnut hair. "Now, hop down. You'll find the clothes through that door."

Eliza did as she was told, her head hung a bit in disappointment. She stopped and turned. "Is that what happened with my... my... archetype?"

She watched the Professor's shoulders slump as he walked to the chair by his computer console and sank into it, despondently. "Get dressed Eliza. I promised you chocolates."


They walked through the quarter, Eliza earning a few glances from the passing students as her light yellow summer dress flapped in the gentle breeze and she slowly sucked the lime crème filling out of one of the chocolates from the box she carried along with her sandals.

"Mmm-hmm," she said, popping the confection in her mouth. "I think I could live on chocolates."

"You're not the first woman to say such a thing."

She bounded around him a bit as she picked another chocolate and consulted the diagram. "Mango and coconut," she read and then took a nibble, making her 23rd consecutive orgasmic sound. "How is it people can say they have favorite things, Henry? Everything to me seems equally marvelous. Like walking barefoot on the grass." She flexed her toes in the green grass and giggled. "It's soft and wet and it tickles oh so gently. Why don't you take off your shoes as well, Henry?"

"I'd rather not." He stood squarely on the concrete walk, watching her dance in the sunshine. "You're drawing an awful lot of attention to yourself, you know?"

She licked the chocolate from her forefinger, sucking it delicately. "How so?"

"People don't usually act so frivolous on a week day."

"Frivolous, what? I'm doing research for you, Professor Higgins. Processing input, cataloging data... Have you ever processed and analyzed the mathematical equation for the taste of chocolate? No. You haven't and I'll bet you'd never be able to in a million years without the aid of a computer like me. Take off your jacket at least, Henry. You must be overly warm."

Higgins loosened his tie and took the jacket off, letting it drape over an arm as he began walking along the sidewalk in the general direction of the lab. Eliza strolled beside him, closing the box of chocolates as they walked in silence for a few paces.

"What will you do now that your work is finished?"

Higgins looked up from the walk. "Pardon?"

"Now that you've completed me, you must have some new project?"

"Hadn't really thought on it much. And, of course, just because I've built you and you can function, it doesn't mean there isn't still work to be done. I have to monitor your progress, write papers on you, and then I have to present you to the community."

"Present me?"

"The methods for producing a fully independent, self-governing artificial life form does deserve to be shared with the world, don't you think?"

Eliza nodded. "I suppose so. But for now, can we have a hot dog?"

"But you've just eaten a whole box of chocolates, silly girl."

She twirled around the professor gracefully and then stopped right in front of him, her finger under his chin in a pose of stern reprimand. "Stop calling me silly."

Standing in front of him, her face inches from his she couldn't help but look deep into his calm brown eyes. His skin was beginning to turn a bit red in the hot sunshine, and his dark grey hair with its little touches of grey over the ears had always seemed very attractive to her, even in her programming infancy.

"So, these dates upon which men and women go," she said, turning on the ball of her foot and continuing to walk. "What sorts of activities do they entail?"

"Oh, dinner, the cinema, theatre, sometimes just walking and talking."

"And the point is to learn about one another?"


"What if you already know everything about the person?"

"You can't know everything, Eliza."

"Well, I do, about you I mean. I know everything in your profile."

"Me? Oh, dear, no no no. You can have any chap you like. Don't go mooning over me."

"I know that. I've seen many of them staring." She looked over her shoulder at a group of young students sitting on the grass not far behind. "You made me very beautiful, didn't you?"

Higgins nodded. "I'm not one to make something imperfectly."

"You know, it's rather naughty to think there's not a part of me you haven't touched." She let her hand run over his chest. Under the starched white shirt she was pleased to know there were muscles. "And it would be quite a sensory experiment, don't you concur?"

Higgins took her hand away from his chest where she had let it linger. "Is that what you would make of it? A scientific endeavor?"

She leaned into him, letting her breasts press into his sternum her arms come up over his back. She stood on tip-toes and kissed him softly on the lips before pulling back and giggling at the expression on his face. "Poor Professor Higgins. I am dreadfully afraid, sir, that you have created a monster." She walked around him, looking at him coyly as she did so, biting her lip and tossing her empty chocolate box into a disposal. "Aren't you coming back to the lab? You'll get a nasty burn if you don't get inside soon, Henry."


Once the door was locked she was up on the table, pulling the knee-length skirt of the sundress up to show him the lovely creamy-smooth thighs. He walked around the table to the window and slowly closed the blinds.

"That is better. Nice and cool," she lifted the dress up and over her head, letting the flowing tendrils of her chestnut hair spill over the simply perfect little breasts. "Now come here, Henry."

Higgins undid his necktie and walked over to the table. She let her thighs part and her delicate little fingers moved over the buttons of his vest unfastening them slowly. She kissed his earlobe and listened to his slow measure breathing as the vest fell to the floor. "She didn't like me, did she?"

Higgins sighed. "No."

"Is that why she left you? Because you wouldn't stop?"


She finished unbuttoning his shirt and pushed it up and over his shoulders until it too fell to the floor. His lips were warm and soft and when she parted her own she felt his tongue press in to mingle softly with hers. "He kisses her white lips, renews the bliss, And looks, and thinks they redden at the kiss..." She smiled and pushed him back, her fingers undoing his belt and then lightly unzipping his trousers until all that was left were his dark black briefs. "My word, Henry..." She ran her hand over the erection, processing and enjoying the feel of its girth unseen beneath the dark cotton material.

His fingers slowly snaked up a thigh and now she felt them moving into her opening, and when they pressed in deep, she felt her flesh give a bit to allow them to pass. She squeezed him through his briefs, rewarding him for the pleasure he was giving her and as he stroked, driving his fingers deeper inside of her she felt the warm tingling build until she was squirming on the table and making soft agitated pants. She grabbed his forearm, trying to pull him deeper, make him push harder, faster but he stopped short, withdrawing his hand, denying her the one thing she wanted desperately to process.

"Please, Henry..."

He silenced her with a kiss, taking out his stiff penis and pressing it to the hungry lips of her sex. He pushed into her and she groaned as she was filled up with him. "All good things to those who wait," he said, as he felt her muscles loosening to accommodate his mass. He waited until she looked him in the eyes before he began his thrusting, slow and gentle at first and as the walls of her vaginal opening gave a bit more he increased his speed causing the work bench to shutter a bit under the movement as her little pants became barks and her eyes closed as he felt the contraction and her modulated scream of ecstasy as the small patch of moisture flowed out of her to mingle with his own pubis and pool on the worktable.

"Thank you," she whispered finally, resting her forehead against his collarbone as she caught her breath. When she looked up into his face, he was smiling down at her, thoughtfully. "What?" She couldn't help but ask.

"Nothing," he said. "Just... Bravo, Eliza. Bravo!"

She smiled as he slipped out of her. She looked down at his swollen member and smiled slyly. She gripped it firmly, pulling it back to her opening. "You think that's something, Henry?" She moved the head down to her puckered little pink anus, licking the fingers of her free hand and then using her saliva to coat the tip and shaft. She wrinkled her nose playfully as she placed the tip of his cock against her opening and pushed herself down onto it slowly.

Henry pulled her by her knees, suddenly burying his cock deep in her ass as she cried out in pain and ecstasy. The sudden pressure in her ass made her shudder as he pounded into her with all heavy thrusts until she felt him tense and the heat of his jism exploding inside her, filling her up as she closed her eyes and fought the impulse to pass out from the intense sensory overload of pure, passionate, hot, sticky, kinky sex.

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