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Suzi sat in her chair, staring at the swirling colors as they moved across the screen. She wasn't thinking about anything in particular; she didn't need to think about anything right now. She just needed to relax, and let all her cares and worries drift away on a warm tide of drowsy happiness as she waited for the phone to ring. She didn't know how long she'd been waiting, and she didn't care. It wasn't important. Suzi could wait as long as she needed to. A slow, lazy smile spread across her face as she watched the colors ripple and dance in their endless patterns--

Abruptly, the screensaver vanished, and Suzi snapped out of her daydream as the phone beeped quietly but insistently to let her know there was a call coming in. She sat up straight and put her hands on the keyboard, ready to type. "Welcome to the Personal Pleasures Customer Support Hotline," the recorded message played in her headset.

As always, Suzi welcomed the brief moment that the recording gave her to get her mind back on her job before she went live with the customer. At this job, it was way too easy to let the mind wander between calls, and Suzi was glad of the extra time to bring it back. "For quality control purposes," the recording continued, "this call may be monitored and recorded."

Then she heard it. Just before the customer came on the line, Suzi noticed the tiniest little click that told her that 'may be' had turned into 'is being'. She sat up even straighter than before, a little butterfly fluttering in her stomach as she spoke. "Hello, you're speaking with the Personal Pleasures Customer Support Hotline," she said, trying to enunciate every syllable with perfect clarity. If her boss was listening, Suzi wanted to do this exactly the way she'd been taught. "My name is Suzi, how may I assist you today?"

"Um, yes, hi," the woman on the other end said, sounding a bit like she'd just woken up from a nap. Suzi checked the hold time on the call--five minutes, twenty-six seconds. Long enough for the subliminals in the hold music to soften up her mind, but not so long that she'd lose patience and hang up. "My name is Roberta, Roberta Gardner, and I appear to have been sent a package from your company by mistake. There's a bill here with my name on it, but I know I didn't order...um, these. I can't seem to find an address to return it to, though, just your 1-800 number."

"I see, ma'am," Suzi said. "Do you have the items there, Ms Gardner?" She spoke smoothly and calmly, trying to keep that delicate balance between 'unemotional' and 'cold', and between 'helpful' and 'commanding'. They'd had to train her for ages to get it right, but Suzi knew it was the most important part of her job. Once she got the voice right, it did most of her work for her.

"Um..." Suzi could almost hear Roberta blush over the phone. "Yes, yes I do. They're still in the box," she added hurriedly.

Suzi smiled just a little. "I understand, ma'am," she said, letting just a little of that sympathy creep into her voice. She definitely didn't want Roberta getting offended. "Could you read me the serial number from the shipping label?"

There was a tiny pause, then Roberta spoke again. "Zero seven three, four seven two nine, six five eight one four," she said. As she spoke, Suzi typed the numbers into her computer.

"Thank you very much," Suzi said as the she finished typing. "Please hold on for just a moment while I look this package up in our shipping database." She pressed a button, and gentle music began to play through her headset as she scanned the computer records. She knew it would be playing in Roberta's ears as well.

'Roberta Gardner', the screen read. 'Recommended by Debbi K. Single, age 32, no children. Parents deceased. No current or former relationships. Teaches primary school in Ypsilanti, MI. Hair: Blonde. Eyes: Blue. Measurements 42D-36-45.' That was a little bit heavy for a Personal Pleasures girl, Suzi knew, but it was only to be expected on initial contact. With a little bit of slimming, she'd be perfect...especially if they could keep her from losing too much around the chest. Management definitely liked busty girls, Suzi thought, idly running her hands over her own ample tits.

She finished reading through the file that Debbi had compiled, and then checked the call display. 'Hold time: Two minutes', it read. Suzi smiled, and read through all the information again. Then she filed her nails for a full minute before finally taking the phone off of hold. "Sorry about the wait," she said. "I have the shipping information right here, and it does appear as though you received that package in error. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I want to assure you that you were not billed for those items. I'm sorry you needed to take valuable time out of your day to correct the mistake."

"I, um...no, that's alright," Roberta replied. Her voice sounded more than a little muzzy, as though she had fallen asleep while on hold. "I don't care how long it takes, I just want to get this, um...taken care of."

Suzi's smile widened a little. "I understand, ma'am," she said. "We'll try to get this processed as soon as possible so that you can get on with your day. First, I need to confirm the contents of the package with you so that we can be sure it matches with our shipping records."

"...is that really necessary?" Roberta asked. Suzi could hear the trepidation in her voice, and for a moment she worried that Roberta was going to hang up the phone; but the same prudishness that made her reluctant to talk about sex toys with a stranger also made her reluctant to hang up without making arrangements to get rid of them. She probably didn't even want to throw the box away, lest someone spot it in her trash and think she'd broken them through overuse.

"I'm afraid so, ma'am," Suzi replied, letting her voice close off Roberta's options. All her training came back to her easily and effortlessly; she sounded firm, yet not rude, and Suzi knew her bosses would be so proud of her. Her tone simply made it clear that this was just the way things were, and there was no point in trying to argue against it. She knew it would work perfectly on Roberta, even if she hadn't spent ten minutes on hold already.

There was a pause. Suzi was used to that, though; Roberta wasn't the first girl that Suzi had needed to coax into the return procedures. "Don't worry, ma'am," she said soothingly. "All our call records are strictly confidential."

"...okay," Roberta said in a tiny voice. "There's, um...a bright pink, um...back massager," she said, her voice giving away the fact that she knew exactly what the device was supposed to massage.

"That would be the 'Personal Pleasures Pussy Pleaser Vibrator'," Suzi said, as calmly as if she was reciting from a phone book. "Model 125-A, with optional Clit Massager and G-Spot Stimulator." On some days, she might have skipped the recitation of the product names; they got her a little bit turned on, and that made it hard to keep the emotion out of her voice. But if her bosses were listening, Suzi needed to do everything exactly right. And it was important to remind Roberta of just what she was holding in her hands right now. After ten minutes of hold music, every sexual reference would cascade within Roberta's hazy mind, helping to soften her up for further conditioning.

Sure enough, Roberta sounded a little shaky as she continued. "And a blue, um...back massager as well, with a flared base," she said. She sounded a little perplexed at that; Suzi suspected that Roberta had never even thought of having that particular hole massaged.

"That would be the 'Personal Pleasures Anal Sensations Butt Plug', ma'am. It's one of our most popular anal play items for beginners," Suzi replied. There was a quiet gasp on the other end of the line, and Suzi knew exactly what it meant--Roberta had just thought about having something in her ass for the first time, and it had turned her on. Suzi felt a surge of pleasure between her thighs from knowing that her bosses would hear that gasp too. "There should also be a complimentary bottle of 'Personal Pleasures Warming Lube', as well. Anything else?"

"Um, yes," Roberta continued. "There are...I guess they look to be alligator clips of some sort, and a pair of..." She trailed off into embarrassed silence for a long moment. "A pair of fur-lined handcuffs," she said at last.

"The 'Personal Pleasures Nipple-tastic Nipple Clips'," Suzi said, struggling to keep the arousal out of her voice. It was so hard, though; she kept thinking about rolling her own nips between her fingers, getting them stiff and perky, and then closing the clamps over them and feeling that hot, stinging pleasure as the teeth dug in just enough to make her whimper... She reminded herself that management was listening. "And the 'Personal Pleasures Total Domination Pleasure Cuffs', as well." She put a small, almost subliminal amount of stress on the words 'Total Domination', knowing that Roberta's subconscious mind would pick it up.

"There should be three more items," Suzi prompted, after giving Roberta a few more seconds to continue. She wasn't sure whether the other girl was too embarrassed to speak, too aroused, or some combination of the two, but it was important not to give her any time to recover her thoughts. Management would be so pleased with the way she was handling this call!

"Um..." Roberta's voice trembled as she spoke. "There's a, a...a..." She paused, evidently nervous about provoking another product description from Suzi. "A wetsuit?" she finished hesitantly.

Suzi rapidly put the phone on mute before the sigh of pleasure escaped her lips. After the briefest pause to collect herself, she pressed the mute button again and continued. "The 'Personal Pleasures Latex Slavesuit'," she said, digging her fingernails into her palm to keep the quiver out of her voice. Hearing Roberta's whimper on the other end of the line didn't help, though. "Please continue."

"There's a..." Suzi heard Roberta panting, and she felt her clit swelling up at the thought of what the other girl must look like. "It's a dog collar, I think..." Her voice sounded soft and distant now, lost in sexual fantasies. Suzi pressed a finger to the crotch of her own Personal Pleasures Latex Slavesuit and began to gently rub.

"It's actually our 'Personal Pleasures Ownership Collar'," Suzi corrected. She put a bit of force into her voice as she spoke, knowing that Roberta was primed to be commanded now. "For special pets. And the last item?"

There was a long pause. Finally, Roberta spoke, her voice hazy with confusion. "It's a DVD," she said, "but the box is just...blank. There's no label on it at all."

"I see," Suzi said, putting just a hint of mock perplexity into her own response. "That's odd. Could you please hold while I check on that?" The tone in her voice made it clear that it wasn't really a question at all, and Suzi pressed the hold button without waiting for an answer.

Once Roberta was listening to the brain-blanking music, Suzi let her fingers go wherever they wanted. The music crept into her ears as well, but that just made the masturbation even better; she pictured Roberta's eyes, going distant and vacant as she drifted into the music and thought about all those yummy sex toys and what they did. She pictured Roberta fondling her own breasts and wondering if she really wanted to return them after all. She pictured Roberta struggling not to remove her clothes, and finally losing the struggle...

"GNNNNNHHHHH!" Suzi shrieked loudly into the headset as she came. She knew that management was still listening. That made it even better.

After she finally came down from the orgasm, Suzi took Roberta off hold and said, "Sorry about the wait, ma'am. It seems that we don't have a record of which DVD was sent to your house. I'm sorry to ask this of you, Bobbi, but could you please put the DVD into your DVD player and press 'play'? Just long enough to tell me the title," she added, although by this point the pretense of verifying the contents of the box was scarcely necessary.

"uh huh," Roberta said. She sounded totally vacant, as though the only thought left in her mind was an eagerness to obey. There was a brief pause, and then Suzi heard the tiniest "ohhh" from the other end of the line.

"That's right, Bobbi," Suzi said, feeling the heat in her pussy increase once more as she pictured the subliminal commands embedded in the video taking hold of Roberta's mind. "What's the title of the video?"

Roberta was almost gasping too hard to get the words out. "'P-p-personal Pleasures Presents...ohhh...S-s-sexy Slutty S-slavegirls'," she whimpered.

"And they are sexy, aren't they, Bobbi?" Suzi asked, grateful now that she could let the arousal creep into her voice. She wanted Roberta to be thinking about sex now. She wanted Roberta to imagine her fingering herself while they talked, rubbing the heel of her hand against her clit while her long digits slipped past the flap of her slavesuit and slid into her gushing pussy...

"yes, so sexy," Roberta said. "so hot..."

"They look so hot because they're wearing their slavesuits," Suzi said, her voice thick with desire. "Wearing a Personal Pleasures Latex Slavesuit is so fucking sexy, isn't it, Bobbi?"

"uh huh," Bobbi whimpered. She hadn't even noticed the new name Suzi gave her, let alone tried to correct it. "so fucking sexy..."

Suzi paused for just a moment to let the thought sink in, knowing that it was inevitable. "You may, Bobbi," she said. She heard Bobbi gasp in astonishment, and smiled gently to herself. Mind reading was easy when the mind had so few thoughts left.

There was a moment of silence, broken only by the faint sound of the video in the background, and then she heard Bobbi moaning into the phone again. "oh so hot, so fucking hot, so good..."

"So good to be a sexy, slutty slavegirl," Suzi purred into the phone. The only response was an even louder moan. "Sexy, slutty slavegirls wear their nipple clips, don't they, Bobbi?"

"nnnnnyesssss!" Bobbi screamed into the phone. Suzi pictured those full, heavy tits, the nipples sticking out stiff and hard through the holes in the slavesuit as Bobbi closed the teeth of the clamps onto them...

"Good girl," Suzi whimpered, her own pleasure now building in her clit. "Good sexy, slutty slavegirl...cuffs around your ankles now, Bobbi, feel how helpless they make you..."

"nnh, unnh, ohhh...yes, yes, please..." Bobbi was chanting mindlessly now, lost in her need and in the mind-melting pleasures of the video.

"And the toys, Bobbi. Slide them in. Use as much lube as you need." It was times like this that Suzi wished she could do more than just listen. It was so easy to imagine the thick, pink dildo sliding into Bobbi's tight, horny pussy, but Suzi wanted to see it for herself. She wanted to see every inch of the butt plug disappearing into Bobbi's ass for the very first time. The thought that Bobbi would be working with her soon provided some consolation, though.

"guhh, gnnhh, guhh..." Bobbi's speech was now nothing more than inarticulate grunts of pleasure, but that was exactly what Suzi wanted to hear now.

"And now, Bobbi, you know exactly what you need. You want to be a sexy, slutty slavegirl just like the girls in the video, and you know what will make you one, now and forever. You want to be owned, Bobbi. How can you show us that you want to be owned?"

"collar collar collar please collar please..." Bobbi babbled.

Suzi felt her orgasm building, and knew she wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. "Good girl," she said. "Put it on...now." With that, she lost it completely, and gave in to the pleasure.

Suzi's moans were matched by one last shriek of utter abandon on the other end of the line, and then Bobbi's breathing slowly subsided into the soft, slow, steady rhythm of complete blankness. Suzi could still hear the video--it would play on an endless loop until stopped--but Bobbi had nothing to say. She wanted nothing more now than to listen and watch and learn how to be a good Personal Pleasures girl.

"Good girl," Suzi whispered in her ear, knowing that Bobbi's empty mind would absorb every word. "Now, remain where you are until collected. Thank you for calling Personal Pleasures, Bobbi...and have a wonderful day." Only after speaking the final words did she disconnect the phone and slump into her chair, spent.

She let out a little yelp as another voice spoke over her headset. She'd actually forgotten she was being monitored in all the excitement of recruiting Bobbi. "Thank you, Suzi," her manager said, "for participating in this quality control observation. Rest assured that we are very pleased with the quality of your control, and you have been a very good girl indeed."

Suzi smiled dreamily, the collar around her neck feeling like a warm caress as she heard her owner's praise. The hypnotic screensaver started up once more, and she eagerly fell back into trance as she waited for her next call.


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