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Quality Time


One evening I was sitting at the computer enjoying some 'quality' time when I thought I heard a noise. I went to the door and saw nothing, so I opened it to get a better look and found a hand quickly around my mouth. There were about three shapes. I didn't get a good look because I was turned quickly and rushed into the bedroom where they wrapped something around my eyes.

A gruff voice snarled at me, 'Shut up you little tease, we see you walking around here naked, playing with your little pussy at the computer. Well now your going to get what you really want.'

I was wearing my new red silk nightie with the slit up the side. They were quickly ripped off my body leaving a sharp sting on my flesh, and thrown on the floor. My head was spinning I couldn't believe this was happening, but I was so glad that it was. I felt my pussy getting wet. I heard them take off their clothes and decided that it would be best to try and squirm and moan so that they would be a little rougher.

One cock was shoved into my mouth and I was ordered to suck. Since this was one of my many talents I decided to do the best job I could. I hungrily sucked, my tongue darting out around his thick shaft as his hands pulled at my hair and twined it around his fingers. Usually I start this out slow and increase the pace but this guy wanted to make my mouth his. He tightened his grip on my hair and started pumping his dick in my mouth, the head forcing its way down my throat, I gagged at the force and my abuser just laughed.

'Yeah you good little cocksucker suck it hard!'

The other men were laughing and making comments to me about how they were going to treat me like the little slut I am. I made a muffled noise agreeing. I heard one of them going into my makeup table and by the sound in his voice I guess he found my toys. The other guy started busying himself by licking and sucking my swollen clit. He shoved a finger inside my cunt, 'Fuck she is so wet. I think she likes it.'

He moved his left hand to my breast and teased my nipple, at the same time he pushed three fingers inside me stretching my slippery pussy and sucked down on my clit. Then he stood up and I felt my legs pushed wider apart. He thrust his cock all the way to the hilt slamming the head deep into me. As the cock in my mouth was withdrawn, I begged, 'Please, do anything, but don't come in me.'

I felt all six hands on me flipping me over so that I was on my hands and knees. Another cock was placed at my mouth. Someone slid behind me and pulled me down to them slamming their cock into my now slick cunt. I was getting the fucking of a life and I loved it As soon as he was in both men started slamming into me. My hair was pulled suddenly as the cock in my mouth tensed, he pushed as far as he could and I felt the creamy liquid shoot down my throat.

My cunt continued to be slammed by the monster cock. As the cock in my mouth finished coming he let go of my hair and slid off the bed. The guy who was pounding my tight hole took hold of my hair like reins and through gritted teeth rode me harder and harder. The guy behind me grunted and I knew he was coming. He sunk his teeth into my flesh as he came, shooting deep into my womb. As soon as he was done he slid out and ran his hands over my body, savouring whatever he desired.

I lay on the bed exhausted. The three of them dressed then the last guy leaned down on the bed and sat me up. He removed the blindfold and I winced, we were alone and he stared into my eyes.

'You haven't shed a tear.' His comment was half questioning. I told him then that I enjoyed it but would never willingly cheated on Richard. A devious smile spread across his lips. 'Willing victim then huh?! I'll just have to remember that.'

'By the way, you didn't cheat Richard, he had his share!'

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