tagInterracial LoveQuarterback Sneak Ch. 02

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 02


Sorry for any mistakes you see, I didn't really have the patience to edit the way I should, and I wanted to get you guys the story. As for Red and Gavin -- I'm not sure where I want them to go yet, so I have no idea when I will finish it. But as always, thanks for the comments and votes. All your feedback is greatly appreciated.



Galynn's eyes snapped open. She tried to move and panic settled into the pit of her stomach. There was something very solid behind her. She woke up for the first time in her life in the bed that wasn't her own. She stared at the wall in front of her debating what to do. A part of her felt happy, prideful even that she made it through the night. She cringed at the thought of her falling asleep after the wonderful things Alceo had done to her but now she was guessing that would have been better than letting things progress. But now what was she supposed to do?

Galynn turned as slowly as she could, careful not to wake Alceo. How was she going to get out of this one? What was the protocol? Should she just leave? Pretend like it never happened, or should she wait for him to wake and be faced with the awkward morning after conversation? Sneaking out sounded better than waiting around for him to wake and realize he hadn't meant to take things that far.

She turned on her side trying not to wake him. She stared at his face His long dark lashes pressed against his cheeks, with his mouth slightly parted. She wanted to kiss him, to taste his lips, but she wasn't going to press her luck, for now she could just settle with looking.

Her eyes traveled down his chest. He had a scar between his ribs, but it must have been old because it was white and hard to see. She wondered where he could have gotten it. Before she thought about what she was doing, her hand reached out and traced the small scar. It was barely noticeable, but she could feel its roughness against his tan skin.

Galynn took in his tanned skin, the soft sprinkling of hair on chest and his sweat pants slung low on his hips. She wanted to venture lower but didn't dare. She felt that thing pressing against her leg the night before, but she had been afraid of it. Never in her life had she seen the look in someone's eye like the one he had given her the night before. If she hadn't fallen asleep, she wasn't sure what he would have wanted her to do with it.

Tearing her gaze from the body in front of her, her mind turned to getting out of the bed without waking him. Alceo was sprawled on his back, arm thrown above his head, sound asleep. There was no way for her to escape without climbing over him, and that included straddling his body. Her face heated at the thought, but she had to get out.

Slowly, watching the rise and fall of Alceo's chest for any signs of him waking up, Galynn tried to stand. It wasn't easy on such a small bed, but she managed to get into the crouched position without jostling him too much. She eyed a space on the floor where she wanted her foot to go, held her breath and slid over his legs. What would he do if he found her perched upon his chest in haste to sneak out of his room? This was probably a common occurrence for him, but it wasn't for her. The very last thing she wanted was for him to wake.

Safely making it to the floor without too much noise, Galynn found her clothes from last night, still wet. She frowned. She would have to steal his clothes to wear them back to her dorm. She didn't like the idea, but she didn't really have a choice. Silently she berated herself for being so careless and leaving her soaking clothes in a pile on the floor. How did she ever expect them to dry? But in honestly, that wasn't the main thing on her mind last night.

She gathered her things, remembering her ruined phone and laptop and stuffed them back into her wet bag. She looked around, trying to find something to cover her up. Her shirt was full of holes, and she hadn't brought a jacket with her to the café the night before. Feeling like a thief, she rifled through the basket of clothes at the foot of his bed and found a hoodie. She slipped it over her head and said a silent prayer asking him not to be angry about it when he woke.

Galynn spent three minutes standing with her hand on the doorknob staring back at Alceo. She smiled to herself. For once in her life she did exactly what she wanted, and it wasn't expected. She felt great. She felt invigorated. Just before leaving the silence of the room, she picked up the paper he'd typed for her and left. She thought about leaving a note saying thanks, but she figured that might be tacky, so she just slipped out into the hall.

It was still too early for many people to be out milling the halls, and she was grateful. She really didn't want to be seen escaping Alceo Russell's room in the early morning hours. The last thing she wanted was for anyone to think of her as his latest conquest. She wondered if this is what people called the walk of shame. But she didn't feel ashamed. She felt happy. All in one night she'd met the guy she'd been lusting after, he'd written her paper and did some amazing things to her body. At the thought, a sharp tingle went through her.

She smiled widely as she began the long walk back to her dorm, mussed hair, foggy glasses and all.


Alceo woke when the door to his room shut. For a second, he couldn't remember if there had been someone in there with him, or if the sound of his door had been his imagination. He looked toward his computer and remembered the night before with a smile. Galynn.

He could tell by how cold he'd become that she hadn't been in his bed for some time, and the thought angered him.

How could she leave me? That's my job. He was surprised by how upset the thought of Galynn sneaking out made him feel. Wasn't he any good the night before? Didn't she like it? Of course she liked it, he scolded himself. But why did she leave?

He sat up on his bed and ran a large hand through his hair. All he had was her name and the dorm she lived in. He didn't even know anything else about her -- not that he usually got to know the girls that spent time in his bed, but he wanted to see her again. He wasn't sure what it was about this ordinary girl, but he was drawn to her. Too bad she didn't feel the same.


It had been three weeks since that night in Alceo's room and Galynn couldn't stop thinking about him. Yea, she thought about it every night before she went to bed, but she wasn't trying to kid herself. She never let herself think it could happen again. He probably doesn't even remember my name she thought bitterly while huddled in the library.

She told no one of her escapades. Who would believe her anyway? Instead she took solace in the fact that she had hooked up with her crush, and she managed to leave him before he could her. She was satisfied, and found herself smiling more. At least when she looked back on her college years, she would be able to say that she had lived -- even if it was only a little.

Galynn had no computer, and no textbook, so she was confined to the library trying her papers and completing her homework. For the briefest of seconds, she wished Alceo were there with her -- if anything to help her with her biochem paper she couldn't write. She'd gotten an A- on the last one, and her professor looked at her sideways as if he knew she hadn't done it on her own. Galynn just smiled at him and said that the school tutors were great. It was a lie, but one she felt she had to tell.

Galynn slammed her notebook shut and stood to stretch her neck. She had been in the library for hours, and still wasn't done. Going through several different texts to try and find the answers she was looking for exhausted her. She rolled her neck, cracked her fingers and set out for the science section. Again. She was doubtful she was going to find what she was looking for, but if she didn't try, she wouldn't be able to live with herself. OK, she'd be able to live with herself, she would just be angry at the grade she received.

Walking though the isles, she noticed that a lot of the students had left. She looked down at her watch and was astonished at the time. Glancing out of one on the floor to ceiling windows lining the far wall, she could tell the sun had set long ago. Galynn sighed and kept walking.

She liked the library. It was quiet, no one to bother her and most of all, no Sports Center analysts to talk about Alceo Russell. She rounded the corner to the science section and began to chew her lip. If she was ever going to get out of there, she needed to find the right book, and fast.


Alceo wouldn't say that he had spent his time away from Galynn searching for her, he would say that he was more interested in getting to know more about her. He'd asked around and found that no one he knew, knew her. That didn't surprise him. He could tell by talking with her that they didn't run in the same circles.

He didn't want to admit it, but the fact that she left him was bothering the hell out of him. He was the one to leave; he never had any shortage of women asking to stay between his sheets just a little while longer. But not Galynn, and he couldn't figure out why. Was he any good? That thought brought a smile to his face. No one had ever complained before. But, she did fall asleep.

He was almost ashamed to admit that some girl he barely knew had him all twisted up. "Have you been listening to me, honey?" The sound of Marie's voice brought Alceo out of his fog. For the life of him he couldn't remember why Will chose to let that girl hang around them. She was useless for conversation, couldn't tell a football from a baseball and had a voice three octaves above shrill.

Alceo grinned at Will. As they all walked to the library, Alceo watched Will as he looked at Marie. "Yea, babe. I was listening. Hey, can you do my psych paper for me? My hand is a little sore." Alceo shook his head as Will began to turn on the charm. The girl nodded emphatically.

"Oh sure, I would love to help you out."

"Oh really?" Will asked, the corners of his mouth tugging upwards.

"Well, I've got another problem too."

"What's that?" Alceo was amazed. The girl has the good grace to look like she really cared.

"Well, my muscles are a little tight -- and sore," Will added quickly. "I would love to have a massage, but I don't know where to get one."

"I could give you a massage if you like. I'm real good at it too."

The stupidity of girls never failed to amaze him. Galynn wouldn't fall for something that stupid. He cock stiffened at the thought of that night. She hadn't fallen for anything, what she did was let him do what he wanted, so she could get what she wanted. Alceo doubted if she had ever fooled around with a guy she'd just met. The thought that he was a first for her made him hard.

Will nudged him in the side with his elbow and smiled. "See how easy this shit it. You want a massage too?" Will raised his eyebrows and Alceo shook his head no. He knew what Will was hinting at. Alceo didn't like to think about the last time they had tag teamed a girl together. Will was into some freaky stuff, and Alceo had no desire to revisit his best friend's sexual perversion.

"What, you don't like pussy anymore?" Will asked as they entered the library. Alceo would have told him to shut the fuck up, be he knew it wouldn't do any good.

"Bro, I'm not in the mood to double team this freshman." Will stopped walking and gaped at his best friend.

"I swear dude, I think changing in front of all of us in the locker room has turned you into a homo."

"Shut the fuck up."

They carried on their conversation as they walked deeper and deeper into the library. Alceo knew where he was taking the freshman -- to the law review section. It was large, quiet and there Will could fondle the poor girl while she tried to write his paper. Sometimes he wondered what parents really thought their kids did in college because it certainly isn't learning.

"Oh wait," Will said dramatically. One of the younger librarians was prepared to shush him, but when she looked up from the stack of books she was reshelving, and noticed it was them, she smiled and waved. "You're not still hung up on that Gay chick are you?"

Alceo regretted the moment he told Will about Galynn. Immediately, he wanted all the details and to know who she was so he could fuck her. Will didn't really discriminate; he fucked anything with a heartbeat.

"Her name is Galynn." Alceo said through clenched teeth. He took a deep breath as they found an empty table and sat down. Marie pulled out her laptop and started to type.

"Wait," she said as she looked up at Alceo. "You don't mean Galynn Pierce do you?"

Alceo's insides tightened. He didn't say anything, just nodded and Marie turned her attention back to her computer.

"Well, do you know her?" Alceo's hands were bunched and his heart was racing. Maybe there was still a chance for him to find her.

"Kinda," Marie shrugged. "I know her roommate Jasmine. Galynn must be Jasmine's jolly fat friend that's always with her." Marie laughed while Alceo ground his teeth. "Have you seen her? Good god, she's huge. I mean how does she fit into the chairs? It's gotta be hard. She makes those chairs look so small." Alceo listened to the sound of Marie's laughter and thought about choking the life from her.

How could she say that Galynn was jolly? The girl certainly wasn't fat. She was normal -- very much the opposite of Marie. Marie was short and petite and on the skinny side. Her arms looked like twigs, and her waist was probably as round as his thigh.

"Babe, less talking more writing," Will said as he tapped her computer to bring her attention back to it. "Let's go, its gotta be done by seven."

Alceo was glad for the interruption. "I'm gonna go piss." Alceo didn't wait for an answer he just stood and walked off. He didn't like the library, but at least here he could walk around in peace. He didn't have to worry about people he didn't know running up to him and shouting in his face or patting him on the back. The pressure he put on himself to win football games was enough. He didn't need anymore. Plus, here in the library, he didn't have to hear Pat Forde and Hannah Storm micro analyzing his every move.

Alceo wandered aimlessly throughout the library hands shoved deep in his pockets. He rounded the corner and saw a girl standing with her back to him, her head leaning against the shelf. For a moment, the sight of the brown curly hair sent his heart racing. It couldn't be Galynn though, what would be the odds of that? He stood a couple feet behind her, his eyes drawn to her backside. She was about five foot eight, but there was something about her he couldn't place.

She was wearing a dark green hoodie with a small fist in the bottom right corner. Slowly, he stepped closer. There was a tear at the elbow and white paint on the top of the hood. His smile spread.

What were the chances?


Galynn had been flipping through books for what seemed like forever and nothing seemed to hold the answers she was looking for. She was half tempted to go back to Alceo's room and wait for him. At least then she'd be able to get her assignment done. Maybe she would tell him all the homework she had and he could do it for her. A small snort escaped her throat as she thought about the insanity of it. She lay her head against the shelf and closed her eyes.

"I was wondering where my hoodie went." The voice behind her startled her, making her bump her head on the shelf in front of her. She could feel her heart beating in her throat.

"Looks like somebody is a little thief." The voice was in her ear before she could turn around. The vibrations of his voice sent wetness seeping into her panties.

Galynn tried to turn her head to face Alceo, but his hands were on her hips holding her back to him before she could.

"I -- I didn't have anything to wear home. My clothes were still wet." She could feel his fingers opening across her hips pulling her closer to him. "I was going to give it back," she stammered when he said nothing.

"No, keep it. It looks better on you than it does on me."

"Yeah right." The words slipped out of Galynn's mouth before she could stop herself.

"I'm serious." Galynn could hear the laughter in his voice as he pressed his stomach against her back. "So doll face, why'd you leave so early?"

Galynn was thrown by the question. She was even more thrown by the idea of Alceo Russell grinding up against her in the university library. She was trying to formulate a coherent response, but his hands and his hips were distracting her.

"I didn't want to cramp your style." She said as a sigh escaped her lips. She didn't know what it was about her that had Alceo after her, but she didn't want it to change.

The butterflies were flapping in her stomach as his hands reached the hem of his hoodie. She felt the coolness of his hands meet the heat of her bare skin as they buried under her shirt. His palm lay flat against her stomach as he caressed her skin with his thumb. Galynn could feel his hardness growing against her back. Alceo was tall enough that he had to bend down so his lips reached the sensitive skin of her neck. "What makes you think you were cramping my style?"

His breath fanned over her neck and heated her to her core. She didn't have a response for him and his hands snaked higher. For a brief moment, she wondered if he did this with every girl he met, but the more his hands began to move, the more she didn't care.

Alceo's lips brushed against her neck, snaking their way to her ear. She moaned as his lips captured her ear lobe and his hands traveled up her sides. Galynn began to panic. What if he felt how fat she was? What if he didn't like it? What if -- her thoughts were interrupted by the feel of his fingers teasing her nipples through the lace of her bra.

Alceo's question forgotten, Galynn leaned back into him, her hands covering his from over the sweater. "Didn't you have fun?"

Galynn couldn't answer as his fingertips teased and tweaked her nipples. His tongue snaked from his mouth and tasted the flesh at her neck. Alceo's left hand held her close while his other began the descent to the waist of her jeans.

"Wait," she gasped out. "There are people here. Anyone could see us."

"Doesn't that make it more fun?"

Galynn didn't know why she wanted to relent to Alceo, but she knew she wanted his fingers and his mouth all over her body. His finger dipped into her belly button as his teeth nipped at her neck and fingers danced around her nipples. She could feel the solid warmth of his legs pressing into her from behind as his pants tightened against her back.

She wanted to touch it. She wanted to feel him in her hand, inside of her dripping pussy. She could feel her panties soaking with her excitement as his hand reached closer and closer to its destination. Her breath was coming in short gasps as Alceo's large and rough hands traveled down her belly. Galynn wasn't sure she'd ever been this aroused before. She could feel pearly drops of cream seeping from her core.

Alceo licked the rim of her ear and made a hot wet trail down her neck. Galynn was panting hard and her knees weak as he bit down into her chocolate skin. Alceo's hand glided over the swell of her hips to her firm ass. Galynn stopped breathing as he squeezed it hard. Alceo's fingers traced the seam of Galynn's jeans, following the path he wanted to take. He could feel the heat pulsing from between her legs as he cupped her sex.

Galynn slowly rocked her hips back on his fingers as his fingers continued their onslaught on her breasts. Alceo's hand moved to the front of her pants and slid his fingers under the waist of her jeans. The feel of his hands burned Galynn's skin. Alceo's fingers moved under her panties. He could feel her wetness coating his fingers as he slipped his finger between her creamy cunt lips.

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