tagInterracial LoveQuarterback Sneak Ch. 04

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 04


Alceo's back was hurting when he tried to roll over. He could hear his alarm somewhere far away chiming loudly, but he didn't know where. He shifted, the muscles in his neck bunching and stiff. He opened his eyes and smiled. The images of the night before came rushing back to him as he turned and watched Galynn sleeping next to him. He was surprised that he had slept through the entire night, he never did.

Slowly, the sound of the alarm clock came back into his mind. Why was his alarm going off?

"Shit!" Alceo jumped. Fuck. Practice started in half an hour and he still had to get across campus. He tried not to wake Galynn, but accidentally kicked her in the leg in his haste to get up. For a second, he had to stop and watch as she rubbed sleep from her eyes. She looked around confused until her eyes landed on him, still half dressed from the night before. Galynn smiled sheepishly at him as she pulled the blanket tighter around her half naked frame. For a second, Alceo wanted to say the hell with practice and climb under the blanket with her. He would of, but he had responsibilities.

"Hey," he said gently as she dropped down and placed a kiss on her lips. "Good morning."

"Good morning."

"I hate to leave you like this honey, but I have to go to practice." He kissed her again and jumped up. He started rushing around the room looking for his gym bag. He stopped when a thought suddenly occurred to him. "Why don't you come?"


"Yea, you should stop by. We practice at practice field A."

Galynn saw the glint in his eyes, and she nodded her head.

"Great! I have to go, but I really want you to come."

"OK." Before he left, he had to taste her lips again. He bent down and kissed her lips, her mouth opening and inviting her in, her hands tangled in his hair pulling him closer. He could feel his cock filling with blood, his heart starting to race.

"No, no. I cant." He pulled away from her. "If you keep doing that, I wont go to practice." Alceo's smile widened at the look that crossed her face. She had no idea how sexy she was. She was wrapped in his blanket, her hair splayed across his pillow. He had never seen anything more beautiful. He couldn't describe what he was feeling in the pit of his stomach, but he didn't have time to explore that feeling now.

Alceo told her he couldn't wait to see her at his practice, and he rushed out the door, a smile plastered on his face.


Galynn finally made it back to her dorm room. She could tell by the music she heard coming from within that Jasmine, her roommate was in there. Talking a deep breath and trying to wipe the stupid smile off her face, she unlocked to door and pushed it open.

Her roommate was standing in her underwear in the middle of the floor twirling and dancing to the music. When she saw Galynn's face, she stopped moving.

"Galynn, where have you been?"

Galynn tried her hardest to not roll her eyes in the girl's face.

"I was so worried about you."

Right, Galynn thought. Worried enough to call me. Whatever.

Galynn took in the sight of her roomie. Her body was toned and muscular, her tits sitting high up on her chest. Jasmine had no qualms about flaunting her body, especially in front of Galynn. Galynn for all that she was worth just couldn't help but be jealous of her friends figure.

"So, where were you?" Jasmine asked again, her hands on her hips.

"Oh, I was getting tutored and fell asleep at my tutor's place."

"Oh really," Jasmine said as she flopped down on her bed. "Is this 'tutor' hot?"

Galynn couldn't help but smile and blush. If Jasmine only knew. "No, I'm afraid he's not. He's short and awkward and kind of funny looking." Galynn giggled. Alceo was the complete opposite of what she was describing, but the last thing she wanted to happen was to have Jasmine panting after him.

"Sounds like a bore."


"Well, I've gotta go. I've got a hot date," she said as she jumped up and pulled her pants on. She grabbed a slinky shirt from her bed and pulled it over her head. It was way too cold for something like that, but Jasmine wasn't the kind of girl to care. Who the hell has a hot date this time of morning anyway?

Galynn shrugged and watched as Jasmine fixed her slinky clothes. With jealousy she learned to carefully hide, she watched as Jasmine's skinny lithe body slid out the door. She had tried not to be jealous of the girl, she tried to go with her to the gym, to watch what she ate, but she just couldn't seem to compare. That got her thinking about Alceo again. What did he see in her? He wasn't what she expected either; she didn't expect him to be tender and sweet and enjoyable on a basic level. If she let herself think about it, she would say that she was falling. But she didn't want to think about that. Right now, she wanted to think about getting changed and getting over to watch him practice.

Galynn threw down her stuff and hurried to get a shower. Was it sick that she didn't want to wash the smell of Alceo off her? Was it sick that her body was still reeling from feeling him powerfully inside her?

It was hard for her not to touch herself, but she managed to get clean before touching the places on her body that she wanted Alceo's hands and tongue. Could this really be happening? Could this really be her life now? She was attached to Alceo Russell – dare she say girlfriend? No, no, she wasn't going to make assumptions. They both liked each other and that was that.

As she got back into her room Galynn stared at her clothes trying to figure out what to wear. The pile of jeans and hoodies didn't look encouraging. The power she felt with Alceo made her want to be sexy for him. It made her want to seduce him all over again. It made her want that power. The man was doing things to her she never dreamed of, and she loved it.

Instead of picking out something warm and comfortable to wear, Galynn realized she was going to wear something very uncomfortable, but she figured it would be worthwhile. She got dressed and rushed out the door. She had to get to Practice Field A before Alceo was finished. Something about watching him get all hot and sweaty doing what he loved made her all hot and juicy between the legs.


Alceo couldn't concentrate. Every time the ball wasn't in his hands, he was looking for her. His eyes kept scanning the benches, but she wasn't there. Had she changed her mind? Was she still asleep? The thought brought a smile to his face, but he wanted her there watching him. Suddenly the idea of playing well for someone other than himself hit him hard. He didn't just want her to watch him; he wanted her to enjoy watching him perform. He wanted to show her how good he was. Nothing like that had ever been important to him before, but it was now.

If he weren't continually being pushed into the dirt by the defensive players he would have been hard for his entire practice. He was sweaty, tired and just wanted her in his arms. This idea was too strange for him, but he liked it. He liked it a lot. He just hoped that she would like it too.

The coach was yelling something at him again, but he wasn't paying attention, he was still scanning the field for Galynn.

"Bro!" Will shouted at him. "Pay attention, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

Alceo blew him off and told him to get back on the line. Alceo took the snap and stopped. He spotted her and his heart stopped. He couldn't believe it. She was showing a lot of skin for how cold it was outside, but it was worth it. She didn't look cold, she looked hot and sexy. Instantly, he felt his cock chub.

Alceo turned quickly, found and open man and let loose. Surprisingly, the receiver caught the ball. Alceo was excited at the smile he could spot on her face. He felt pride well in his chest. First at the fact that his beautiful girl had her eyes fixed on him, and that he could make her smile. Alceo focused. He focused and for the first time in his life, he performed the game he loved for someone else, and it felt wonderful.

"Who's the hottie you're staring at?" Will said as the huddle broke.

"Mind your own business." Alceo snapped. He wasn't the type to be jealous; at least he never was before.

"Just wondering, damn, she looks good."

"That's the girl I'm tutoring." Alceo watches as Will's eyes bulged and his mouth dropped open. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he regretted it. She was more than that, wasn't she? He thought so but he would have to confirm that with her first. Panic started to settle in. What if that wasn't what she wanted? What if she didn't want a label? He never did, but he felt like it was necessary to claim her before someone else did. Someone like his best friend who was eying her like a hungry wolf.

"We're seeing each other." Alceo added. It came out awkwardly but he didn't care, something needed to be said.

Will just nodded at him and smiled. "Good for you man, I never woulda guessed that body was under those jeans and a sweatshirt." Will jogged back to the line of scrimmage, leaving Alceo confused but happy. Was Will really going to give up and let him have her. They had never competed for girls, but for some reason he sensed everyone would be interested in Galynn and she might find someone better. He needed to make a move.


Galynn couldn't contain her smile. By the look on her face, she could tell that her outfit was a hit. She watched as he stood staring at her before throwing the pass. Her legs were cold, but she didn't care. Walking over here, she had gotten a couple looks, but they were nothing compared to the heat in Alceo's gaze when he looked at her.

She watched him practice amazed at how such a large body could move with such easy and agility. Between her legs began to tingle as she watching his long fingers handle the ball. She began to sweat each time his heated gaze landed on her and from under his helmet; she could see his sly smile.

She waited patiently until his practice was over, and she felt the butterflies began to flap in her stomach as he pulled off his helmet and jogged over to her. His wet hair was plastered to his head and his cheeks were rosy from exertion. His eyes widened when he got closer to her, and she guessed that was because of the amount of cleavage she was showing. She had chosen a tight lacey tank top and an expensive push up bra that was threatening to spill her flesh. The skirt she had pulled from the closet was short and tight. She never would have caught herself dead in this outfit, but she thought Alceo might appreciate it and she wasn't disappointed.

"Baby," Alceo breathed as he stepped closer to her and pulled her into his arms. She wished he wasn't wearing his pads so she could feel the hard planes of his chest against her. She wrapped her arms around his waist and laced her hands behind his back. "You are never to wear this skirt in public again."

Galynn stiffened. "Did you see the way those guys were looking at you? I only want this view for myself." Galynn giggled. So, he did like her outfit.

"Well that's not fair. Didn't you learn to share in kindergarten like the rest of us?"

"Half my sandwich, yes, my new favorite toy, yes, you, no. Not if my life depended on it." Galynn's face heated. She wasn't sure if he was just saying that, but he sounded like he meant it.

"I mean it," he said as he bent and captured her lips with his. He pressed his body closer to hers and bruised her lips with a kiss. Never in her life had she felt anything like this and her moans told him so. She lifted up on her tiptoes and combed his hair with her fingers, urging him closer. It was like each time their lips touched, something new inside her began to bloom.

They were still standing on the side of the field in view of everyone, and Galynn reminded him. "So, he responded, I want everyone to see that you're mine."

Her brow creased. "Really? Why plain old me?"

Alceo smiled at her and captured her lips. His hands slid to her bottom, cupping the fleshy globes of her ass. Her mouth opened in astonishment as his hands grabbed her and lifted her into the air. Her cry of surprise was swallowed onto Alceo's mouth as she lifted her legs around his waist. She wanted to protest, but he wouldn't give her the time. His lips never separated from hers as he began to move with her trapped in his grasp.

Galynn could feel his hands venturing lower, her thighs barely being covered by the thin fabric of her skirt. She knew her panties would be visible to anyone that cared to glace their way, but she didn't care.

She wasn't sure where Alceo was taking her, but when her back hit a wall, she knew what she was in for. Alceo never put her down, but rested her back on the wall as his began to go to work. His mouth slipped from her swollen lips and slid to her neck. Galynn moaned and melted into his kisses as she felt his tongue tease her neck. Alceo's mouth was hot and wet on her skin, and she could feel heat pooling between her legs.

With her back still against the wall and her legs around his waist, Alceo used the moment the slid his hands along her smooth legs. His finger slid along her thighs as he felt them begin to tremble. Her skirt had ridden nearly to her waist, giving his hands more access to her creamy thighs.

She could feel his fingers raising goose bumps on her skin as his hands traveled around her waist and down to her ass. She could tell he was teasing her, and she didn't like it. Her hips pressed harder into his and he held her body between his and the wall. She gasped out loud when she felt his fingers dip between the mounds of her ass and trace their way along her flesh. Heat flooded within her as she moaned into his embrace.

"Is this a thong?" Alceo whispered into her ear.

Galynn nodded her head.

"And who did you wear this for?"

Galynn whispered just as softly, "You." She heard Alceo grown, but he kept his voice level when he got himself back under control.

"Really? Did you get hot walking over here? Your pussy lips rubbing together?"

Breathlessly, Galynn nodded yes.

"Did you get excited with all those guys looking at you?"

"Yes." Galynn screamed when she felt Alceo's hot mouth latch onto her neck, his teeth nibbling at her flesh. Who knew her neck was so damn sensitive?

"And what did you think this would do to me?"

"Tease you."

"So, you did this on purpose?" He said as he traced his fingers along the line of her thong. Galynn couldn't do anything but nod.

"You like teasing me don't you?"

Galynn smiled. "Yes." As the words slipped form her lips, Alceo's fingers slipped between her hot wet flesh.

"You're a bad girl, aren't you? Aren't you?" He added when she didn't answer.

"Yes," she pleaded with her hips to get his fingers deeper. Alceo's mouth dropped to the heaving flesh of her chest as he licked and kissed the tops of her breasts.

"Bad girls need to be punished." Galynn pulled her lip between her teeth as Alceo lowered her to her feet and spun her around. He pulled down the front of her top, exposing her hard nubs to the cold air. He pushed her forward, her hot puffy nipples meeting with the cold stone of the wall. Her head dropped forward as he pushed her legs wider apart and slid his fingers up the inside of her legs.

Galynn could feel her legs shaking as his hands got closer and closer to where she wanted them to be. His fingers finally met at the junction between her legs, the tips of his fingers dancing along the line of her thong.

When Alceo kneeled behind her and spread her cheeks with his hands, Galynn felt the tip of his tongue reach out and taste her flesh. She felt his hands opening her up so his tongue could explore her. Alceo pulled back and tugged upward on the fabric of her thong, the friction it caused on her clit forcing her to clench her jaw.

"Is there something you wanted?" Alceo asked from between her legs.

Galynn wasn't going to say it. She couldn't. Her breath was coming fast as she could feel her pulse throbbing in her pussy. Her thighs flexed when she felt his fingers pull the fabric harder. She could feel his tongue as it dipped lower between her legs and tasted her lips parted by her thong. His teeth nipped at her flesh as her legs began to shake.

"I can't take anymore," she breathed into the wall.

Galynn felt Alceo stand, the roughness of his uniform scraping against her legs as he pulled her close to him. He said nothing as his hands began ripping at her shirt, tearing it from her body. It felt like his hands were everywhere until she finally felt the silky head of his cock teasing her slit. She had never been taken like this. Like a slut in heat ready to fuck in clear view of anyone who chose to look. She had never felt this way about anyone or herself. The things Alceo did to her, the possibility of what he could do to her, continually pushed her closer and closer to the edge.

Alceo took Galynn against the wall like a whore he wanted and she loved every minute of it. She felt his cock pierce her wet flesh with a type of need she began to crave. The force of his body slamming into her dropped her mouth open in a silent scream. She dropped her weight onto his cock loving the feel of him splitting her open at this angle.

Alceo's calloused hands snaked under Galynn's arms and gripped her shoulders. His back hunched and his brow furrowed, Alceo pumped his throbbing cock into her seeping sex. Galynn was whimpering with need, matching Alceo's grunts. He needed to be deeper within her; he needed to claim her again before someone else did. He wanted his seed nestled inside her body while other guys were looking at her. Changing his angle, he lifted her leg, wrapping it with his bicep. He could feel his cock bumping her cervix, and based on the animalistic sounds Galynn was making, she could feel it too.

Alceo pumped until his legs felt like they were going to give way. He was determined to make her reach her peak first. He wanted her to remember this, like he wanted to remember all the time they spent together. He wanted to make sure she knew he wanted her. Alceo wanted Galynn to remember him at his knees, worshiping her. The more he thought about his need, the harder he pumped. He could feel Galynn's velvet glove clamping down on his cock, pulsing around him.

Alceo wanted to howl, but he wanted more to taste Galynn's sweet flesh. As her walls coaxed rope after rope of his salty cum, from his body, his teeth clamped down on the flesh at her shoulder. He needed to mark her – again. He needed her to remember whom she belonged to.

His teeth bit into her flesh, and he heard her cry out, a hand snaking up to twist in his hair and pull his head closer. Emptying insider her, he could feel her coming off of a smaller climax, and he held her in his arms as her body finished quaking.

Alceo's face heated with embarrassment at his thoughts and his actions. As his cock slipped from her hot tunnel, he glanced around wondering how many people had just witnessed their display. He didn't care about that as much as his possessive thoughts toward Galynn frightened him. He liked her, sure, but he hand never felt this way about anyone. He never felt the need to claim and have someone for himself. Was it love or was he just being selfish?

He rested his head against her shoulder as he pulled up his pants and Galynn righted her shirt. She turned around, her face flushed in the most adorable way, her hair mused and her glasses hanging off the end of her nose.

"I hope no one saw that," she said in a small voice. She looked down at her clothes, her shirt had a tear in it from where he ripped it, but she would gladly wear it like a badge of honor.

He thought about her answer, for a second self conscious that she didn't want to be seen with him. "I do," he answered honestly. He watched first the surprise then panic start to cross her face. He could almost read her thoughts, and it appalled him. He knew she was worried that he was using her as amusement for his friends display. Her eyes whipped around crazily looking for half the football team to be lurking in the shadows.

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