tagInterracial LoveQuarterback Sneak Ch. 06

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 06


Finally, here it is. Even I am annoyed at how long it took. It's a short one but the rest will be coming faster. You are nearly at the end! To keep up with me, and to get these updates faster than what they come out here, you can check out my profile for the link to my blog. This way, you can get all my stuff as soon as I write it without having to wait a week for Lit.


Jasmine watched in disbelief as Galynn and Alceo walked away, his arm tightly wrapped around her shoulders. She would have laughed if this weren't so tragic.

"What the fuck just happened?"

"Did he just say what I think he did?"

Jasmine turned to the girls flanking her sides. "Shut up. This has to be a game. There is no way that he is with her. No way in hell."

"Uh, Jazz," the red head hesitated.

"Shut the hell up. I have come too far and sucked too many dicks for him to just walk away from me like this. There is no way in hell this is over. That fat bitch has no idea what she's just done."

Jasmine turned to the girls. "I have an idea."


Alceo didn't look back and neither did Galynn, although she wanted too more than anything in world. She could feel Jasmine's eyes boring a hole into the back of her skull, but that just made her smile.

"You realize that I can never go back to my room. I'm going to have to find a new roommate, buy new clothes, basically drop off the face of the earth."

"Stop it, you will not. Just give it a few days, and she will calm down and move on."

Galynn snorted. Apparently, he knew nothing of his committed stalker.


Jasmine didn't bother to watch the two love birds walk off into the sunset hand in hand, she had shit to do. She turned to the rest of the girls, some of which were still waiting for other players to come from the locker room. The girls stood staring at Jasmine in confusion - how could that fat bitch have stolen the most eligible player right from under their noses?

Jasmine could feel the dejection in the air, and refused to succumb to it. She snapped the girls from their thoughts and began laying out her plans.

It took Jasmine 20 minutes to explain everything to the girls, another 15 to make sure they all knew exactly what they were supposed to do. The plan was simple, but no one had ever called any of the girls smart. She spent two hours in her dorm room printing out pictures and filling a small cardboard box with all the things she would need. If Galynn really wanted Alceo, she was going to get him and everything that came with him...


The walk back to Alceo's was long and cold. Too cold. Galynn felt naked, but she was warmed each and every time Alceo looked at her. It took them fifteen minutes to reach Alceo's dorm, and when they finally did, Galynn couldn't have felt happier. If not for the fact that it was warm in there, but for the fact that she could finally let out the breath she had been holding. She felt as though the other shoe were going to drop. As if Alceo were toying with her emotions, his brave and strange display in front of other, obviously more qualified girls was just a show to break her heart. But, much to her surprise, nothing happened. They walked back to his place hand in hand.

"Now what?" she asked when the door to his room was finally shut safely behind them.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, now what? All things considered, I have no place to live and I no longer have any clothes. Im pretty sure that all my stuff will either be shredded or burned when I go back."

Alceo smiled. "Stop being so dramatic."

Galynn rolled her eyes.

"Clearly, you have no idea how mentally disturbed and detached Jasmine is from reality. I'm not saying that she's crazy or anything, but the girl is quite dedicated."

Alceo laughed. "I don't care how dedicated or detached she is. Here," he said as he handed Galynn some sweats and a t-shirt. "Wear this."

"I have no underwear," she replied as heat began to creep into her face.

"Well, you have that delicious thong you are wearing - other than that, I think thats all you will be needing."

"Really? And what makes you think that?"

"I have plans," he responded without turning back to look at her.

Cautiously, Galynn watched Alceo's back and made the decision to hurry and change while he couldn't see her. She knew she was being ridiculous. He had seen her naked; had sex with him in full view of anyone that was willing to look, but still - she didn't want him to see what he was getting and change his mind.

"What type of plans do you have in mind? If they involve going somewhere nice, I don't think that will work. As much as I love to be comfortable and the smell of your clothes, I don't think that I should be seen anywhere fancy in your sweatpants."

"Nope, we aren't going anywhere."

"Well," she asked expectantly as quickly pulled his jersey from her head and yanked off her jean jacket and tank top. She was trying to keep him busy while he answered her so he wouldn't turn around.

"Well, what?"

"What do you mean, 'well, what'? I was just wondering what you have planned." She stared at his back, still in shock and awe that she was really here. She mentally shook herself and dropped her skirt.

"I think you will like it," he said as he turned towards her. Galynn had just enough time to yank the pants up, but nearly fell on her face in the process. "You realize that you don't have to hide from me, don't you?"

Her face heated again. She had nearly face planted, and thought she was being stealthy while trying to change behind his back. Apparently, she was not.

"I'm not hiding. I'm just cold, and don't have a habit of parading around people with no clothes on."

"Well, thats part of my plan today."

"To have me parade around people with no clothes on?"

Alceo smiled at her and shook his head. He grabbed another pair of sweats from his closet and tossed a t-shirt onto his desk.

"No goofy, its to make you a more comfortable around me."

"Who says I'm not?" Galynn raised her chin defiantly.

"No one." He said as he smiled warmly at her. "I just want to make sure that you trust me and that you are completely open with me."

Galynn was starting to get nervous. "What makes you think I don't trust you? Do I have something to worry about?"

"There is nothing to worry about, darling." She liked the sound of him calling her darling and if she allowed herself to admit it, maybe she was over thinking things. He did just confess his love for her in front of a bunch of horny, hot and willing girls. What the hell did she want from the guy?

"Okay, say that I believe you for the time being and I'm will to indulge you in whatever plan it is that you may have. How do you suggest that I become more open with you - as you put it? Although, if you ask me, having sex in plain view of the entire Celt football team says quite a bit." Galynn smiled as a heat began to spread between her legs. That was by far the hottest, riskiest and sexiest thing she had ever done.

"I have to admit, you surprised the hell out of me, but I loved it. On the way over here, I was thinking about how much that put you out of your comfort zone. Now, I want to make you comfortable to show you that I appreciate it." Galynn watched as Alceo pulled his clothes from his body. He showed no hubris or shame. He knew he was attractive, and he didn't have to flaunt it. She wished that she could be like that.

"Okay, so, let's hear this plan." Her mind was racing thinking of all the things that could possibly suggest. Seriously, if he wanted to take her somewhere dressed like this, she would rather not. She didn't think she was entirely ready to be seen in public in his clothes, wearing his ring, holding his hand. It was still a little weird. Even the walk to his dorm was strange. She felt as if everyone they passed was staring at them, looking at him wondering what the hell he was doing with her. Galynn really just wanted sometime alone with him to get her bearings, and to just be with him. She didn't understand why she couldn't just let herself enjoy the moment.

You're going to ruin everything before it starts. Here he is trying to be nice, and all you can think about is not going out in public with him.

"Stop thinking so hard." The sound of Alceo's voice startled her. "We aren't going anywhere, I just want to give you a nice, relaxing massage." Galynn raised her eyebrows at him. "Honestly," he said with a smile as he stepped closer to her. "You did an amazing thing for me today, and I want to return the favor. Im sure that walking all the way to the practice field was hard for you - not to mention all the men that you must've passed, and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate it." Alceo closed the gap between them, his hands reaching out and settling on her waist. "Is that okay with you?"

Galynn nodded. Good grief, this guy is amazing.

Alceo's smile widened as he leaned down to place a sweet kiss on her lips. "Good. Now, just relax."

Alceo's hands dropped to Galynn's waist as he turned her around. She could feel him pressing against her and had to resist the urge to just give in - again. Alceo's mouth dropped to her neck and gently kissed her there, allowing her to let out the breath she didn't know she was holding. Galynn could feel her muscles bunched, she could feel the tension and excitement coursing through her. She had something to prove again - no matter what, she was going to be worth it.

Alceo dropped to the floor behind Galynn. He started with her calves, gently running his hands along her legs, over his pants that she was wearing. He could feel the tension in her body, but was convinced that by the end of this, she would understand. His hands found the front of her legs, teasing her thighs as they slid higher. His face, behind her now, focused on the sent of them mixed together; the smell of her in his clothes, her arousal scenting the room. His face stopped at the back of her thighs, overcome with the need to drink in her scent.

He could feel her thighs trembling almost as if it were becoming too hard for her to stand. His strong hands followed her thighs onward until they hit the band of her sweatpants. He knew what she was anticipating, but Alceo was determined to make this last, and make her feel every inch of what he had to give her. His hands continued to travel upward, covering her belly, massaging her stomach until he reached the bottom of her breasts. His large hands tested their weight but refused to graze her nipples. When he stood, he felt her leaning against him. Alceo smiled.

His hands found her skin beneath the shirt he had given her. Her skin was hot to the touch and he touched his lips her neck to make her hotter. His hands traveled to her shoulders where he gently massaged the knots and tension out. When he felt her relax, he pushed her to the bed and guided her face down. Galynn tried to turn her head to see him, but he wouldn't let her. Instead, he slowly began to push the bottom of her shirt up. He only exposed a sliver of her skin, but he lavished it with his hands and tongue as if it were the first time he'd seen her.

He watched in amusement as her hands bunched in the sheets of his bed as he drew circles on her skin with his tongue. His hands found his to entangle her fingers with his.

A word had not been exchanged between the two of them. Alceo wanted to let his tongue do the talking.

Alceo's teeth nipped at her sensitive skin, not afraid to mark her. He held her hands in one of his fists as his movements began to become more feverish. He wasn't afraid to push her shirt up, lick her shoulder blade and grind his hardness into her bottom. He wasn't afraid to show her exactly what he wanted to do with her.

As Galynn sighed and squirmed beneath him, his mouth slid lower, finding the waist band of her pants. He let his teeth pull the soft fabric from her body and his tongue dance along her flesh. He was teasing himself, as much as he was teasing her, and he was nearing his breaking point. Alceo released her hands as he yanked her pants from her hips. His strong fingers kneaded the flesh of her back and shoulders as his mouth latched onto her bottom. His tongue traced along her thong, his tongue dipping beneath it.

Alceo was hard and throbbing with anticipation. His need was growing, and he felt that with her, he could do something that he always fantasized about doing. Something that he had never shared with anyone else. At the sight of her plush bottom quivering just underneath the thong that bit into her flesh, Alceo let out a moan as his rough fingers found and squeezed the hot flesh of her ass. She was so soft, so warm, so inviting. He knew that he should have been taking things slower; he should have been making her enjoy this more, but he knew he wasn't just teasing her anymore.

Being this close to her ass, to her pussy, smelling her scent and knowing that only a thin thong separated him from what he wanted was nearly too much. His hands massaged her ass as he watched her dark flesh moving through his white fingers. His cock was leaking now, pleading him to do what he always wanted. With her, he could be himself - he hoped. Alceo was mesmerized as pulled at her flesh, opening her ass to his sight. He could let her know how he really felt.

He watched and smiled as he played with her ass, massaging her there. Galynn was breathing heavily, Her juices were flowing freely, no doubt trying to figure out what it was that he was going to do next.

Alceo's mouth dropped to Galynn's flesh. He tried to slow himself down, he tried to take his time, but when his lips landed in the place he has secretly always wanted them to be, he lost control. His hands lifted Galynn's hips from the bed, spread her cheeks and held her open as his tongue danced in the space between her cheeks. At the sound of her crying out for him, he slid his tongue from her spine down to the rosebud nestled between her soft cheeks. As Galynn tried to thrash about, Alceo held her down. All at once he couldn't decide if he wanted to lick, bite or kiss and attempted to do all three at the same time.

Galynn was uncontrollable underneath him, crying and withering, but Alceo didn't relent. His fingers continued to massage her as his mouth took over - suddenly doing all of the things to her ass that he has always wanted to do. He buried his face in her ass, licking furiously at her rosebud. She tasted better than he ever could have imagined. His tongue dipped past her folds as he tried to get deeper. He could feel her ass clenching around his tongue, and he could feel he body shaking. She was taken by surprise but she loved it. He could tell.

Alceo ripped her thong from her body as he continued to try and get as close to her flesh as he could. He pulled her up onto her knees and spread her ass cheeks and firmly planted his face in her backside. Galynn tried to open her legs further, loving the feel of Alceo's tongue lathering her asshole.

Alceo had always felt guilty about his fetish and never wanted anyone to know. He had never allowed anyone to experience what he was doing to Galynn and he was glad he hadn't. He never knew. He never knew how amazing this could or would be. As he continued to pummel her asshole with his tongue, Alceo's hands traveled to the front of her body where he found her clit. Alceo pushed her face further into his bed as he made a long sweep with his tongue from her clit to her ass. Alceo has paid no attention to how aroused he was, he was only being driven by the need to taste her. Galynn was sobbing on the bed as he felt her orgasm take over her muscles. As she climbed higher and higher, Alceo's lips latched onto her clit and he sucked hard. He felt Galynn buck against his face, and he used his hands to grab her and pull her tighter to him.

Using his index finger, he dipped it into her wet channel. She was tighter from her orgasm and he stayed there for a moment, sawing his finger in and out of her body. Still using his tongue to taste her ass, he trailed his finger from her dripping pussy to her asshole. He kissed her ass sweetly as he gently and slowly slid his finger inside her bottom. When he felt her anal muscles give way, he pushed in deeper then added another finger. He was in heaven. Galynn was begging him now. Not in english, but in some unintelligible form, but he knew what she wanted, he could feel it.

His fingers massaged her insides as he pushed his pants lower. He looked down at his cock, swollen and throbbing, ready to explode. The sight of the purple head of his cock inches away from her milky brown ass was too much. With his fingers still firmly planted in Galynn's ass, he plunged his cock into her dripping pussy. He had to stop moving the second he entered her as a second orgasm ripped through her body. Galynn's juices were dripping down his cock as his fingers continued to manipulate her asshole.

Alceo pumped his cock roughly inside of Galynn's pussy getting it wet and ready for her final treat. Before his final withdrawal, he held his cock inside her, letting her relax, letting her pussy walls clench him and try to milk his cock. Slowly, he pulled his cock from her hot channel, wet with her juices. He could hear her moan in annoyance, but he shushed her and kissed her on her back. Gently, he pulled his fingers from her ass and placed the head of his cock at her dark little rosebud.

When he felt her stiffen slightly, he rubbed her clit until she relaxed. Galynn continued to hump his hand as he pushed his hard, white cock at the entrance of her asshole. He went slow; slow for both of them. It took him two minutes of excruciating pleasure before he got his cock only halfway in. Alceo withdrew slowly and pushed forward again. Galynn was screaming now. She wasn't making any sense, but because she was pushing back against him, Alceo pushed harder. When his cock was nestled in her ass to the hilt, he draped himself over her laying kisses on her neck and her back.

"I have never done this with anyone," he breathed into her ear as his cock pulsed at his words. "You are the only one." At the only words that had been spoken to each other since the massage began, Galynn pressed her ass harder into Alceo's cock.

She could feel everything. She could feel his heartbeat, the pulsing of his cock, she could feel him inside her ass when he breathed. She felt full, and stretched. Complete. With his lips firmly planted on her neck, he pumped in and out of her ass. They were both breathing heavily, both struggling to hold on for just a little while longer.

When Alceo thought he couldn't take it anymore, he told Galynn.

She surprised him by yelling, "Harder. Fuck me harder."

"Are you sure, baby?"

"It feels so good. Just do it harder." Alceo's cock surged, and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.

"Fuck, baby." She was so tight, she was so perfect. His hips, loosing their rhythm began to pound Galynn's ass erratically. "Jesus Christ, I've never felt anything like this."

Galynn could only nod as he continued to fill her ass. She felt his cock as it began to swell and felt her own orgasm beginning to take over. Alceo's hands moved to Galynn's hips as he pounded her furiously. The smell and sounds of sex filled the room until Alceo's grunts took over.

Galynn could feel Alceo's hot seed pouring into her ass, and it made her cum harder. When Alceo's cock emptied into Galynn's ass, he collapsed on her back, not wanting to be separated yet. As his cock softened and slipped from her body, he fell to her side and gathered her up in his arms.

"Thank you."

Galynn looked at him still dazed and smiled.

"I love you," he said just as her eyes closed. It didn't matter if she didn't hear it, he would be saying it again.

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