Billy thought she had stopped breathing until he heard her let out a large breath as her shudders got larger and slower. Kim removed her fingers and sat back, looking at her roommate with her legs spread wide apart and her breathing coming in ragged short bursts. Billy saw a huge smile on Kim's face.

"My turn", said Kim.

"Jerry, lie down and spread your legs." Kim ordered and Jerry laid back on the floor with her legs wide open.

"Billy, start licking." She said pointing to Jerry's wide open crotch.

Billy jumped in and started to munch on Jerry's pussy. She put her hands on the back of his head immediately and Billy didn't mind at all.

"Kelli, under there and bring little goober back to life." Kim said and pointing to Billy's limp dick dangling between his legs.

Kelli laid on her back and slid under Billy. She took his soft dick in her mouth and started rubbing her tongue around the head. Billy's eyes rolled into the back of his head but he continued his work between Jerry's legs. Kim then moved over and climbed on the bed next to Stacy. She straddled Stacy's face and was rubbing her pussy all over it. She leaned forward, spread Stacy's pussy lips apart and started licking feverishly. Kim loved the taste of pussy and especially young firm ones that had just been fucked. She tasted some of Billy's sperm as it leaked out of Stacy's open slit.

Billy felt himself getting hard again and was now thrusting his dick deep into Kelli's mouth. Kim noticed this and jumped down off of the bed, leaving Stacy's face wet. Kim pulled Billy off of Jerry and out of Kelli's mouth. He looked at her, confused.

"Steady, tiger, I figure this may be your last go round and I'm sure everybody in here needs a little screwing." Kim said.

She pulled Kelli over next to Jerry and then laid down on the other side of Jerry. Billy looked down to see three beautiful girls lying in front of him with their legs wide open and he thought he must be in heaven.

"Get busy, goober." Kim ordered.

Billy didn't need to be asked twice and he jumped in between Kelli's legs. He buried himself inside her and began stroking slowly. He looked down to see her black bra still on and reached down to pop open the front clasp. Her breasts popped out and Billy grabbed both of them as he pummeled her pussy.

"Time to switch." Billy heard Kim's voice.

He pulled out of Kelli and moved over to Jerry. He plowed roughly into her open pussy and began hammering. She wrapped her legs around his waist and was pulling him deeper into her. He loved the feel of her warm cunt and closed his eyes. He continued his thrusting until he heard Kim's voice again.

"Switch." she said.

He now moved over to Kim and slid his tool into her warm depths. She felt wonderful and he started moving in and out. He again looked down to see her breasts bouncing with his thrusts. He loved the way that looked. He thought if he watched them long enough he would cum for sure but he also felt as if he could go on forever. He heard his skin slapping against Kim's ass and picked up the pace. He pounded her hard for about thirty seconds and he heard Kelli's voice.

"Back over here, goober," Kelli said.

Billy moved back over and slid back into Kelli. She was now thrusting hard to meet him and their bodies were colliding harshly, causing a low grunt to come out of Kelli each time he hit bottom. He was now an animal, feeding only on the instinct of lust and grabbed her hips and began driving himself violently into her wet pussy. He looked down and saw his dick disappearing into her cunt only to slide back out. He saw her lips being pulled inward and then opening up to let his member slide out.

Billy could not control himself and his orgasm raced up to his balls and he held himself deep inside her and deposited his third load of the night into her depths. He held her tightly as he felt his orgasm subside and then collapsed on top of her. Her body felt warm and soft beneath him. He felt her wrap her arms around him and squeeze him to her. His tired, woozy mind thought life couldn't get any better as he felt himself relax.

A sharp knocking sound reverberated through the room. Billy opened his eyes slowly. He was on the floor, still wrapped in Kelli's arms. He looked over to see Stacy still asleep spreadeagle on the bed. Kim was nestled on Jerry's chest, her left leg wrapped up and over Jerry's body.

"Jerry, honey, are you awake?" A voice rang out from the hall.

Billy saw Jerry's eyes spring open and heard her exclaim:

"Fuck, my parents!"

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