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Quebec MILFs Are Amazing


My name is Stephen LaFleur. A big and tall Black guy originally from Boston, Massachusetts, currently residing in Ottawa, Ontario. I enrolled at Carleton University for the September 2011 semester. I intend to study Criminology. Since I'm technically an international student and them Canadian university authorities like to charge us way more, I've got a part-time job while waiting for school to start. I work as a security patrol officer for a security company with holdings throughout the City of Ottawa. They tend to send me to the town of Kanata a lot. It's cold, boring, and lily-White. Definitely not my sort of town.

Anyhow, last weekend I ended up having a blast. My car broke down and I called dispatch to let them know I was in distress. The patrol supervisor who responded was this older, chubby and big-bottomed white chick named Karen Saint-Pres. Ever since I got dumped by this Senegalese chick named Naomi because she doesn't like to date Haitian men, I've been feeling weird. I find myself looking at the type of females I wouldn't normally look at. You see, in Ottawa, lots of Black dudes chase white women and vice versa. In Boston, my hometown, it's all about the Black Love. Black men and Black women in America actually love each other. In Canada, it's all about interracial love and intra-racial strife when you're dealing with Black women and Black men. Whatever.

Karen Des-Pres came and fixed my car and I was really thankful, man. While she fixed the dead car, she let me relax in the patrol supervisor vehicle. You see, I had been sitting inside my cold car for a couple of hours now. Kanata is even colder than the town of Ottawa, man. It's all woods and crap out here. And the White folks in Kanata stare at you like they've never seen a Black guy before. Ottawa is half an hour away, and around thirty percent of its residents are immigrants from Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The region of Ontario is changing because it's a favourite destination for immigrants from all over the world when they come to Canada. Already the biggest City of Canada, Toronto, has a population that's mostly non-Caucasian. Immigrants from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America outnumber white men and white women in the City of Toronto, Capital of the Canadian Province of Ontario.

Anyhow, while sitting inside the car I noticed that Karen Des-Pres actually looked okay. I've caught myself checking out chubby older white women lately. Especially the ones from the Province of Quebec. I swear white women from Quebec have big butts, man. They have really nice asses. They look different from regular white chicks. Weird, eh? Oh, man. I've been in the Confederation of Canada less than a year and I've already picked up the damn eh. What next? Maybe you'll see this authentic Haitian-American guy from Boston in hockey gear. Fat chance, but you never know.

I was admiring the hell out of Karen's big white ass as she bent over the car hood, fixing things. I've never been Mister Mechanical, man. I can't fix cars and crap. I'm more of an intellectual. I used to study English literature at Emerson College in Boston before moving to Ottawa, Ontario, to attend Carleton University. Karen had a really nice ass and judging by the way she moved, I knew she knew it. Imagine my surprise when she came into the patrol supervisor car, and lit a cigarette. She said the car I was given by the security office was fucked up, something about jumper cables. I didn't really listen. I was too busy staring at her big tits. The chick must be damn near fifty, with huge tits, wide hips, a chunky body and a big round ass. I didn't know I liked them like that but I was definitely attracted to her. And Karen smiled at me in a way that let me know she knew.

I'm twenty five years old and I've been with only a handful of women. Partly because I'm shy with women and partly because I am bisexual. Yes, I like both women and men. That's just how I roll, man. I'm bisexual. I hope that's okay with you. Until I met Naomi the Senegalese chick with the sexily dark skin, dreadlocks and big butt, I was mostly into men. Other black men like myself. I liked her but after she dumped me, I declared all bets were off. So when Karen laid her hand on my thigh and grinned mischievously, I didn't protest. Hell, why should I? I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. And next thing I know, we were kissing. The inside of a security patrol car is compact and not really conducive to amorous activities but we made do with what we had. And we did our thing, man.

Karen unzipped my pants and went straight for my dick. The sexy older French Canadian chick from Quebec leaned down and began sucking on my eight-inch, uncircumcised black dick. She sucked me like her life depended on it. And once I was hard, she told me to fuck her. She climbed on top of me. I'm a big and tall Black guy and she's a big and tall white chick. We're getting it on inside a relatively small car. However, we somehow managed. I didn't even have a condom on me and honestly I didn't care. I just wanted some play, man. I hadn't had any in forever. I wrapped my arms around Karen's wide waist and thrust my cock deep into her cunt. The sexy Quebec MILF squealed in delight as I began fucking her roughly. I hammered her pussy with powerful thrusts of my big black dick. I put her on all fours in the backseat and admired her big sexy white ass. I spanked her lightly before thrusting my dick into her cunt from behind. Karen groaned and told me to pull her hair. You had better believe that I did. I pulled the sexy older white woman's hair and spanked her big white ass while thrusting my dick deep into her snatch. I fucked her until I came who knows how many damn times. It was absolutely fucking fantastic, dude. After this passionate fuck, Karen and I readjusted our clothes. Then she fixed my car and went on her way without a word. I smiled to myself. Hot damn. I love working security in Ottawa!

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