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Quebec Women Are Slutty


I am a crazy and super horny bastard. I admit it today. How else would you explain some of the crazy shit which happens only to me? The name is Mathieu Saint-Gerard. A young Black American man of Haitian descent living in the city of Nepean, Province of Ontario. I moved to Nepean from my native City of Boston, Massachusetts, about two years ago. I'm a Boston man banished to Canada's capital region by the Powers That Be, also known as Mom and Dad, after I got in trouble over Nirva, some big-booty Jamaican bitch. Long story short, she faked a pregnancy to get me to marry her. I was this close to putting a ring on it when I found out the truth. I may have smacked the bitch. I won't confirm or deny this. Nirva went to whine to my mom and I got sent to Canada. It was either that or prison. I chose Canada.

These days I go to Carleton University and major in criminal psychology. I miss Boston like crazy but I'm learning to make my own fun in Canada. And since I am a sex maniac, it's all good. I'm not into Black chicks anymore ever since the Nirva incident. I'm allergic to chocolate now and crave some foxy vanilla. That's cool because Canada has very little chocolate and lots and lots of vanilla. I've got a thing for bossy older White ladies. And that's okay because they are into me. Let me tell you about this crazy threesome I had with these two fifty-something White ladies that I met at Saint Laurent Mall a while ago. It's definitely one for the ages, folks. Grab a seat and read on!

I met Marie Sinclair and Jennifer Des-Pres while walking through the Saint Laurent Mall. It was Boxing Day and malls across Canada were packed. I was trolling Saint Laurent Mall for pussy. I saw a lot of Black guys out there doing the same thing. Hitting on Black women, Hispanic women, Aboriginal women, White women and even Asian women. Black studs don't discriminate. To us, pussy is pussy. I smiled at the brothers out there doing their thing. Good job. I was coming down the escalator from the food court when I saw these two older White ladies walking into an Italian clothing store. They were sexy, with big round butts. Hot damn. I had to take a closer look. Just a little visual memory for my lonely winter nights, you know? I like older White ladies but it's only in frigging porno movies that they go for young Black guys they've never met before. At least, that's what I thought until recently.

Yeah, I entered the Italian clothing store and checked out these sexy older White ladies. The first one kind of reminded me of porn starlet Joclyn Stone, my favourite porn star. Blonde, curvy, with a big butt. Man, White women in the confederation of Canada have big butts. The ones I knew in Boston weren't like that. White women with big butts in the United States are kind of rare. In Canada, they're everywhere I look. Sometimes, I see two White women and five Black women and the White chicks have nicer butts than the black women. What's happening here? Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yeah. I was telling you about these two sexy older White ladies I was checking out inside Saint Laurent Mall.

Yeah, they looked hot. The second one was lovely as well, tall and curvy, with wide hips, big tits and a big round butt. A sexy redhead who kind of looked like actress Julianne Moore, only a bit bigger and hotter. They spotted me looking at them and smiled. I smiled right back and went over to talk to them. What did I have to lose, right? They seemed really happy to meet me. The one who looked like legendary porn star Joclyn Stone introduced herself as Marie Sinclair. The redhead introduced herself as Jennifer Des-Pres. And they were both doing what I was doing. A couple of MILFs from the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec, cruising the Saint Laurent Mall for sexy younger men. Well, I'm a sexy younger man. I simply happened to be Black. I looked at them and they looked at me. What do you say? Think they'll go for me?

We started talking, and they eyed me like a piece of meat. Far from being offended, I was actually quite flattered. We went upstairs for a quick bite to eat. I learned a bit more about them. Just like men often go out just for some sex, women do the same thing. Shit, I've always known that. Most women don't admit their carnal urges are just as potent as those of men. Well, almost. One thing I like about older White women is that they don't beat around the bush. If they want you, they let you know. If they don't want you, forget it. It's that simple. They're straight shooters in relationships. That kind of works for me. Marie and Jennifer invited me to their hotel room, and I didn't dare say no. How often does something like this happen? A young Black man gets picked up by two sexy older White women for sex. Hot damn. I happily went with them. Yeah, I know. They might be serial killers. Or they might falsely accuse me of raping them. Or they might have sexually transmitted diseases. Whatever. I'm still going for it. Why? Because I'm a young Black man. Look it up!

We got to their hotel room, and the fun began. They were really bossy, ordering me around and shit. Man, I didn't mind. Because they were doing it naked. I feasted my eyes on their gorgeous bodies. Hot damn, mature White women are so hot! We got down and dirty. Marie spread her legs and ordered me to lick her hairy pussy while Jennifer fingered her pussy and sucked my nine-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. Marie's pussy tasted pretty good, though it wasn't as fresh as I would have liked. Hey, got to be honest here, you know? I fingered and licked her snatch, and soon she was squealing in delight. Then it was Jennifer's turn to get her pussy licked while Marie sucked my dick and fingered my asshole. The wicked fun was just beginning.

Marie sat her big White butt on my face, and I really liked that. I licked her pussy and fingered her asshole. Then she began riding me. Yep, the big sexy older White lady climbed on top of me and impaled her pussy on my dick. Meanwhile, Jennifer thrust a dildo into her own pussy while watching us. I pumped my dick into Marie's cunt. Jennifer joined the action. Without a word she spread my ass cheeks and inserted the dildo inside. What the fuck? Man, was this middle-aged White lady seriously fucking a Black man's ass with a dildo? Apparently so. It felt oddly good once I got past the weirdness for some reason. We switched things around. Marie got on all fours and spread her big butt cheeks wide open. I pressed my dick against her puckered asshole and pushed it inside.

Meanwhile, Jennifer continued pumping her dildo up my ass. For some reason it made my dick even harder and turned me on. Wow. I fucked Marie's asshole, filling it with my dick. We went at it until I came. Marie was a real screamer. I filled her asshole with my cum. Once that happened, I pulled out. Marie shrieked as my cum filled her asshole. Jennifer came and sucked my dick straight out of Marie's asshole. Man, that older White chick is straight up nasty. I like that. Still not sated, I had a go with Jennifer. I went straight for her big White ass and she didn't mind. Later, I found out that she was really into anal, both giving and receiving. I spread Jennifer's ass cheeks and pressed my dick against her asshole. And just like that, I began pumping my dick into her asshole. I grabbed Jennifer's long red hair and yanked her head back while slamming my dick into her asshole. I wanted to make the redhead White slut pay for sliding her dildo up my Black male ass earlier. You know? And so I did. I fucked her ass hard, and she had tears in her ass by the time I came, flooding her asshole with my manly spunk.

Oh, yeah. I had a wicked good time with those two sexy older White women from Quebec. I left them with pleasurably sore bodies, especially their butt holes. I felt really good after this. I went home with a bounce in my step and a song in my heart. Of course, when I told my homeys this they didn't believe me. It's the truth I tell you. I just told this tale to my buddy Samuel Xavier, he's a fellow Boston guy who's stuck in Ottawa just like me. We're tearing up Canada just like we did New England. Peace.

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