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Quebec Women Are So Hot!


Man, I finally admit it to myself. I like Quebec women. They're arrogant, they're vain and wicked. Yet they're also unbelievably hot. My name is Samuel Marc Antoine. A big and tall Black man of Haitian descent who recently moved to the City of Montreal in the Province of Quebec from the City of Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a United States Citizen but I speak some French on account of having a African-American father and an immigrant Haitian mother. Plus I grew up in a heavily Haitian section of Boston where most people spoke English, French and Haitian Creole. I presently work at Le Guichet Provincial, a tax services company. Nice job if you can get it.

I have my MBA from Northeastern University in Boston, so finding work in Canada wasn't too hard. The international clearance thing was the only problem but everything worked out in the end. Mainly because I've got nothing to hide. If you're an American or European professional working in the Confederation of Canada, they make you go through a long screening process. Personally, I think only a quick background check should suffice but whatever. Anyhow, I'm a permanent resident of Canada now so that makes things a bit easier. I like it in the City of Montreal. It's a lively, European-style City which oddly enough reminds me of Las Vegas in Nevada. Why? The eternal party atmosphere!

I am slowly adjusting to life in the City of Montreal. There are lots of Haitians there. I love my Haitian brothers and sisters. What drove me to leave the City of Boston, Massachusetts, for the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec? Long story. It involves this lady named Marie Saint Preux. This gorgeous Haitian gal I knew during my school days. We were engaged. She left me for another guy. An ex-friend of mine named Liam Kinsey. A married White guy at that. Kinsey and I knew each other at Northeastern University. I decked him when I found out he'd been messing around with my lady. Friends don't sleep with friends girlfriends. Right? Long story short, Liam Kinsey went back to his wife Maeve O'Neill, Marie left me, and I left the City of Boston. It's amazing how things can go wrong in a man's life when they involve an unfaithful woman.

Man, I've just about had it with Black women in North America. They always treat a Black man like he's dirt and they view White men as kings. Why do so many Black women think White men are better than Black men? White women don't think White men are gods but Black women do. What gives? Could someone explain that one to me? Never mind. No explanation necessary. Why is that? No need. Well, I'm through with them Black chicks. If the White guys want them, they can have them. All the good ones are taken anyway. The way I see it, a few Black guys like Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Will Smith and Denzel Washington get all the good Black women. Those Black women who actually love and support Black men. The rest of us Black guys have to deal with those Black chicks that hate Black men with a passion. I've had it with them. My Haitian fiancée cheating on me with a White guy opened my eyes. I can't be with a Black woman. It is just not possible.

Let me explain the reasons why. Black women in North America seem genetically programmed to hate Black men and worship White men. The Black woman can't love me as a Black male. Sad but kind of true. It doesn't matter to her that I'm educated, gainfully employed, good-looking, successful and that I want to treat her right. All she sees me as is a chump. Well, no more. I moved to Montreal to start a brand new life. This Canadian corporation is paying me two hundred and eighty grand a year ( after taxes) to head its Special Projects Division so I think I'm doing alright for myself. They're mightily impressed with American executives. I live in a nice townhouse in the City of Montreal. I attend Cathedral De Notre Dame, a Haitian church located in Montreal-Nord. There are lots of pretty Haitian ladies in the City of Montreal. I wish I could meet one who would love me and appreciate me but I doubt I will. So when a friend from work introduced me to a lovely French Canadian woman, I actually went for it.

Her name is Jacqueline Saint Mathieu. As French Canadian as they come. Born and raised in the city of Montreal. This five-foot-eleven, red-haired and green-eyed, curvy and big-bottomed, alabaster-skinned Canadian beauty simply took my breath away. Jacqueline has an MBA from Concordia University and works as an Financial Analyst in the Financial Crimes Unit for La Surete Du Quebec, the Provincial Police Force of Quebec. And she's thirty eight years old. According to my friend Joseph, she's into Black men, especially Black guys from America. Well, I was born and raised in the city of Boston so I'm as American as they come. Jacqueline was smitten with me and I must say that the feeling was most definitely quite mutual.

Jacqueline and I had a lot in common. We were both high-achieving professionals. Interestingly, we were both disappointed in the members of our social and ethnic groups. James Kensington, Jacqueline's ex-husband, a wealthy British guy, left her for Amanda Chang, an Asian woman from Vancouver. Well, my Haitian ex-girlfriend left me for Liam, an Irish guy. Jacqueline told me that she began exploring her long-unacknowledged penchant for Black men after her divorce from her cheating hubby. Well, to be honest, I had felt attracted to White women before but repressed it because I felt that only a Black woman could love me as a Black male living in North America. Jacqueline and I smiled while confessing this to each other as we began dating seriously. And to be honest, we've never been happier.

Jacqueline and I have a torrid sex life. She is really kinky and I like that about her. For example, the other day she dominated the hell out of me. She just tied me up and then sucked my long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock. This she did while fingering my asshole. Afterwards she put on a strap-on dildo and slowly worked it into my asshole. Thankfully she took the time to lubricate my asshole first. I am into anal play. Jacqueline is really into the whole female domination thing. I must admit that I kind of get off on being sexually dominated by her. Jacqueline really goes to town on me during our sessions. She calls me some derogatory names while slamming her strap-on dildo up my ass. One of her fantasies is to play the role of the White female punishing her Black Slave for some mischief. And I totally love it. Dominant White women are hot. I know lots of Black men agree but can't admit it to themselves. Well, I'm man enough to admit it.

After Jacqueline thoroughly sodomized me with her strap-on dildo, I returned the favour. I made her kneel before me and suck my big Black cock. Then I put her on her back, raised her legs in the air and slammed my dick into her pussy. Jacqueline is a real screamer. She loves it when I pound my cock into her cunt. I actually love her ass. Luckily she enjoys anal sex in every way, both giving and receiving. My sexy Quebecoise doesn't mind getting on all fours to get butt fucked. She spreads her big sexy White ass cheeks wide open and hands me the lubricant. I lube her up then slide my dick into her asshole. I grip her wide hips tightly and fuck her hard. I drill my cock into her asshole. She swears in French as I fuck her in the ass. I slam my dick up her ass until I cum, then fuck her some more. Afterwards she actually sucks my cock. Straight from her ass. Is my Quebecoise fun or what? I'm so glad I met her. The Black lady who ditched me for another man is just a memory. I'm with my White goddess from Quebec. And we're supremely happy together.

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