tagSci-Fi & FantasyQueen of Anialin Ch. 01

Queen of Anialin Ch. 01


The Queen moaned in pleasure, her voice a delicate pin drop in the silence of her private quarters. She was enjoying her brunch on her couch with guardsman Edmund between her legs; broad shouldered and hunky, he was licking away at her pink folds and suckling her clit as she liked. His thick manhood lay engorged on his thigh, aroused by the Queen's beauty, but his desires were irrelevant; the Queen's pleasure is what mattered, and he only felt pleasure when the Queen made it so. No other time or way. This is how the Queen's guard was trained, and this is how it was how loyalty was proven in her Kingdom.

The Queen was a sight to behold. She was dressed in a white silk gown, although she did not need much decor to bring light to her beauty. Her long dark red hair cascaded down her back and curled at her waist, contrasting against her soft milky skin. Her eyes, an astonishing green color, glazed in momentary pleasure. Her cheeks, flushed from arousal, were coated in small light brown freckles. Edmund loved those freckles.

Edmund, along with the rest of the guards in the room (there were seven, including himself - all others were aligned along the walls of the room) wore brown sashes that minimally covered their genitals, and left nothing to the imagination during the queen's private sessions. Otherwise, they were fully suited in armor, as their only other purpose besides pleasuring and loving the queen was protecting her. Historically, all the men in the Queen's guard were strong, ruggedly handsome, muscular, and well packaged in their southern regions. Although this was accurate here, hers was a diverse group; her seven guardsmen looked nothing like each other, and had only their skills and quality of loyalty in common; otherwise they all had their own specialties and came from a different region of the Kingdom of Anialin. These men were hand selected at a young age, specially trained to serve Anialin's Queen in all respects concerning combat, defense, and erotic pleasure. Their duty was to surround the Queen at all times and make her happy. Edmund was the most important of these guards, picked out to be her right hand man, her consultant and her advisor, trained and educated to be be a cohort of sorts, although still fully committed in defending and serving his Queen and leading the guardsmen. With his black hair and icy blue eyes, Edmund could demand the cum of the Queen, and receive loving punishment for such defiance, where others would otherwise be killed.

At the moment, he was just her slave.

She pushed his head down further between her legs, moaning as she felt his long thick tongue enter her delicate moist folds pulsing with desire. Edmund knew she would almost be ready for penetration; her nipples were hard, peaking through the silk of her dress. He happily admired this as he continued licking her, reaching up and pulling down her dress so that her breasts were freed for play. Bouncy and plump, her breasts could please man and woman. Edmund squeezed them gently and ran his thumb over her pink nipples, earning another moan from his Queen.

"Darrick, come," the Queen drawled, her voice sultry and cooing. The guardsman named Darrick came forward, nothing more needed to be said. He knew what she wanted. Darker than Edmund, Darrick had coffee toned skin and clear gray eyes, usually baring a serious demeanor, but softened in The Queen's company. His loyalty to her was eminent through the way he looked at her, deep affection and longing glistening in his eyes.

Darrick moved to kneel beside his Queen and placed his large hands on her breasts, mimicking Edmunds touch as he played with her perky nipples while Edmund continued licking her pussy.

"Anything for my Queen," Darrick told her, leaning down and flicking a tongue over one of her nipples, making her shiver. He could see how much she ached for his touch and his cock grew harder at the thought of pounding into her. He sucked on one breast while massaging the other, watching her expression as Edmund slid his finger into her.

The Queen was flush with joy. Her rosy lips curved into a smile as she moaned, arching her back as she fed Derrick her breast, and Edmund her pussy. She loved them both, and she could see by the their ready cocks that they desired her. Derrick moved to suck and lick her other breast, while Edmund pushed in another finger, cooing her, talking to her sweetly. You're beautiful, he would say, pumping is fingers in and out of her, our queen, so beautiful. After steady while of her body pulsing back and forth between the two men-thrusting her hips into Edmund's face and pushing her breast into Derrick's mouth while both of their hands roamed over her body, her nipples and clit constantly rubbed and licked-she felt herself coming, a steady rise that soon over whelmed her into bliss. The tremendous wave of pleasure hit her sex as her entrance moistened further, begging to be conquered. The guardsmen's cocks pulsed with anticipation, blood of excitement and arousal flooding through their veins. All of them had fucked her, made love to her, explored her, and all of them loved her. However, they were also all disciplined, and did not move without her instruction.

After The Queen came, Edmund slowed his pace, waiting for her breathing to ease as he lightly licked her wet entrance and teased her sensitive clit, while Derrick did the same with her breasts, leaving kisses long her neck and chest.

"My Queen, allow me to fulfill your desire," Edmund whispered in a husky low voice, lengthening his tongue to lick her clit while staring The Queen in the eyes, sending a shiver of excitement through her. She smiled and nodded in agreement, and quickly Derrick slid onto the couch behind The Queen, setting her between his legs as he continued to knead her breasts. Edmund then stood straight from his former crouch, giving The Queen a fantastic display as removed his sash, standing naked and stroking his length to show her his appreciation for her beauty. It was thick and long, and The Queen loved how Edmund filled her. In turn she was gorgeous, skin pink and flush from coming, even as Derrick fondled her, her frailness and beauty demanded to be taken care of. Edmund then set himself between her legs, wrapping them around his waist as he lead himself into her.

Edmund began with the tip of his manhood, pushing it no more than an inch into her, pulsing and teasing. The Queen moaned and laughed, biting her lip as she pulled Edmunds face down to her, kissing him and forcing him inside of her as she wrapped her legs around him. They both moaned out in unison, the satisfaction intense. With Derrick's hands still at work on her breasts, she felt herself steady rising to another orgasm. Edmund began thrusting his cock in and out of her, taking his time as his length pushed in and pulled out, wanting her to feel every inch. She did, and the best inch she enjoyed about Edmund is his last inch, that final bit that pushed far into her pussy and into her cervix, slightly painful, but so fulfilling - he hit her G spot there, making her weak in the knees, instantly defenseless against his powerful and quickening thrusts. He made her cum with a final hard thrust, keeping his dick deep inside of her, while moving his hips to rub against her pussy. Both guardsmen suckled on her breasts as the waves of her orgasm settled and her body stilled from the constant pleasure. The Queen was his for those fleeting moments of her orgasm, waves of her juices showering his powerful and thick cock.

She loved it.

As her heart beat settled, Edmund and Derrick gave her a few last fleeting kisses, licks and loving suckles, regretfully pulling away when once she had enough. Edmund always took his time pulling out of her, filled with pride as he felt their juices drip from her little pink pussy. He lapped away at it for another minute, not wanting any of her to go to waste. The Queen never minded Edmund's little acts of affection.

The Queen didn't like taking too much time during her day to fuck - an hour at most - and the rest of the pleasuring would continue at night, before sleep.

Two to three hours before sleep, that is.

"Now, gentlemen," The Queen spoke, her voice sweet, "it's time for Brunch." Although, as sweet as she sounded, every word contained the subtlety of a command.

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