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Queen of the Facials


(This story is a work of fiction)

Tyler had been waiting all morning for the interview, just killing time around town. It was a cold, rainy morning and sound check had just finished. He picked at a pastry at a local coffee house and watched the pedestrians outside pass to and fro in the rainstorm outside. Finally, his phone rang. Paramore's tour manager told Tyler that the interview he had flown out from Los Angeles to conduct would take place in the green room right on schedule. As requested, he would be alone with Hayley Williams (the band's signature flame-headed, spitfire emo lead singer) for the duration of the interview. That's exactly how he wanted it to be, so as to keep the interview as intimate as possible. Tyler found subjects were more likely to open up if they felt a personal connection with him. Tyler was writing a column for a fetish blog that Hayley Williams subscribed to publically. It was an x-rated blog about facial cumshots.

Up until recently, the public perceived Hayley Williams as just another virginal role model and cookie-cutter pop-emo lead singer, a good girl's good girl and self-proclaimed Christian. But in recent weeks, Hayley had come clean regarding a dark history with her band and her own sexuality. Hayley quickly fell victim to the spotlight, but it never seemed to bother her. She stated in recent interviews with the press that she was glad she was being more open regarding her sexuality and has never been happier. And that's where Tyler came in. The blog he wrote for quickly became Hayley's favorite forum to indulge in all things explicit and forbidden. Tyler decided to reach out and set up an interview with her. Of course, he never thought she'd take it based on how intimate his published interviews (available right there on the blog for Hayley to read and see) always turned out to be. But, much to his surprise, Hayley accepted the interview.

And now he was on his way to see her.

When Tyler finally met up with Hayley, he was shocked by her stature [at just five feet, two inches tall] she was a spritely little spitfire. Her hair was vibrant orange-red, which shimmered on top of her head. Her skin was fair, her lips painted with a glossy maroon shade of lipstick, which matched her maroon Ramones T-shirt. She was emo for the Millennial Generation. Her smile was infectious, her eyes capable of casting a spell on non-believers. The two said their hellos and made small talk for a while (this was Tyler's plan of attack. He wanted Hayley as comfortable as possible regarding this interview).

"Well, do you want to get started here?" Tyler finally asked.

Hayley shrugged, clearly less nervous than Tyler.

"Sure, let's do this!"

Tyler directed Hayley to a comfortable chair across from the couch he sat down on. He pulled out his pad and pen and then turned his attention back to Hayley.

"So Hayley, we might as well just get into it."

"I agree. Lets dive right in the deep end," Hayley said.

"Then you agree, we'll skip the fluff?" Tyler asked.

"Please! That's all I've been dealing with lately, reporters dilly-dallying around the issue. Let's just talk about this stuff already, shall we?" Hayley stated as a matter of fact.

Tyler nodded his head and cleared his throat.

"Then lets begin. Hayley, the media has deemed you the Queen of Emo. I'm curious, with a title like this... what are your thoughts on facial cumshots?"

Hayley burst out into a fit of laughter.

"Well, so much for foreplay!" she exclaimed.

"We call that fluff in the business," Tyler politely rebutted.

"Quite so!" Hayley replied.

"Well, clearly the concept doesn't offend you."

"No, not really. I mean, when I was younger I might have been offended, but as I got older and became more comfortable with my sexuality... I was able to explore things I never thought I would. Including facials."

Tyler shifted uneasily in his seat and crossed his legs so as to hide his excitement. Hayley just smiled, clearly aware of the fact that she was exciting her guest. She felt her own body flush with excitement.

"So you've had guys cum on your face then?"

"Gosh you're direct!" Hayley exclaimed, still smiling from ear to ear.

Tyler cleared his throat, clearly nervous that he might have crossed a line.

"Sorry, it's just, well... the nature of our website is rather..."

"It's okay, I was only kidding," Hayley interrupted. "I'm well aware of the 'nature of your website'. I chose to join it for a reason. And yes, I have had guys cum on my face before," Hayley stated.

"So why facials? I mean, was this a natural desire, or does this just go with the territory of being emo?"

"I think partly both. I felt like it was some weird sense of responsibility at first, since I was the Queen of Emo and all. My boyfriend became obsessed with facializing me after I let him do it to me the first time. I figured I had to let him do it. What kind of emo girl would I be if I didn't take a shot to the face? That's what us emo girls are supposed to do, am I right?"

"Quite so," Tyler said, forcing a smile before continuing. "So do you actually enjoy facials, or is it something you just feel you have to put up with because of an arbitrary title you've been given in the music industry?"

"Oh, I love them now! This pretty little emo girl can't get enough of them," Hayley exclaimed.

"How often would you say you receive them?"

Hayley had to stop and think. Tyler noticed her face scrunch up and thought it was absolutely adorable.

"Gosh, a few times a week maybe, sometimes multiple times a day. Depends on if I'm on the road or at home, you know?"

"Sure. And can you tell me what it is you like about facials specifically?" Tyler asked.

"Boy this is turning into a one-tracked interview, isn't it?" Hayley joked.

"Again, I'm sorry. I thought it was explained to you that this was going to be an..."

"No, it's great!" Hayley said, interrupting. "I just didn't expect to get this wet during the interview!"

Tyler forced a smile. "Yes, well..."

"I'm sure all the girls you interview get this way, though, am I right?" Hayley asked playfully.

"Sometimes," Tyler replied simply.

"Hmm, well... to answer your question, I guess I love the texture of my man's seed. I love feeling dominated... like I've just been marked in some way. Being a Christian, it feels forbidden to have my man's cum on my face. Plus, like I said, I feel a sense of responsibility to let my boyfriend cum on my face. What would people think if my boyfriend went around telling his friends that the Queen of Emo wouldn't even let her own boyfriend facialize her?"

Tyler burst out laughing.

"I can see your point," Tyler said.

"So aside from your interviewees getting all hot and bothered, do you ever find it hard, well... not to be hard when you ask these questions?" Hayley asked, amusing herself by focusing on Tyler's crotch temporarily.

Tyler's face drained of color.

"Its okay, we're talking about guys cumming on my face. I think I can survive your being aroused during this interview," Hayley stated as a matter of fact.

Tyler smiled uneasily.

"Sometimes it's easier than other times. Today is a little..."

"Harder?" Hayley smirked.

Tyler just smiled back at her.

"Yes, I suppose so."

"Well take your time," Hayley responded.

Tyler cleared his throat and continued.

"Hayley, have you ever been bukkaked before?"

Hayley blushed instantly, her cheeks flushing the same color of her vibrant red hair. Finally she burst out into another fit of laughter.

"Is that a yes?" Tyler asked, smiling.

"Ha, well... just a few times really. But it was a long time ago. We were stuck in this ho-dunk town in the middle of nowhere Nebraska after one of our first tour buses broke down. The weather was really crappy outside. I mean, it was pouring outside and absolutely freezing. We all had a bad case of cabin fever that week as it was, so, I guess that day was just the straw that broke the camel's back... you know? Anyway, we had all just had a huge fight in the band, and my boyfriend and I were the only ones talking to each other on the whole damn bus. It was fucking dumb, and really annoying after a while. I couldn't stand it."

"Your boyfriend being Josh Farro, the band's former guitarist?"

"Yes. Anyway, because we were an item, it caused tension with the other guys. I mean, these were teenage boys we're talking about. They all had a hard-on for me. I don't know if it was because they particularly liked me specifically, or because I was the only female around, but... it was what it was. Well, anyway, we're all not speaking for this awkward period of time and I just finally... snap. Well, I was just sick of it, you know?"

"What did you do?" Tyler asked.

"I started undressing right in front of them: my shirt, jeans, bra, panties. Pretty soon I was stark naked in front of my best friends and band mates, one of which being my boyfriend. You should have seen the way they were just staring at my clean-shaven pussy... and me! Anyway, I told them from that moment on that I was going to be a team player. After all, it wasn't fair that Josh got all the pussy and the others were stuck masturbating in their bunks on long road trips across the great American Midwest."

"And your boyfriend didn't mind?"

"Not at all. Josh brought up the idea many times before that to me, but I was younger and much more timid back then. It was also the first time everyone in the band saw me fully naked too. Anyway, long story short, I eventually made them all pull out their cocks and sucked them all off one after the other. Of course they all came on my face and it was really hot! I just remember looking up at them after I took the fourth load on my face. There I was, naked, on my knees, with four loads of sperm dripping down my face! Needless to say, it was super-awkward later that night," Hayley smiled, clearly excited by the memory.

"I bet you've never looked better!"

"Oh I was a mess!"

"So were you all pretty comfortable with each other then?"

"After that we sure were!" Hayley laughed out loud again.

"Did it ever happen again?"

"Yeah, and pretty frequently it seemed too. It got to a point where every time I stepped on that bus it seemed like someone was peeling off my clothes and asking me to fall to my knees in front of them. Soon it was just expected that I didn't even wear clothes on the bus. Thinking back now, well, I can see how weird and uncomfortable it was for me. I mean, it was fun at first, you know? There was this initial sexual thrill to it all, but it just became overwhelming. They were always staring at me, completely naked, anytime we were on that bus. If I were eating breakfast, I was naked. Playing guitar? Naked. And many times I was sporting a fresh facial or three like some sexual badge of courage. I basically just turned into a giant cum dumpster for the guys in Paramore."

"Were any of them pleasing you at least?" Tyler asked, clearly turned on by Hayley's confession.

"I was a virgin back then, and they all respected that. But my pussy was off limits to anyone but Josh. I mean... they all saw it. Don't get me wrong. I was spreading my lips for those guys back then like some cheap porn star. But I didn't want all the guys to know what I tasted like... I was young and nervous about that kind of thing back then. I just couldn't cross that line."

"So how did you end the arrangement? That must not have been a popular concept amongst four horny teenagers barely out of high school!" Tyler pointed out.

"No, it wasn't. But I had to return to some sense of normalcy in my personal life with Josh. I promised not to cut them off cold turkey, and to keep the arrangement going until that particular tour ended. On the final night, I was drowning in cum. They just kept coming back and shooting their loads in my face. I, of course, had to let it all be. I wasn't allowed to wipe any of it off. Anyway, eventually they all drained themselves and we all went back home. When we got back together, we just... didn't talk about it. They all have girlfriends and wives now," Hayley stated.

"You and Josh broke up around this time too, is that correct?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah, it was just kids stuff really, but... after what happened that summer how could things get back to normal? We just... had to grow up and we couldn't do that together."

"So you weren't turned off from facials by that summer?"

"Are you kidding me? It only made me love them more! I just knew I couldn't do that forever was all," Hayley added.

"And I imagine the Queen of Emo's boyfriend today provides her with all her facial cumshot needs?" Tyler asked through a thinly veiled smile.

"I'm well taken care of in that department, yes," Hayley said with a sultry smirk.

"But no more bukkake tour bus stories to share?"

"'fraid not!" Hayley exclaimed. "My boyfriend and I try and keep a low profile about that kind of thing. I know we slipped up when I accidentally tweeted that topless picture of myself, but for the most part we've been good about it."

"So, tell me Hayley... how were you first introduced to the concept of facials?"

"Josh showed me. Well, that is to say, he did it to me. One minute I'm giving him one of his first blowjobs when suddenly he pulls out and spurts his stuff all over my face. It was the first time I felt sperm on my face! It was exciting, but I was so shocked and upset that I didn't know what to do. He told me all about it, but I didn't get it. I went onto all of these edgy emo forums, you know, the ones where all they do is talk about sex? Well, it turns out Josh wasn't lying. Facials weren't just popular, but they were shown and shared proudly by the emo girls on these sites. I knew if I was going to be looked up to by these girls, I had to get with the program."

"Wow. Well, it looks like we're almost done here. Any words of advice you'd like to leave the more edgy fans of yours who may be reading this... especially the girls?"

"Yeah. You're not emo until you take your first facial. You can suck as much dick as you want, and swallow all the cum in the world, but until you let your boy paint your face in sperm... you're just a poser."

Tyler burst out into laughter.

"Its too bad we don't have any pictures of you receiving a facial. That would go along nicely with my piece."

"Would you like one?" Hayley asked.

"Er, what? You serious?" Tyler asked, clearly shocked that just such a picture might exist.

"Sure, I've felt like kind of a poser myself lately. I mean, all talk, but no action to back it up. For all these girls know out there... I'm making this whole thing up!" Hayley exclaimed.

"Do you have many pictures like this?" Tyler asked, obviously intrigued.

"Sure, but, I was also thinking we could take one right now," Hayley stated.

"I don't understand..." Tyler said.

"I mean... I could let you facialize me right here if you want. I've got a camera."

Tyler's eyes went wide, which caused Hayley to burst out into a fit of laughter again.

"You'd let ME do that to you?" Tyler exclaimed.

"Sure! You're pretty cute, and you wouldn't be writing this article unless you had a thing for spraying pretty nubile faces with cum, so... I know you're game."

Tyler shifted uneasily.

"Well, I don't know if it'd be professional."

"Professional? You write sex articles about facial cumshots! What's professional about that?" Hayley asked.


"So what do you say? I could use one anyway. My boyfriend's out of town and I'm getting antsy waiting for him to get back," Hayley claimed.

"Wouldn't he mind?" Tyler asked.

"We're rockstars! We aren't mutually exclusive."

"Oh, I see. Well, I mean, if it's all right with you..."


Hayley slipped up her shirt and pulled it off her body, revealing her small black bra beneath. Next she slipped off her belt and then came her jeans, which she took her time fumbling with. Finally, Hayley slipped them down off of her hips, revealing her long, creamy white legs to Tyler. She was left standing in her bra and matching panties, staring at Tyler in his boxers, his erection raging beneath it. Hayley cocked an eyebrow and smiled devilishly at him.

"Wow, they sure took care of me today!" Hayley stated.

"Ha, I guess so..."

Hayley reached around and finally unhooked her bra, letting it fall off her small A-Cup breasts, her small dark nipples erect with excitement. Her breasts were small and supple, milky white and as flawless as could be expected from a twenty-two year-old rock goddess. Next, Hayley hooked her fingers into the straps of her panties and slipped them off her hips, revealing her smooth and hairless vulva to Tyler. Tyler could see her little nub and slit barely visible. It was obvious that she probably had an incredibly tight little pussy hidden between her legs. Tyler wondered what it must taste like, as he could practically smell the taste of sex permeating the green room by then.

"Wow..." Tyler stated.

Hayley ran her hands over the smooth skin above her vulva where her pubic hair had aught to be.

"Josh suggested I do it when he first started fingering me. I haven't looked back since."

"Hayley, come over here..."

Hayley looked back up at Tyler and smiled.

"Yes, sir..."

Hayley strutted over to Tyler and dropped to her knees. She pulled out Tyler's raging cock, its veins popping out. Tyler's penis was aching for attention from the lead singer of Paramore's wet tongue. Hayley smiled and licked the thick, engorged head with her tongue, causing Tyler to nearly feint right then and there. She continued to tease him like this for quite some time, continuously wrapping her tongue around the head and swirling it around in circles as she did so. Soon, she started licking it like an ice cream cone, running her tongue up and down the long shaft. Tyler just watched Hayley's tongue drag up the base of his shaft, her eyes locked on his the whole time...

"So, I wonder what a blowjob from the Queen of Facials feels like..." Tyler breathed.

"Queen of Facials?" Hayley asked.

"That's the title of my article."

Hayley just smiled.

"Well then, be sure to comment on the fact that I have no gag reflex, either!"

And with that, Hayley threw her lips around Tyler's penis and impaled it into her throat. She felt the meaty girth of it rocket over her wet tongue and past her gag reflex as the engorged head pushed deep inside of her. Tyler grabbed the top of Hayley's head as he went light-headed and couldn't believe the surge of pleasure rocketing through his groin. He actually felt his cock touch the back of Hayley's throat. Her once thought to be virginal throat, capable of producing only the most beautiful melodies, now had a meaty cock bulging deep inside it. Hayley soon took charge, wrapped her hand around Tyler's cock, and began to bob up and down on him. Tyler just looked down and met eyes with Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore, sucking his cock like a cheap whore. Hayley eventually took the penis out of her mouth and spit all over it. A thick strand of pre-cum connected her lips to Tyler's penis.

"Wow, you're amazing at this!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Thanks, I've had a lot of practice," Hayley replied.

Hayley dove back onto Tyler's cock.

"So what happens when your boyfriend goes on tour? Surely... oh yeah... that feels amazing... surely the Queen of Facials isn't forced into a dry spell... oh God... yes... keep going..."

Hayley removed Tyler from her mouth with an audible "pop".

"No, not at all. I always have an assistant or two following me around who are paid specifically not to masturbate. That way, when I need them, they can dump the biggest loads all over my face."

"Hot damn, Hayley... you're one amazing little cum-slut."

Hayley just winked at Tyler and took him back into her mouth. She bobbed up and down expertly on her prey. This blowjob truly proved to Tyler that Hayley Williams wasn't just a good cock sucker, but an exquisite felatrix. She had a true style and raw talent in the art of fellatio that he hadn't ever experienced before. This wasn't just Hayley's passion. It was her duty. And it was one she fell in love with, so much so that she opened a private e-mail account that only her most amorous of fans had access to. It was here that she had all her female fans send in photos of their own faces marked and splattered with their boyfriend's sperm. She had promised one day to satisfy all of their curiosities by uploading her own facial photos, and now she was going to make good on that promise.

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