tagErotic HorrorQueen's Night Ch. 07

Queen's Night Ch. 07


Alyse listened to the phone ring. Once, twice, thrice. Finally, Damon picked up.

"This is Dr. Christie's office." He answered.

"Damon, it's me." Alyse replied.

An audible gasp made its way into her ear. "Oh, thank God. Sheriff Kelly came by last night, asking about you."

"About Fisher and the agent, right?" She asked.

"Yes, Alyse. What is going on?"

"It's too complicated to explain over the phone. But...something is odd. I..I feel different." But how could she explain it? With Parker's blood in her, she felt entirely different. Powerful, sated, and at the same time, craving more.

"Different? What happened?" Damon asked her. Concern was in his tone.

"I bit Parker last night, and...well, it's something I can't explain over the phone. You remember my cabin?"

"The one outside town? I can be there in fifteen minutes." He said.

"Excellent. This is all very...strange, Damon." She said. They exchanged goodbyes, and Alyse placed the phone in the cradle.

Parker stood next to her, leaning against the counter. Redressed in his jeans and t-shirt, Alyse couldn't help but watch his muscles ripple as he shifted.

He was stunning, and she had to fight the urge inside of her, of her darker natures, to take him down to the ground and ride him.

"Are you all right?' Parker asked. He reached out, cupping her jaw. The simple, sweet gesture made her blush.

"To be honest? No. It's all very confusing."

"Confusing?" He looked down into her eyes, and she looked away.

"To be honest, Parker, I'm not used to this. It's...it's been a long time since I've felt like this." The question was, however, what was she feeling? Her heart raced when he touched her, when he looked at her. Hell, even his smell drove her bloody insane.

Eight hundred years of living as a vampire had changed her. She no longer considered herself part of humanity. She moved through humanity, navigating the waters of its society wit expert grace. But just because she walked among them did not mean that she was even close to one of them. She'd lived distant, even from other vampires. Since her sire had left her, it had been a lonely existence, but one of her choice.

But when he put his hands on her shoulders, she instantly felt like she could just toss it all away and just be with him. "Hey," Parker said. "Whatever this is...we'll figure it out. All right?"

"Okay," She nodded, and leaned up to kiss him. It held for a long time, and when she finally broke it, she asked. "Don't you think this is all a bit crazy?"

"Maybe, but I'm sure I've done something crazier than sleeping with a vampire."

Alyse laughed. "Somehow, Parker, I really doubt that."

They sipped at their coffee until the door bell rang. Alyse hadn't even thought twice before she called. "Door's unlocked."

But that was a mistake. Her nostrils were filled with the scent, that of werewolf. Kelly. The bitch was here.

"Parker, stay here." She whispered, and stood up, heading towards the front of the house.

She hurried out of the room, moving towards the front. Damon was there, with Kelly standing right beside him. "You..." Alyse hissed. She didn't even know who to hate more at the moment, the sheriff or her friend.

"Alyse, listen," Kelly said, putting her hands up, trying to show a sign of peace. "Don't blame Damon. He's done nothing wrong."

"Nothing but sold me out." Alyse glared at Damon. "What did she offer you?"

Damon sighed, his bony face seeming even more aged in that moment. "Alyse, you attacked Deputy Fisher. This is serious. I can't just let you ruin yourself for a human."

"Even if he is your...mate." Kelly's words were a surprise. Parker? Mate?

"That makes no sense." Alyse furrowed her brow. "Vampires don't mate."

Damon sighed. "We, uh, may have been wrong about that, Alyse. I'd like to run some tests, on both you and Parker."

"Tests?" Parker's voice caused Alyse to spin around. Instinctively, she put her body between his and Kelly's. That sheriff would have to get through her if- wait, why was she being possessive? She'd never been like this in the past, much less protective over a male.

"Uh, yes, Agent McLaren." Damon nodded. "I'd like to take some samples, see if anything has changed in you and Alyse that can explain all of this."

"Okay," Parker nodded. "So, what was this mate thing you're talking about?"

Kelly spoke up. "Werewolves each have a mate of their own, one person biologically and spiritually compatible with them."

'Wait, wait, wait..." Parker put up a hand, shaking his head. "Werewolves?"

Kelly gave a toothy grin for him. "You think Alyse just calls me a bitch just because I'm a pain?"

"You are a pain." Alyse shot back, then looked to Damon. "Start your tests." She said.

Damon nodded. "Parker, if we could continue this in the living room?"

"Uh, yea, sure," Parker said, and the two males left them.

Kelly folded her hands across her chest, and Alyse mirrored the action. The two of them looked at each other, glaring for a long moment.

"You attacked Fisher." Kelly hissed.

"Only when he shot at me." Alyse noted.

"You charged him first." The sheriff shot back.

Alyse nibbled on her lip. "Would you have blamed me, if it was one of your pack, trying to protect their mate?"

"No, but I'd kick their ass for it." Kelly sighed. "So, what's it like?"

"What's what like?" Alyse asked.

Kelly didn't meet her eyes. "Being mated."

"I wish I could describe it." Alyse said. "I feel lust, anxious, protective, violent, and a whole garbage load of other emotions." She sighed. "But it is very, very good."


Parker felt a growl bubble in his throat as the vampire Doctor drew blood from him. He had never been one for doctors, but now, every touch of the doctor on his skin seemed like a personal attempt to irritate him as much as possible.

"Your fidgeting and recoiling aren't going to help." Damon said as Parker flinched away from another needle.

Parker rolled his eyes. "Yea, because it's my complete goal in life to get prodded at like a lab experiment." Parker snapped. He hadn't ever acted like that before. He wasn't the type to lose his cool. But every single touch on him, from those gloved hands, made him want to scream out and attack Damon.

The man hadn't even done anything to him, but the instinct bubbled in him, like some lost primal reaction. Damon backed up from him, his nostrils flaring.

"What?" Parker furrowed his brow, watching as the doctor backed away.

"A theory. Alyse, I require your assistance!" Damon called out, and Alyse quickly appeared in the room.

Almost immediately, the tension in his body seemed to loosen. She walked towards him. "Parker, are you all right?" Her voice was touched with concern, and she touched his cheek.

"Oh..." He gasped as her hand touched him. Her touch was narcotic to him, and he looked up into her eyes. They had a look of hunger in them, and it at the same time frightened and excited him.

"Damon, do what you have to." She instructed, and he continued to take samples from him.

When he was done, Damon nodded politely to him. "Thank you very much, Agent McLaren."

"Just tell me what you can you do for me when you find out what the hell is going on." Parker said.

"Of course." Damon left to depart, leaving the two of them sitting in the living room.

Alyse slid into Parker's lap, kissing his lips softly. "You'll ruin me, you know that." She purred. Her voice was like liquid silk, pouring over him.

Parker's hands grasped her soft hips, his hands clasping to her cool flesh. "How will I ruin you?" He whispered.

"I'd kill for you, if you wanted. I...I'm drawn to you, like nothing else." She whimpered at his touch, and her back arched forward. She thrust her breasts out, moaning in delight.

Parker was only human. He drew her close to him, and kissed her, hungrily. Delight washed over him. He tasted her lips, her floral scent. When he broke the kiss, he whispered. "You want a piece of me?" He sneered playfully.

"Of course," Her head dipped down to kiss his neck. "I want all of you, every bit. Mine." She purred, and the entire thought of her possessiveness sent tingles across his spine.

He sat up for a moment to pull off his t-shirt, exposing more flesh or her to explore. She took her time with him, moaning when Parker untied her robe and cupped her breasts. He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, teasing them into hard little points.

"So good," Alyse panted. She moved between his legs, kneeling on the floor. She reached up and unzipped his fly. Her hands fished inside his boxers and pulled out his member, already firm for her. "Delicious." She murmured.

"Delicious?" Parker asked, but he soon found out what she meant. Her little pink tongue flicked out and swiped over the head of his cock. Parker's hips arched, and a grunt escaped him.

Her wicked tongue played along his length, starting at the head, dragging down to the base, and lifting again. She repeated this again and again, torturing him with her mouth. He had never been one to relinquish control, but it felt so good to just let her take over.

She took him into her mouth, and he had to fight just from cumming right there and then. He wrapped a hand in her dark hair, tugging on it slightly as he arched his hips up into her warm, wet mouth.

Alyse suckled him, her tongue winding around his member, teasing him, tasting him. Parker resisted the urge to let go, to just surrender to her right then and there. But it was so very good, and he watched as her head bobbed up and down on his shaft.

Her fingers reached down to cup his balls, rolling them and teasing. Parker felt shivers, nearly shocks, up his spine, trying to quell the need inside of him to beg her. "Alyse," He moaned. "Damn, babe, I'm not going to last much longer..."

She pulled her head off him with a satisfying pop, and grinned up at him. "Right where I want you, my knight." She purred. Alyse climbed up into his lap, and with very little ceremony, sheathed him in her folds.

The tightness enveloped Parker, and he instinctively grabbed her hips. He controlled the pace, wanting to move slowly with her. He didn't want to rush things.

Parker kissed her lips, softly, slowly. Their bodies moved in a slow, easy rhythm. They weren't fucking, weren't just mindlessly screwing. No, Parker wanted to make love to her.

He brought a hand up off of the curve of her ass. He took one of her hands into his, holding it tightly. Never before had he wanted to be this close with a woman, just simply make her feel cared for. Damn, he was falling fast.

They sat like that, both of them moving slowly against each other, for sometime. Finally, she clenched around him, gasping his name. "Oh, Parker," She moaned, and her climax took over.

Parker wasn't far behind. But he whispered, into her ear. "Bite me." He said to her.

"Parker, I..." Her voice quivered.

"Do it, Alyse," and he brought his hand up to her mouth. She didn't hesitate for a moment after that. There was a moment of initial pain as her fang pierced him. But that passed in a quick moment as it was overcome by fantastic, utter pleasure.

He came moments later. His entire body flexed and clenched, pulling her closer as pleasure overcame him. He groaned her name, as she moaned against his wrist. Parker gave himself over to the pleasure, his seed pulsing in long jets inside of her.

Parker whispered into her ear, again and again. "So good, baby... So damned good."

He must have phased out. Either from the blood loss, or just how good his release felt, it didn't matter. When Parker came to, he was sitting back in the chair, Alyse sprawled over him in a light doze.

Her face was angelic as she slept. Soft features, with a look of pure serenity on them. He felt a surge of happiness inside of him, at the fact that he made her happy.

He laid there with her, and his thoughts drifted. Eventually, they settled back on the case. He really needed to figure out if any of the vampires in Alyse's...whatever the name for a group of vampires was, were responsible for this. He'd have to ask her if he could take a look into the matter, and figure out if any of them knew about Eric Standwell.

"You're very cute when you're thinking." Alyse remarked.

Parker looked down, and saw that she had woken up while he was off in his head. "Hey, baby." He smirked.

She leaned up to kiss him. "What's on your mind?"

"My case." He answered. "Our victim was meeting with a doctor here about some sort of test thing. We talked with Damon already, but we haven't been able to talk to Dr. Wright, the other doc in town."

She laughed a little. "She's one of mine, too. Would you like her address?" She asked him.

After carefully ignoring the urge to just kiss her and take her down to the floor, they got up and got dressed. Parker chuckled a little after he had gotten himself dressed and ready to leave.

"What?" Alyse remarked.

"Never done the walk of shame while working a case before." He teased. "I find that somewhat hard to believe." Alyse remarked. "You're a rather hot piece."

"Thanks, but for the last few years, my romantic life has been nil."

She gave him a sideways glance. "Why is that?"

"I..I don't know. I was always too busy, and there never was anyone...special." Parker sighed. "Listen, Alyse, I'm only going to be here for the duration of my work. After then...I'm off to somewhere else, to catch more killers."

Alyse nibbled on her lips nervously. "I...I don't know what to do. I would like to continue this."

"I...I really would too." He said. "We can figure something out, I'm sure." He said.

"We will." Alyse said, nodding. "But for now, you have work to do."

Parker was buzzing with glee after they were back in town. Alyse had driven them back, leaving Parker at his hotel. On the way back, they had talked, mostly about him. He'd told her about his history, and why he had gone into the CBI. He'd never felt so at ease with anyone before. It was soothing and exciting at the same time.

He had walked to Mina Wright's house, a two-story affair on the outside of town. Parker knocked on the front door. The woman who answered was tall, but still a few inches shorter than him. Her blond hair was done up in neat curls. She was pretty, he surmised, and she had a nice tanned look to her that tempted.

"Hi, Doctor Wright. I'm Agent McLaren, I'm from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation." He flashed his badge for her.

"Why, yes, Agent McLaren. The town's been in quite the fuss about you. How can I help the CBI?"

He offered a polite smile. "I just had a few questions for you, about a man who was in town recently." He pulled out the picture of Eric Standwell. "This is Eric Standwell. He was in town seeing a doctor, a researcher, from what it seems."

She nodded. "Ah, yes. Eric was a case study in my research." She backed away from the door, holding it open for him. "Won't you come in, Agent McLaren? I can explain what it was all about."

"Yea, sure." Parker followed her in. She led him to a living room with some nice furnishings, resembling something from the Victorian era. He took a seat on a chair that looked older than him.

"Would you like some coffee?" Wright asked.

"Uh, yea, that'd be great." He said, and continued speaking after she had disappeared to the kitchen. "So, what was all this about?"

"Well, as you know," Mina began. "Eric Standwell was an orphan. My research is into genetics, and my information brought me to his parents. I wanted to discuss that with him, and I wanted to ask if he would work with me in my research."

"And what did Mr. Standwell say?"

"He agreed." She remarked. "He would meet me on the weekends so I could run tests or interview him."

"And how did your research concern him?" He asked.

"I followed several bloodlines in my research, and he came of one of them. How do you take your coffee?"

"Uh, black." Parker said. She returned with a mug, and he accepted it gratefully. "Thanks." He said, and took a sip. "So, why did Eric's genetics interest you?"

"You've been with Alyse?" She asked. "I'm like her, Parker. A vampire. Eric Standwell was a means to an end. He had certain...unique properties. Without knowing it, he shared similarities to vampire genes. Even smelling him, there was something different about him."

"So, what, he was...half-vampire?"

"No, nothing so obvious." She stood, pacing around her coffee table. "His blood wasn't like either humans or vampires. When I fed off of it, it satisfied me so... I felt so powerful when I drank from him."

Parker suddenly realized what was going on. She had used him as a test subject. "And his death?"

"I lost my temper." She smiled. "Oh, it wasn't pleasant. He wanted the tests to stop. He knew that if it was a choice between my research and him, I'd pick my research and bleed him dry."

"And you bled him dry." He growled. He tried standing, reaching for his gun. But when he did, he fell to his feet.

Mina looked down on him. "Don't worry, Parker. It's just a sedative. Can't have you trying to arrest me, silly human." She knelt down next to him. "Oh, I want to taste that mixed breed blood now, but I can't. Not yet..." She shook her head. "More research to be done..."

The last thing Parker saw was the fanged grin of Mina Wright.

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