tagErotic HorrorQueen's Night Ch. 08

Queen's Night Ch. 08


Hey, everyone! We're getting close to the end with these two. As always, thanks to my editor, who patiently points out my typos. I also want to thank everyone who's read so far! Please, if you read, review and leave a comment! I love to hear your reviews. It's like freaking crack!


Chapter 8

Parker felt the splash of water onto his face. The cold rush was like a slap, stirring him. "What...what the fuck?" He murmured.

"Well, that got you awake." Parker's eyes opened to blinding light. A headache was ringing through his skull, throbbing like a million little gnomes were beating on him.

Standing over him was Mina Wright. That blond doctor who-oh, right, was a vampire too. Was anyone in this town normal? He supposed not.

"Why are you doing this?" He grunted.

She was looking down on him from above. Parker took stock of where he was. In a lab somewhere, that he could tell. The plain taupe color of the walls and sterile air told him that much.

"Well, it's all relatively simple." She said. "You're what a were would call a 'mate.' The mutts have these people, biologically compatible with them." She picked up a syringe from her tray.

"And so, what, you need a new lab rat?"

"Precisely." She remarked.

Parker looked down. He was restrained to the table with a pair of heavy leather straps. His right arm was hooked to an IV. "And what do you want?"

"Well, it's simple. If I can figure out a way to detect what separates you, I can go through my data and determine how to detect that in others. It'll be remarkably profitable. Vampires across the globe would pay good money for a blood source like you."

"You want to start human trafficking? Oh, this is bullshit." Parker rolled his eyes.

"Hardly. This is going to be incredibly profitable." She said. "My experiments with Eric proved so. Your blood is powerful. Drinking it multiplies our strength and powers."

"Alyse will find me." Parker said. "She'll find me and she'll hunt you down, bitch."

"Not with the magicks I put in place." She smirked. "Now, I'm going to inject you with this." She said, indicating the syringe. "It's a mixture of my own, designed to bring out some of the vampiric traits in you."

"Vampiric traits?" Parker shook his head. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about."

"Really?" She smirked. "You were originally training for the Illegal Substances Unit, four years ago. During a training accident, you wounded your knee. They doctor who saw the injury said you'd never run again, and that you'd work desk duty for your career."

"I got better. It was a shitty diagnosis." Parker retorted.

"I know better. What happened was that your vampiric blood saw to it that you healed. Stronger, better than before. I'm right, aren't I?"

Parker bit his lip. "This is all fucking crazy." He shook his head.

"It's crazy, but it makes sense." She smirked. "Now, this will hurt..." She injected the solution in the syringe into the IV drip. "A lot."

Parker almost immediately felt his body burn with terrible pain. He'd never imagined anything could feel this bad. Every single cell in his body seemed to yell at him. Imaginary needles sunk into his every pore.

He'd never been a screamer. Instead, he only gritted his teeth, He woudn't let his pain show, he told himself. He had to get the better of this insane vampiric bitch.

And he could hear her voice, in his ear. It had a scientist's tone of careful study. "Curious..."

Alyse jerked in her seat. She had been sitting through a meeting with one of her brethren, discussing a matter over whether he could reveal his nature to his girlfriend. Then the pain shot through her. It was not terrible, no worse than anything she'd experienced before. But it was constant, all over her. She knew, somehow, that the pain was not hers, that this was only her feeling it because of a bond she shared with Parker.

"Lady Alyse?" Xavier, the vampire, asked. "Are you all right?"

Alyse shook her head. "No." She bit back the pain, summoning her training. Long ago, when she'd refused to take blood, pain had wracked her. Those times had taught her that pain was only something else to be mastered. She fought back against it, dulling it down. "Xavier, can we speak another time? I fear I have some business that has just arisen."

He nodded. "Of course, m'lady." He said, and he walked out of the office.

She hadn't wished to do that, but there were more pressing matters at the moment. She reached for her phone, and dialed Sheriff Kelly's number. The two of them had known each other's cells for a long time, as the respective leaders of their people in town.

Kelly answered on the first ring. "What is it, Alyse?"

Alyse stifled a grunt of pain. 'Parker. Is she with your deputies?"

"Um, no, he went to Dr. Wright's house alone. He said that he wanted to follow up this, didn't want to distract any of us."

"He's in trouble, Kelly. Please, I need to find him."

"Meet me at Wright's place in fifteen, all right? I'll bring Fisher, and we'll see if Parker made it there."

Fifteen minutes later, Alyse stepped out of her car. Parker's SUV was already there, she noted. "What the hell happened?" She snarled as she approached Kelly and Fisher.

The two weres stood just a little straighter. Kelly held up a hand. "Calm down, Alyse. We just got here ourselves."

"Calm down?" Alyse's mind was going a mile a minute. Where was he, who was doing this to him? Why? Had Parker started asking the wrong questions? "The last thing I want to do is calm down, bitch."

An inhuman growl ripped from Kelly's throat. "Watch your tongue. We really don't want to play this game right now."

Fisher stood between the two of them. "Alyse, Amber." He glanced between the two of them. "Now isn't the time for this. Alyse's mate is in danger. That's all we know so far. Let's investigate, and form conclusions after then." He focused his gaze on Alyse. "I can understand what you must be going through. I could only hope to be as controlled as you are right now. I know that if my mate Julie were in danger, I'd be pummeling anything I could see until I could save her."

Alyse nodded, exhaling slowly. It wasn't a necessity. She didn't breathe. But it proved to relax her all the same. "You're right, Deputy Fisher. Sheriff Kelly, my apologies."

"Apology accepted. Now, let's go take a look, shall we?" Kelly walked up with them to the porch and the front door. She rapped on the door twice, and waited a long moment.

"Nobody's home." Fisher remarked after a minute. "So, what now?"

Alyse looked to the two officers. "Sheriff Kelly, Deputy Fisher. If you would please turn away for one moment.

Kelly furrowed her brow. "Why?" She growled.

"I'm going to break the door open. You can arrest me later, once we've found Parker." She said, trying to sound as calm as possibly. There was no way she would have done this before. But a lot had changed in the past few days.

Kelly sighed. "Do it."

Alyse tapped into her hunger, the side of her that she did not care for. The true vampire. She felt power ripple across her body, coupled with the hunger inside of it. With one, easy motion, she shoved her palm forward onto the door knob, and she could hear the lock shatter. The door swung open showing the entry way to the house.

"Well, here we go.." Fisher sighed and drew his side arm.

They entered the house, and instantly, Alyse could detect Parker's scent. It seemed the two weres could too, as they headed towards the living room.

The sight in the living room did nothing to calm Alyse's nerves. She could smell the distress, see it in the spilled coffee and the disturbed throw rugs. She leaned down, along with Fisher and Kelly, at the scene.

"Shit." Kelly murmured. "What does Wright want with Parker?" She asked.

"She was doing research into half-breeds. I...I didn't even think to question Parker visiting her. Damn!" She hissed, shaking her head.

"It's okay, Alyse. We can follow his scent." She said, and she paused for just a moment, closing her eyes in silent thought. Alyse knew what it was. She was calling on the beast within, her Wolf. There was a subtle change in her stance, her breathing. It became more fluid, aggressive.

When the Sheriff opened her eyes, her pupils had dilated to an extreme, nearly overcoming the irises. Her voice held a subtle growl as she said. "Okay, let's go."

She took off through the living room into the kitchen, with Fisher and Alyse following close behind. Alyse watched the sheriff as she took off out of the back door in the kitchen. She didn't move like a human now. No, she was in a meld with the beast now, and there was very little anyone cold do at the moment to bring her out of it.

They reached a back clearing, where there was a spot clear of any leaves or branches. "She had a car here." Kelly informed them. "She took off, dammit. She could be anywhere now.

Fisher grunted, shaking his head. "I'll put out an APB for Mina, with a warning to not approach. Alyse, do you know of any place she could have taken Parker?"

"Her labs." Alyse guessed. "She'd want to study him..."

"You fucking bitch!" Parker snarled in anger. He didn't have any need for restraints now. Whatever was in that syringe had seen to that.

He'd spent the last hour on the floor of the lab, clutching at himself. He'd broken through the restraints on the lab table sometime after the injection. He'd tried to claw at Mina, to try and hurt her, but she'd hurried away from him. He had fallen over onto the floor, face against the cool linoleum.

He'd stayed there since then. His body burned with the pain of whatever was happening to him. Changing him, she had said. Reactivating what was dormant in him.

In his pained, angry stupor, he started to wonder. Was one of his parents really a vampire? How was that even possible? Why, if he was so rare, had his father abandoned him? Was it shameful for him? A little voice in his head told him not to ask questions like that. He might not like the answers.

But that was his job, wasn't it? To ask the hard questions, to get the answers that no one wanted, but that people needed.

After about an hour, the door to the exam room opened. In stepped a dark-haired man. He was dressed in dark red scrubs. His entire body was lean, gaunt. Definitely not healthy. He'd seen people like that before. Malnourishment.

He crouched over Parker. "Oh, you're up." He remarked. "Good. My name is Emile." His voice had a vaguely European accent. "I'm a vampire, and I work for Doctor Wright." He smirked down at him.

"Go fuck yourself." Parker spat. "Takes a real man to gloat over a dude on the floor."

"American bravado. Always so fascinating." He paused a moment, then kicked Parker in the gut.

Parker coiled tight into a ball. "What the hell was that for?" He hissed.

"Because it felt good." He grabbed Parker by the chin, forcing the agent to look into his dead, hazel eyes. "You're a mutt, sure, but you're going to be an expensive mutt once we find the right buyer."

"So you people are really going to sell me?" Parker couldn't believe it. Not only was he being kidnapped and sold, he was being sold by vampire human traffickers.

Emile nodded, letting go of Parker's face. "Your blood...we could sell it bit by bit, but Mina has a theory that the power in your blood only can be drunk from the source. No bags..." He smirked. "So you get to live the rest of your days as some master vampire's power source."

"That's your plan?" He asked, though his voice was rasping now with the pain. "Sell me as a battery?" Parker had to laugh a little at how absurd it sounded to himself. "Oh, that's just dumb."

Emile didn't laugh, though. Instead, he just simply sneered. "Mina said that I couldn't drink from your blood. But, there are other ways to make your life hell." The vampire grabbed him with one hand, and tossed him across the floor, sprawling him. "Awfully pretty, human. I could take some of that.." His hand grabbed Parker's hip.

And then, like a switch was flipped, the pain was gone. It all made sense to Parker now. He knew exactly what to do. Something was inside him. It wasn't years of training, which told him exactly how to be a good cop. No, it was something more instinctual, more private, primal. It was how to be with his other side.

Parker's foot kicked out, slamming into Emile's stomach. He sent the vampire sprawling into the exam table, making it crash to the floor with him.

"You...fucking human!" Emile hissed as he tried to pick himself up.

Parker found his feet, and stood up. He only wore the hospital gown, but that didn't matter to him. He took a precursory glance around, and found a scalpel on the table. He picked it up and immediately flipped it into a knife-fighter's hold.

"How about you back off, Emile?" Parker hissed. "You're definitely not my type." He tried shuffling backwards, away from the vampire, but found his feet to be unsteady.

Emile flashed his fangs at him. "You're fighting. Good, that means I can break a few bones..." He moved, then. The vampire was fast, unnaturally so, as he raced towards Parker, an arm drawn back ready to strike.

But he wasn't as fast as Alyse. To Parker, it almost seemed like a lazy pace. His muscles shifted, ever so slightly, bracing him against the charge.

Both struck at the same time. Parker sliced at Emile with the scalpel, and Emile laid into him with a fist to his face. Emile hissed as the blade found flesh, and Parker fell back against a cabinet from the recoil of the blow.

Parker recovered as fast as he could, trying to keep himself steady. Emile, however, had other ideas. He lunged in, leaving Parker little time.

But he didn't need a lot. He could tell Emile wasn't a trained fighter. No, he was used to taking on adversaries who were scared. Parker sure wasn't scared of this undead bastard.

He stepped out of the way quickly, jumping to his right. As soon as Emile had passed him, he spun around and slammed an elbow onto the vampire's back. It wasn't a question of technique after that, just speed.

Parker brought the knife to Emile's throat. "My gun. My clothes." He growled. "Where are they?"

Emile nodded. "Your stuff? Yea. It's, uh, it's in the supply closet. In a plastic tub."

Parker pressed the knife closer to the skin. "Are you fucking me? Because if it's not there, I'll kill you."

"You won't kill me." He whispered, his voice quivering. "You're a police officer, right? Good cop?"

Parker leered down at him. "You kidnap me, drug me, stick me up with some, some... fucked up shit, and you try to violate me?" He sneered. "I'll make an exception for you, you little fanged shit."

Emile nodded. Or at least, he started to, but when he did, the knife skimmed closer to his skin. "Yea, yea." He assured him. "I'm not telling any lies."

"Good." Parker said. "Sit down on the ground, Indian style."


"Indian style! Legs crossed." He lifted the knife from Emile's throat. "Now. And if you try anything funny, I won't even hesitate."

The vampire sat down, and put his hands up in surrender. "Please, please, I want to live."

"Coward." He grunted. Parker thought about what he was going to do, just for a moment. He drove the knife into Emile's leg, and slashed into the muscle. The scalpel's trail was marked with a fine line of blood.

"Oh, shit!" Emile cried out. "Mother of God..."

Parker walked away, heading to the supply closet that Emile had gestured to. He opened the door, and found it there. A plastic tub, but no clothes. Just his gun and wallet.

"Where's my clothes?" Parker asked.


"Where. Are. My. CLOTHES?" Parker shouted.

Emile flinched. "Mina had them burned, so no one could track the scent."

"And my badge?"

"I don't know." He shook his head.

He grabbed the gun, and checked the magazine. It still had the full magazine. He racked the slide, chambering a round as he realized what he had to do. "It ain't Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it'll work." He said.

"What?" Emile furrowed his brow. "I don't get it."

Parker shook his head as he walked towards the wounded vampire. "It's really simple. You kidnapped me. You tried to rape me." He adopted a two-handed grip on the pistol. "There's only one way for this to end."

Parker didn't hear what Emile said. At that moment, he didn't care. He took just one shot, and the bark of the CZ filled the room for a moment. The end result was Emile, face first dead, with brain matter covering his back.

He'd never shot anyone before. Hell, he'd barely had reason to draw his weapon before. And now he'd killed someone. Not someone, a fucking vampire.

"Fuck me." He murmured.


Again, thanks for reading! Please, if you liked it, or even if you didn't, leave a comment and review! Until next time, the exciting conclusion!

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