tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuest Ch. 01

Quest Ch. 01


Lisa enters the small town and is not surprised by the conditions that she find. Almost all the small towns and most of the major cities are in the similar shape. Destroyed buildings, hardly any electricity, disease rampant, water supplies no longer good, and all of this because of the damned aliens.

A cool breeze interrupts her thoughts and she pulls her cloak tighter. She approaches what looks to be the local bar and enters.

As she steps into the room, she removes her hood and walks to the bar. She feels the stare of almost all the occupants as she sits down and calls for the bartender. Most of the stares are gone as the old man approaches.

"What can I get you," the man asks.

"Do you have any rum and coke," she asks.

He nods his head.

"We ran out of coke a year ago. Damned aliens," he mutters.

She looks at him and can see sorrow in his eyes.

Lisa reaches for his hand.

"It will be okay," she reassures and she watches as his sorrow fades a little.

"Thanks," he says. "Things have been so rough."

"I know," Lisa says. "I'll take some rum."

The bartender limps away from her and starts to fix her drink. Her thoughts drift back to that day.So much death and devastation in such a short period of time. It is amazing that anybody survived.

"One rum for the pretty lady."

The bartender's voice brings her from the past and she reaches into her pockets.

"How much," she asks.

He shakes his head.

"On the house."

He sees her look of surprise.

"I know what you are thinking and yes, these days money is coveted by everyone. Even the two dollars for this drink. However, you are the only person in the past three years to offer any reassurance to me. I am old and I know that I will die here in this bar one day. I know this is the best my life will get. However, I still miss my..."

He gasps for words.

"I still miss my Anna."

Lisa takes his hands.

"I can tell. You must have loved her very much."

He points to a picture that hangs behind the bar. The woman in the picture has a wonderful smile. No reson he misses her, Lisa thinks.

"She is gorgeous, isn't she?"

Lisa nods.


The old man looks at a patron.

"Keep your damned pants on! I'll be there in a minute!"

He turns back to Lisa.

"Anyway, you have showed more attention to me than anyone since I lost Anna on that day."

He takes her hand.

"Thank you," he smiles. "By the way, I see a similar loss in your eyes. I am sorry."

Lisa smiles.

"Thank you for the drink."


She watches as he limps away.

"Alright! Damned kids..." she hears him mutter.

Lisa looks around and spies an empty booth.

She sits down and realizes that she is exhausted. The trip to this town took more out of her than she thought it would. As she takes a sip of her drink she knows that she will need to find a hotel soon.

"May I sit down?"

The soft female voice takes Lisa by surprise. She looks at a pretty young girl standing by her table.

"My grandfather said I should come over."

"Your grandfather," asks Lisa.

The young girl points to the barkeeper and Lisa motions for her to sit down.

"Thanks," says the girl.

"For what?"

"My grandfather has been sad since the attack. This is the first time I have seen him actually smile. He has given plenty of fake smiles to make people think that he is okay but I knew he wasn't. So, I don't know what you said, but thanks..."

Lisa extends her hand.


The young girl takes it.

"My name is Kris."

Lisa takes a sip of her drink and feels Kris' eyes upon her. Kris realizes this.

"I am sorry. It's just you are very beautiful."

Lisa laughs.

"What's funny?"

Lisa sips her rum. "My hair is a mess, I haven't had a manicure since the day before the attack, my clothes are things that I wouldn't have wore three years ago, and I have no make up."

Kris looks at her.

"Despite all of that, you are beautiful."

Lisa doesn't know what to say.

"Thanks, I haven't heard that for quite some time."

"May I ask when was the last time?"

Lisa thoughts drift back to the night before the attack. Jim and she had snuck to his parents swimming pool. He had dared her to take off her clothes. You are beautiful, your body doesn't need to be hidden behind that bikini, he had said as he stripped his trunks off.

She remembers being nervous but did remove her swimsuit one piece at a time. She teased him as she pulled her bottom down and threw it at him. They played in the pool for hours and then they wound up on the deck having sex beneath the stars. The next day, the stars would fall on them.

"Three years ago," Lisa says.

Kris takes her hand.

"That's far too long."

Lisa stares at the girl and drinks her rum.

The roaring fire keeps the small room warm as Kris and Lisa stand in a passionate embrace. Lisa runs her fingers through Kris' short hair while they kiss. They are both hungry for physical contact. Their tongues meet and Lisa accepts it greedily. She feels her cloak being slipped off . She feels Kris's hands slide up her faded sweatshirt and when the soft fingers reach her naked breasts, she moans.

Lisa cannot say anything as Kris plays with her nipples. Kris pinches them and electricity shoots through her body.

Lisa kisses the young girl once more and lets her hands run to the back of Kris' dress. She has trouble removing it when Kris whispers...

"Rip it!"

Lisa obeys.

With one motion the dress is lying on the floor and Lisa can't help but stare at the naked girl before her. Kris' breasts are smaller than hers but the nipples are much larger.

Lisa discovered her love for women in high school but there had only been two encounters with her best friend Sherry before she and Jim had met. That was the last time she had been with a female but the fantasies had been there.

Lisa smiles.

"You are gorgeous."

Kris grins at the compliment and finds herself being pushed backwards onto the bed. She watches as Lisa removes her sweatshirt and jeans. Kris' pussy gets wetter as she notices that Lisa also is shaven.

Lisa sees the passion in Kris' eyes and knows that she feels it as well.

"Fuck," she says loudly and pounces on the bed.

They spend almost two hours exploring each other. Lisa licks Kris' pussy as Kris slides her fingers deep into Lisa. They fuck each other with dildos that Kris has kept hidden by her bedside.

Lisa holds Kris's head to her pussy as she cums for the third time.

Lisa bites Kris' nipples as she fingers Kris to her fourth orgasm.

As Kris screams with pleasure, she looks at Lisa.

"Rub your pussy," Kris' order is stern.

Lisa obeys and she begins to rub it.

Kris smiles and bends down. She takes Lisa's fingers and brings them to her mouth.

"You taste wonderful."

Lisa moans as Kris bends down to her pussy. Kris spreads apart her lips and begins to lick once more. Lisa doesn't think she can cum again and begins to squirm.

Kris looks up at her, Lisa's juices dripping from her face.

"Be still, you can do this!"

Lisa stares into the bright blue eyes and surrenders.

She lies back down and plays with her breasts while Kris continues to lick her pussy. As the orgasm approaches, Kris slips her finger slowly up Lisa's ass and begins to fuck it.

Lisa squirms with pleasure.

"Yes'" she shouts. "Fuck my Ass!"

"Lick my Pussy!"

Lisa collapses as she cums. She closes her eyes and continues to play with her breasts. She does not remember ever feeling like this.

She hears a drawer opening and opens her eyes. She finds Kris kneeling above her with a huge needle.

Kris giggles.

"If you feel good now, just wait..."

The needle penetrates Lisa's arm and darkness overcomes her.

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