tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuest Ch. 06

Quest Ch. 06


Author's note: I hope you are currently enjoying the series. This chapter is rather long and is very short on erotic action but it is meant to get the back history of the series established. Now that this is done, we can get back to the good stuff! As always, votes and comments are welcomed. Enjoy!

Chapter 6: Rich's Story

"As you already know, Lisa, I am not from this Earth. I am from an alternate Earth from a different dimension. Imagine, if you can, a horizontal row filled with nothing but "Earth's". In between each Earth is a small barrier. This barrier is what separates each universe from the other. Of course, this is just a simplified definition of dimensions and the barriers that separate each universe but I am from one of these "Earth's".

My story began almost eighty years ago. My Earth was very technologically advanced. We had mastered space flight. We had no hunger. We had no disease. We had a paradise.

I am a scientist, as you probably have figured out. My specialty was astronomy. I spent my every waking moment exploring the universe. I was one of the first ones to fly into space. Then, almost two years before we were visited, I lost interest in space. There were many budding astronomers that could do what I was doing.

So, there I was: twenty five years old, already a successful astronomer, riches I never dreamed possible, a very lovely wife who was about to bear me my first son, and I was bored.

About this time there was a young woman who had started to make herself known as a "quack" because she started to publish papers about 'other dimensions'. She claimed things that the community just dismissed as 'drugged out science fiction'.

I began to read her papers. I was intrigued enough that I began doing my own research. I kept quiet about, basically using my 'personal' time to do this. I neglected my wife. I didn't pay attention to my son. A year later, she left.

At the time, I didn't care. I began to see that the woman was right. I ran test after test and soon realized that there was another dimension out there.

I made a few inquiries and went to where the woman lived.

When I met her, I mesmerized by her beauty. I couldn't believe that someone so young and intelligent could look so good.

I can see your questions in your eyes, Lisa, but don't take my word for it. You have met her. The woman was Lois, the red head.

She had heard of me, of course, and was ecstatic to learn that I was interested in sharing theories.

For the first few months we met, our encounters were purely scientific. We used the best our technology had and by the end of the third month, we had a radar image of the barrier that separated our 'universe' from another.

We were so happy that we celebrated.

We fucked each other silly that night.

It felt wonderful! My ex had been great in bed but Lois was wonderful. She has a very active, very uninhibited imagination. We fucked in positions that I didn't even know existed. She was able to make me cum at least 4 times within a hour and I wasn't tired.

For two months I didn't leave our lab. We would do our research by day and fuck at night. If we got bored by that arrangement, we simply shifted the times.

I felt terrific.

I remember the night the aliens visited us very well.

Lois was curled up against me, asleep. I stared at a small device that rested on the counter. That next day, we were going to test that device. It was going to allow us to jump between dimensions.

We had just finished it. We made love. We said that the next night we would be fucking on some other Earth, some other world.

I came so hard that night. I was empty. She had a glow.

The next instant I will always remember. I see it every night in my dreams. In my nightmare.

Our radar that was set up to allow us to "see" our dimensional barrier had always had the same picture: a stable barrier with stars in the background. A very quiet picture. A very calming picture. I remember nights when I did nothing but stare at the image as I did that very night.

Suddenly the image blurred.

I thought the machine was trying to break down.

I got up and walked over to the radar.

The image became cleared up.

I watched, in terror, as that stable barrier exploded and ships, space ships I had never seen before, came into our universe. It wasn't just one. I counted one hundred before the barrier closed.

I woke Lois up.

She was excited.

Her nipples hardened as I turned the radar image to the ships and discovered they were heading for us.

I said we had to warn the planet.

She just stared at the image.

I began to get dressed.

She just stood there.

I hollered out to her, she wouldn't listen.

Her hand crept her leg and she started to rub her pussy.

I pulled it away and told her we need to go.

I saw her fingers were soaked. She was very aroused.

She said that she was staying.

I looked at the image. We had two hours before the planet would detect them. Now, I didn't know if this was a threat or not but this didn't have to be a surprise.

I kissed her on her forehead.

'I love you,' I said and left, quietly picking up the dimension jumper and bringing it with me.

I tried to warn my ex colleagues what was going on but they didn't believe me. They thought that Lois had simply poisoned my mind. She had used her beauty and charms to make me believe anything.

I tried to have them check the telescopes. They did but the ships were not there. I know now that the aliens use some sort of 'cloaking' device.

I left and headed for the lab to get the radar device. It was portable and I knew I could plug it into the main computer and my fellow scientist would believe me.

As my car approached the lab, my stomach began to sicken as I saw smoke rising from the building.

I pulled up, jumped out, and ran towards it. The fire was, at least 30 minutes old, and very hot. I couldn't get inside and my proof, gone.

Lois, her name ran through my mind.

I ran around the building and saw her car was gone.

I was pleased to know that she was alive. Now, my only hope was that the visitors would have been friendly.

Needless to say, I was wrong. Actually, I was wrong about several things. You see, our radars didn't detect them. To be able to pierce the dimensions, the aliens shields had to match the same frequencies of the dimensional barrier. Well, the only known radar to even detect that barrier was just feet away, burning up.

The aliens marched right in.

They have the same method of operation everywhere. Attack the Earth, kill millions decimate the planet, leave some agents behind, and leave for the next Earth, the next universe.

I hid in an old underground bunker from one of our old world wars as the aliens attacked. I thought of my ex-wife and of my son, Jake. I didn't even know where they were.

A day later, I emerged from my hiding place to find an Earth much like this one. Torn up, ruined. I gathered what personal belongings I could pull from the rubble , put it in my old duffle bag and began to try and find out what happened.

As I said, on each Earth they visit, they leave agents behind. I found this out the hard way when I entered my 'New Orleans'. It wasn't a crater like yours but pretty badly torn up. I was walking down the French Quarter and it was quiet. No sounds, nothing. Just utter quiet. Bodies lying throughout the streets.

I needed some rest so I ducked into a bombed out hotel. No one objected as I helped myself to a room. Actually, there was no one there to object.

It was my first good night sleep in the five days since they attacked. Which is why I was so upset when a sound woke me up very early the next morning. I could tell that there three other people in the building now. I heard speaking but the language was one I had never heard before.

I silently crept out of my room and looked down to the bottom floor. That was the first time I ever saw the aliens. There was not much difference among them. They looked the same. Each was about 6 feet tall, bright emerald green skin, muscular, and obviously the male of the species because they had two cocks hanging down and they were packing.

I know what your thinking, Lisa. Stop that.

Anyway, a floor board gave out under my weight and I stumbled. They heard it, looked, and saw me.

I ran.

They followed but I was able to lose them, or so I thought. One of them got lucky and ran into me as I turned a corner.

I backed up and he kept approaching me.

He kept trying to say something.


He kept saying that over and over again.


He kept walking towards me.

As I said in the beginning, our Earth was very technologically advanced. More than your Earth, but less than the alien's. I reached into my overcoat and pulled out a laser pistol.

He looked at it.


He stepped forward and I shot.

He fell dead.

I ran.

How long I ran , I don't know. I collapsed in front of a small hotel that had reopened for business. The young girl who owned it recognized me and gave me shelter.

I had a high fever and was sick for several days. She nursed me. She also shared stories that the aliens were looking for someone but no one knew who.

I had a pretty good idea.

The night before I left, the girl came to my room. She said that she didn't know if she would live or die. She asked if I would make love to her. She didn't care that my cock was small. Remember, it was not always this large.

I needed comfort also.

We made love that night by a small burning fire.

It was very tender.

She was very clumsy, very awkward, very inexperienced. I was able to bring her to an orgasm. She did the same to me, thanked me and left. I thought of Lois.

I stayed in Louisiana for about a year. Basically, I wandered from town to town, listening out for any information about the aliens. I heard nothing. I collected material to continue working on my dimension jumper. Then, when I was in the remains of Baton Rouge, I got a note.

"Meet me by the old capital building."

Most of the Earth's have the same history up to certain points. Our Louisiana capital building was just as tall as yours was until the aliens came.

I hid in some bushes near the remains of the tower. When the aliens attacked, they sliced the capital in half. The 25 or so tourists who were on the capital that day died quickly as the building collapsed.


I hear Lois' voice.

I looked up and there she was.

She looked wonderful.

All I wanted to do was to hold her and so I did. I embraced her. I kissed her. She kissed back.

We tumbled onto the green grass and she ripped off my clothes. I removed the sweatsuit she had been wearing. Her pussy was shaven. Her tits were still perfect. I fucked her like crazy.

She screamed as my balls pounded her ass.

I began to wonder why I wasn't being cautious. I saw her and I was drawn to her. I remember thinking that it was probably because I missed her.

I came very quickly and she pushed me to the ground. Her purse had fallen to the ground and she reached for it.

I was intoxicated by the session so much that I didn't see the needle until it was too late. As I began to pass out, I also noticed a small green mark on her upper left arm. I did not remember her ever having a tattoo.

I had dreams.

Erotic dreams.

I dreamed I had a huge cock.

I dreamed I was in a white room with women fucking my brains out.

I dreamed I came over and over again.

I awoke to find myself in a soft bed and Lois lying by me, naked. I wanted her so bad. She touched my arm and I shivered. I needed her.

She smiled at me and glanced on the floor.

I had not been dreaming. There were women lying on the floor, breathing rather heavily. If that was not a dream....

I pulled back the covers and found my cock had grown at least 5 inches.

Lois giggled.

I looked at my arm and found my purple mark. Lois was green.

I asked her what was going on.

She giggled and I wanted to fuck her.

She smiled at me and my cock grew.

I had to have her.

I wanted to bend her over and fuck her until she collapsed.

I resisted.

She just laughed and left the room.

That was when I realized she was no longer someone I could trust and, until you, she was the last person I ever trusted with anything.

How much time I spent in that prison, I don't know. Lois would come check on me from time to time and when she would approach, I would want to have sex with her. The fact that I would resist, puzzled her.

I realized that I needed to escape. I just didn't know how.

After a while I was able to talk one of the female guards into helping me escape. Three orgasms later, she agreed. It was then I realized that I could use this new found sexual control to my advantage.

I escaped, went back to the house I was staying at, collected my stuff, and ran.

I heard later that the girl who helped me escape had been killed.

I was never a highly sexual person before the injection was given to me so the sudden desire to have sex troubled me. I was on the run for quite awhile, but I was able to find an abandoned hospital to hide out in. While there I was able to discover the virus.

I realized it was drawing power from my sexual urges and that , for it to survive, it was keeping me focused on sex. After some more exploration I found that I couldn't cure it but I was able to come up with an antidote, the 'medicine', that helped suppress the feelings. My first few trials only suppressed the feelings for about a few hours. However, I was able to develop the dosages that we use now.

I spent years in hiding there. I was able to work on my dimension hopper and was actually ready to test it when Lois arrived.

How she found me, I didn't know at the time. She tried to seduce me but I had taken some of the medicine so I was able to resist far easier than last time. I also noticed that she hadn't aged a day. As I was backing away from her, I looked in the mirror and found that neither had I. Something in this virus was keeping us young.

She confessed to me that day, Lisa that the aliens had saved her that day of the attack. After I had left the lab, they had realized they were being watched. They spoke to her. They offered her power. No one would laugh at her again.

I asked about the virus. She told me everything. I still don't know why but she did. The aliens were looking for two individuals. The virus would help them locate the two.

She pointed to my arm. I rolled up my sleeve.

I was one of them. She said, looking at my purple mark.

'Even with your small dick, I knew you special when we first met, Rich' she said as she approached me. 'Your touch was powerful. For someone who found sex a nuisance you did have a lot of potential. I saw that and the alien virus saw that too. The aliens want you to be their 'ghty''

I asked her what that meant, remembering the alien in the alleyway.


It means friend.

My stomach tightened up. I had not been infected yet, so the aliens had no idea that I was the one they were looking for. I shot an alien who was only trying to help me. Trying to be my friend.

Lois wouldn't shut up. I wanted her to talk and she did. Sometimes her face gave way to annoyance but she told me how agents were left behind on each Earth to find the two. They knew they would come from the Earth. But they didn't know which Earth the two would come from.

The sound of approaching vehicles distracted us and Lois looked at me, very angrily. I grabbed my duffle bag which I had already stocked and ran.

She shouted at the aliens. She told them to find me but not to kill me. If they did, they would pay.

I had lived at that hospital for many years so I knew where my hiding places were. I sat down and caught my breath. Lois' voice caught my attention.

'I know you are around. I can feel you, Rich.'

I reached in my duffle bag and pulled out the jumper.

Lois' steps were getting closer.

I pushed the small blue button.

Blackness engulfed me.

I spent ten years on the run, hopping from Earth to Earth. I was always too late. The aliens had a head start. Every planet I came to had already been invaded. After every jump I realized that my jumper needed one year to recharge. I realized much later that the aliens weapons effect on the Earth's atmosphere played havoc with the jumpers ability to recharge itself. Also, I have not ever found another Earth with the same level of technology that I had been used to.

During that ten years I discovered that the aliens agents on each world had the ability to locate me. My thoughts turned to the virus. They must be able to track me. So, I spent time to produce a jamming device. At first it was liquid based. A shot would keep me undetected for 6 months. The only problem was coming up with the ingredients. Not all Earths had the right chemicals. So, I spent time and created the mechanical version. It produces an electronic field that keeps anyone within 100 feet of it invisible which is why I gave you that shot before we separated at the crater.

That's it. I have been hopping for almost eighty years. I have learned a lot about the aliens during that time. Learned that they had lost the 'first one' meaning me and had not found the second one... being you.

I learned what the marks mean also.

You and I, Lisa, are the only ones who have the purple mark. This means you and I are connected. The green marks are those individuals who can cope with the alien's virus. They stay young. The red marks mean that those individuals will die within the year. Their body cannot handle the virus. It simply burns itself out.

Now, you heard some of this a few days ago. Since you have met Lois and she seems to think you are worth showing to her boss, let me tell you what is going on right now.

You can't see them, but the aliens are still here. They never left your Earth, your Dimension. I came here two years ago. I encountered the similar cults that are on the other worlds. These cults are just a disguise to pass out the virus. However, I had never seen so many. I did some research. I slipped into one of the cults. That's where I learned the aliens had lost something. Not someONE but someThing.

That something is here, in New Orleans. All the paths lead to this crater. Why I don't know. What they lost, I don't know. Whatever it is, however, has kept them stranded. We need to find it."

Lisa leans back against Rich.

"I'm scared."

He kisses the back of her head.

"I am too, Lisa, I am too."

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