tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuest Ch. 08

Quest Ch. 08


Quest 8: The Alien...

A ray of moonlight greets the alien as he opens his eyes. He knows he is dying. This is a fact that he has been aware of for several days.

He coughs.

He hears movement and soon the human, who he had sent for, is by his side.

He stares into the human's eyes and can spot the fear that is there. However, there is more. He can see the mistrust. He can see the anger towards his race. He can spot so many emotions that would drive anyone, human or alien, into a blind rage. Yes, those are there. However, he also sees in these eyes compassion.

He coughs once more. The human grabs his bag and looks for something. The alien holds his hand up. The human stops.

The goddess was very wise in choosing this race, thinks the alien as the human just looks at him. Their passion is great. While there are many who channel that passion towards evil, there are many who use it for good.

Like this one.

One of the chosen.

He coughs and spits up blood.

Not much time, he thinks. For years he has tried to get contact with this one. Now that he does, he doesn't have much time.

"Look into my eyes, " he mumbles.

The human must have understood him for he brings his face closer, looking into his eyes.

The alien then spots the one emotion he was looking for.


"You...." stammers the human.

"I....I... shot you," he backs up. The aliens nods.

"Yes," the alien responds.

"B...But that was over seventy years ago," the human stands up.

"Yes, you did...." the alien says.


The dreams begin once more.

Since her encounter with Kris almost two weeks ago, Lisa has found that she has the same dream almost every night. At first she couldn't tell Rich but, after hearing his story, she found she could trust him. He didn't laugh. He simply hugged her and said for her to continue having the dreams. "Maybe they will help you to figure things out," he said.

The screams of pleasure.

The screams of ecstasy.

These are the sounds that awaken her in the dream.

She finds herself standing on a balcony, high above a crowded court yard. The sky is purple. Two suns are setting in the distance.

She looks at herself. As always, she is naked.

Her skin is golden.

Her hair is silver.

Her nipples are hard.

Her pussy is wet in anticipation.

The people below are also naked, their golden skin shining in the sun light. Their bodies, both men and women, joined together in one huge orgy.

Many glance at her and cheer in her direction.

They motion for her to join them.

She grants them their wish.

She begins to walk down the stairs that are by the balcony. She feels hundreds of eyes staring at her naked pussy as she descends.

She becomes wetter, her juices begin to run down her legs.

Her hand slides up her body to her breast. She squeezes it and people cheer. She pinches her hard nipple. Pleasure runs through her body and the crowd gives her adoration. All she knows is that it feels "right". It feels wonderful.

As she slowly glides down the stairs she watches as men and women attack each other. Men are licking women breasts and pussies. Women are just reaching out for cocks both large and small to slide into themselves.

Some of the women have chosen to ignore the men. They are off to the side, lying on small blankets, licking other women. Tasting them, Fucking them with their fingers.

Wave after wave of orgasmic screams wash over her as she finds she is only ten steps from the courtyard. Any second she will wake up. She knows this. It always happens this way.


She spies a man who looks to be a god. His muscles are large. His cock huge. She watches as he slides it out of a very gorgeous young girl. He lifts his hand to her. His cock standing erect in the sunlight.


She hears a deep voice begging to be fucked harder and she watches as two men play with each other. The man who yelled out is being fucked from behind. The man fucking him has a very short cock but the receiver doesn't mind. She finds the sight very erotic. Her pussy tingles.


The hand from the god is so close. She can almost take it.


She hears a woman cry out. She turns her head and looks as a thin girl with very small breasts lies back on top of man. His cock is in her ass. She had just finished sucking another guy's cock and he slowly slides into her rather large pussy. It is very wet and very hairy.


The gods' hand is inches away. His cock still erect. The girl he had been fucking is kneeling between his leg, sucking his balls.


Her eyes turn back to the two men. She watches as the giver quickly tenses up. The receiver shouts in pleasure as the giver slowly pulls his dick out. Cum dripping from the receiver's asshole.


The tiny girl also howls out in pleasure as both guys unload inside her. Keep fucking me, is her order and the two men obey her.


She reaches out and takes the hand of the god. The girl who had been licking him crawls away as Lisa goes to step onto the last step. In a second, if she doesn't wake up, the huge cock will be inside her.


She glances over and notices two figures standing perfectly still. Lois, and a girl with huge tits who she never have met. They are just standing motionless, staring at her.


She steps onto the ground. The "god" lifts up her up and she wraps her legs around his ass as she slides down onto his huge cock. She whimpers as the rod slides into her. It parts her lips and goes farther than anything has ever before.

She begins to ride it up and down and then the sky begins to grow black.

The noise begins to die down.

She looks up and watches as an alien ship, and then another, begin to cloud the sky.

The god explodes inside her, his hot cum filling her pussy up.

She whimpers.

The world grows blacker.

Lisa wakes up.

She sits up in the bed, her breathing very hard.

"Was that a nightmare you just had or a very dirty dream?"

She looks in the corner.

Lois, the redhead sits in a chair rubbing her naked pussy.

"Sorry," Lois says, pulling her wet fingers to her lips and licking them dry. She stands up and puts her shorts on. "I walked in. You were moaning. Your hands were under your blanket and it was obvious you were playing with yourself. I got horny and thought I would join in."

Lisa smiles and looks at the blonde lying next to her. "I must have done a great job on her," she chuckles. "It doesn't look like I disturbed her at all."

Lois walks up to the bed and reaches under the covers. Her fingers begin to stroke Lisa's wet pussy. Lisa closes her eyes and moans. All the sights, sounds, and smells from her dream begin to return. The fingers stop.

Lisa opens her eyes.

Lois offers her fingers to her.

She licks her juices off.

"The boss wants you to meet him," Lois says, smiling. "You're lucky. He doesn't meet every one of his followers."

"Cool," whispers Lisa as her hand stretches upwards. She pulls Lois' head down to her. Their lips meet and Lisa softly kisses her.

They pull apart.

"Let me get dressed, babe."


The alien coughs once more.

"Let me get this straight," says Rich. "YOU were the alien I shot and thought I had killed all those years ago."

The alien nods.

"So this a trap," Rich quickly heads for the door. He should have listened to his instincts.

"Stop, " the alien replies meekly.

"This isn't a trap. I have what my people are looking for."

Rich stops at the entrance and turns around.

"I have a the crystal that is behind all of this."

Rich slowly approaches the alien. In the moonlight, the alien reaches over to a small, plain, wooden box sitting next to him.

Rich looks at the box. The alien motions for him to open it.

Rich obeys.

The lid creaks open and Rich sticks his hand into the box. He pulls out a small crystal triangle. No scratches, no imperfections. Inside the crystal is a very small light. As Rich rests the base of the triangle onto the palm of his hand, the light begins to grow until the room is aglow.

The alien hisses..."No!"

Rich puts the crystal back in the box, and as the lid closes, the light fades away.

"What the hell......"

The alien coughs.

"I am sorry, I didn't know that would happen."

"What was that," asks Rich.

"That crystal is what everything is all about. My race wants it. They need it. That is the cause of all the wars, all the battles, all the bloodshed......"

Rich sits next to the alien and listens to the story.


"You will feel a little lightheaded. Ready, Sarah," asks Lois, holding onto Lisa's hand.


Lois pulls a small metallic device from her pockets. It is small and circular with a red button in its' middle. Lois' thumb hits it and the world fades away. For moments there is nothing but whiteness but soon that is replaced by blackness.

Lois lets go of Lisa's hand.

Lisa realizes that Lois was not lying about the dizziness. She stumbles for a second as her eyes adjust to the darkness.

She reminds herself that her name is Sarah. She wishes she would have asked the barmaid, who she "borrowed" the name from, what her last name was. So far, the deception has worked perfectly. She grips her bag tightly. it's a good thing Lois let her bring it with her.

"Where can I put this," she asks.

Lois looks at her.

"What is in there, that you can't be parted with?"

Lisa and Rich had prepared for this.

She unzips the bag and pulls out a couple of photo albums. The pictures were accurate. They were of her and Jim. Pictures of her family.

"Memories," says Lisa.

Lois laughs.

"Trust me babe," she says. "You will have lots of new memories when we are through. Pictures. Now, that's a kinky idea."

Lisa grins.

"I knew you would see it my way."

Lois snaps her fingers and two tall, green aliens approach them.

Lisa gasps.

Rich's description had been very correct. They are both large, each standing well over six feet. Their skin is a very deep emerald green and their eyes are dark black. Both are bald. Both are very muscular. Both are very naked.

She stares at the two limp cocks each possess. They are not alike in that department. The one on the right is very well endowed. His bottom cock almost hanging to his knees. The one on the left is very much smaller.

"Yes ma'am," the one on the right says.

Lois smiles.

"This is our new guest. Her name is Sarah. Put her bag in room ten."

The one on the right motions for the one of the left to pick up the bag.

"Anything else," the large cocked alien asks.

Lois shaker her head.

"That will be all."

The two aliens walk away from them.

"Wow," mutters Lisa.

"Yeah, Ex 1, the alien on the right, is great. That cock reaches places you didn't know existed! Ex-2, the one on the left is his brother. He may be small but....damn, what a tongue. He can go inside you further than any human tongue ever has."

"Wow," mutter Lisa. In the back of her mind though, she is very scared.

Lois breaks the silence.

"Now, if you were impressed by those two. You will absolutely love the next alien you will meet."

Lois touches a panel on the wall and a door slides open.

The girls enter.

The alien:

His coughing becomes more persistent. His vision has become blurred. His throat very dry. Yet, the alien continues his story.

".... so you see, our race has always been very militaristic. So, when our world began to face an impending energy crisis we sought to fix it by taking other sources instead of trying to fix it ourselves.

We searched world after world and found nothing that was suitable. If you ever meet our leader, he is not the one you need to fear. He is a puppet. He was willing to use all the other energy sources that we found. It is his scientist who is far more dangerous. It was he who rejected the other sources. Something was wrong with each type. In reality. They would have worked. He had other motives.

I was second in command, I tried to warn the commander. He didn't listen. By listening to the scientist he had gained more power, more loyalty than any other commander in our long history. So, I kept quiet. I appeared like the commander had swayed me over to their side.

We kept looking.

Then we began to hear the rumors.

Rumors of a world with unlimited energy.

Rumors of a world that would solve all our needs.

We hunted for over a hundred years for that world.

We found it.

The world was overtaken very easily. Almost every single humanoid was fucking their brains out. The air was full of raw energy. Just walking through it made you excited. Just inhaling made you reenergized. The rumors were right.

We captured their leader after three fourths of their population were wiped away. For a humanoid, she was gorgeous. Her skin was golden. Her breasts were firm. Her nipples were so very small.

The citizens called her their goddess. We thought it was just a term because when we found her she was using one of our laser pistols and mowing down just as many of us as she could. Blood covered her naked body. We didn't think a goddess would have to get so violent to deal with us.

The commander interrogated her for days.

She didn't speak.

The scientist "talked" to her for several days.

She still didn't talk.

My men and I tortured the citizenry, trying to find the source of this amazing energy. We didn't realize that, as we killed each one, we were killing that power.

After a week, we found the goddess' home. It was rather plain. We didn't know what we looking for until I found this small wooden box sitting on a shelf. I opened it and found the crystal. It glowed brightly. I knew this was it.

I looked into it and felt very calm. I felt very peaceful. I understood things.

I knew what I had to do.

I brought the crystal to the commander.

The scientist wanted to examine it but I convinced the commander to let the goddess see that we had it. Then she might speak.

So, we brought the goddess in. I almost wept. Her silver hair was in knots. Her golden skin, that had shone with sunlight, was now dim. Their was a trail of bruises that led from her breasts to her pussy. However, through it all, she stood upright. She was their leader. She wouldn't show weakness.

She wasn't surprised to see that we found the box.

The scientist took out the triangle and threatened her. If she didn't cooperate, she would die. It might take him thousands of years to figure out this power source, but he would figure it out, he threatened.

She just looked at the crystal.

The swirling lights grew brighter until there was a sudden burst of light in the room.

When the light faded, the goddess stood...well, stood is not the best way to describe it, she was floating. Her skin golden once more. She waved her hand through the air and the crystal came to her.

"You want the crystal," she asked. "Very well, you miserable pieces of filth. You can have the crystal."

Her hand then went into the crystal and pulled out the light. She just held it in her hand.

She tossed the empty crystal to the commander. He was outraged. He ordered the few men in the room to fire. I did. I didn't want to but I followed his orders.

Our shots had no effect. She laughed.

Your kind will not get the energy, ever again, she said and we watched as the light left her hand and grew. It was blinding but we were able to make out the shapes of four humanoid bodies and then 'poof' they were gone.

So was the goddess.

Then the reports started to come in. At the exact moment the goddess left, the remaining population had simply died.

The commander was outraged. The scientist was determined to find out what happened. He did. He is very bright, did I say that. Did I say he is very dangerous..."

The alien coughs. He can barely see the human anymore.


The introductions had been brief. The commander sat on his throne fully robed. She had bowed before him upon entering. He told her to rise. Actually he hadn't spoken a word. As with Lois before, she had 'felt' him telling her to rise. She had 'felt' the mental waves wash over her. He was testing her. She couldn't fail. She rose.

He didn't say anything.

Lois walked to him and he stood up.

She took his robes off and Lisa smiled at the sight of the two huge erect cocks that the commander was blessed to have.

He told her to 'strip'. She did. Her pussy already wet beyond belief. She knew she wanted to feel that inside of her.

Lois also stripped down to nothing as the commander's chair folded back. Lois straddled him ,with her back to him, and slowly descended on his upper cock.

Lisa just stares at the sight. Lois' tanned pussy sliding up and down his hard emerald shaft. She licks her lips.

Lois moans.

She feels Lois 'telling' her to join them.

Lisa walks over, playing with her breasts. She stands climbs on top of the large alien and bends her head down. Her tongue slides up his dick until she comes into contact with Lois pussy as it is sliding down. Lois shivers and rises upwards.

Lisa grins and straddles the other cock. She begins to lower herself. As each inch goes deeper and deeper into her, she moans. At ten inches, she still doesn't have it all.


Lois reaches for Lisa's breasts and pinches her nipples. Lisa moans.


His cock feels wonderful in her tight pussy.


Lois' fingers find her Lisa's pussy and begins to rub it. Lisa reaches out for Lois'


He is almost there. Lisa finds a little discomfort but it quickly goes away.


He is in and Lisa moans with pleasure as she uses her muscles to grasp a hold of the large cock inside her.

She begins to ride it. She feels him tense up.

The door opens.

Lisa stares into the blinding light. She 'hears' the commander telling her to get off.

Lois motions for her to stand by her as a small alien hobbles into the room. His skin is also emerald green but his head is larger than the other aliens. He stares at her.

"Master," he bows as the commander quickly slips on his robes.

"The traitor has been found. Should I send men out for him."

The commander looks at Lois and Lisa.

"No. I have a better idea. Ladies, I have a job for you."


He looks at the beginning of the sunrise. The aliens' story haunts him. All this time, and he thought he knew what was going on. He didn't. He had no clue whatsoever.

The sound of footsteps interrupts his thoughts.

"I was wondering when you would show up."

He turns and looks at Lois.

He 'feels' her trying to make him fall to his knees.

"You know that trick doesn't work on me."

She laughs.

"Where is the alien?"

Rich points to a small grave.

"He's dead."

"Where is the crystal?"

Rich looks at her.

"What crystal?"

Lois stares into his eyes.

"Don't play dumb with me, Rich. We have known each other for too long. You know what I am talking about. Where is it?"

" I don't know what you are talking about."

She reaches into the dark cloak that she is wearing and pulls out one of the aliens' laser pistols.

"I don't want to do this. I know you are lying. Tell me."

"You will have to shoot me," replies Rich.

She fires and misses. Rich counted on that because she had always been a lousy shot. He quickly rushes towards her.

Lois fires again.

The shot hits him in his shoulder and he stops for a second. It begins to ache but Rich knows he has to get out of here. He drops to the ground.

Lois walks up to him, a big grin on her face.

"Tell me."

"Never, " Rich mumbles, reaches over, grabs her leg and pulls her to the ground. The pistol falls out her hand. Rich stands up and begins to run. He is almost past the old building when another figure steps in front of him.

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