tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuest Ch. 09: Special Edition

Quest Ch. 09: Special Edition


Author's Note:

To put it simply, had Quest ch.9 been a movie, it would never have played at cinemas. The powers-that-be would have sent it direct to home video. Even then, it's chance od success would have been slim.

To be honest, I goofed. A majority of the story is told through the Scientist's point of view through his voice logs. The shift in perspective from the scientist to the other players is evident. However, after looking at the posted version, I realize that in that form it is a tad confusing ( for the definition of "a tad" check out Airplane II ).

As I stated in the Author's note from chapter 9, this story is mostly back story with some sex included and hopefully now less confusing.

Again, my thanks to everyone who attempted to read the other chapter. I hope you like this one better!

New readers- Check out my profile for a What Has Gone Before segment.

Quest chapter 9:

The past ( over 100 years ago )

“ That goddamn bitch!”

The commander turns his attention away from the main viewer and looks at the person entering the bridge.

“What is it Scientist?”

The small alien approaches him. Where the alien is from, no one knows. The only relevant items are that he is very intelligent and very dangerous. The scientist stops and bows. The commander knows that it is only for show. If the scientist wanted to have him killed, he would be dead.

“That bitch……”

“The goddess?”

The scientist glares at him. The commander has learned when to stop pressing buttons.

“Yes, the goddess.”

“Now what has she done,” the commander asks as he sits down. This is looking to be a long story.

“She was intelligent in the way she dealt with us, I will have to admit. However, I discovered where the energy went.”

The commander’s memories go back to that day almost two months ago when they invaded the goddess’ world looking for a very powerful energy source. The plan was simple. Find out what it was, take it, and bring it back to their dying world.


The invasion went perfect. The whole damned planet was participating in one huge orgy. The atmosphere was so heavy with the scent and passion they had to take out most of the planet from above because he was afraid his men would become affected and defect. When he gets back home, women will definitely be allowed to be included in the military.

They were able to find the energy source which was, strangely enough, contained in a small crystal triangle. The goddess was captured and was going to be forced to tell them her secrets.

She escaped and literally reached into the triangle, pulled out the raw energy and tossed it away. Then, she too, disappeared. Needless to say, the scientist was highly upset.

The commander pulls his thoughts back to the present.

“I’m confused,” he replies. “I thought you figured out where the energy went? The planet called Earth. You mentioned that a month ago. We are almost there. Are you saying you made a mistake?”

The scientist glares once more.

“No, commander. I did not make a mistake. The goddess did send the energy to Earth. The problem is…which one.”

The commander raise his eyebrows.

“Which one?”

The scientist continues.

“After the energy was released and she disappeared, I began to scan for that energy. I was able to , after a couple of weeks, trace it to the planet Earth. However, I noticed it became weaker as it approached the planet. At the time I thought it was our scanners. However, the closer we have gotten, the energy scan never became stronger. What she did, that bitch, was disperse it through other dimensions. Several Earths have this energy now. “

The commander slams his fist down.

“Dimension hopping! I….We do not have time for this. Our planet is dying.”

He pauses.

“Look, we are not going this route. We will go back to one of the several planets we have visited and take that energy.”


The commander stares at the small alien.

“What was that?”

“No, we will not go back. This energy will replenish our world. Yes, commander, I said our world. My fate is tied to the fate of your civilization. If it dies, I do, and I will not give up the search. This energy, whatever it is, will sustain our worlds for centuries after you have died. We will find it.”

The commander knows that if he argues, he will not wake up tomorrow.

“Very well, we will continue.

What do we do now, scientist?”

“We will arrive at this Earth, quietly scan the planet, abduct a few Earthlings and see what happens.”

He turns and leave.

Excerpts taken from the scientist’s voice logs:

- The first subject is a human male. Standard humanoid. Two legs. Two arms. One cock. The soldiers laughed at this. Upon scanning the individual I find no trace of the energy source. Maybe the goddess did not send it to this one. No, she must have. She wouldn’t have just put it in one location. She would have hidden pieces throughout the different Earths.

I will have to dissect this one. I will give his cock to the men. They can have their first trophy of our visit -

- The first subject is dead. Still no sign of the energy. Am I incorrect in thinking the energy source is biological? No. I got that impression when we entered the Goddess’ planet’s atmosphere. The energy was everywhere. The citizenry were fucking anything they could……

Of course -

- The second subject is female. I will say one thing, the human women are much prettier than the alien women on the home world. See: previous entries.

The Earth woman is young. Early twenties in their age scale. She is …what’s the word…. cute but not beautiful by many of the standards that we have observed. She stands 5 foot 4 inches. Her weight is 132 lbs ( she probably says she is around 125 ). Her breasts are not very firm. According to her bra, a 34 b. No tan. Very hairy around her vagina.

Let’s see: initial scan reveals her to be in perfect health. No sign of the energy.

I will not dissect this one.

I will return with notes after I call the test soldier in -

- The second subject is alive and I have found the energy source.

The test was a success.

I revived her from her unconsciousness when the naked soldier entered her room. She looked scared. The soldier did nothing. That was his order. However, I can’t control his hormones so she got a real eyeful at his large cocks.

She looked around. Then stared at him. She licked her lips as she walked to him. He did nothing.

She tried talking to him. All he would say is that he was there to do whatever she wanted.

She smiled and told him to sit down.

He did. She knelt down and began to lick his cock.

The soldier moaned and she reached down to play with his lower one.

She began to lick and jerk at him much faster until I could see her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

She was so turned on that she straddled him and began to lower herself onto him.

She screamed in ecstasy as she started to ride him. The soldier reached up and played with her breasts. I did say he could touch her if she touched him first.

I saw him tense up and heard her moan as he came inside of her.

That was when it happened.

The minute his “cum” entered her system, my scanner went off the chart. There, in her body, was the energy source.

I watched as she collapsed onto the bed.

I watched as my scanner continued to beep rapidly.

I watched as she ran her fingers down to her wet pussy. She began to play with it. Suddenly the scanner began to slow down. She came again and sat up. To my surprise, and hers, her breasts were now much larger and I had a small beep coming from my monitor -

“What does it mean to us?”

The scientist looks at the commander.

“Well, it looks as though your species’ cum activates the latent energy in the humans. At the same time, the energy also fulfills the subjects sexual fantasy. Another woman’s pussy grew smaller. A rather large breasted woman had a reduction. In each case. The energy blip is rather small.”

“How do we harness it?”

“We can’t. At least not yet.”

The commander’s fist hits his desk.

“I brought the crystal with me to each session and nothing. Maybe it is the wrong energy. Something similar but not what the crystal needs.”

“So what do we do now?”

“Well,” the scientist mutters, “now, I will need cum from your soldiers.”


“Well, unless, you want your men to fuck the human males. Which, by the way, I know your species has a problem with. I know you enjoy and encourage your females to have fun with each other but male bonding seems to be a big problem. As a result I will need cum so I can make a virus can be administered into their bodies via a needle. We can’t just practice on the women. There were men on the Goddess’ home world.”

“Very well, make arrangements, “ the commander says. “This better work.”

“It will.”

Voice Log Excerpt:

- The next subject is a human couple. Both are very good looking. He is about 5’9. 175 pounds. Muscular. His cock measure at 8 inches. She is about 5’8. 110 pounds. Clean shaven pussy. 34 d breasts.

Psychology tests reveal her to be very close minded about sex. She had a incident with her father when she was only 15 and, as a result, she has not opened her mind to sex. We will see what will happen.

They are both unconscious as I inject them both with the green alien virus. I wish I could have her but that is impossible, I know. See: previous entries.

I leave and go to my monitoring room.

As I sit down at my desk I look at the stats on the previous 10 women. I am getting worried because their vitals continue to decline. The first subject from a month ago, is almost dead. She plays with herself constantly and I am afraid the energy is “burning her up” . I see this in the other test subjects. As time goes by…… each one is becoming worse.

I activate the switches that wake the two subjects up.

The man is the first to awake and is mesmerized by the naked woman lying on the bed next to him. She begins to wake up.

When she sees him, she jumps up and moves to one side of the room. They begin to try and figure out what is going on. I notice she keeps staring at his cock.

The injection doesn’t work as fast as it did before. I must do some alterations to the virus.

The scanner begins to beep on the female. I have seen this before. As the scanner beeps faster, the woman’s heart rate goes up and I notice she approaches the bed once more. I hear her tell him that since there is nothing they can do about this, they might as well fuck. So, the results on this patient is a shattering of her inhibitions. Interesting.

I look at the scanner on the male. Odd, the effects are much slower. I wonder why.

Finally he begins to succumb as she crawls onto the bed and reaches for his cock.

She lowers her head and begins to suck it.

The male’s cock is fully erect as she begins to play with his balls.

He gasps and she gags as she removes her mouth. Before all our eyes his cock begins to grow.

A wave of lust washes over the female and she lies down, begging for him to fuck her.

He grants her wish.

I watch as his cock enters her. He is slow because she is obviously tight but she needs him. The scanner shows that the virus is running its course. She runs her hands down his back and grabs his ass and pulls him into her. She screams.

He begins to fuck her hard. His balls slap against her ass and she just begs for more.

His heartbeat is racing and the scanner is beeping as fast as it can. I shut the sound off.

She rubs her pussy as he pounds into her and she screams as she cums.

He collapses onto the bed and she sits up and straddles him. She rides him until he cums. However, she finds she needs more and reaches down, massaging his limp cock until he is hard once more and then slowly guides it to her ass. She takes his, now 12 inch cock, into her and her face is a mix of lust and pain.

I have seen enough and type a button that will administer the anesthetic in the room. The female cums once more as they both fall asleep.

My scanner is still beeping off the charts for the male. I am curious about that. In the past, once sleeping, the virus is still active but the energy source slows down. I turn hit the zoom button my monitor so I get a good look at the humans.

The male’s cock is still limp but much larger than before. Sweat runs down his body. His hair is soaked. I see a faint tint of green around the spot of his injection.

I look at the female. Her readings are typical of the other patients. Her nipples are red from all the attention. Her pussy is red as well, which means she will be sore when she awakens but she will want to continue to have sex. I look at the injection point. It is tinted red.

I look at the crystal. Is there a slight glow to it?

Interesting -

“Scientist….. We have been above Earth for two months now. We have collected your specimens, now, I need to know what is going on.”

The scientist sighs.

“Very well, commander. But he needs to leave.”

The commander looks at his second.

“No, he stays. If anything happens to me, you need someone aware of the situation. Besides he was the one who found the crystal on the goddess’ home world. “

“Very well,” the scientist sits.

‘The energy source is unique to humans. The natives of the goddess’ home world must be an offshoot of humans or the human race is an off shoot of theirs. Anyway, they are connected. So, the goddess sends the energy source of their planet, which is derived and fed off sexual energy, to this world since they are compatible. As I said, there are only trace amounts of that energy here, in our dimension. There is no way to find all of the energy. Besides, not every human has it.

As you are aware, almost all of the initial patients from a month ago are dead. Their sexual energy consumed them and their bodies will last for a month, maybe a year if they are in good shape. Their bodies are not meant to have this power turned on all the time. Our virus keeps it turned on.

However, there are a few subjects who are fine. Their body has adapted and will live for as long as we need them too.”

“Can we tell who adapts and who doesn’t?”

“Yes, commander. Within 10 minutes of injection, a faint tint will appear around the needle mark. The tint looks to be permanent.”

“How does this help us,” asks the frustrated commander.

“We can harness it.”

Voice Log Excerpt:

- We begin our trek to the next Earth. This race developed the ability to dimension jump many centuries ago and now the technology will be tested to its maximum potential

We have killed all of this Earth’s test subjects. Except for a few of the green tinted females who decided they liked playing with the commander’s two cocks. That will keep him out of my business.

I look at the triangle. It sits there with a very faint glow about it. With the humans we captured, we have recovered very little of the Goddess’ energy. The red- tint humans, which it looks to be the predominant ones, can supply only a little energy. If we were to use them, it would take all the humans from at least 20 Earths to give us energy for at lest ten years on our planet. The answer is the green tinted humans. Those subjects gave back more of the power source. The trick will be to find those humanoids.

The commander proposes to enter an Earth. Invaded it quickly by decimating over half of the population. Staying there to infect some survivors and then moving on, while leaving several soldiers behind to continue collections. Then, on our way back to our home world, once this is done, we can stop back at each Earth, collect our soldiers, and the energy.

It may work. I was able to create a small crystal, similar to the triangle, for the soldiers to use. The only problem that I have is: what if we kill a potential green tint upon our initial invasion. The commander says that there will be enough Earth’s…. enough humans to go around.

I hope he is right. I know their home world is dying every day. I feel it.

Goddamn Goddess -

The past… ( eighty years ago )

Voice Log Excerpt:

- Twenty Earths later….. We have met a humanoid who has greeted us enthusiastically. Her name is Lois. She is a scientist from this world. She was doing dimension work and detected us before we began our invasion. The commander has become infatuated with her. He “infected” her personally. First with a needle and then with his cocks.

I must admit I am attracted to her myself. She is devious, cunning, only interested in only herself. She had a partner but she thinks he was killed in the invasion. She also is a very strong green tint.

I look at the crystal. In twenty years we have only recovered ten percent of the energy. Slow going. I know. Maybe I should have settled for one of the limited energy sources back in our dimension. No. This is my key to immortality. I will not lose it -

“Damn human…..”

The commander looks at the second.

“What happened?”

The second stares at the commander. He has to make sure the lie is good. The scientist sits in the corner and stares at him.

“I was on patrol in the New Orleans quadrant, looking for survivors when I ran across one. I chased him into an alley. He shot me, I collapsed. He escaped.”

The human female, Lois looks at the second.

“Was it Rich?”

“He looked like the man in your picture, ma’am.”

The scientist clears his throat.

“So, your information was correct, human. But why should we waste time on him? We have other humans to infect.”

Lois looks at the small alien.

“You don’t understand. When we fucked, I always felt like I was on fire. Obviously that is a small comparison to what I feel now, but its similar. I bet he is a green tint, like me. That’s why. Besides, don’t you need all the energy you can get? How long does your planet have left?”

The commander grins.

“Excellent point, Lois. Scientist, you have gotten us started on this. We need all the energy we can get.

Lois, you will stay on your Earth and look for him. We will give you a dimension hopper…”

‘That’s okay, I have….. Damn, never mind, Rich stole mine.”

“Like I said, Lois, I will give you a dimension hopper with the command ship’s signal. When you found this Rich and infected him, this will bring you back to us.”

Voice Log Excerpt:

- A year has passed since we left Lois’ Earth. Since then, the second has been acting strangely. Just different. I don’t trust him. I have mentioned this to the commander but he doesn’t listen.

Everything else is going as planned. More subjects. More energy. We are still a long ways off, though.


The commander, the jerk, is calling a meeting -

“What did u say?”

Lois looks at the scientist as she holds up her “minicrystal” (as they have become known as).

“He, Rich, was neither a red or green tint. He was purple. I captured this much energy from him.”

The scientist runs out of then room.

The commander and the second grins.

“Where is this, Rich, now?”

Lois looks away from them.

“He escaped.”

“You will find him again,” shouts the commander.

“Yes sir.”

The scientist reenters, bringing in the crystal.

He motions for Lois to leave.

She begins to protest but the Commander stops her and she leaves.

The scientist takes the minicrystal and sets in next to the crystal. The commander and the second watches in amazement as the minicrystal feeds the crystal it’s contents and the crystal grows brighter.

“Damn,” replies the second.

“What just happened,” the commander looks at the scientist.

“The crystal has just recovered 20 percent of its’ energy. From one human. How is that possible?”

Silence fills the room.

The second speaks.

“Remember what happened with the Goddess? When she pulled the energy out of the crystal? I remember seeing streams of energy depart the planet but I could have swore I saw two big clumps of energy, in the shape of humanoids depart. Do you think it is possible she might have left some of it in bundles so that it could be collected easily?”

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