tagFirst TimeQuest For a Big Prize

Quest For a Big Prize


Adrianna was a pretty conservative girl. She attended church every Sunday and was an honors student in her Catholic High School. She was a very athletic, captaining the soccer, volleyball and basketball teams, in this her final year. She was someone that everyone looked up to. She was that 18 year old all-American girl. Even her body was all-American. She has an athletic build standing 5'9" with flowing brown hair just past her shoulders. Her firm 32C breasts along with ass gave her curves that made all the boys stop and stare. Even her room showed the same Adrianna the rest of the world knew.

Adrianna was sitting in class as her mind started to think about the guys she would see staring at her all day. It surprised her. How could this good Christian girl think so dirty? She often found herself wonder what it would feel like to be fucked by a guy with a big cock, since her only boyfriend to get that far was just four inches long. She had never felt this way before. Her stomach full of butterflies and her loins ached, but strangest of all to Adrianna, she felt wetness between her legs. She knew what she wanted, a big hard cock. She came home from school and head right to her room shutting the door behind her. She slipped her hands under her skirt. Her fingers soon felt wet and slippery as they touched her thong. It was soaked, but it felt pleasurable as her fingers slid over the lips of her tight pussy, even if it was though her thong. She continued to rub her pussy soft and slowly.

Adrianna moved other hand slowly up her stomach inching its way closer and closer to her firm 32 C breasts; her hand reached her bra gently caressing her breasts. She could feel her nipples harden through her bra. She took off her all-most see-though tight white blouse, released her black bra, and revealed her firm round tits. When the cool air hit her body it turned her on even more. Adrianna hiked up her skirt and slid her thong off exposing her freshly shaven pussy to her fingers. She moaned as her fingers slid across the outside of her slit. She slipped a finger inside, moaning, slowly moving it in and out as she pinched her nipples. The more she fingered herself the loader her moans became. As the juices started to flow over her hand, she slipped a second finger in. She could feel her pussy grip her fingers. By now she was so wet her juices where running down her legs. In her mind she began to picture one of the hockey players, Jake, fucking her. He was 6'1" and about 180 lbs of solid muscle with a cock that she had heard was 9" long. Adrianna's moans suddenly turned into short gasps. Her breathes became quick and short. She dropped her hand that had been so gently caressing her breasts, to rub her clit as she continued to slide her fingers in and out, faster and harder saying "fuck me Jake, fuck me hard and deep. I want it all." Her body took over; her body began to shake, her eyes rolled back, and her knees became weak. Her pussy gripped her fingers as if it were trying to milk Jake's cock dry. She collapsed on her bed, exhausted.

Adrianna had just had her first orgasm and she felt energized, but yet exhausted. She hoped that it would be like that when she found a cock that big. As she started to think about it again she started to rub herself again. Adrianna came more three times. She decided she had to find a guy with a big cock, but how would she do that. She didn't want to be labelled a Catholic whore, because of her lustfulness. She decided she needed to leave town.

Two weeks later, Adrianna found herself on a bus out of town. She was still dressed in her uniform, which made all of the guys on the bus stare. She felt like she was a star or something. Her seat was beside a handsome guy that she estimated to be about 6'2", 180lbs, and about 23. He was broad shouldered wearing a golf shirt and jeans. He greeted her with a smile, just like the rest of the guys. As the bus took off they started to talk.

"Hello, I am Christoph" he said with a Spanish accent that almost swept Adrianna off her feet, "What is your name?"

"I am Adrianna" she hesitantly replied. She was still recovering from the shock of her sudden attraction to Christoph.

"It truly is a pleasure to meet you" Christoph said eying her over softly, "You are one of the beautiful girls I have seen!"

Adrianna blushed. "Thank you, but you are quite handsome yourself!" She could feel butterflies building in her stomach and she found herself undressing him with her eyes. She tried to stop, but she could not control it. Adrianna wondered what was going on, but did not back down. "Where are you from and what brings you to this part of the world?"

"I am an exchange student and I have been studying at university for the last four year and now that I am finished I plan to go back to Spain." He stated simply. "Where would a beautiful girl such as you be going?"

Adrianna blushed again, but this time because she wondered what she was going to tell Christoph. She figured that the truth would be too much to handle for so early in the trip. Teasingly she giggled "I am on a quest for something bigger. Do you know where I could find it?" Adrianna shifted sitting positions and suddenly felt the juices run down her legs.

"Well, I wish I could help you, but two biggest things I have on me are 9 inches and four inches." Christoph teased staring into her eyes. He found himself staring at her supple breasts as they pushed on the buttons of her blouse. How he wished he could rip her blouse off and then hiked that skirt up and fuck her right now. He was so hard he was sure is hard dick was now more than 9 inches long. He covered it up slowly with his jacket as he blushed a little.

Adrianna could barely contain herself thinking of a 9 inch cock in her tight pussy. She wished she could tear off her pants and fuck him right now. Her juices were starting to drip onto the floor she was so wet. Even though she had been wet many times in the last couple of weeks, there had never been a time this exciting. She stared at him and slowly her eyes dropped to his sudden movement to cover up his raging hard cock. Wow! She thought as a rush went through her that is exactly what she wanted. When she looked back up she noticed he was blushing and she started to. Leaning into his ear, she whispered, "I think you have the tool I need."

Christoph smiled as he touched her hand and guided it under his jacket. "Is this the tool you need?"

His voice was sexier than ever to Adrianna. She just about lost control right then and there as she ran her hand over the length of his hard cock. She let a moan slip from her lips as his hand, which she guided to her soaking wet pussy, grazed the thin fabric of her thong. She was not alone though, for Christoph let a moan slip as her hand reached the head of his cock. They sat there staring into each other's eyes as they continued to tease each other. Christoph demanded they get off at the next stop and find some place to stay. Adrianna agreed.

As the train pulled into the station Christoph led Adrianna off the bus. They both grabbed their luggage and hailed a taxi and told the driver to find the nearest hotel. As the taxi began down the road they could wait no longer. Christoph reached for Adrianna and they began to kiss passionately. He kissed her lips and then up to her ear and nibbled on it causing her to moan softly. She kissed his neck as her hands busily travelled over his hard chest. She dropped one hand down and teased his hard cock slowly. A moan escaped from his lips. Christoph started to kiss down Adrianna's neck as he started to undo her white blouse. Suddenly the driver spoke "Here we are! That will be five dollars." Christoph handed him a five and they got out heading into the hotel.

Christoph asked for the first room available. They headed to the room barely holding themselves from stopping in the hallway. As they entered the room Adrianna and Christoph dropped her luggage. They kissed passionately as they tore off their clothing. Christoph literally tore Adrianna's blouse off revealing her firm breasts. She grabbed his shirt running her hands over his chest as he removed his shirt. He nibbled on her ear again as he undid her bra exposing her tits. She moaned as her breasts hit the cool room air making her nipples hard. Adrianna undid Christoph's pants reaching inside to feel his throbbing cock. He moaned as she rubbed it gently. It was exactly what she was looking for: long, hard, thick, and she could feel the veins as she wrapped her hand around it.

"mmm, you like my cock baby?" Christoph seductively moaned, "I bet you will love it even more when it's inside your tight pussy." His left hand was caressing her breasts as her kissed down her neck towards them. His right hand was unzipping her skirt. As it fell to the ground it revealed Adrianna's lace thong. He ran his fingers over it, gently pushing and cupping her pussy and continued to her ass where he pushed it hard against her ass.

She moaned loudly in desire, "I need your cock to fuck me hard!" She could feel his hand slowly removing her thong. She squeezed his cock tighter and stroked it faster.

Christoph slowly slide down her thong as he rubbed her smoothly shaven pussy. It excited him even more. His fingers were covered in her juices as he slid one inside Adrianna. Her pussy gripped it tight as he started to move it in and out.

"Ohh God Christoph, don't stop!" Adrianna begged "I think I'm going to cum! MMM keep going, finger my tight pussy!" Her hand began to move stroke his shaft faster as she started to massage his balls. She started to shorten her strokes concentrating on the head. He moaned "Tug my hard cock! Make me cum!"

He moved his finger faster, deeper rubbing her g-spot as her moans turned into screams of ecstasy. Her body started to quiver. Her breathes turned into short gasps. Her back arched. Her hips started to buck in time to his finger. She whole body started to shake. "OHHHH!!! I"MMMM CUMMMING!!" Adrianna screamed. Her body tensed. She came with such intensity her juices soaked the carpet they were standing on.

When Adrianna gathered herself together she pushed Christoph onto the bed and kissed his lips. She started to kiss down his body still stroking his hard cock, but now teasingly. Her lips reached his cock. She licked it the length of his shaft, sending chills down his spine. He moaned "Oh God, you are amazing!" Adrianna flicked her tongue as she reached the head. Christoph moaned loudly, but managed to hold back.

Adrianna locked her lips around his hard cock and slowly taking more of it in. She was just about gagging as she came back up. Her hand stroking the lower half of his cock, she started to flick the head as she moved it in and out shallowly. Her other hand massaged his balls.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum!" He moaned.

"Cum in my mouth! I want to taste your cum." Adrianna seductively ordered.

This sent Christoph over the edge. "I'm cumming!" He grunted as his warm cum filled her mouth. He felt her swallow and her hand was still stroking his base, which caused him to cum again. This time Adrianna could not swallow fast enough and some of the cum dripped down her chin and onto your tits. She rubbed in all over her breasts staring into his glazed eyes.

Christoph sat up just enough to pet Adrianna's pussy. "I think you have a leak down there" He joked.

"I think you have just the tool for the job." She replied laughing straddling him as she grabbed his raging hard cock. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock. As she guided his cock into her tight pussy, he kissed her and began to nibble on her ear and nipples. She gasped as she impaled herself on his cock. It felt enormous and she loved it. She started to slowly fuck his cock taking it deeper each time. She moaned with every movement. Christoph continued to nibble, caress and kiss her beautiful body. As she lowered herself for the third time, her moans turned to screams throwing her head back. Her fingers dug into his firm chest. Her pussy gripped his cock. She came! This turned her on more. Their eyes locked and she went crazy. She started to buck and fuck Christoph's 9 inch cock as hard as she could. He rolled her over and started to pound his cock into her.

"Harder! Harder! Fuck me as hard as you can!" Adrianna screamed. "Oh God, I love your big cock. Fuck me!" Her hand reached down and started to rub her clit, just about sending her over the edge again.

Christoph pounded harder and faster, turned on more than he could imagine by her dirty talk. He couldn't take it any longer. He grunted "I'm cumming!"

She could feel his cum in her pussy, making her scream, "I'M CUMMING TOO!!" The cum started to spill out of her pussy as she pulled him out. She reached down, dipping her fingers in their juices, and then tasted it. "mmm, we taste pretty good."

Christoph and Adrianna collapsed exhausted, but both with smiles on their faces.

"That was exactly what I needed" Adrianna sighed.

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