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Invasion stories: Jacob.

Author's note: This story and any that may follow are set during the "Quest" storyline. It will not be necessary to read any of those chapters to understand these. I hope you enjoy! ( By the way, those of you who have been reading Quest… I will hopefully have it finished in the next couple of months. Thanks for your patience!)

Jacob walks down the sidewalk and sighs as he looks at the surrounding devastation. The second anniversary of the alien's invasion is slowly approaching and the evidence of their deeds remain. Metropolitan cities became towns, towns became villages, and villages became dust on that day.

According to the elderly guard at this entrance, a small hotel exists in the middle of town. Jacob looks for signs of activity and spies nothing that indicates any kind of bar or place to rest. He tells himself that he will turn the next corner and, if the hotel is not there, then he will just try to find some sort of bedding in one of the many empty homes. He prefers speaking to live people but ghosts will be just as welcome, if that means he can get a decent night's sleep.

He turns the corner and smiles when he spots the building that must be the hotel. It is a nice two story house, probably was the house for some rich family before the invasion, he thinks. He can see candles lit from various windows throughout the house.A small group of people are standing at the entrance, talking and laughing with each other. Laughter, Jacob thinks, what a rare treat.

He approaches and the conversation dies. Jacob knows that he must look horrible. His jeans are old and full of holes. His overcoat is dark black and is also nothing but rags, but it has kept him warm. His dark black hair is long and stringy. His once handsome, smooth face is full of bruises and houses a very long beard.

The other people say nothing as he enters the building. They must encounter plenty of people like himself, he thinks.

The spacious liviingr room he enters is lit by several candles. An old, plump, woman sits behind a table. She looks at him as he approaches. She, too, must encounter other strangers like himself because she doesn't blink an eye at him.

"Can I help you," she asks, her voice sounding younger than her old body would suggest.

"Do you have a room available," Jacob asks.


He pauses. He remembers all the lies that he has told in other towns. Lies that were able to get him free room and board. Lies that were able to get female companionship along with the room and board. Lies that kept him alive. However, he finds he doesn't want to lie anymore.

"No money," he admits. "I lost what little the aliens left me during a mugging just over a year ago."

"Let me see your arms," commands the old woman.

This request surprises Jacob but he removes his overcoat for the lady. He knows he doesn't have to remove his t-shirt for it has just as many holes as his other attire.

The woman looks him over and speaks.

"Okay, you can have a room for a night. However, your payment will be to help my niece gather firewood tomorrow. Along with the room, you will be provided with a hot meal. That is, if you want one."

Jacob smiles.

"Yes, ma'am," he replies. "I would."

The old woman looks him over.

"For two days worth of work, I will throw in a second night and a change of clothes. One of my sons was a victim of the invasion. I still have some of his clothes and I think they should fit. Is that acceptable?"

Jacob is speechless. During his two years of struggling, he has never met someone as generous as this lady.

"Thank you."

A smile creeps on the old woman's face.

"Don't thank me yet," she winks. "Wait until you see how much wood I need."

He extends his hand.

"I'm Jacob."

She accepts it.

"Nice to meet you. Room number two and I will send my niece, Ann, up there later with your soup and clothes."

She hands him a key and a small paper bag.

"Good night," she says.

"Good night," Jacob replies.


Jacob looks into the mirror and smiles. The contents of the paper bag lie across the bathroom countertop and any evidence of his beard is slowly going down the drain. He rubs his smooth face. Since the invasion, has only been able to shave twice so the razor and shaving cream was a welcome gift.

He blows out the candle and walks into the small bedroom. A giant window overlooks the town and he is able to see more of the alien's handiwork . That day was such a horrible day. He remembers the picnic. He remembers holding Tina in his arms and kissing her. He remembers asking her to marry him. He remembers the catch in her voice as she said yes. He remembers slowly making love to her by the river. He remembers her moans of pleasure as he came inside her. He remembers how the expression of pleasure left her face as the skies grew dark. He remembers her screams as the world began to fall apart around them. He remembers watching as she was hit by the laser beams that were raining down. He remembers wanting to die right then but the aliens were moving too quickly and left him kneeling, alone, on the river bank.

A faint, timid knock, interrupts his memories and Jacob wipes away a tear from his face.

"Come in," he says loudly and turns to the door.

A young girl, maybe twenty five or so, enters the room. In her arms rests some articles of clothing and, sitting on top of that, a small bowl.

Jacob freezes at the sight of her. Her face is smooth. Her long hair is as black as the night. The blue dress she is wearing is very conservative and covers her entirely but he can tell that it is hiding what must be a very shapely body. In the darkness that separates them, he cannot see her eyes but can only guess that they must be dark and mysterious.

"Where do you want this," she asks and Jacob snaps back into reality.

He walks over to her, apologizes for his lack of manners, and takes the items from her. He sets the bowl of hot soup on a table next to the bed, and the clothes on top of the bed. As he looks at her once again, he notices that she is looking him over. He realizes that she has probably seen worse but attempts to apologize. He is just glad he was able to shave.

"No need to apologize," replies the girl. "However, thank you. Most of the other guys that have stayed here just accept the food and clothes and that is it."

Jacob realizes that her eyes keep glancing away from his face. He looks down in the direction and figures out what has drawn her attention. His arousal had begun while thinking about Tina and their lovemaking. The appearance of the old woman's niece was helping to maintain the arousal.

Jacob looks at her and notices a small grin on her face. She looks up at him and quickly blushes.

"I'm…I'm….," she stammers. "I'm so sorry."

Jacob laughs.

"That's okay, Ann. It is Ann, right?"

She nods.

"Yeah, short for Annie. You're name is Jacob?"

He nods.

They stand there in complete silence, looking into each other's eyes. Jacob has had sex on several occasions since the invasion but none of the women he went to bed ( or couch, or hay loft ) has been as gorgeous as this girl. He tries to think of lines that he could use: "So, here we are, alone, aliens invading the planet… how about comforting a lonely stranger." or "What is a gorgeous girl like yourself doing in a rundown hell hole like this?"

Or "If I said you had a gorgeous body…"

"It's going to get cold."

Ann's sentence interrupts his thoughts.

"Excuse me."

"You're soup. It's getting cold."

"Oh," Jacob grins as he walks over to the bed and sits down. He takes the bowl of soup, gathers some in the accompanying spoon, and lets it enter his body. The soup tastes wonderful and his body is glad to have something hot for a change.

"Would you like to join me," he offers.

Ann shakes her head.

"I can't. Sorry. I have a few more guests I have to make deliveries to. Thank you though."

Ann turns to leave.

"You're welcome to come back later," Jacob says as she turns the door knob.

Ann looks back at him and smiles. "I may just do that."

She exits and he proceeds to finish the small meal.


Jacob lies in the bed and stares out at the full moon. The bed is very comfortable and he wonders if all the rooms are kept up like this or if the old woman saves the "good" room for only select people.

He closes his eyes and thinks back to Tina. He feels his arousal returning and it is obvious as his cock raises the thin sheet. Looking as though Ann would not be returning, the decision was made to sleep in the nude. A luxury he is enjoying very much.

Jacob's hand slides down his body and begins to stroke his cock. It isn't that large, around six and a half inches. Thinking back to his and Tina's lovemaking causes his cock to continue to grow and his strokes become quicker.

The timid knock comes once again and Jacob pauses. He could act as though he was asleep. However, hefinds he would enjoy the pleasure of talking with Ann. However, if he invites her in…she will see his hardness under the sheet.

The knock comes again and he decides to be quiet. Nervousness kicks in. After all, he will see her tomorrow morning.

He hears the door open and he sits up.

"Sorry," says Ann. "Did I wake you?"

Jacob pulls the pillow from behind his back, rests against the headboard, and covers his erection with the pillow.

"Um… I was drifting off," he answers.

Ann begins to close the door.

"Okay," she says. "Good night."

"Wait," replies Jacob. The intensity of the shout surprises him but he doesn't want her to leave.

Ann looks through the doorway at him.

"You can come in, I would enjoy the company."

Ann smiles and enters the room. He looks at her as she approaches the bed. The purple night gown that she is wearing is not as bulky as the previous dress so he can tell more about her body. Her breasts are smaller than Tina's were. Small but firm. Probably because of the cold weather, he can see her small nipples poking against the thin material. Because she does a majority of the chores, her body is kept thin, no fat is obvious to him. He adjusts the pillow as she sits down on the bed, next to him.

"Hi," she whispers.


They look at each other in silence.

"Kiss me, please," she begs.

Jacob stares at her. Should he question this? Can he take advantage of a very lonely girl without talking to her first? What should he do? Doubts have never been a problem for him. Why now?

Ann decides for him. She places her hand on the pillow and grips it. She then yanks it away and tosses it across the room. She grins at his hardness.

"Very nice," she whispers as she leans her face towards him and kisses him softly on his lips.

Jacob responds gently. They just sit there and kiss tenderly for several minutes. His hands eventually wrap around and pull her closer. Her hand pulls the sheet down his body until his cock is in full view.

Their kisses become more urgent as he begins to tug at the thin material of her dress.

"Rip it off me," she whispers as her mouth pulls away from his, a sense of urgency in her voice.

A loud tear echoes in the room and her gown falls around her waist, exposing her small breasts. Jacob grins at the sight of them and tilts his head forward until his fingers are caressing one and his tongue begins to lick the nipple of the other.

Ann's moans start softly and becomes louder as he continues to worship her. Her hand wraps around his cock and she begins to play with him. Jacob's mouth leaves her nipple and she begins to protest.

He raises a finger and places it on her lips. She slowly opens her mouth and allows it to slide in. She begins to suck his finger and this causes Jacob to moan. With each touch of her tongue, his passion grows. With each flick of the tongue, he wants the young girl more and more. Finally it his turn to protest, as she pushes his finger out with her tongue.

"Do something for me," Ann whimpers.

"What can I do for you," Jacob asks, taking her face into his hands and staring into her eyes. Yes, they are dark and mysterious.

Ann smiles.

"Use me. Please. Just use my body for whatever pleasure you want. I want to give myself to you completely."

"In two days , I will be gone, are you sure about this," he whispers.

Ann nods.

"Yes, Jacob. I know you are leaving but… there is something about you. And, I have had to be in charge of this house, of my Aunt, of everything, since the damned invasion. I haven't met anyone who I could feel like I could open up with. I know we just met, but I want to open myself to you. Completely. I just want to lie back and not be in charge, even if it is only for a brief few minutes."

Jacob looks into her eyes. Yes, they are dark and mysterious but he now sees the tiredness. He pulls her closer once more and they kiss.

This time the kiss is rougher, more passionate. Their tongues invade each other and dance around. As they kiss, Jacob begins to move Ann to the middle of the bed. When he gets her lying back, he breaks their kiss, rises above her, and looks into her eyes.

Ann smiles at him. She jumps as his hard cock brushes against her leg. He leans forward and kisses her on the mouth once again. This time it is gentle and he quickly moves away from her lips. He plants small kisses on her cheek. He lets his mouth travel upwards until he finds the bottom of her ear. Jacob takes it into his mouth and begins to nibble it.

Ann moans with each bite. Her hands wrap around his back and pulls him closer. His cock pressing against the remaining fabric around her waist, his teeth biting her ear.

Her nails dig into his back as he removes her ear and begins to run his tongue down her cheek. She writhes in pleasure once more when he hits her neck. Ann moans. Jacob pauses and rises up. Her arms fall to her side and Jacob grins. He takes each of her hands and positions them above her head. He reaches up and places his hands onto both wrists, holding her in place as his head leans down, going for her neck once more.

"Yes, Jacob…"

He knows Ann is enjoying the sensation of being helpless and tightens his grip on her wrists.

"Yes…" she moans.

Jacob glances down at her hard nipples and his tongue begins another journey.

Ann almost screams when his warm tongue makes contact with her had nipple. He runs his tongue over it, teasing it.

"Don't stop…" she begs.

He takes his teeth and gently nibbles it. Ann begins to move her body underneath his trying to make contact with his cock.

Jacob open his mouth wide and takes the nipple, along with the surrounding flesh, into him. He sucks hard and allows his tongue to play with the nipple.

"Oh yes, Jacob. Make love to my nipple. Yes!"

Jacob pulls away and grins at her.

"Don't stop," she whimpers.

"I'm not. The other one is just getting jealous, that's all," he comments and plunges his mouth forward until he is attacking the other breast with as much energy as the previous one.

"I want your cock…" Ann begs.

"What was that, my little slave," asks Jacob, deciding to get into the act.

"I want your cock inside me, please master. Please."

The words excite Jacob. He and Tina would role play but usually doctor/patient or teacher/student. Never master/slave.

"Do not move your arms, slave," Jacob orders as he removes his hands from her wrists. He notices her wrists are red but he doesn't think there will be any lasting marks in the morning. However, to show her his concern, he extends upwards and kisses each wrist gently.

His arms travel down her body until he makes contact with the remaining fabric at her waist. In very little time, her pulls the dress away from her body and marvels at the sight below him. Her pussy is shaven and wet. It's lips are very small and Jacob knows she will be very tight. Obviously, she does not do this with many guests, he thinks as he takes the night gown and finishes ripping it. He then rips it again until there are four small pieces of fabric lying on the bed, with the rest of the gown lying on the floor.

He watches the look of growing anticipation in Ann's eyes as he takes the first piece of fabric, reaches for her wrist, and ties it to her. He then ties it to the headboard. He does this with the other arm and her legs until she is completely bound.

Ann whimpers as she looks at him He can tell that her passions are very high. He can see tell by her dripping pussy that he will be able to enter without any problems.

She jumps as he leans forward and kisses her belly button.

Ann's moans grow louder as his tongue slowly slides down her stomach and pauses at the top of her lips.

Her scent is sweet and he hovers above her wet pussy.

Jacob doesn't hesitate and begins to lick her. His tongue devours her lips and Ann's moans turn to howls.


"Yes, master, suck my pussy! That's right."

Jacob says nothing as he begins to nibble on the wet lips.

"Oh , yes…. Don't stop! Don't stop!"

His hands reach up to her breasts and begins to play with them as he continues to lick her. His fingers find her nipples and begin to pinch them. Ann tries to move but cannot. Her pleasure is growing with each touch. With each lick. With each pinch. Along with her growing passion, Jacob knows she is becoming much louder. Pretty soon, everyone in the hotel will know what is going on. Hell, most of the town will know.

Her breathing becomes harder and Jacob can tell she is approaching her orgasm. His hands leave her breasts and brings them to her pussy. He moves his mouth until he finds her clit and begins to suck it.

Ann screams in pleasure.

He slides a finger into her wet pussy.

Ann moans.

He allows another finger in.

"Oh, yes…", Ann gasps for words.

Another finger pushes against her tight anus.

"Fuckin' yes, master," moans Ann. "Use me! Make my body yours!"

When his finger enters her ass, Ann tries to jump. Jacob silently chuckles. "Had she not been tied down," he thinks, "she would have fell off the bed."

He continues to ravish her body. His tongue playing with her clit. His fingers sliding inside her pussy and ass. Ann ,using what little movement she has, trying to push herself to him, allowing the fingers inside every inch of her.

"Fuck me, master," she screams as the orgasm hits and explodes inside her. Her inside muscles grip and release, grip and release, his fingers.

Ann sighs as his tongue and fingers leave her pussy. She looks at him. A contented smile, Jacob thinks as he brings his lips to her mouth and they kiss She licks her juices off him.

He begins to untie her, very slowly, very gentle. He places small kisses on each ankle and wrist as the fabric departs the soft skin. After the four "straps" find themselves on the floor, Jacob lies next to Ann, allowing her to curl up in his arms.

Ann begins to play with his chest hairs.

"That was wonderful," she says, looking into his eyes.

"Thank you, master."

"You're welcome, my little slave, " he responds as he plays with her hair.

She touches his still hard cock.

"What about this? Didn't you want to fuck me?"

He grins.

"A slave shouldn't question her master, should she?"

Ann giggles.

"Besides," Jacob responds, allowing her head to rest on his chest, "I am still here one more night, aren't I?"

Ann mumbles a reply and, before long, they are both asleep, lying naked in the moonlight.

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