Question of Incest


Now it was time for my return to the unit for my advanced training and I feared she would fall back into the same condition I found her in when I came home. So for the next 18 weeks I kept in touch with mom everyday hoping she wouldn't revert back into the same all routine. From the conversations we had she seemed to be caring for herself pretty well so I started to relax and concentrate on my training. The next 17 weeks were pure torture but I was holding my own and had received many "well done" by the platoon sergeant. My jumpmaster knew it was my birthday so he arranged for me to talk with my mother on a cell phone as I soared from a perfectly good airplane; what a rush!

I had one jump left to qualify before training was complete, at 4 am I boarded the transport and it topped out at thirty five hundred feet. I loved the sensation of jumping so I was always the first in the doorway and today was no different. For some reason while waiting for the jumpmasters slap on the helmet a gut wrenching feeling of this being my last jump overwhelmed me. Being true to form something caused me to lose my stability as I fell away from the aircraft and as I spiraled out of control I fought to regain my control knowing there were only seconds to correct the situation I was in. With the ground closing in at such a rapid pace I began to regain stability but my thoughts were consumed by the idea this still wasn't going to turn out well for me. When I hit the ground my left leg buckled causing both bones in the lower part of my leg to snap into. The next 9 months were spent in the hospital and receiving physical therapy.

At the termination of my treatment the flight surgeon called me in for a summary evaluation and informed me he was grounding me. He sent me off to personnel since I had joined under a guaranteed enlistment I had a choice to stay in and find something else within the service or separate. There was no way I had desires to sit behind a desk for the next four years so I opted to discharge from the military.

I immediately called mom to let her know I would be coming home soon. Her excitement was clearly noticeable and she kept telling me "I only have a short time to get ready," "oh my baby is finally coming home, on honey I'm so happy!" Well it took another 3 and half months for my discharge, my twenty birthday had come and gone and I was headed home just in time for mom's 35th birthday celebration.

When I arrived it was mid October, the air had a slight coolness to it, and all the trees had turned their beautiful red, yellow, and orange colors. While I stood in front of our home it reminded me of one of those houses I had once seen in a painting and then fear grabbed at my insides. What would I find when I went inside? In what condition would I find mother? To my surprise the front door swung open and out ran mom; with seeing her those thoughts quickly disappeared from my mind.

Mom was wearing an almost transparent yellow skintight pull over and as she ran towards me her breast bounced so violently that it was all I could do to keep from staring in complete disbelieve at this awesome sight. As she stopped in front of me I could clearly see the oversized large brown circles around each nipple and with the cool October air slightly blowing her nipples protruded outwards with such enormity you would have to be totally blind not to notice them from a mile away. I'll have to confess she had the largest nipples I had ever seen and must have been well over the size of a quarter. Watching her cross the front lawn I had failed to notice the short black wrap around skirt which was three-quarters of the way up her thigh or the well tanned shapely legs she had developed over the past months.

Here was the picture of a totally erotic vision standing before me and the pleasure my senses were going through was beyond anything I had every experienced before. My mind raced with this one thought, "this is my mother?" I could hardly believe the change in her from when I was home on leave months ago and now here she was well groomed looking physically better than she ever had in her life.

As I settled in at home and the months past mom and I had a wonderful relationship, we started going out to dinner, movies, shopping and even gotten drunk together one evening. I had dated several girls from my high school days and becoming sexual involved with several of them, I was really enjoying my new found popularity, however every time I would go out and for several days afterwards mom acted very strange. One afternoon while we were grocery shopping we happen to run into Rachel; Man what a thrill! With mom keeping a watchful eye as Rachel and I talked we both agreed it was probably best if we meet this coming weekend for some drinks instead of talking in front of my mother. I could only hope she could work it out for Saturday night because I knew if it did the most sexually aggressive women I have ever known would be fucking me.

Saturday night was great with Rachel we only had about two hours together but we made the most of it. I arrived back home about 10 or so and mom was waiting for me in the living room. She was sitting on the couch in a nice oriental style robe and as I came in a torrid of questions followed. She wanted to know where I had been, whom I had been with, and what I had been doing. Her tone of voice wasn't mean spirited and the questions she was asking didn't seem anything out of the ordinary, just things any inquisitive mother would ask her child, but her questioning irritated me. I ask her why so many questions and she was quite honest about her answer, "I wanted to know if you had been with Rachel," so I was just as honest back with her. I explained first off, I was old enough to see and go out with whom I so choose and that secondly, yes I had seen Rachel this evening and we had a very good time.

I don't think she expected me to be so abrupt and it seemed to disturb her that I was so short and direct with my answers. I saw the anger in her face and any second expected mom to start going off on me. It was strange, all of a sudden those facial expressions disappeared and she started talking in a normal tone of voice with me. She did ask what we had done this evening and I explained we just had a drink together and a nice talk. "I thought you would be out fucking the slut," was the manner she replied. I started to tell her I had but she interrupted me.

She stood up from the couch untied her robe and let it drop to the floor. Underneath she was wearing a mist blue sheer see through teddy. It was so transparent I could see everything; her overly large tits and nipples accented by a nice tan line and the outline of her neatly trimmed pussy were there for me to gaze upon. Completely shock by her doing this I asked, "what the hell do you thing you're doing?"

Mom began to cry telling me she just wanted my opinion of whether I believed she was attractive and desirable, she hadn't meant to offend me. Still crying she was trying to chock out the explanation of since I had returned home she knew that I had been dating several different girls and believed I was sexually active with each of them; all she really wanted to know was how she compared to my girlfriends. In a strange sense my heart went out to her but it prompted me to ask a question of her. "Who was it she was trying to impress with her outfit?" Still crying and clutching her robe between her breast she began to hysterically cry and repeatedly ask me to forgive her.

I never received an answer to my question and finally getting her calmed down I sat and put my arm around her. She was still clinching to her robe but for whatever reason never put it back on. As we sat I ask why she never dated or remarried after my father passed away. She went on to explain there was really no desire and no one had ever really showed an interest in her. As I held her she gradually released her grip on her robe and let it fall to the side. I couldn't help look upon her, she was very pretty and the erotic appearance of her nakedness through the sheer material actually excited me. At one point I thought about asking her to cover herself but I just didn't want her to go into hysterics again.

I could sense she was becoming more at easy with being held by me and the longer we sat like this my cock began to grow rigidly hard. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her! I was beginning to recuperate from spending time with Rachel and I was starting to have thoughts as if this woman wasn't my mother. At one point all I wanted to do was lift her gown, spread her legs and just lick away at her pussy.

All of a sudden she jumped from the couch grabbed her robe and stood up in front of me with her rob dangling by her side. Not more than a two foot away was a woman who was practically nude and appeared to be craving my attention. But how could I do this? Although she was very sexually appealing and my resistance to her body was beginning to fade, she still was my mother. But what if I just grabbed her and fucked her as I was sensing she wanted me to do. What if I just took her whether or not this was really what she wanted? Maybe she was just looking for my approval of the way she had changed over the past few years.

All I know my mouth was dry and every nerve in my body was on edge, just standing there with me looking at that gorgeous body, her tits, her pussy, and the nakedness of her body I barely could resist. I just wanted to throw her down, start eating and fucking her regardless of the fact she was my mother. God, the turmoil going on inside of me was enough to drive a sane person completely over the edge.

Without an explanation I got up and left the house, I thought it was the only way to control what I was feeling inside. I walked down the road for the longest time and it seemed with each step I took the images of her body and what had just occurred became more vivid. I wasn't sure what point mom was trying to make but a part of me said go back and fuck the living shit right out of her, the other part said she was just trying to gain my approval of how she looked. As I crossed an open field to head back home the images grew clearer of what I had on my mind. As I entered the house it was completely silent so I headed straight for my room hoping to avoid further interaction with mom.

As I passed her room I could hear muffled sounds from inside so I quietly pushed the door open to see if she was in one of her hysterical states again. Her room has an open style bath and shower off of the main bedroom area so when you open the door you could see directly into the bath. For what reason I'm not sure she was in the shower and I could see she had soaped herself up and was standing there stroking her breast and pussy. Her eyes were clinched tightly together and the sight of her sensually caressing and rubbing her pussy made me want to burst in and take her.

As I stood and watched she was talking to herself, "oh honey take me, show me what its like to cum,' "show me what its like to have my pussy done that way. Oh baby let me put my mouth all over you, let me suck you and show you I can be the best." The longer I stood watching and listening I knew she was talking about me. I was so close to running in and just grabbing her up giving her what she wanted, but I didn't. As I continue to watch longer with both of her hands she pressed hard into her pussy and as she stood under the running shower I watched her quiver from her own orgasm. She was moaning and almost to the point of yelling, "Baby Please Keep Tongue Fucking Me! Make Me Fucking Cum, Don't Stop Bryan! Don't Stop! Fuck Me With Your Tongue, Oh Baby, Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Oh Honey, Fuck me Always!" I was in total disbelief hearing my mother use that type of language; she was calling my name out and telling me to fuck her. I was sure if I just walked in on her she would have let me do anything to her I wanted.

You won't believe it and I'm not sure I do; I turned and walked away. I went to my room knowing she was in the next room making herself cum like crazy thinking of me.

It was such a restless night that when I woke in the morning a total state of confusion consumed my mind and soul, I didn't know what to do. Before leaving the house I called Rachel in hopes we could meet for a few minutes and maybe she could give me some advice on how to handle this situation. When we meet I explained what had happened the night before. To my utter surprise Rachel told me it turned her on with such a wild hunger that she would love to watch me fuck my own mother. I told her she was "talking about me fucking my own mother and that I couldn't believe it turned her on!" She snapped at me, "don't be fucking silly, you know it turns you on too." As she went on to say, "baby it would be one of the most erotic experiences you would ever have in your life." I wouldn't admit it to her but yes it did, it turned me on so badly, God I felt terrible to think that my own mother turned me on and I had such a craving to do the things with her Rachel and I had shared. That was the last time I ever saw Rachel.

The next four days was a blur I stayed away from the house and was drunk the whole time. Needing a shower and a change of clothing I decided it was time to head home and straightened things up with mom and myself. When I arrived she was so upset with me, yelling at me, "you've been with that fuckin' whore, what you been out screwing her the last four days?" I remained calm and explained that Rachel and I had seen each other but I had decided it would be the last time, I had realized it would be best that way. Mom screamed at me, "you're telling me you haven't fuck that cunt since you've been back?" Something snapped inside of me, I told her straight out that Rachel and I had fucked each other like crazy last Saturday night; at that very moment I realized the wrong thing was said to her.

Mom starts swinging and flailing her arms at me telling me she was going to beat the hell out of me. Screaming at the highest pitch of her voice, "you go out and fuck her but you won't fuck me, you sorry motherfucker, I can't believe you would do me that way!" I grabbed her by the arms in an attempt to keep her from hitting and getting right in her face told her, "you sick bitch I'm your son, I'm not suppose to fuck you. You should have found someone else to do that with after dad died, mothers and sons aren't suppose to be that intimate!" "What the hell have you be thinking," I angrily added. "We're not a couple, we're mother and son!" With that mom became pale as a ghost she threw her hands over her mouth and went into one of her hysterical crying fits.

What a fool, I should have just walked away, but me being who I am, I couldn't stand to see her cry like that. So I took hold of her cradling her in my arms to console her and at that moment things changed between mother and son.

She looked up at me and ask, "do you find me attractive?" I said in my view she was a very lovely woman and that I was very proud of the way she had changed her life and appearance. That made her beam ear to ear with a smile and then she reach up and kissed me.

It wasn't a kiss which are shared between mother and son it was one where she stuck her tongue into my mouth, starts breathing a little heavier, slight whimpers and moans starts coming from deep down inside of her. She slightly pulls away asking if I felt okay with this and all I did was look into her eyes.

There's no doubt she sensed my growing lust for her because in one quick movement pushed me back onto the couch and fell directly on top of me. Our lips and bodies pressed hard against each other as we kissed with such animalistic passion that most people would have been repulsed by it. She wildly ground her hips into me with such force I thought her pelvis would shatter. We lay kissing and caressing each other for the longest time. Every few seconds she would reach between the two of us massaging my cock, and each time she felt the hardness of it would savagely grind her pussy hard against me.

As we continued to neck an uncontrollable urge washed over me like someone had poured a bucket of steamy hot water over me. I pushed mom back reach up and literally ripped her sheer top from her body. Those huge beautiful tits fell towards my face and I immediately buried my mouth over one her nipple and suck it hard into my mouth. The sound that came out of her was deafening.

"Oh My Baby, Suck Mommies Big Tits, Eat It Honey, Bit It, Suck It Harder Sweetheart!" She was holding my head into her with such force I could barely breath and with her grinding her pelvis against my cock I thought she would brake me in half. Mom screamed again, "Oh Honey Bite It, Bite Down Hard On It, Bite Harder Baby on Mommies Nipple!" and as I did she screamed out again. "Your going to fuck you mamma, your going to fuck my pussy aren't you baby, your going to be my teacher and do all those things you use to do with Rachel, Your Going To Fuck Your Mother, Give Her Everything!" At this point she was so loudly vocal I was becoming concerned someone might hear her.

I laid her down on the coffee table and striped her remaining clothing off and as I did she squealed in pure delight. I slowly and gently kissed the insides of her thighs taking the tip of my tongue running small wet streaks up and down both of them. As I moved closer to her cunt her hips began to wildly thrash up and down, my nose unintentionally grazed the outer lips of her pussy, she was so soaking wet it caused my nose to be gleaned with juices. Since that caused such a wild reaction in her each time, I continued to tease her pussy with my nose for a few seconds and each time she attempted to maneuver her body in such away to press her pussy into my face. I was enjoying playing my little game with her cunt; just gently grazing it caused her to moan with loud raspy sounds that came from deep inside her.

Mom grabbed me by the head and in with such a sultry and sexy voice pleaded with me, "Oh Baby, Eat Me, I Need It So Bad, Please Baby, Please!" With that I tore my head from her hands as I pushed her back on the table and I lowered my face towards her cunt. Working my way down her stomach she continued to beg, "Honey Please, Don't Wait No More, God I Need It!"

So with my mouth wide open I cover her mound taking a long swiping lick of her pussy from the bottom to the top, her body shook and a long gasping moan came from her as I flicked my tongue across her clit. "Oh My Goodness, Baby Right There, Don't Stop, Oh My God Right There Bryan, Don't Move, Right There!" she moaned out in wild excitement. I continued to flick the tip of my tongue across the area of her clit that seemed to create the most pleasure for her.

Digging the heels of her feet into the top of the table she raised her pelvis high into the air and with what sounded like a demonic gush of air from her lungs, she began to loudly scream. "Oh Bryan What's Happening To Me, What's Happening, Oh My God It's So Good Baby, Feels So Damned Good!" Her body tensed and then began to quiver all over, she shook so violently it was all I could do to keep my mouth covering her pussy. She screamed to the top of her voice, "OH MOTHERFUCKER!" Mom went completely limp and crashed down on top of the coffee table, she had passed out.

After coming to and clearing the cob webs from her head she began asking me, "what had I done to her, what happened?" I laughing explained, "my best guess was that she had a very intense orgasm." Mom went on and on for several minutes about how incredible it was and that she never thought anything could be so wonderful. "I have never felt anything like it before, I felt so sinfully deliciously and crazed that it's difficult to put into words," she went on to explain.

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