tagCelebrities & Fan FictionQuestioning Destiny Ch. 07

Questioning Destiny Ch. 07


Chapter Seven

“Okay did any of you know that my brother was gay…and if so why didn’t ya’ll tell me. I mean he’s my brother, didn’t anyone think that I might wanna know something this fucking important?” Matt ranted.
Jeff, Nikki, Willow, and Xander had retreated to the bedrooms of the suite to dress, after Linda brought them out of their post-orgasmic haze by closing the door of the suite with a loud thud. All four of the lover’s heads came up in exhausted suddenness.
“Holy fuckin shit. Don’t you people knock.” Jeff yelled as he and his mates ran to the rooms to dress. As he reentered to hear his brother’s query, Jeff replied. “Well First of all, it’s not necessarily any of your business. I mean yeah you’re my brother and I love you, but since it’s my love life I don’t really have to tell you anything about it. And second of all…I’m not gay, I’m not even bi really. I’ve never been attracted to a guy other than Xander. Probably never will be.”
Willow joined Jeff. The extreme wrestler had settles on the back of one of the rooms’ large armchairs. The redhead sat on one arm, while Xander sat in the seat of the chair. Nikki hopped onto the other arm. They presented a happy, unified front. Once more Jericho’s voice filled the silence, “so basically, you are in love with Xander the person…not Xander the gender, and you were just expressing that physically.”
“And what a beautiful physical expression that turned out to be.” Amy and Linda said simultaneously. Both women were having wonderfully naughty thoughts and images of the two men together.
“Would you two please stop imagining my brother and his male lover in indelicate situations?” Matt Whispered painfully. “Jeff isn’t this a little fast? I mean you’ve only know them for like six weeks…I get love at first sight…really I do, but with three people one of them a male? When you’ve never shown any previous desire for one before. I mean are you really, absolutely sure about this?” Matt’s concern and love for his brother was beautifully evident in his voice.
“Believe it or not I wondered the same thing. But God, Matt, you have know idea how right this is. How right it feels. And I know that you are never gonna believe me but…Mom told me that this is where I need to be. Loving and being loved by these three people.” Jeff admitted abashedly.
“Um let me be the first one to say HUH? Jeff you’re mom passed away quite some time ago, right?” Amy asked quietly.
“Yeah…but it was her and she and I were sitting at that old picnic table in the backyard…she was glowing with this wonderful, warm light. She was dressed in this flowy, white dress thing. She told me that even though others might not understand, Willow, me, Nikki and Xander were destined to be and together we’d accomplish so much more than we could individually.” Jeff told her.
“Besides my grandmother has also been gone for quite sometime, but she came to me as well. She even went so far as to laugh at me cause I never could do things the normal way. God, I’d almost forgotten how much my mother looks like her. And it was so nice to just be able to talk to her. To tell her exactly how crazy her other daughters have gotten. It was wonderful. She said something about the time finally being right.” Nikki’s voice trailed off.
“The time is finally right, everything is in the proper place. I’d been hearing that in my dreams for a while before Kliq night out. It was constantly there. But I could never figure out what the time was right for.” Willow said perplexed.
“Same here. It was freaky…I was gonna ask you what you thought they meant but then they stopped…I guess cause we had done what they wanted us to do. Still what was it time for exactly?” Xander wondered aloud.
“For you and Willow to be together. I mean think about it Xander and Willow’s love for each other was strong enough to save the world, but the time wasn’t right for them to be together yet cause that hadn’t met the other parts of the equation. And if they had been together then, well then they would never have allowed themselves to fall for Nikki and Jeff too. But had they gotten together with just Nikki and Jeff, then their connection would have torn apart those marriages.” Amy stated…sounding a little Gilesian.
“And you’re okay with all of this…with sharing your wife with another man-with all these changes, because of a dream?” Matt asked confused.
“Look Matt, I’m not saying that this is for everyone…but it is what works for us.” Jeff said simply.
“Nikki, you are sure that this is what you want as well? I mean we all heard your aunts when you were only involved with one white guy but 2 and a white girl…aren’t they gonna flip?” Linda asked, concerned for the other, younger black woman.
“It fits me so well. We all bring so much to the relationship that I don’t think it could actually work in halves. As for my family-my sister will love it; she calls me a prude so that tells you where her mind is. My mom will think I’m crazy, but she’s always been a firm believer that there are two loves in this world that should be completely unconditional…that of God for all of us and a parent for their child. Sides, she can’t possibly hate Jeff and Xander more than she hates Mindy’s husband Tony. As for the Aunts-if I let them know-will say that all four of us are gonna burn in hell for this…well, except Willow. Witches don’t burn; they spend eternity performing sexual acts for Satan and his minions. You know if not for the whole slavery thing they’d have fit in wonderfully in the 18th century.” Nikki chuckled. “My aunts even refuse to read the Harry Potter books. ‘Garbage in is Garbage out’ that’s TiTi’s favorite saying.”
Willow shook her head in consternation. “Okay kinda superficial question in the middle of a pretty deep conversation but what exactly are your aunts names. I’ve only ever heard you call them their nicknames.”
“Well Auntie is the oldest, her name is Mary Jane-Yes Jericho…like pot. Next is Ursula-Ursi, as I call her. And finally there is TiTi, who is younger than my mom, Bettina, but you’d never know it from the way TiTi always tries to boss her around. Anyway TiTi is Tallulah, the youngest girl.” Nikki explained matter of factly.
“Hey why did you guys come to our room anyway?” Xander inquired.
Jericho smiled. “We just wanted to check on Nikki, make sure she was okay. See how she was doing.” The blond said from his seat next to Amy.
“That’s so sweet. I’m doing pretty well. Thanks.” Nikki said with a satisfied smile.
“Yeah we could see that. We should all be so well.” Amy teased, “not that I-I just meant. You know I’m gonna shut up now before I find out what my knee tastes like instead of just my foot.” The taller redhead blushed furiously.
Jeff watched Matt as the others conversed around them. Finally he had to ask the question pressing on his heart and mind. “So are we okay?” Jeff directed the question at the room at large…but mostly towards his older brother.
Jericho spoke first; mainly just so no awkward tension would build. “Not sure that you guys care about my opinion but we’re all still okay. Though I may have to start calling Xander and Jeff the pimp papas of the WWE.”
Everyone chuckled. Jeff studied his brother as Linda and Amy expressed their happiness for their friends’ joy. The whole room was looking at Matt warily.
“Would ya’ll stop looking at me like I’m bout to turn this into a Springer moment? I’m not. Gawd. I’m okay with all of this. I was worried about him.” Matt looked directly at Jeff. “All I want for you is your happiness. Plus Maybe Willow and Nikki can help me talk you out of your more insane stunts.” Matt teased.
Xander looked suitably insulted. “Why don’t I get to help? I’ve got plenty of experience of talking people out of doing dangerous stuff!”
“Xander you picked up the Big Show like he was Rey-Rey. I don’t think I trust you to not be right there with him. Anyway as I was saying.” Matt rolled his eyes at Xander. “If this is what’s going to make you happy, then I’m happy for ya. Then this is what I want you to have. Of course now I’ve got two younger sisters and another younger brother to be fiercely overprotective of, man this could be fun. Driving all four of you nutty with the protective big brother stchick. I can the possibilities inherent in this. Now give me a hug and we’re gonna leave ya’ll to whatever it is ya’ll were doing before. You know what they say…four’s company, but eight’s a crowd.”
Jeff Gave his big brother a huge hug, and a big smile. The Willow, Nikki, and Xander all joined in. Amy laughed and called for a group hug, the others piled in…Jericho dragged by Linda. They left the foursome alone, and the lovers soon returned to their earlier, pleasant pursuits.

After leaving the four lovers alone Amy and Linda began making plans for the evening. In a whisper Amy asked her friend worriedly, “would it be bad of me to ask you to see if you could bunk with Matt tonight? Would I be being a big ole ho?”
“Hell, I was gonna ask you the same thing. Why do you think I talked Jericho and Matt into sharing? You know that Chris usually gets a suite.” Linda smiled devilishly. “But if he’d have had one tonight couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t be stuck sharing a two room with Regal again.”
Amy shivered in disgust. “And God I’d hate to have Steven within hearing distance. Eeeewwww.”
Linda’s face conveyed a sympathetic look of revulsion. “So its okay for me and Matt to hear you guys is that it?” Linda taunted.
“Girl, please, you and Matt will be so busy that Chris and I could hold a bacchanalian orgy all around ya’ll and you’d never even know it.” Amy smirked knowingly.
“Child, from your mouth to God’s ear. But do you think he’ll want to? I mean you see how freaked out about Jeff. Besides I’m not exactly his usual type. What if he’s not ‘down with the brown’ like that?” Linda asked worriedly.
“Please that boy’s way over half in love with you. Now go get him.” Amy coached happily.
“Ya’ll wanna watch TV or are ya’ll ready to hit the hay?” Matt asked from in front of the room he was sharing with Chris. He and Jericho had figured out what the girls were giggling about and were all set to help them as much as possible.
“Yeah TV sounds good…give us a second to get into some jammies…we’ll call ya’ll in when we’re ready.” Amy said smiling.
The two girls quickly changed into tiny tank tops and boxer shorts. They laughed at their similar outfits. Though they understood their reasons for them. It gave each female wrestler the opportunity to do something they so rarely ever did…chicken out. They called Matt and Chris into the room.
“So what do you guys wanna watch?” Matt asked getting comfortable on Linda’s bed. He pulled the athletic black girl down so that she was using him as a pillow.
“There’s supposed to be a good movie on pay-per-view.” Amy said from her perch against her pillows.
“Its not girly is it?” Chris asked. He was seated next to her, her head resting on his shoulder. The night’s taping had ended as relatively early as always so that even with all that had happened this evening, it was still only a little after 10.
“You’ll see,” Amy licked her tongue at her boyfriend. She quickly turned the TV to the movie, and laughed when the guys sighed in relief that it was Evolution, not some chick flick.
At some point very early in the movie Linda, who had already seen it, leaned up and gave Matt a kiss before snuggling into him and falling into a light sleep. So after the movie Chris and Amy returned to the other room so Matt wouldn’t have to wake his dosing black girlfriend.
As soon as the connecting door closed however Linda made her move. She stretched, arching and wiggling against Matt. “I thought they’d never leave.” She joked as she turned over.
“So ya’ll set us up did you?” Matt asked as he leaned down and kissed her gently. His questing tongue lapped at her mouth tasting her, and loving her taste.
“Yep…sure did.” Linda panted in answer. For several long minutes she and Matt kissed and necked like a couple of teens. His strong hands caressed her lithe body through her cloths. As her hands buried themselves in his long wavy hair, they couple kissed with hungry passion.
Linda moved her hands to the hem of Matt’s shirt and broke the kiss long enough to tear the garment over his head. Only to gasp as the very egalitarian Hardy divested her of her shirt as well. Matt kissed his way down her neck as she moaned and ran her hands over his back. Matt maneuvered them into another position. Linda lying on the bed, while he hovered over her, kissing, and nipping at her skin. He fastened his lips to one if her hard brown nipples. He allowed his hand to slid down her toned stomach and into her boxers and panties. Leaning up for a moment the gentleman that was Matthew Hardy had to ask, “are you sure that you want this…want me?”
“Yes…” Linda hissed in pleasure. “Ummm I was worried that you wouldn’t want me.”
Matt just smiled gently and guided her hand to his lap. “I want you baby…I really want you. Does this feel like I don’t want you?” he kissed her passionately once more before returning to her aching nipples. As he kissed and licked each one, over and over again he moved his fingers in and out of her warm, wetness. Matt suckled at her breasts like a man starving. He reveled in the sweet taste of her chocolate flesh.
Linda moaned out her pleasure as Matt paid glorious attention to her sensitive breasts. Then groaned in disappointment as his hot mouth moved lower. The dark haired Hardy nipped and licked her taunt abs as he pushed her shorts and thong down and off her legs. In a voice that was usually only used to extoll the virtues of Mattitude, Matt moaned out. “Someone smells Yumm-tastic!” and lowered his mouth to the fragrant buffet before him. He lowered his head and began to lick her wetness from her folds. She whimpered and gasped as his tongue rolled in and out of her folds, finally pushing inside. She bucked into his face and he retreated, replacing his tongue with his long fingers, two of them, and pressing deep.
She groaned and he turned his palm up, his fingertips seeking the front wall of her vagina. He carefully rubbed in small circles in a methodical pattern until he found it. He’d found her G-spot! She moaned loudly and fisted the bedclothes. When she looked down at him he was grinning, obviously proud that he had found it. He concentrated his attention in that area, pressing hard and then softly, making her muscles squirm and spasm as sensations rolled through her. When she was writhing on the bed, whimpering and begging him, he lowered his head again and sucked her swollen clit into his mouth.

"Matt, Oh God, Oh Jesus. Plleeaassee! Oh God, so close, so close. Please
Matt! Ahh ha ha. Pleeaassee!"

She felt his lips gently circle her bud and then he sucked, rhythmically and hard, in time with his circling fingers. Dancing lights flashed behind her eyelids and she broke apart, felt the back of her head tingle, her nipples harden to astonishing rigidity and her body arch and roll with the waves of her orgasm. She screamed his name.
He lapped her gently as she came down, then removed his fingers, lapping her wetness again and murmuring, "So beautiful, Linda. God, you taste so fuckin good darlin." Matt stood and divested himself of his clothes. He bent down to remove his pants and boxer briefs. She gasped when he stood up.
She was staring at the most enormous cock she had ever seen. Linda watched it bob gently as he pulsed. It reached out straight from the nest of dark hair between his thighs, the weight of it preventing it from standing straight up. She didn't think she'd ever seen anyone this thick, even in pictures. He was really long and so big around.
He stood still patiently while she looked him over. She wasn't the first woman to be unsettled by his size. There had been some who even got dressed and refused to see him again. But while young, he was no amateur and he had made sure she was ready. There was a steady throbbing pulse in his shaft that was making his cock ache for relief. She reached to take him in hand, wrapping her hand around his shaft. Her thumb and forefinger barely touched. He groaned low in his throat.
She blinked slowly as he widened his stance slightly for balance. She stroked him gently, but firmly. She whispered, "My God, Matt, you're huge."
"I won't hurt you, I promise." He smiled at her gently.
"I know you won't. Actually, I'm looking forward to it.” Linda said. Matt knelt back between her legs. He licked her swollen clit a few more time, laving at the bud to draw out more of her moisture. Then he flipped onto his back and coaxed her to straddle him. Linda smiled again as she realized that he was giving the control to her. In this position, she could see his engorged cock lying against his stomach. She almost swooned when she saw that his large flared head was resting above his navel. {Holy shit. Would he fit?} She shook off the ridiculous thought.
He saw the look of apprehension that passed quickly over her face and whispered to her. "Don't worry, Linda, I'll be so gentle, I promise. We'll go slow." She nodded and rose up on her knees, taking him in hand. He tipped his head back, feeling his whole body tense with anticipation. He looked up to see her rising above him, her braids flowing over her shoulders, just barely brushing her breasts, her muscular legs spread wide. He whispered, "So beautiful. I want to be inside you so badly."
She made little sounds of agreement. Her free hand came down to spread herself open. He could see the pink skin peeking out from between her dark, moist lips that glistened with her juices. He moaned at the sight of it. In. He wanted in. He looked at her narrow hips as she placed him at her entrance. He did look huge compared to her, poised there between her legs. The sight of it made him suck in his breath. He hoped he could lie still so as not to hurt her. He grabbed her hips and braced her.
She looked him the eye and gently lowered herself. When his large, engorged head popped inside, she pulled air in between her teeth and he shivered. She took a deep breath and began lowering herself, little by little. Matt was gritting his teeth for control and bracing her so she could use both hands.
She reached behind her, grasping her own buttocks and pulled herself wide apart. His eyes grew big as he felt her expand and he slipped in almost two inches all at once. He shuddered and began to mutter at her. "Oh Jesus, Linda. Holy shit, you feel so good. You're unbelievably tight."
She hummed in the back of her throat, feeling her whole body throb in time with the giant pulse she felt between her legs. She was almost there and was being stretched deliciously. The slow burn in her internal muscles was making her vibrate with arousal. She could already feel him bumping her cervix and she leaned forward slightly, causing her breasts to jut out. She pulled on her rear cheeks once more and bounced slightly, embedding him to the hilt. She felt a deep pelvic pressure that she'd never felt before.
She could actually feel his enormous engorged head holding the entrance to her womb open slightly. No one had ever been in this deep.
Her hands went to his shoulders for balance. As she let go of her rear end, she tensed her butt cheeks. Matt grunted and then stared wide-eyed as she began to shake. Her whole body was trembling. He could feel her thighs trembling against his hips and feel her arm vibrations where her hands met his shoulders.
Her breasts quivered ever so slightly as she sucked in slow, shaky, ragged breaths. He was afraid she was in pain and held absolutely still, waiting. He'd never been gripped this tightly before. It was almost painful, but exquisitely so. "Linda?" he gasped out.
She looked at him and he could see her eyes start to roll back in he head. "Don't ... don't move," she gasped. He nodded. She clenched her butt cheeks again and he felt a slow rolling wave course around his shaft. Her bottom lip quivered as she began a low-pitched vibration sound from the back of her throat that somehow matched her trembling. "Ohohohoh, awwwwww, Ohohohoh, awwwwww."

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