tagGay MaleQuestioning Hetero Ch. 01

Questioning Hetero Ch. 01


Foreword: This is a true story. The events included are all personal past experiences. The names have been changed in order to protect the identity of those involved.

Ch. 1 "My First"

Moving to College

College was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I had only been there for three weeks and I had already had the time of my life and was ready for more. I enjoyed living away from my parents house. I enjoyed the copious amounts of friends around. I even enjoyed my classes. Every day was a new adventure and I never woke up knowing what to expect.

At 18 years old, independence felt like a very valuable thing. I could finally be comfortable with who I was no matter where I was. I had always been a a little shy and awkward in high school. I had plenty of friends but was kind of embarrassed that I never had a girlfriend. I was always scared of girls and could never think of anything to say. Fortunately for me, college changed everything. I lost my virginity within a week of moving in to my dorm to an incredibly sexy petite college freshman girl. I was even more amazed when I realized that this kind of activity could be a weekly event if I choose. I have always been a fan of dignity and choose not to act licentious, but I have to admit, I was a very, VERY horny young man.

With my fourth week of college coming to a close, it was time to begin another glorious weekend of drunken debauchery, unquestionable camaraderie, and confronting the allure of sex. I never really had any plans. I just went with the flow and took whatever came. A few texts, a phone all or two, and I was off.

One Friday Night

Later that night I got back to my dorm about 1am. They checked my I.D. at the front door and let me in. I walked up the stairs to my floor and started down the hall. I had to wind my way around corners and pass by about 20 other rooms before reaching mine, many of which I knew the occupants of. As I passed one of my friends rooms I noticed conversation from inside. It sounded like there was a good amount of people inside and they sounded like they were awake and active so I knocked on the door. I was greeted by my friend Veronica. She let out an intoxicated holler of joy and pulled me in the room.

I looked around and saw Mikey, Zach, Anna, and another girl I had not yet met. Zach and Anna were as excited to see me as Veronica was due to how much time the four of us have spent together since the semester started. All of us were theater education majors, a program with about 60 freshman, so we all had classes together. I sat down and someone got me a drink. We listened to music and talked and just enjoyed our time.

A little later in to the night I found myself the target of some strong sexual attention from one of our friends. But not one of the sexy girls I was with, I was being hit on by Zach. Zach is short, cute, very feminine, and clearly gay. Every one knew this too and no one had a problem with it. Zach was very drunk and would normally not put on of his straight friends in this awkward of a situation. The girls were wide-eyed in amusement at what was going on. I shrugged it off and put a smile on my face. No sense in getting offended by someone being a little flirtatious. Besides, I will say that it was a little bit flattering.

As it got later I decided it was about time for me to leave. I said goodbye and headed for the door. Zach stood up and moved toward the door as well. In his drunken stupor he said to everyone with a big grin on his face that he was going to leave with me. Anna looked at me with an expression that said, "is this ok"? I responded by rolling my eyes and waving goodbye, allowing Zach to follow me out the door. He followed me down the hall and asked where he was going.

Zach replied, "Can I come over to your room?"

"No. I'm tired and am going to go to bed."

He didn't say anything and just kept following. Not knowing how to handle the situation I just kept walking silently. I got to my door, unlocked it, and stepped in. I turned around in the doorway and looked at Zach.

"Okay, well, have a good night Zach. It was nice to see you."

He responded with his feminine voice in an almost pleading way, "Awe, can't I come in? I just want to hang out for a minute."

I hesitated for a moment, then remembered that my roommate was back in his hometown for the weekend. A few things crossed my mind. Then, I don't know if it was the alcohol or something else, I responded to Zach.

"... Sure, come in."

We both sat down and I turned on the tv. It was quiet in the room and I wasn't really sure what to do. I could feel Zach staring straight through me with his gaze. I could almost feel his desire emanating through the room. Then he spoke up.

"Do you like getting a head massage?"

"I have never had one" I said.

Without hesitation he got up, walked over, and stood behind me. He placed his hands on my head and began rubbing methodically. I started thinking about what was happening. I thought back to all the gay porn that I've jerked off to. I used to feel embarrassed about it but at some point I got over it and realized it's no big deal. Although I had come to terms with masturbating to gay porn, I was definitely not comfortable with a gay man giving me a sensual scalp massage. The massage continued. Although I was uncomfortable with the situation I was overwhelmed with delight. I swear I could feel the endorphins being released from my scalp and flowing through my brain. After a few moments of increasingly sensual rubbing I leaned forward and stood up. I looked at him feeling as though I was hypnotized.

In a trance-like state I said, "I'm going to bed."

That was all I said. I then proceeded to undress down to my boxers and climb in to bed. While getting in to bed I called to Zach, "Turn off the tv and lights when your done." I lay my head down and rested my eyes. At this point part of me was in denial. Zach is going to turn off the tv and lights, say goodbye, and let himself out.. thats it. But deep down, the part of myself that I couldn't lie to, I knew what was going to happen.

I heard the tv shut off. The lights went out. A moment later I felt my bed shake as a body climbed into it. I was laying flat on my back ontop of the covers. I felt Zach collapse on top of me, snuggling up and laying his head on my chest. The touch of his hand on my bare stomach made my skin cringe with delight. His body against mine did not feel like I would imagine a guy to feel like. His soft girlish figure felt comfortable on my body. Slowly, his hand started to move. Caressing my skin. Ever so slowly his hand edged its' way down my chest, across my belly, and came to rest on the waste band of my boxers. It stayed there for what felt like minutes but was probably only seconds. Trapped in a horrible state of desire I froze. I didn't know what to do. Clearly not asleep, but trying as hard as I could to pretend.

At that moment, in one swift motion, Zach pulled down my boxers smoothly. My body automatically lifted up at the hips just enough for my boxers to slide out from under me. My cock was finally released. It was already rock hard and I had no idea how long it had been like that. A moment later Zach's hand grabbed on. He was slow at first and just moved his hand up and down a little bit. Not long after he immediately took it in his mouth. The warmth of his mouth was so amazing. It was wet and firm and exhilarating. After laying in bed frozen from movement since I first lay down my body jumped into motion. My hole body tossed and turned in ecstasy. I had always loved masturbating. I also enjoyed pussy very much. But this was my first time having a mouth around my cock and it felt amazing. In response to my movements, Zach sucked harder and faster. He loved knowing that he was pleasing me.

I was still nervous and refrained from interacting much with Zach. At one point his teeth began scrapping my dick and I had to speak up. I simply said, "your teeth hurt." I understood his dilemma as I have a very thick dick which I imagine is hard to fit a mouth around. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and whispered, "Sorry, you're my first."

He stopped sucking to catch his breath. While resting his mouth he put his hands to work. One hand slid up and down my saliva covered dick, the other rubbed my thighs and balls. Eventually his other hand started moving down under my balls and rubbing the area between my legs. Slowly he crept down further. Closer and closer to my ass. Then all of a sudden I lost control and my body started acting on its' own. My legs automatically spread wide and my knees came up. My asshole was pulled up and exposed and stretched open. Zach's fingers went right to his mouth so he could get them wet and then went right down to my ass. Slowly he played around the outside with one finger. My body heaved in pleasure and Zach responded by taking it a step further. He slowly applied pressure and his finger slid inside. I continued reacting to his sexual acts and Zach loved it. After a minute of playing with one hand on my dick and the other in my ass, he began sucking again.

The pleasure was now overwhelming. After just a few seconds of this I knew I was approaching an orgasm. I whispered, "I'm going to cum." Zach, still sucking my cock, responded, "mhmm." He sucked and fingered harder and faster in excitement of the cum he was about to taste. His finger pressed against my prostate. My cock pressed against the back of his throat. Finally, my dick began to contract. A massive load of semen flowed through my cock and in to Zach's mouth. He held firmly to make sure he didn't spill any out of his mouth. My cock kept shooting over and over. I had never came so much. I pulled my ass off of his finger as my body convulsed in pleasure. He continued to suckle on my dick with one hand wrapped tightly around the base as the last bit of cum came out.

After finishing me off he moved up my body and cuddled close with me. He moved to my face and leaned over for a kiss. After cumming I was scarred and slightly ashamed of what happened. I told Zach not to kiss me and that he should leave. He pleaded to stay but then reluctantly got out of bed. He gathered his things and headed for the door. Before leaving he came over to the bed again, looking for a goodnight kiss. I unwillingly let his lips rest on mine. He held the kiss until I rolled over without saying anything. He then realized I wasn't in the mood for his company and Zach headed home for the night.

The Morning After

I woke up the next morning feeling worried about what had happened. It definitely felt very good but I wasn't at all emotional prepared for what had happened. I didn't plan on talking to Zach any more and I didn't even want to think about what happened.

I got out of bed and went straight to the shower to clean up. I let the water heat up then disrobed and stepped in. My mind was occupied by the prior nights happenings. I was thinking about what Veronica and my other friends would say. I was thinking about every gay thing I had done. I could remember what Zach's mouth felt like. I could even remember how his body felt against mine. My ass spasmed when the memory of my first time being fingered crossed my mind. I was somewhat disgusted with myself. How did I wind up with my legs spread wide, basically asking for Zach to finger me? I knew the last night had been a one time mistake and it wouldn't happen again.

I grabbed my body wash and scrubbed up my body. As I started scrubbing down lower my hand grazed across something that gave me a surprise. All the thinking about the previous night had given me a massive hard on. I lathered it up with some soapy water. It felt good and I realized how horny I was. I started jerking my cock and found myself fantasizing. I couldn't help but think about how good my first blow job had felt. And how amazing it was to cum with a finger pressed against my prostate. I took a soaped up finger and reached around to my ass and started inserting it. The warm soapy water let it slide right in. I continued jerking harder and faster being reminded of the pleasure I felt last night. A moment later I came and nearly collapsed as my finger left my prostate and exited my ass. I stood in the stream of hot water... semi hard dick in my hand, cum on the wall, and a shit ton of confused thoughts and feelings. What do I do now?

To be Continued...

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