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"To be or not?" That was the question I asked myself as I retched over a sand dune after watching my wife, naked and spread eagled on a beach towel, while a man kneeled between her legs and introduced his cock into her pussy. He was lucky, as second in line he found her already nice and wet, yet still not all that sloppy. The first guy in line was already sitting over by the fire sipping on a cold beer.

"Cuckold?" When my wife and I planned our first Earth Day Beach Cleanup and Barbeque I didn't realize exactly what all she had in mind. I knew she was devoted to the environment, hell that was one of the first things that drew my attention to her. Well, that and her stunning auburn hair.

Anyway, when she mentioned she had a yearly tradition of celebrating Earth Day I was all for lighting up a fire, barbequing some meat and thanking the clean up workers for the nearby areas of beach. I happily cooked up the hamburger and hot dogs and passed the beer around. Later, when all but the die hard workers that day had left, I thought nothing of it when my wife asked me to run out for some more beer.

It did seem a little odd how the last four men suddenly began to move in toward my wife as I walked over the first dune to the path out to where I'd parked my truck. I paused a moment wondering what I was doing leaving my wife there with a bunch of men I didn't know. I almost turned back but then reminded myself that she knew all of them from the college where she taught.

Shrugging my shoulders, I continued hiking out to the truck. It took only a minute or so to get there and when I climbed in it started right up. I was about to throw it in reverse and back out of the parking space when I grabbed my wallet and looked inside. Two wrinkled dollar bills were all I had and since the nearby liquor store didn't take my credit card I stopped the engine and climbed back out of my truck.

I headed back down the trail toward the flickering light of the fire. Just before I reached the last dune I heard an odd moaning and quickened my step, climbing up to the top of the dune. I heard another moan but could see exactly what was happening.

My wife, her legs wrapped around some man's waist, was arching her back, her hands drawn into tight fists, just like she always does when coming. I stood in horror while the man groaned, grabbed her waist and shoved himself deep into her, his body twitching as he was obviously coming too.

Suddenly feeling sick, I fell to my knees and leaning back over the sand dune, I vomited. When I finished I glanced back over my shoulder and watched another man settling between my wife's legs while two others stood watching, lightly stroking their cocks. Spitting into the sand I slowly stood up, walked over, grabbed a beer and washed out my mouth. Then I did the only thing I could think of at the time, I pulled off my shorts and underwear and got in line.

After retching like I did from the initial shock of seeing my wife being fucked by another man, I was surprised how quickly my cock got hard watching the second man fuck her. He was quite fast, not even lasting long enough for her to cum before he arched his back and spurted inside her.

The next guy made up for it, gently working his cock in and then moving very slowly. Oh she loved that, actually came twice before I saw his ass muscles clamp down and he moan loudly before collapsing upon her. Before pulling out, this guy leaned forward and gave my wife a long, wet kiss and I heard him murmur something about being, "...so soft, so good."

The fourth guy might have made her come too, but just as she was getting worked up she noticed I was the next in line. Yes, after that she was oddly distracted as the chubby man jiggled above her in the throes of his orgasm. When he pulled out I looked down between her legs.

Her beautiful curly, red pubic hair looked dark brown in the firelight. It was matted, but sparkled as the light reflected off the assorted fluids she and her lovers had shared. A white stream of liquid ran down her ass forming a large wet spot in the towel beneath her.

Without a word I kneeled and shoved my cock hard into her, quickly sliding into the hilt with a slap as she whispered, "Derek, I ah..."

Withdrawing and then slamming into her again I said, "I know, I know... just showing your appreciation."

"But Derek, believe me, they mean nothing to me. I love you, they are just some old friends."

I pulled my cock out, holding it just outside her pussy and replied, "Somehow I don't remember anything in our wedding vows about fucking old friends," ending the sentence by slamming my cock into her once again.

"But this is just something we did each year for..."

"Yeah, yeah, Earth Day. Pick up trash and fuck four men, or five if you count me. Do you count me?"

"Of course I do, you are the only one that counts. You know I didn't do this to hurt you, that's why I did it when you went to get beer."

"Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I ran out of cash, I need to get some money from your purse."

"That's why you..." she paused, noticing me grimace with pleasure, "Come on Derek, give it to me, come on. You know I love you, give it to me."

I couldn't help it, amid the shock of seeing the strange men fuck her, amid me getting sick over it, I just couldn't resist her. Even with her pussy stretched from all the fucking, soaking wet from the mingled cum, she felt incredible and I just arched my back and came, adding my cum to the mixture inside her.

After finishing I rolled over onto my back beside her, my mind spinning, lost in the simple magic of the sensations she aroused in me I was in the midst of forgiving her. In my mind I had worked it all out and I opened my mouth to tell her it was all okay.

Had I done that I wouldn't be here right now emptying my pockets into the small tray in front of me and then walking over to get my picture taken. I wouldn't be waiting to follow some police officer down some dank hallway to a room with a large mirror. If only I hadn't opened my eyes to see a man standing above her, waiting to move in and take his turn. It was the first guy to fuck her, coming back for seconds.

"To be or not?" The question rolls through my mind as I try to recall what really happened after my loving wife said to me, "He really worked extra hard today, don't you think he deserves it?" I recall backing away, wandering to my truck and then coming back while they are still at it, my wife panting loudly as she came once again.

"Murder?" Only one count. Apparently I missed him as he immediately jumped off my wife and started running when he saw the gun. I didn't miss her.

Staring down at her I could see the frothy red bubbles form on her lips as she simply asked, "Why?"

Yes, I couldn't argue, that was the real question.

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