Quetzalcoatl Ch. 08


"He was right though," she continued. "They were the origin of Western civilization. But I'm preaching now, and I need to get dinner on the table. Ed, will you help me?"

"Sure," I answered as I started for the door.

"Can I help?" Cassio volunteered.

"Yes," mom consented. "You can open that other bottle of wine."

All through dinner, and then afterward, when I was assigned to go and clean up in the kitchen, it was if mom and Cassio were on a date. I was the third wheel. I could have gone up to bed and they would not have missed me. In fact they probably would have preferred it.

All three of us had too much to drink so Cassio slept in my old room and mom and I slept upstairs. As soon as I got in to bed mom attacked me, but even though she was physically fucking me, I felt that she was fantasying about Cass.

I woke up the next morning with a hard on and mom strewn across me. I kissed her lightly on the cheek and she rolled off of me so that she was facing away from me. She lay there naked with not even a sheet on her.

I slid in behind her and spooned with her, my cock hard against the crack of her ass. I started to grind into her and my hand wrapped around her and went right for her pussy. She turned her head toward me and I took her tongue in my mouth as we kissed.

It only took a few minutes of attention to her clit before she was wet and ready for me. She parted her legs and guided my very hard cock into her. I rolled her over onto her stomach and I fucked her from behind as the sun was peeking through the window. She lay there half asleep as I fucked her.

It was weird but the vision of my wife Jennifer popped into my mind as I fucked mom. I loved to fuck Jen this way. She didn't have big tits, but her ass was astounding. And it was with that fantasy of Jen that I came. I hadn't thought of her in weeks and it was the first time in a long while that I thought of having sex with anybody else but mom.

Finished, I got dressed and went downstairs, as mom went back to sleep. It was just after dawn and I made coffee, fed the dog and then I was out in the garden to do the morning watering.

A while later, I heard the screen door slam and Cassio was standing on the back steps holding a cup of coffee.

"I helped myself to some coffee. I had forgotten how great percolated coffee smells in the morning," he said from the steps. I was still watering and so I just nodded my head. He strolled into the garden and watched as I finished.

"Where is your well? I should take a look at it." I pointed over behind the house where a steel pipe was jutting out of the ground. "Oh okay, I see it," he said and headed over to it as I put the watering cans by the truck.

"Yeah it's a standard well. It probably has a submersible pump. It shouldn't be too hard to rig it up." He sounded like he knew what he was doing.

"When do you want to get that generator?" I asked.

"Might as well go now before it gets too hot. We can throw it on your trailer."

"Let me just get another cup of coffee, and then we'll go. Is Josie up yet?"

"I haven't seen her," he said as he shook his head. I got another cup, and went upstairs to see mom. She was still in bed and she rolled over as she woke up.

"You coming back for seconds?" She smiled as she lazed across the bed like some artist's model.

"I can't Cassio is waiting for me downstairs. We're going for that generator." Her breasts were full and plump and she opened her legs so that I could see her pussy.

"You're looking at me that way. Are you sure we don't have the time?"

I smiled, but just shook my head no. "I love you Ed," she said forlornly.

"I love you too mom."

"Maybe later when he leaves?"


"You know Ed, I'm sorry that Luke opened his mouth on the air like that," Cassio said as we drove down the driveway in the truck.

"It's just that I don't want to advertise the fact that there is a woman here, especially with Pato Azul running around."

"You need to make a left here," Cassio said giving me directions. "It didn't help that he was going on about how beautiful Josie is. I talked to him and I think that should be the end of it."

"I hope so. What do you think of that guy, Pato Azul? Do you think that he's a zombie?"

"He's delusional, calling himself Pato Azul for one thing, but he's sane enough. That probably makes him even more dangerous."

"I don't get these zombies."

"The way I see it is that Quetzalcoatl must have destroyed their civilized brain and all they are left with is their reptilian brain. They are like some lowly creature. All they can think of is eating and sex."

"That makes as much sense as any theory."

"A guy like Pato Azul might have the heightened sex drive that some people have gotten after the disease, but he's a sociopath, and so he just does whatever he wants to satisfy his needs." Cassio continued.

"Sociopath?" I mocked.

"I know. It's all a bunch of psychobabble. But how else would you explain him? There are probably a bunch of criminals out there who are using this situation for their own good."

"That's why Josie wants to move after the fall. She wants to go someplace more rural."

"Make a right into this driveway," Cassio instructed. "I don't think that's necessary. Besides, you might leave here to run into another maniac somewhere else."

I turned into the driveway between two stone gate pillars. I could see the house in the distance. It was an opulent house set on a small rise. It reminded me of the Cape Cod style houses we had on Long Island, but on steroids. It was sprawled out in kind of a Z shape, with little "dog ear" dormers everywhere.

"This is where you used to live?" I asked.

"I didn't buy it, Ed. I just sort of appropriated it."

"Why would you move?"

"I don't know. I can't really stay in one place too long. I guess that was why I was a trucker before the Q."

As we pulled up, the driveway changed from gravel to brick. Cassio motioned me to drive around the house where the garage was. I stopped the truck in front of two overhead doors.

"The generator is in the left garage," Cassio said as he got out of the vehicle.

The house, being a luxury one, reminded me of Garden City and home. And home reminded me of Jennifer. Maybe it was because I was thrown out of my old life, or maybe it was the crazy relationship I had with mom, but I never really mourned for Jen.

Standing in front of some stranger's house in Delmarva, for some reason, brought a tremendous wave of grief over me. I had to walk off, away from Cassio and the house, as I fought to stay in control and to wipe away the tears that were flowing down my cheeks.

"Ed, it's over here," Cassio called to me, but I just waved him off. This was the first time that I cried for her since we left Long Island. I had often wondered where the tears were. Why I really hadn't cried for her. Now, a month later, it was all coming out. Something was different.

"Are you okay?" Cassio asked as he started to walk towards me.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You seem upset?"

"I'm okay. The thought of my wife just came to me. She died before we left Long Island."

We just stood there for a few seconds and then I felt a little weird and embarrassed, so I started for the garage. "Come on, let's get that generator."

We loaded it on the trailer and drove it back to the house. Mom had disinfected the refrigerator while we were gone and it wasn't long before we had it hooked up to the new generator.

The condenser gave a rattle and then it hummed to life. By the next day it was full of beer, and we started to fill it up with food. Cassio got to work on the well, and that too was working by the next day.

We now had refrigeration and running water. I was starting to wonder if Cassio wasn't right, and that we shouldn't leave here.

Cassio wasn't leaving either. He stayed again that night and every night afterwards. Mom loved it. Her and Cass were becoming fast friends. They would spend the evenings talking out on the porch, and it wasn't long before I felt like a stranger in my own house.

We were still having sex, but it was only after I had fallen asleep upstairs and she woke me coming to bed. She smelled of wine, and I felt that her mind was elsewhere as she rode me to orgasm. She used to say "I love you Ed," as she climaxed, but now it was only "I love you."

I was no better. Most of the times I closed my eyes and pretended it was Jennifer on top of me instead of mom. Things were changing, not the least of all was my attitude toward mom.

Two weeks after Cassio came to stay it all came to a head. Despite my irritation with Cassio, he never flinched from pitching in around the house. He would either find ways of making the house better or he helped me with the garden chores.

He built a hutch for the rabbits, and even found us some chickens so that we now had eggs every day. Not to mention roast chicken as the flock grew larger. A hen house was next on his agenda.

That was why I thought it weird that he didn't offer to help with the water-run to the pond. We had to unplug the refrigerator every time we used the well pump, so I often would go to the pond to supplement the garden's water.

He made up some excuse for not coming and I drove the pickup down the driveway and down the road until it was out of sight from the house. I then backtracked through the woods to sneak up on the house.

I didn't see anyone outside, so I walked silently on to the front porch and looked in the living room window. There were some curtains and sheers on the window, so I was mostly hidden. I heard their voices and laughter, but couldn't see anything.

Then Cassio walked into the room backward. His hands were out in front of him as if he were warding something off. Next came my mother, and she had a devilish smile on her face.

"Josie, you're going to get me in trouble," Cassio feebly protested.

"Oh relax, he'll be gone for an hour or so." She backed him up to the couch, and he flopped down onto it when his knees hit. "Besides, he over exaggerates our relationship." She straddled him like she would often do to me.

"I don't know, Josie."

"Just kiss me," she commanded as I watched her grind herself on him. I should have burst in right there, but something stopped me.

They were locked in an embrace, and then Cassio flipped mom over and now her he was on top of her. He ran his hands down her side and took her shirt and pushed it up and over her breasts. I saw one of her nipples for an instant and then his hands were all over them.

"Oh Cass, I've wanted you so bad."

"I'm going to fuck you Josie."

"I want you to."

They flipped over again, this time they landed on the floor, and she was on top. She pulled her shirt off and tossed it in the air. She then got down on all fours and attacked his pants, pulling them off with a fury.

"Oh my God Cass, you're huge," she said as she hovered above it.

Mom, that slut, had his cock in her hand and then in her mouth in one motion.

"Uhhh," Cassio sighed as she took his member deep inside her. I knew his joy. Many a day mom had sucked my cock like that. She was really good with a cock, and mine was hard just watching her suck him off.

In a show of flexibility, she sucked his cock as she undid her own shorts. Alternating her hand, she slipped the shorts off, and as she did, she didn't miss a beat on his cock. Cassio pulled her by the arms up to him, and as their lips locked together again, he rolled her over, found her pussy with his cock, and rammed into her.

"Oh God Cass, take it easy. You're going to split me open."

"I can't Josie. I want you too much." But he did slow up.

"I want you too, but you're just too big. I need you to go easy at first."

"Okay," he said.

"Flip over," she commanded, and they rolled over again. With that, she started to hump him slow and easy. He took the opportunity to grab a tit in each hand. "See," she said after a couple of minutes. "I'm getting nice and wet for you."

"I'm sorry if I hurt you."

"It's okay," she said as she quickened the beat. "It's just that I never had anyone so big."

"You like it now, right?"

"Mmmm," she cooed as she started to build to orgasm. "I like it a lot."

"You like having a big cock in you. Don't you? You're not going to want anything else but my big cock."

"Oh God," she agreed as she rocked back and forth on him. I could see that beautiful round ass of hers working him. God help me, but I couldn't take my eyes off of them, as I watched mom fuck another man. It was like slow torture.

He then rolled her over and started to fuck her as she pulled her knees up to her chest for him. By then I was so desolate that I walked back to the truck and went on the water run.

When I got back home they both acted like nothing had happened. Cassio actually helped me unload the water buckets, and mom flashed me a big smile. I spied as they secretly flashed each other looks like secret lovers.

I didn't know what to think of it. Of course I was despondent over it, and I was also freaked because watching them fuck turned me on. I knew that I already hated Cassio, but now I was starting to hate my mother also, and myself as well.

Cassio might have gone along with it semi-willingly, but mom was the initiator and, to me, she bore most of the sin. I on the other hand, was just a weak willed douche bag who stood on the porch with my dick in my hand watching another man fuck my woman.

I brooded the rest of the day and, when Cassio went off to the garage to feed the chickens and rabbits, mom confronted me.

"What's going on? You've been moody all day, and you've been snippy to Cass too."

"Maybe I just don't like him fucking you." There I just spit it out right away. Mom put her hand to her mouth, surprised to find that I knew the truth. But instead of being contrite, she turned the onus on me.

"You spied on us?"

"You're damn right I spied on you. I knew for days something was up."

"I don't have to answer to you."

"What," I said taken aback. "You don't have to answer to me?"

"Ed I'm not your wife. I'm your mother. You seem to forget that these days."

"Okay, so I see that you want us to go back to a mother son relationship."

"I didn't say that. Just because Cass is in my life doesn't mean that I don't want to still sleep with you too. I love that part of our relationship."

I stood there stunned. This was worse than I thought. "I'm not going to share you with him."

"Well you are going to have to learn to, and he will have to accept our relationship too."

"I'm not doing that. I don't believe that you're even asking me to do that. I'm out of here," I said as I headed for the door.

"Ed, don't do this."

"No you did this," I said furious. "You did this when you pushed him down on that couch and fucked him." And I stormed out of the door. I was beside myself with anger, but I knew it wasn't righteous.

A week ago it wasn't just sex between us, at least not for me, but now I didn't know. Things were changing again. I was changing again and so was mom.

I made for the truck with the mini slung over my shoulder. Cassio emerged from the garage as I was getting in the cab.

"Hey Ed, where are you going?" He shouted to me with a puzzled look on his face.

"Fuck off," I shouted back to him through the open window of the truck as I gunned the engine and made my way out to the street. Once on the road, I had no idea where I was going. All I knew was that I needed a stiff drink.

I thought of going back to the boatyard and seeing John and Henry, but I didn't want to see anybody. I wanted to be alone. After a little driving I found myself on the road where weeks ago Cassio and I had gone to retrieve the generator.

I remembered the driveway, and so I turned into it. I was driving up to that big house as the afternoon was turning into evening. The house was even nicer than I remembered it, as I got out of the truck and made my way inside.

I never made it inside the last time I was there, and so I wasn't prepared for how lavish it was. The woman of the house was obviously into opulence. It was very showy and very pretentious.

The furniture, the rugs and the drapery were gold and silver and if my father was still alive he would say that it looked like a New Orleans whorehouse.

"It's not much," I said aloud. "But it's home." I quickly found the liquor cabinet and got very drunk.

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