tagNonHumanQuick Cash Ch. 02

Quick Cash Ch. 02


I woke up what felt like several days later. My body was stiff from lying in the same position for a long time. I also had different aches. Aches radiating from my pussy to my ass. Sitting up didn't help anything at all. I let myself fall back onto the mattress, pulling up a sheet to hide my nakedness. My eyes felt thick and crusty. Probably from crying in my sleep. After lying there for several minutes, I noticed the lights were slowly coming on, just like sun rise.

I hadn't seen anyone since Cora explained my situation. I would submit to whatever it was that comes into my cell (I like to think of it as a cell, not to accommodating, my hosts) at night until it is able to impregnate me. I'm still not quite sure what I have signed up for. The vagueness of what I was signing up for should have warned me something was wrong. But I didn't look past the amount of money that was offered.

There was a scrap of metal and a squeak of hinges. I turned my head towards the door. There was a smaller door at the bottom I hadn't noticed. There was just enough room for it to flip open and for a tray of food to be shoved in. Great. Room service. I sat up, carefully, wrapping the sheet around me. The room might be bare, but there were the essentials, such as a small toilet a few feet away from where a drain rested below a shower head in the corner. I opted for the shower before eating whatever it is they brought me.

I scrubbed myself the best I could. There was no towel provided so I used the sheet to dry off. I picked up the tray and took it back to the bed. Whatever it was, it wasn't identifiable. Strangely, it looked like what I thought prison food would look like. Pig slop. But I was hungry enough to eat about half of it. It tasted off, but I have never had slop before, either. I put the rest of the tray by the flap so it could be taken away. My hopes faded that I would get anything better the next meal time.

I dozed off and on the rest of the day. As the day progressed, I noticed differences in my body. My breasts felt heavy and by evening my pussy ached painfully. I was restless by the time the lights slowly shut off for the night.

I peeked to the corner and it was already there. Watching me clench my legs together, it slowly approached the mattress. A tentacle slowly reached out and caressed my face. The gesture felt tender, oddly. Like it sympathized with me. Slowly, the gesture turned from comfort to sexual. I was still rubbing my legs together, trying to fight the ache I felt to my core. The tentacle prodded at my mouth and I opened my mouth to it. I reached out to touch the tentacle. After the first touch, it strapped my arms to my side and wrapped another tentacle around me to keep my hands bound. I started to gag as it slid down my throat. It paused, cutting off my air. As I started to panic it receded, let me take a breath and was back down my throat.

As I learned to deep throat the tentacle, my legs were forcibly shoved open as I felt a tentacle rim my entrance. It didn't enter me. Instead, it played with me. Soon it found my clit as I felt something attach to it with a sucking motion. My back arched off the bed, the tentacle shoved even further down my throat, as a powerful orgasm crashed through my entire body. Moments later, as I lay boneless on the mattress, I swore I could hear it humming its approval before I felt something slap into my pussy, shoving itself all the way inside in one brutal thrust. My scream sounded more like a moan. My hips started to thrust against the limb of their own violation. I could already feel another orgasm building as I felt the tentacle in my mouth swell and shove down my throat as it came into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow it all.

I was lifted into the air, parallel to the ground, as the tentacle in my pussy picked up speed. I hardly noticed as I felt the prodding of a tentacle at my ass. The burn as my ass stretched caught my notice but before I could cry out, it started to thrust and it turned from burning to the most wonderful sensation. I tried hard to thrust against both of them, but with no leverage I just ground my hips in the air. I screamed out my second orgasm, no tentacle to muffle me this time.

"Oh, yes, more!" I moaned. I have never felt anything quite like it before. The tentacles thrust faster and faster until I hit my third orgasm. My voice hoarse from screaming, I still cried out for more.

I was dazed as I felt another tentacle trying to wiggle its way in my ass.

"Wait! No.." I whimpered. I wasn't sure I could take two of those. But it managed to worm its way in and started to thrust. I felt like it was going to split me apart, but I also loved it. I gasped as I felt my breasts being squeezed as if they were in clamps. I managed to pick my head up and stare down my body. Two tentacles had wrapped themselves around my breasts, squeezing until they started to turn colors, until they were a light purple and getting darker and darker. I looked further down my body. I could make out the shape of the thing. I still wasn't sure what it was. The tentacles were thrusting in and out of me faster than I had thought imaginable. Watching myself get fucked was turning me on even more.

"Please," I begged. I wasn't entirely sure for what. My mouth felt empty. I craned my neck, needing something I couldn't name. "Please!" I croaked out again.

I screamed as I felt a tentacle slap down hard on my clit. It sent me spiraling into another orgasm. As I came down the thrusts turned from hard and fast to slow and gentle. Another tentacle caressed my face before sliding into my mouth, giving me what I wanted. I sucked on it, ran my tongue on it and bobbed my head to get more into my mouth. Another hum of approval sounded from it. My clit ached from both the slap and wanting more. I didn't want gentle. I wanted it to use me.

As the tentacle withdrew from my mouth, I took advantage to tell it that I didn't want gentle. The tentacle slammed back into my mouth to my throat as all the tentacles picked up speed. I tried my best to suck and lick as it thrust in and out of my throat, but I couldn't keep up. My hips still gyrated in the air as I felt all three tentacles slam into me. What I really wanted was another slap. I started to shake my head. The tentacle slipped out of my mouth.

"Please," I whispered. I didn't know how to ask for another slap. It was embarrassing, but my mind felt fuzzy with lust and heat. "Please, the-the slap..." I trailed off.

The tentacle was back in my mouth and thrusting as I felt myself spin upside down, facing the floor. My legs were angled towards the floor, leaving my ass up high in the air. As I felt myself being fucked from behind, I also felt a tentacle slap my ass. I moaned with pleasure as I felt the heat spread across my cheeks. It slapped again and again, gaining speed and strength as I moaned and hummed around the limb in my mouth. It felt so good, the burn on my ass, in my ass, in my pussy. With a final slap, I convulsed with another orgasm, my eyes rolling in the back of my head as I felt all four tentacles swell and come inside me. My ass stretched beyond what I thought was survivable, but after a few moments, the tentacles gently slipped out of my ass and pussy, with fluid leaking down my legs and chin. I gasped for air as it laid me back on the mattress, gently caressing my body as I road out aftershocks of that last orgasm.

My eyes were drifting shut as its touch slowly fell away and it disappeared back into the corner. I'm pretty sure, after that last session, this was worth every penny they were paying me. I wasn't going to tell them, but I might even have done it for free if I could always feel like that.

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