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byAlex Finch©

A brief warning: this will be quick and trite. How is that different from anything else I write? Shut up, wise-ass.

* * * * *

I was sitting in class today, a morning in May, and I felt so hot that I was sure I would lose control at any moment. In fact, the only thing keeping me up was the erection I had gotten from dreaming about all the girls in my class. Fifteen of them; I was the only boy. Three years. Nearly four, as we were all eighteen of course, and I’m still sitting here fantasizing, while I’m sure that every other guy on the planet is having sex with two, if not three girls at once. So hot, so hot, so sweaty. The blouses on the girls’ uniforms were growing sticky with sweat, I could see. God bless private school.

I had gotten such a damn fetish for those uniforms. But I was just sitting there, getting my underwear sticky with pre-cum, as I ran off two or three of my favorite sex scenes over and over in my head. And then I suppose the heat got to me, as I began to think. What was the bother? I had so little class time left, and I had no desire for college. No idea of what to do with my life. So why not go out with a bang (Alex’s note: Yes that indeed was the official atrocious pun that all fine smut requires. Resume touching yourself, and for God’s sake, be proud of it!)?

I stood up from my desk and tossed off my sport jacket. I loosened my tie. Ms. Johnson spoke up.

“Mr. Stack, I don’t believe it is time to leave … yet…”

She began to trail off as I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and tossed it off, leaving my chest bare and wet. I walked up the center row of desks and tossed off my dress shoes and socks. Girls began to gasp as I undid my belt and pulled my pants down. I tossed them onto Jenny Fine’s desk. Ms. Fine was fine indeed, (Alex again: I hate myself) very tiny and sweet with rosy cheeks and the most innocent face you could imagine. I could not picture her in the brutally hedonistic atmosphere of college. It was known in school that she had never kissed a boy before. Her mouth was wide in shock; her eyes locked onto the bulge in my briefs. I adore girls who wear no makeup. I smiled at Jenny, and whipped off my underwear, letting my dick stand tall and proud. The tip glistened with clear syrup, and the rest had never felt better. I turned to my right and saw that Courtney, a rather promiscuous girl, was sitting next to me. I scooped her up out of her desk, and kissed her deeply and fully; her tongue tasted like cigarettes, but I loved it anyway. I hugged her tightly, and indulged my penis, which was rammed right into her chest. A thin line of pre-cum connected my dick to her blouse as I pulled away. I looked again at Jenny, and walked toward her.

“Oh… oh wow… what are you going to do to me?” she warbled in obvious excitement.

I stood her up and smooched her nose. She giggled at her first contact with a naked man. I kissed her lips teasingly, quickly. I’d kiss a little longer and pull away more quickly each time. Finally, after the sixth or seventh kiss, I caught her little pink tongue flicking out as I pulled out.

“Caught you,” I said.

I noticed the other girls had gathered around by now, as I kissed Jenny for real. She had no clue what to do, which was wonderful, as I had full control of her mouth, which tasted like bubble-gum. I caressed her ass, and was amazed to discover that she was softly moving it in unison with the strokes of my hand. This girl was into it! Finishing the kiss, I lifted her up and stood her on her chair. She giggled uncontrollably as I ripped the skirt from her hips, which were level with my face now. I lifted the tips of her blouse up, and saw that her white cotton panties were accentuated with tiny dots of wetness.

“You fantasize in class too?”

“Yeah, all the time.”

I softly kissed her all over those moist bloomers, and I heard her moan above me. I also heard something from behind me.

“Mr. Stack! Stop this at once! That’s the minister’s daughter you’re fooling with! We’ll all catch hell! Now get dressed and…”

Ms. Johnson stopped quickly as I turned away from Jenny and pushed my way through the crowd of girls, my penis receiving a tiny jolt as it caught the bare thigh of a field hockey player as I passed. I stood in front of Ms. Johnson’s desk and stared her straight in the eye. She was only about thirty, with blonde hair in a ponytail. Teachers could dress down, so she had on a blue T-shirt. I smiled at her and leapt onto her desk on all fours. I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I grabbed my dick, jerking out as much pre-cum as I could into my palms. I then rubbed them all over Ms. Johnson’s wonderfully big breasts, through the shirt of course. Possibly due to her surprise, she was a very aggressive kisser, thrusting her tongue all over my mouth. I had to suck very hard to get her to calm down a bit. Then she would begin to fight more, and the struggle continuing for minutes.

I loved it; teasing the gorgeous snatch of the most virginal girl in school, and now groping my teacher like we were drunk at the prom! Still kissing, Ms. Johnson stood up, and climbed up onto the desk with me. I laid down, and she laid right on top of me, the two of us making out on top of her desk, knocking everything off. She was grinding herself into me, and I was afraid I’d cum all over her. So I pushed her off and the two of us sat down on the desk, facing the class. The girls were now totally in shock. I looked to Ms. Johnson; she was stunning, with her now damp shirt complimented by rather small cargo shorts and leather sandals. No socks. Her body was awesome; I could detect no cellulite on her, but she was still soft and fleshy, like a nude from old France.

My appreciation was broken as Jenny pushed through the crowd and hopped up onto my lap, my dick between her soft pink legs. She kissed my cheek over and over, and I snuggled her closely. And while all this occurred, I turned to the class, a fresh idea in my head.

“All of you! I know this isn’t what you usually see in class. And I know you want it to continue! It beats dreaming about it on a hot day like today. So if you want to see any thing else, take off all of your clothes and throw them out the window!” (Alex, once more: Now this is just silly... but I like it!)

Courtney was up immediately, pulling her shoes right off and removing her socks with her own feet. The rest of her uniform fell off almost like magic, and everyone gasped to see that she wore no underwear whatsoever. She turned gracefully, and her beefy ass bounced satisfyingly as she tossed all her clothes out the window. She smiled devilishly, plucked my clothes up off the floor, and threw them out too. She then sat Indian-style at the foot of the teacher’s desk, her boobs squished between her arms. The other girls soon followed suit. I had never seen so many naked, glistening, freckled, sumptuous (but I hasten to remind you eighteen year old) bodies before! You could pick out the swimmers, who were fully shaved, their tiny cunts dark against the rest of their nude flesh. They all sat around the desk in a circle.

Jenny and I grinned at each other and stood up on the desk, high above the sea of nudity. We spread Ms. Johnson out on the desk, and slowly removed her clothing as well. She had lacy pink panties and a matching bra on underneath her clothes. We then sat her up, in just her underwear, and we licked her everywhere from head to toe, myself nude and Jenny in her blouse and gray knee socks. Ms. Johnson moaned and gurgled loudly; she was in deep, deep enjoyment. Then a louder moaning came from beneath us. I removed Ms. Johnson’s foot from my mouth to find that all the girls were masturbating below us. Most of them were absolutely soaked with sweat, as it was sweltering in the room. I looked over to Jenny, who was contentedly sucking on Ms. Johnson’s fingers, and spoke.

“Jenny, get up and get naked for everyone, except for the knee-socks. Then lie down.”

Jenny leapt to her feet, and simply could not get her blouse off quickly enough. Her bra practically burst free, as she had plump boobs for such a small girl. Her ass was just as nice, covered in freckles, like the rest of her. Her pubes matched her hair, golden brown. She laid spread-eagle on the desk. Ms. Johnson, spying her chance, grabbed Jenny’s sweet legs, still covered in soft gray wool, and ate her wonderful pussy out with as much force as she had kissed me with. I responded by tearing off my teacher’s bra and panties. I grabbed her huge breasts, rubbing her hard nipples between my fingers. I thrust myself forward, and began to fuck Ms. Johnson doggy-style.

In five minutes all three of us were screaming as loud as we could. Every so often, I would pull out of her, kiss her ass all over, sucking the flesh and exploring her hole with my tongue. I would then slowly push my cock into her ass, and fuck her slowly and deeply. Then, it was back to her pussy. This allowed me to savor how different each entrance felt, and the different types of pleasures each awarded me. And finally, after minutes upon minutes, I came all over her, soaking her heavenly butt with my cum. Ms. Johnson finished with Jenny as well. Jenny’s eyes were glazed and teared up, with a big dumb grin on. The three of us bunched up into a group embrace, and we relaxed as the rest of the girls finished their orgasms. Some were so powerful, the girl was left thrashing on the floor (on in her neighbor’s lap). I was amazed to find that I was still hard.

“So what now?” murmured Jenny.

The answer came in the form of a hot, wet sensation on my toes, which were draped over the side of the desk. I looked down to see a sexy redhead slowly popping my toes into her mouth, her face flush from pleasure. She slowly kissed my legs as she stood up, and then enveloped my dick with the greatest blowjob I had ever enjoyed. And as a squinted in pleasure, I saw all the other girls stand and practically attack Jenny and Ms. Johnson. In ten minutes, the desk was nearly buckling under the weight.

Thank God I had a double class that day.

* * * * *

Copyright 2001, Alex Finch
All rights reserved

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