tagIncest/TabooQuickie: Is She The One?

Quickie: Is She The One?


Carla woke with an itch in her pussy, her hand sliding down to put a little pressure on her cunny as the last remnants of her sexy dream played through her mind. Stretching, she reached out for Jeff, her boyfriend who should have been in bed next to her, but wasn't. Sitting up, she blinked in the faint light of the moon streaming through the soft white curtains, her fingers still playing idly with the pouty lips of her sex.

"Where could he have gone?" she wondered silently, looking about the unfamiliar room. She and Jeff had driven up to his mother's for the holidays, planning to spend four days with her over Christmas. They had settled into the guest room his mother had made up for them, and because all the rooms were close together, Jeff had turned down her numerous attempts to fuck. Now her pussy was on fire and she had planned to take him while he was sleeping, but he was gone!

Guessing that Jeff would return shortly, Carla began to masturbate, warming herself up for his eventual return. The sight of her writhing on the bed, her hand buried in her panties, fingers stroking her well juiced cunt should be enough to jump start his engine and get him to forget that he might wake his poor old mother.

Except that Gail wasn't poor or old. Well, of course she was older than Jeff, but only by about sixteen years, having been a teenager when she'd given birth to her only child. And she wasn't poor, though she lived modestly in this small home. Her study was filled with glamorous photos of herself over her illustrious career as a model. Carla could clearly see where Jeff had gotten his good looks.

Thinking of Jeff and his physical charms, she wondered if his mother knew how large her son's cock was. Carla's taunting smile was filled with the secret knowledge that Jeff's magnificent cock was more than a pussy pleaser, it was a device of cuntal mastery. Being stretched open by his monster was the stuff of her dreams, in fact that was what woke her this very evening. Three days without it was starting to wear on her and she was determined to get the proper pounding she craved. With a huff, she threw off the blankets and set off in search of her man.

The dark house was quiet except for the occasional creak, Carla having to move forward slowly as she moved out into the hallway, trying to remember the layout of the house and the many knickknacks that were strewn about. Tiptoeing carefully, she made her way to the end of the hallway and looked out over the living room. Spots of moonlight dotted the empty room, enough for her to creep along with only stubbing her foot once.

The kitchen was through the archway just ahead and she anticipated he'd be standing at the counter, a glass of milk in his hand. She'd come up behind and grab him playfully, letting him know that satisfying her need wasn't negotiable any longer, even if it meant his mother waking up. The soft carpet hushed her foot steps, but it couldn't quiet her gasp as she peered around the corner.

Jeff was leaning up against the counter, his chest bare and his head thrown back as his hands held the back of his mother's head as she bobbed up and down in his groin. Carla's heart began to race as she watched mother and son in such an intimate moment, her pussy flooding at the sight. It wasn't the first time Carla had seen Jeff with another woman, she herself had met him through a girlfriend who had invited her to be a third in their bed. Meghan had gotten too possessive for Jeff's taste and it wasn't long until he was calling Carla directly. Going with the flow had always been Jeff's style, as soon as someone got uptight, they just didn't exist to him anymore.

Carla's fingers slipped back into her panties, the puffy lips of her pussy slick with her sticky flow as she worked herself over slowly, watching Gail as she slurped noisily on her son's hard cock. As his mother bobbed her tits swung freely in the filmy night gown, Jeff's hands reaching around to take hold of one and feel the hefty weight. Carla watched from the doorway, tweaking her own nipples underneath the cotton tank top as she strummed her cunt steadily.

"Oh baby, Momma has missed this," Gail hissed, stroking his cock, her drool coating his pole. "You remember the first time I did this? You remember Momma giving you your first blowjob?"

Jeff only groaned, pushing his cock back into her mouth. Carla's eyes widened as her excitement built, she wanted to hear about his first blowjob! She had never really considered incest before, but she knew that Jeff had a large sexual appetite and seemed to find willing partners wherever he went, so was it any wonder that his mother hadn't been immune to his presence? Carla laughed silently at herself, thinking she had one upped Gail because of Jeff's endowment, when in reality his mother had been his first lover.

"Do I still do it the best?" Gail asked, her voice soft and pleading. "Does your Momma still suck your cock the best?"

"Oh, god yes," Jeff groaned. "No one will ever compare to you Mom. You will always be the best to me."

Several long minutes passed as Gail continued to suck her son's cock. The sound of her mouth taking him deeper filled Carla's ears, amazed as the woman was clearly deep throating his prodigious tool. Finally she paused, stroking him slowly as she turned to look up at her son again.

"Is Carla the one baby?" Gail asked. Carla's heart suddenly stopping at those words, her fingers freezing in place as she strained to hear his next words.

"I don't know Mom," Jeff began. "She's very special, I know that. She can handle a lot, I guess I'm still just afraid to bring her in on this last part."

"Well baby," Gail soothed, "I guess only you will know. I just hope you don't wait too long and let the right one get away."

Slumping against the wall carefully, Carla tried to take a breath in the suddenly stuffy room. Fanning her face, the smell of her pussy on her fingers, until she could finally take a deep breath. The idea that Jeff might be serious about her was stunning, making her weak in the knees and her head was spinning. What else could it be that Jeff could be afraid to share with her? It had to be his affair with his Mother! With a smug smile, Carla figured she wouldn't wait for Jeff to decide, she'd force his hand.

Taking a deep breath to calm her shaky nerves, Carla stepped into the kitchen. Jeff was still enjoying the feel of his mother's wondrous mouth on his cock, his eyes closed lightly as he worked his fingers through her hair, holding her lightly against his groin. He didn't realize she was there until her breasts pushed up against his arm, her lips planting a wet kiss on his chin.

"Oh!" Jeff gasped as his eyes flew open, a mixture of fear and guilt on his face as he looked into Carla's loving face.

"Shh," Carla whispered. Gail began to push away, trying to pull her son's cock out of her mouth but Carla reached over and placed her hand on the back of Gail's head, pushing her back down. "Don't stop because I'm here," she said softly. "It's okay, I understand. Really."

"You are okay with this?" Jeff asked, a weak smile upon his face.

"Yes, baby. Your mother loves you, how can this be wrong?" Carla said. "The fact that it's about the hottest thing ever, doesn't hurt either, does it?" Jeff just nodded at her then looked down at his mother, his cock still splitting her lips obscenely. "Show me how you fuck her face, baby. Feed your mother that nasty cock."

Jeff and his mother gazed at each other, the brightness of Gail's eyes gleaming in the dark as she worked on her boy's cock like never before. Carla was mesmerized by the beautiful woman, her face a picture of joy as she sucked on her boy like it was the fountain of life.

"I want to stroke you baby, I want to pump your load all over your Mom's face. Can I do that baby? Can I jerk you off on her pretty face?" Jeff only nodded and then his eyes closed tightly. Quickly Carla took hold of his cock as Gail took him out of her mouth, the younger woman's hands working furiously up and down his shaft.

"Oh shit!" Jeff growled, cum shooting out of his cock and painting his mother's upper lip, the first glob sticky and pasty as it splattered all over her face. Two more pulses blasted against her teeth and into her mouth. Carla moved the tip of his cock to Gail's cheek, the next streams forming puddles that slid off to drip onto her chest.

As the last dribbles pushed out the slit Carla knelt and took his cock into her mouth, sucking him dry vigorously before she turned to help clean Gail's face. She licked up the blobs of cum that stained her face, her tongue diving into the other woman's mouth for a soul kiss as she tried to suck up every drop of Jeff's seed.

"Is this why I haven't been laid since I got here?" Carla asked when Gail was cleaned up at last. "You been sneaking out and fucking your Mom instead of me?"

Jeff and Gail looked at each other, guilt written all over their faces.

"I just wasn't sure you'd understand," Jeff said quietly, holding her gaze steadily.

"Well, since she's had you the last couple of nights," Carla said, maneuvering Gail so that she sat down on the kitchen table, "why don't you fuck me first and I'll eat your Mom's pussy. Then we can switch."

Gail's eyes opened wide at Carla's words, scooting up on to the table and pulling her knees back, her hairy pussy opening wide, the pink gash glistening in readiness.

"Come on baby, your girlfriend eating your Mother's pussy, I know that's gotta hit some fantasies in that twisted mind of yours," Carla teased, wagging her ass back at him. "Now give me the fucking I so desperately need."

Gail sighed delightfully as the soft tongue speared her cunt, opening her up and had her flowing like a sieve as she worked her clit like a butterfly. The soft, high pitched squeal that escaped her muff told her that Jeff had inserted his cock into Carla and the long strokes he was taking translated into long slurps of her gash.

It wasn't long before Carla was shaking through an orgasm, Gail holding on to the younger woman's head as she panted into her thigh.

"Oh fuck, baby, I so needed that," Carla gushed. Gail smiled to her son, his face painted with serene pleasure as he continued to fuck his girlfriend with long, steady strokes.

After a while, Carla and Gail switched places, Carla squealing with delight as Gail tongued her well fucked pussy.

"Oh god, baby, your Momma can lick a cunt," Carla breathed.

"She's got a fine pussy too," Jeff agreed, slapping his mother's ass as he drove into her.

"Don't I know," Carla huffed. "It tastes so sweet."

Jeff watched as his cock sawed into his mother's cunt, looking up to enjoy the sight of her face buried in his girl's twat. The sound of her lips smacking as she licked, kissed and tongue fucked Carla was a beautiful sight. His eyes locked with Carla's, his heart softening as he realized that she had found his dark secret and she accepted it wholeheartedly, even joining in with him. He wouldn't be able to walk away from her as he had so many others. And suddenly that thought wasn't nearly as frightening as it had been in the past.

"Oh god baby, Momma's gonna cum," Gail hissed.

"Me too," Jeff warned.

Carla jumped off the table and pushed her face up between Gail's spread legs, her mouth less than inch from where Jeff's cock was spearing into his mother, his balls slapping against her as he drove into her. With a grunt he buried himself as far into his mom as he could get, and then his cock sent jet after jet of scalding seed into her pussy.

When at last Jeff pulled free from his mother, a river of mingled juices poured out of her abused cunt. Carla was right there, lapping it up as it flowed from Gail, her lips and tongue working to catch every drop and soothe the inflamed pussy. She then turned to Jeff's cock, taking him deep into her mouth, though she could not take him as far as Gail could, cleaning him noisily with her tongue.

Gail led them back to her room, her king size bed much larger than the one in the guest room. Carla curled up on one side of the bed, Jeff in the middle and his mother curled in his arm.

"Baby," Carla said with a yawn, "next time you want to fuck someone, just let me know. I won't get jealous, if I'm not left out."

Jeff kissed her gently, his lips pressed against hers warmly. "Deal," he said softly.

Carla was rocked to sleep as Jeff slipped his cock into his mother from behind as they spooned next to her. They fucked leisurely, whispering quietly to one another as Carla slept peacefully next to them.

"Think she's the one now?" Gail asked after Jeff had pumped a smaller load into her well used pussy.

"Question is, do you think she's the one?" Jeff said teasingly.

"I think eating her pussy is a small price to pay to feel my boy fucking me without worry."

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