tagGroup SexQuickies Ch. 01

Quickies Ch. 01

byLady Malachite©

Andy sat on a plush sofa, nursing a Red Bull with vodka and watching the glass-caged go-go dancers dressed as fetish characters gyrate to the beat. The dance floor was far too crowded, and he wasn't quite far gone enough to enjoy dancing, unlike his other friends who were busy getting groovy, or whatever people called it, with the other Goths, at this freakish little club he was attending.

Meagan, his beautiful busty friend he had lusted after for months, was getting freaky with a man painted like a zombie. Andy took a swig of his drink and half-smiled. Little did his friend's undead partner know that Meagan was a serious gamer, and relieved the pent-up stress of her busy schedule as a programming student by killing hordes of his ghoulish brethren. Zombie boy was really getting into the music, which was kind of pathetic since the DJ sucked. Meagan was enjoying herself too, busting out moves that Andy didn't know she had in her. Up until a week ago, their relationship had been all about bloody video games and weird pizza toppings, so it was strange to think of her doing almost normal things like dancing.

Andy's two best friends, Greg and Sarah, were also on the dance floor. They were a swinger couple who were known for being rather outgoing, especially any place there was booze and music. Everyone knew staying after midnight at the apartment they shared was taken as an offer for group sex. It was posted on their refrigerator with the other house rules: "no boots on the sofa" and "if you're offered a drink, drink it." Andy had made it a point to always be out the door at 11:55, not that he wasn't tempted, Sarah was a lovely seductive woman. Greg wasn't that scary either, as men went, but Andy was interested in intimacy in sex, and being a third wheel just didn't cut it.

Not surprisingly, Greg and Sarah were dancing separately; they seemed to always pick at random whether to appear to be a couple in public or not. It was something Andy never could comprehend. Sarah was wearing a slinky black dress with platform boots that made her over 6 feet tall, with legs from here to the next zip code. Her well-toned thigh was mostly visible due to a rather large slit in her costume. Her bare shoulders showed off her ample cleavage as well as the seven-pointed star tattoo inked on her left scapula. She wasn't exactly inviting people to dance with her, but she wasn't really holding them away either.

Greg, who was tall enough and skinny enough to be a male model, was in a world of his own. Two different women and a gay couple both tried to join him, and were immediately put off by his total arrogant indifference. Andy couldn't help it; he chuckled. Greg could really be a self-absorbed jerk sometimes and there was really nothing you could do about it. That was the main reason Andy and Greg weren't closer, that and the fact that Greg seemed a little too interested in Meagan.

Andy took another swig of his drink and zoned out on the go-go dancers a little more. The one on the left was an undead cheerleader with a ripped white t-shirt, blond pigtails laced with fake blood, and big cheery pom-poms. Her dance was frisky and energetic, as though whatever had bit and turned her couldn't take away her pep-squad spunk. She was a stark contrast to the amateur dancers on the floor, who were goofy and subdued.

The dancer on the right was dressed as a fetish nurse with knee-high white platform boots, a little white shirt and a skirt that didn't really cover much. She had a stethoscope coiled around her neck like a pet snake, and a syringe tucked into her right garter. Andy thought she looked a little too chubby to be a professional dancer, but appreciated her looks none the less. Variety, in club dancers, was a good thing in his book, and a little weight on a girl made her cushier in bed.

A couple sat down on the sofa next to Andy, doing their best not to look at him. Their hands were already all over each other as they kissed feverishly. Andy sighed and tried to focus on the dancers. The cheerleader turned and winked at him as she continued her peppy dance. The guy on the sofa's hand slid under this partner's skirt. "Oh get a room," Andy thought as loudly as he dared. The nurse's plump bottom was wagging temptingly in his face. Out on the floor two girls in their underwear were trading pole dancing tips. Meagan was still getting freaky with her zombie friend. The man on the sofa's hand snaked into the lady's panties not six inches from Andy's leg. Andy was rock hard in his black slacks. It had been way too long since he had even masturbated. Next to him, fingers pulsed in and out of the beautiful girl. Andy stifled a gasp, trying hard not to draw attention to himself. His face was bright red and his body was covered all over with goose-pimples.

What this sort of behavior typical of night club? If someone saw the couple, would he get into trouble too? He downed the rest of his drink and shot up onto his feet. The horny couple quickly commandeered his spot.

Andy felt better the moment he had his back to the naughty couple. Call him a prude or a coward, being so close to public sex was a bit unnerving. He still felt awkwardly aroused. Something calm and familiar was what he needed. Maybe he'd go out on the dance floor and try having some fun hanging out with Sarah, who was apparently still partnerless. Or maybe he'd get enough guts to break up Meagan and that stupid undead freak.

The little hallway between the lounge and the dance floor was very crowded and, someone knocked against Andy, nearly causing him to fall. He reached out for support and his hand landed on the scantily clad bottom of the fetish nurse, who was now on break and having a drink with a girlfriend.

The dancer wheeled around, obviously to yell at whatever jerk was grabbing her fanny, but when she saw who it was she quickly changed her expression.

"Hey cutey, still feeling lost?"

Andy murmured something and tried to bolt from the spot, but she grabbed his arm and stopped him. Andy's heart nearly stopped in his chest.

"Let me buy you a drink," she said with a smile. Andy nodded and she wheeled him off towards the club bar. Meagan and her partner were making a beeline towards them. This was turning out to be one hell of a night!

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