tagGroup SexQuickies Ch. 03

Quickies Ch. 03

byLady Malachite©

Andy found himself in the oversized restroom of the local gothic club. Outside, his friends were having a good time drinking and dancing. His long-standing crush Meagan was even befriending a total stranger dressed like a zombie. Inside where two lovely women, go-go dancers he had been admiring, out on break eager to molest him. It would be a really good deal if Andy wasn't so nervous.

The woman who had just walked in the door was about 5' 5", with blond pigtails splashed with stage blood, wearing a tattered version of a cheerleader's outfit. She had left her pom-poms elsewhere. The lady who had brought him was a little taller, with brown hair pinned up in a 1940s style, wearing a skimpy white shirt and skirt ensemble that was supposed to make her look like a fetish nurse.

The restroom was out of toilet paper, and a little grimy from having been used by so many different people throughout the night. Andy couldn't help but notice a pile of used condoms littered among the paper towels, both on the floor and in the wastepaper basket. The floor, what was visible of it, was made of tan tiles that crept partway up the walls like some variety of Southern weed.

Andy took a liberal swallow of the vodka and red-bull he had been drinking and tried to think strong, manly thoughts. Confronted by two such beautiful, lusty women he felt rather more like a small child. He was blushing head to toe.

"I have to warn you, I've never been involved in group sex of any kind before," Andy said daftly. He was sweating profusely with nerves. "I like things slow and romantic."

"I told you he was adorable, Karen," Amanda said, grinning devilishly at her companion. "Couldn't you just eat him up?" She licked her lips playfully.

"I sure could," Karen replied, flashing fang. Andy jumped about a foot into the air, taking the threat a little too literally. He began to back himself up into a grimy corner.

"They're prosthetics," Amanda explained with an aggravated sigh. "This is, you know, a Goth club. People DO wear fake fangs."

"I knew that," Andy said, relaxing an inch. "I have played too many creepy video games the last couple days," he thought to himself, mentally kicking himself for seeming so foolish in front of such desirable women.

"Of course you knew that," Amanda replied. "Now let's see if we can get that little prick of yours hard again before we have to go back to work."

Andy had had a lot to drink, but still, between the two of them they managed to get him aroused rather quickly. Together they kissed and fondled him, making Andy very horny and weak in the knees. They were both talented with their mouths, throats, tongues and fingers. Their caresses were as sweet and intoxicating as Andy's drink. He was getting very close to orgasm when there was another knock at the door. At first, the girls ignored it. Karen had Andy's whole member in her mouth and was licking the underside of his testicles. He could feel his buttocks tighten. The knocking continued, so Amanda felt the urge to unlock the door and yell at whoever was getting in the way.

Amanda stuck her head out the door and began to converse with someone. Andy's phone beeped. Andy sighed and fished the device out of his front pocket. It was a text message from Meagan.

"This guy smells like a sewer. Get me away from him!" Andy stared at the phone for what felt like a minute. Most of his lust had simply vanished away. It was only physical need he was trying to fulfill with these women, there was nothing emotional or spiritual in it. He had better things to do than engage in cheap sexual acts. He had a friend who needed him.

Karen was still working his member with her mouth and hands, but he had lost most of is interest. He looked down at her. Boy was she beautiful! A large part of him still didn't want to leave.

"I have to go," Andy said, standing up and zipping up his pants over his still hard dick. "My friends need me. Thank you though, I had a blast."

He pushed out the door before Amanda could stop him.

He found Meagan outside the club, where all the smokers went when they needed a fix. She was sitting with her back against the wall, partly hunched over, looking as though he had been crying.

"Care to dance?" Andy asked, helping his friend up to eat. "It's nearly 1:30, the bar will announce 'last call' in a moment. And in another thirty minutes we will be free to roam the streets in search of late night pizza with exotic toppings."

Meagan laughed and together they walked back out onto the dance floor.

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