tagGroup SexQuickies Ch. 05

Quickies Ch. 05

byLady Malachite©

The time was 4:15 a.m. The place was the little well-kept one-bedroom apartment that the young swinger couple, Greg and Sarah, shared. The four friends were, with the exception of Sarah, who had slipped into a silk robe, still in the costumes they had worn at the gothic night in the club that evening. Greg, who was the most normally attired, was in a pair of tight blue jeans, a t-shirt with a print of "the Scream" on it. Meagan, who was short and cute, with long curly brown hair she could sit on, was wearing a purple corset top that laced up the front and a short black skirt that showed off her gorgeous legs. Andy, who had never been to any sort of club before, was wearing a black collared shirt and black slacks.

Andy and his friends were sitting in the living room, eating pizza and nursing beers. The only illumination came from the black light and the television. They were taking a break from watching an old James Bond movie while Greg and Meagan had a drawn-out conversation about the novel Dune. The conversation was long and dull to Andy, who had never read the book and therefore had nothing to contribute.

Sarah sat quietly and drank a lot. Andy was not sure whether he was imagining it, but it seemed Sarah was showing a lot more cleavage than she was last time he looked at her. She was a powerful woman, with nice strong curves, and Andy definitely appreciated the view. He realized, however, that Sarah's show of skin was to distract her boyfriend from his geeky conversation, and he was simply a side spectator. This knowledge did not make the view any worse, or the bulge in his pants any less persistent.

After a couple more minutes of dry conversation and two more inches of skin, Greg's speech became more slurred and punctuated. Meagan looked over to see what was distracting her friend, and her jaw nearly dropped open. Greg took the opportunity to move over closer and grope his girlfriend's lovely full breasts that were spilling out the top of her robe.

"Do I need to leave the two of you alone for a bit?" Meagan asked with humor in her voice. Sarah kissed her boyfriend roughly on the mouth, and the fondling grew more intense. Meagan and Andy stared, feeling both awkward and aroused. Andy licked his dry lips. Meagan crossed her legs tightly together. Sarah moaned lustfully.

"Ok," Andy muttered, feeling quite out of place. "Are you good to drive, Meagan?"

"Not yet," Meagan gasped. Her voice sounded hoarse. Her legs were so tightly crossed, it looked like it must hurt.

Greg moaned deeply, his mouth around Sarah's nipple. Sarah's head was back and her mouth was wide open in ecstasy. Andy flicked back on the movie, but even the explosions and car crashes weren't enough to get his mind off the sex. He could make out the breasts and hips of the hot young co-star under her clothing and wondered what it would be like to pull the clothes off or her. He was very hot and aroused. It had been too long since he had even masturbated.

After several more minutes, the couple regained their composure and showed interest in watching the movie. Their bodies were still pressed together, and Greg's tight pants made his arousal quite clear, even in the dim light. Monster cock indeed!

"Do you two always get so demonstrative when company is around?" Meagan asked, a little bitterly. Andy looked at her legs, which were still tightly crossed, and wondered dreamily if she was wet. He could almost smell her arousal and the thought made him very hard. He would love to pull her legs apart and push his cock into her right there in his friend's living room. Would she moan in his ear as his cock snaked in and out of her. Would she shudder as she came? Would her muscles clutch at his engorged member, pushing him friend to his own climax? What would it be like to shoot a hot load right into her? Would he come so much that his seed dribbled down her thighs and onto the sofa? Would Greg yell at him for desecrating his living room? What would Sarah's lips look like wrapped around Meagan's swollen pussy, licking up his sticky cum from her friend's wet hole. He scolded himself for the naughty fantasy; he refused to be a drooling male.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," Greg said, giving Meagan a friendly hug and a winning smile. It was obvious that his friend appreciated the attention, despite her inhibitions. Andy remembered Sarah saying once that it was hard for women not to feel good when Greg put the moves on them, and if Greg wasn't putting the moves on Meagan, Andy didn't know what he was doing. He felt some inner beast roaring inside of him. He didn't like seeing his friend so close to his potential girlfriend.

Sarah crawled onto the sofa next to Andy and began slowly massaging his shoulders. Andy had to try hard not to ejaculate on the spot. He was so hard and felt so horny that he was afraid his cock would burst open like an overcooked sausage from all the lust. Sarah's fingers were so light and talented as they kneaded his sore muscles. Nick bit his lip and tried not to think happy thoughts. He could feel pre-cum leaking from his over-engorged member. Sarah's fingers pushed into a particularly sweet spot and Andy simply melted. They would have to pick him up off the sofa with a spatula.

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