tagSci-Fi & FantasyQuickies of the Cohort Ch. 01

Quickies of the Cohort Ch. 01


Mikael strolled down the hallway, a smile on his face. Scratching his damp hair, he felt satisfied; an intense workout followed by a relaxing dip in the baths had left him very content. He'd spent the afternoon sparring with Kristine, his technique improving all the time, constantly picking up tips from the exceptionally talented paladin, and now found himself with a free evening.

He wandered slowly down the corridor, in no particular rush. He'd practiced for the day, and there were still a few hours before dinner would be prepared. Ah, dinner, he thought to himself with a playful smile. He had to admit, when he had first arrived in the Sanctuary he wondered what he would do for food. Neither he nor any of the girls struck him as being particularly eager cooks; whilst he knew any of them could prepare a meal -- including himself - he didn't see where they'd find the time to do so in a busy day.

He needn't have worried, of course. Food was taken care of by the Gods, as were most of their other basic needs. At roughly the same time every day, shortly after the seventh afternoon bell, food would appear in the kitchen, ready for delivery to the dining area. The most he and his Sisters needed to do was take it in turns to bring the dishes to their companions.

Quintia said that she detected no sorcery in the apparition of the meals, but this did not surprise Mikael. The Gods were above mere magic, the food produced likely by their will alone.

But that was still many hours away, and Mikael's stomach did not demand to be sated. He pondered as to his next move, and after a short while decided to continue to his bedroom. He would make a choice whilst settled there.

His room was slightly further ahead still, and he picked his pace up unconsciously. The Sanctuary was large, though not too expansive to be uncomfortable, and the bedrooms were somewhat scattered throughout. They were all on the same side of the complex, their windows looking out over the wonderful vista of the lake and woodlands, but they were not totally adjacent. Mikael's, for example, was located in an alcove of its own, next to the room where the Cohort placed fond memories of successful undertakings. That contrasted to Melissa's, which was located near the entrance to the potion store and the infirmary, though Mikael had been in the latter only once. Her bedroom might only have been a walk of thirty seconds or so from his, but it still involved two corridors and a flight of stairs to reach.

But Mikael was learning the layout of the Sanctuary quickly. He still had not explored every nook and cranny, but he had more than a rough idea of its scale and layout. He had worked in all of the practice rooms, studied in the library and visited most of the various storerooms. Yes, there were places he was yet to go, but they were not many in number. Indeed, most of the unexplored rooms resided in the area of the Sanctuary used for relaxation, and even there Mikael suspected there was not a tremendous amount he was unaware of.

Eventually he came upon his bedroom door, and pushed it open. Whilst it had a lock on it, he never bothered to use it: any potential visitors were always welcome, and he hardly feared for the safety of his personal belongings here. The evening sunlight was bright as it streamed through the tall windows on the far wall, giving his room a golden hue as he walked over to his expansive bed and thumped down on top of it. He lay there a moment, his legs sticking out uncomfortably on the edge of the bed, before climbing up further.

Thoughts flit through his mind as he lay there, bored, each more ridiculous than the last. Lifting his head, he glanced around; his eyes settling first upon the lush tapestries that adorned the walls, then the balcony that looked out over the lake, before they came to rest on the desk that stood in the corner. It was large and ornate, complete with a well-sized vanity mirror, and he realised he had never sat at it. Such a piece of furniture ought to be found only in the rooms of nobles, not tucked up against a wall in the bedroom of a man who never used it.

He stood, walking over to the grand piece, and ran his finger along the edge. Such fine craftsmanship, he thought. I must make use of it someday. He paused, turning around, his eyes still scanning his room for something to occupy him. The evening meal was not tremendously far off now, but it seemed silly to wait pre-emptively in the dining hall. If nothing else, his Sisters would tease him for it.

Hurried footsteps in the corridor caused him to whirl to the doorway, and his expression turned to concern as a very flustered Lucinda burst into view. She was standing in the entrance, relief seeming to flood across her face, before stepping through.

Mikael waited where he was, confused by events as his gorgeous Sister quickly pushed shut the door and marched towards him.

"Everything alri..." he said, the sound cut off as she furiously crushed her body against him, her arms wrapping around his back and her tongue pushing vigorously into his mouth. He was startled, but did not complain, regaining his composure and returning the movement, his fingers pressing against the rogue's ass through her cool leather armour.

At length she broke the kiss, staring at him with animalistic hunger, and licked her lips.

"Thank the Gods I have found you," she growled, yanking off her gauntlets and tossing them carelessly to the floor. "I have been waiting all day for this."

She kissed him again, seemingly yet more ferociously as her fingers found the bottom of his shirt, tugging the garment upwards. Mikael pulled away, allowing her to do so, his bemusement at her sudden appearance kept in check by his intense desire.

Lucinda grinned wickedly, unclasping her leather bodice and pulling it from her chest. The cloth shirt she wore underneath hugged the contours of her body tightly, before it, too, slid quickly over her head. Her breasts spilled free, and Mikael grasped them as her hands returned to his body in order to tug down his trousers. Soon his cock stood proud, having quickly grown to full mast at his Sister's evident passion, and she grinned.

"Lie on the bed," she commanded, quickly removing her boots and pants. Mikael did so, not wanting to disobey the woman who clearly burned with ardent desire, and eagerly watched as she undressed.

He laughed as her boots were tossed hurriedly into the corner of his room. "What's come over you?"

She stared at him with something approaching animalistic desire as she pulled her leather pants -- and the accompanying cloth undergarments -- from her long, slender legs. "I was sent to safeguard a caravan from afar, Mikael. The Gods required its passengers - a prince of these lands and a high priestess - to reach their destination safely. Evidently, they have an important role to play."

"A noble cause," Mikael agreed as Lucinda tossed the trousers away, now joining him in her nakedness. She looked utterly resplendent in the evening's golden glow.

"You do not understand," she said with as wicked smile as she bent over, placing her palms on the bed. Her large breasts hung down wonderfully. "The high priestess was from the temple in Gersham -- the town to which you were travelling when you met me. You know that settlement, Mikael, and the Altar of Love that resides at its core."

He smiled as realisation dawned as to the cause of Lucinda's frustrations. "I do. And I also well know the appetite of its followers. They fucked all day, didn't they, the high priestess and the prince? They writhed together in that carriage and you had to sit there and watch."

She narrowed her eyes, staring at him with predatory intent before placing one knee on the mattress and beginning to edge forwards.

"Yes they did. And now you, Brother, shall be the instrument of my release."

He reclined on the bed and grinned as Lucinda deftly crawled up the mattress. Her black hair hung messily about her face as she did so, her sultry green eyes burning fiercely with lust.

Her right hand stretched out as her naked form reached him, eagerly grasping his erect member, and he groaned. She began to pump her fist on his length as she approached on her knees, eventually settling between his spread legs.

With a wicked grin she leaned down, brushing her obsidian hair over her neck before opening her mouth and flicking out her tongue. She licked the underside of his head, the tip of her tongue then moving slowly over the rest of his cock. With a low moan of her own, she sucked his member into her mouth, bobbing her head slowly whilst her hand still moved on his shaft.

Mikael voiced his pleasure, half-sitting up and resting on his elbows so that he could more clearly see Lucinda's ministrations. Then he simply watched, a lustful grin spreading across his face.

His Sister was devouring his cock fairly rapidly, the pent-up desire from her long day finally released. Her knees pressed into the mattress by his ankles, her left arm straight for support by his thigh, and her torso was angled slightly downwards as her kisses crept over his length. Her right hand was still on his cock, sliding vigorously on his shaft as her lips and tongue caressed the rest, and her large breasts dangled invitingly from her chest.

Mikael watched as the mounds gyrated with the movements of her arm and head, pleasure thrilling through him from both the sensations she was causing and the simple erotic beauty of the sight. With a giggle she glanced up, her emerald eyes staring into his, and she pulled her mouth from his member and grinned.

"Much better," she laughed, leaning forwards to suck his balls into her mouth. Her hand still slid smoothly over his shaft, and he groaned again.

He hunched over further, putting his weight on his left hand as he reached out with the other, placing its palm on his Sister's back. Her smooth skin was wonderful to his touch, and he slowly stroked down towards her ass, which was stuck out invitingly as her back curled. Her tongue, meanwhile, started its slow climb back to the tip of his cock.

Eventually his fingers reached her ass, and he continued downwards, his explorative digits coming to rest on the wetness between her thighs. There he found her folds, running his fingertips across them, eliciting a low moan from the gorgeous woman who worked on his cock.

They remained that way a while, Lucinda's body coiling and uncoiling as she bobbed her head on his shaft, her left hand still moving rapidly over his slick length. His own hand caressed her pussy lips, and the rogue's gentle moaning caused wonderful vibrations to run through his member.

"Oh, fuck," he groaned as another thrill ran through him, the tightness of her lips stroking down his length yet again. From the eagerness of her ministrations, it seemed that Lucinda appreciated his obvious pleasure.

She sat slightly more upright then, pulling her head from his member and moving her left hand to his chest, pushing him back down onto the bed. He complied, his hand leaving her snatch, reclining until he rested fully on the mattress once more. His Sister grinned at him, pushing her hand up his body until she took one of his nipples between her fingers, lightly playing with it as her mouth engulfed his cock yet again.

She was no longer on all-fours, the fact that neither hand was being used for support meaning that her body curled downwards very enticingly, her torso almost pressed to the bed. Yet she still bobbed on his member, her black hair falling messily about her face at the steep angle, and Mikael reached out to rest his right hand lightly on her head. He felt her silky hair beneath his touch, and softly grasped it, groaning again as her tongue swirled on the underside of his head.

Suddenly, she pulled her mouth away, and Mikael gazed down at her with lust as her eyes met his. They sparkled brightly, the twin emeralds burning with obvious desire, and she began to swiftly climb his body.

"About time..." Mikael whispered as the rogue reached him, the words cut off as she crushed her lips against his. Her tongue pushed into his mouth, and he responded in kind, her hands moving to his forearms and guiding them to her waist. He followed her lead, grasping her hips, and it was with a grin that she pulled her face from his.

"Growing impatient?" she said, sitting upright, her knees either side of his chest. "And I thought it was me who badly needed this release. Perhaps I best give you what you want then..."

Mikael's breath caught in his throat as she grabbed his cock, lifting her hips and angling it towards her glistening snatch. His fingers had done their work, her pussy already flowing, and his head easily pierced her folds.

"The Gods..." he moaned as she lowered herself onto him, his member engorged by her tight snatch. Her walls hugged him tightly, the feeling beyond exquisite, and with a laugh he delighted in the thought that he would never grow bored of the sensation.

Lucinda, too, had not been immune to the pleasure of their sex, a sharp intake of breath accompanying the feeling of her pussy stretching over his cock. She lifted her left leg, placing the sole of her foot flat on the bed, which in turn caused her hips to rise slightly on his member.

Mikael took advantage of the opportunity, thrusting his hips into the stunning rogue, causing her eyes to open wide and a grin to form on her face. She moaned, his pace not rapid but not slow, either, and his right hand dropped to the curve of her ass.

His Sister slumped forwards, stretching out her right hand to hold her weight as his cock slid eagerly into her, and her moans were already high-pitched. Clearly, her pleasure was growing quickly, though having described her day to him Mikael was not entirely surprised. He knew his Sisters well, and such an afternoon of sexual frustration would work any one of them into a frenzied knot of passion.

"Yes... yes..." she yelped, his pelvis slapping against her ass as his cock banged more quickly into her. Her breasts shook with the impact, but Mikael ignored them: he would have time for complete love-making after this. For now, his sole aim was to bring the raven-haired beauty to climax.

And he was succeeding. Her green eyes sparkled, her right arm moving to rest across his chest as she pushed herself upright, her left reaching out and grasping his curled leg. His member still powered into her, and her breathing stilled, her lungs preparing for the massive exhalation of her release.

"Oh... FUUUCK!" Lucinda screamed, her eyes closing, her body becoming perfectly still but for the faint gyrations of her hips. Her walls twitched and spasmed around his cock, and he grinned as he watched an afternoon's vexation evaporated in one ecstatic moment.

At last the rogue opened her eyes, staring down at him with a broad smile, and Mikael laughed.

"Better?" he chuckled, the satisfaction of her climax evident on his Sister's face.

She sighed happily in return. "Much... I have waited all day for that."

"I could tell." He grasped her hands, which she had placed on his chest.

"I make no apologies, Brother."

She smiled wickedly at that, lowering her left leg so that she knelt on it as she did her right, already starting to roll her hips back and forth on his pelvis. His rigid member was still buried in her pussy, and she giggled at his expression.

"Much to your dismay, I'm sure," she added.

"Indeed, I am appalled," he replied with a wink, letting go of her hands and instead grasping both of her large breasts.

Lucinda moaned. "You do a good job at hiding it."

The sensation of his palms on her chest caused her to subconsciously increase the pace with which she rode him. Unlike her, however, Mikael was not oblivious to this rising speed, and he squeezed the fleshy mounds in his grasp.

"I thought you just wanted mere sexual release?" He let go of her breasts and instead toyed with her nipples. "And yet you carry on."

She breathed out heavily in pleasure, her fingers pressing into his stomach. "Mmm... I think a few more orgasms would do me the world of good."

Mikael stared at his Sister hungrily, his hands dropping back to her waist.

"Then what are you waiting for?"

She smiled wickedly. "I do not know."

At once she increased the speed of her hips, now rolling them back and forth with pace, causing her eyes to flutter slightly. A long moan left her lips, and Mikael smiled at the thought that she was eager for more.

He left his hands on her waist awhile as she rode him, the movement of her hips clearly sending thrills through his Sister, and watched the pleasure wash over her.

Slowly, her position started to change, her torso hunching forwards and her hands climbing his front until her palms rested on his chest. The movement of her hips had changed, too, the angle making it difficult for her to continue as she had before, her pussy instead rising and falling on his cock. As always, it felt amazing, and Mikael grinned as the rogue's tight snatch caressed his member.

Her face had already twisted into a picture of rapture, Lucinda well on her way to yet another climax, but Mikael was not surprised. He knew his Sisters too well for that; knew the voracious nature of their appetites and delighted in it.

The raven-haired beauty shuddered above him, her hands slipping to his shoulders as her body lowered further. She looked up at him, her emerald eyes burning into his, her large breasts dangling invitingly and shaking with their sex. Her long black hair hung messily about her shoulders, and her slender body trembled as her hips crashed down onto his pelvis.

He could resist no longer, his hands shooting to the large mounds that hung deliciously from her chest, grasping the soft flesh and gently squeezing them. His Sister moaned, her mouth dropping open slightly, its corners twisting into a grin. Just as he was no longer surprised at the sex drive of his companions, they were no longer surprised at his.

"Mmm..." Lucinda moaned, laughing breathlessly. She was close again, Mikael could tell, and he kneaded her breasts with eagerness as her pussy devoured his cock. Her body was tightening, her walls narrowing on his length, and he enjoyed the sensation.

He was not going to interfere. His Sister was setting the pace, the hunger brought on by her earlier frustration still apparent, and he delighted in the furious speed that she chose. She was as eager for him as he was for her, and that thought lingered luxuriously in his mind as another moan -- louder this time -- left the rogue's lips.

"Oooh... that's it..."

The cool bedsheets beneath him were a wonderful contrast to Lucinda's hot body, her knees pressed into his sides, her hands on his shoulders. He drank in the feeling of her, his fingers still gripping her shuddering breasts, and laughed.

She returned the expression shakily, her eyes rolling back and her mouth dropping open. The movements of her hips had become erratic, and he knew the moment was upon her.

"Ooohh... yess... YEESSSS!"

Again she became still, her eyes opening wide and glinting in the evening light, her muscles quivering as another orgasm ripped through her. Her moan was less insistent, the release itself less hurried than her last, and she appeared to luxuriate in its rapture rather than appreciate its mere arrival.

Mikael smiled, still clutching the obsidian-haired beauty's breasts, enjoying the sight as she climaxed above him. This one was longer than the previous, her walls spasming around his length, and it took a short while for her mind to return to the present.

She slumped down on top of him, her chest thumping into his, and laughed. Her breasts felt wonderful against his skin, and he wrapped his arms around her back as she shook with mirth.

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