Quickies of the Cohort Ch. 02


She was close now, he could tell. Her walls were slowly narrowing on his member, and though she had turned her head so that he could no longer easily see her face, he could tell it displayed her rapture. His cock slid into her pussy with incredible speed, and she pushed her entire body back to meet each drive. Her pale skin was flushed, and her climax was moments away.

With a searing burst of blue light from her gem, her orgasm hit, her tunnel grasping hold of Mikael's cock as rapture detonated in her mind. Her entire body trembled as she went rigid, her mouth hanging open, her lips quivering, and Mikael went still to merely drink in the sight. The gorgeous mage's eyes were wide, and faint energy crackled the air as she came.

After a short while, her pussy relaxed, and Mikael gently withdrew his cock. He stepped back as Quintia slowly rose, and watched eagerly as she turned to face him. Though her gem had dulled, there was still a glint of lust in her eyes, and she reached out and took his hand. He smiled at the seductive wink that followed, no words exchanged between them, and with a gentle tug Quintia pulled him towards one of the couches that adorned the Sanctuary's balconies.

They reached it moments later, and before Mikael could make a move she had pushed him down onto the backless sofa. He landed with a gentle thud, his legs spread and his cock proud, and looked up at his Sister. She stared at him wickedly, the light in her gem building once more, and swiftly dropped to her knees. He leaned back, a smile forming on his face as the mage placed her palms on his thighs.

Your turn, glittered words above her head, and her eyes stared at him as he read them.

He laughed, the sound turning into a loud gasp as Quintia leaned forwards, her tongue flicking out and grazing the underside of his head. Her hands held his thighs tightly as her mouth did all the work, and he groaned as she sucked the tip of his member between her lips.

There she rested a while, before she began to bob her head, slowly devouring more of his cock with each downward movement. Her right hand, too, relocated to the base of his shaft, holding it still as her lips crept lower. Mikael groaned again at the magnificent sensation, and reached out, lightly grasping her cobalt blue hair.

She did not mind, and her tongue continued its wonderful sweep across the underside of his shaft, half of his length now resting in her warm mouth. Her right hand now caressed the areas that she could not reach with her lips, and she stared at him voraciously as she sucked his cock.

Eventually, she pulled her mouth away, instead holding his member firmly as she kissed down the sides, making sure that her descending tongue passed over every inch. Mikael moaned loudly, breathing out long and hard as the mage did exquisite things.

Her gem had not taken long to rekindle, he noticed, though he was not surprised given what was going on. The same way his earlier work on her pussy had inflamed his desire, he suspected this blowjob had her eager for more sex.

He leaned forwards, knowing what he wanted, and quite sure she felt the same. She looked up at him, withdrawing her mouth from his member and instead pumping his slick shaft with her fist. He kissed her, and she rose slightly to better allow it, her eyes closing as her hand still passed over his cock.

Not breaking the kiss, Mikael reached behind his Sister, finding the knots to her dress and slowly undoing them by touch. Quintia, however, seemed more eager to move things along, pulling away and lowering her head to allow him better access to the bows. He gasped as she sucked his member into her mouth yet again, and with the aid of seeing what he was doing, he soon had the bustier loosened.

He placed one finger on the blue-haired beauty's cheek and she looked up, a playful smile forming on her features as she once more pulled her face from his member. This time she did not stay kneeling, and as Mikael swivelled on the couch to allow himself to lie down along its length, she moved to hunch over him.

He placed his hands on her shoulders, sliding the upper part of the now-ruined dress forwards. It came away easily, the back undone, and she straightened her arms to allow Mikael to pull the garment over them. Her large breasts spilled free, and he hurriedly threw the tattered top over his shoulder, eager to cup the fleshy mounds.

He did so immediately, causing Quintia's gem to flare. She lowered her body and he sat more upright, flicking out hungrily with his tongue, its tip grazing the nipple of her closest breast. There he remained, his tongue passing over the wonderful mounds as his hands kneaded them gently.

Quintia placed her own hands on his shoulders, and slowly stroked them downwards, eventually twisting her upper body away from Mikael as her palms reached his waist. There she turned away from him completely, grasping hold of his cock with one hand as she placed the other on his chest.

She stepped over the sofa, her back still to Mikael as she straddled the couch, and moved to stand over him, lowering her hips until her pussy was mere inches from Mikael's erect member. He reached out, placing his hands on her lower back, feeling the tension beneath her silky smooth skin, and left them there as she angled his cock in her hand.

Mikael moaned as his Sister descended further, his cock drawn into her hot snatch as she sank onto his shaft. Moments later he was fully inside her, and the gorgeous mage leant forwards. Her feet still flat on the floor, she moved her hands, instead placing her palms on Mikael's knees and beginning to lift her hips.

Her pace was slow to start with, and her pussy slid over his cock as she raised and lowered her body. Mikael's hands dropped to her ass, and he could feel the minor contractions of her muscles as the pleasure of their sex assaulted her. She was hunched over, her blue hair falling just to her shoulders, and her fingers gripped Mikael's legs tightly.

With a flash of blue, she changed position slightly, instead settling fully on Mikael's cock and rolling her hips back and forth. He grinned as she did so, knowing full well the effect it would have on his Sister, and lay back as she rode him in reverse.

She continued that way for a while, and Mikael could tell from the tightening of her depths and the strengthening blue glow of her jewel that she was enjoying herself. Stroking his hands up her back, he hunched forwards, the blue-haired mage still crouched over him, her feet firmly on the floor. His palms eventually reached her upper back, where he slid them round to the sides and underneath her arms. With a broad grin he grasped her large breasts, and her gem flared brightly at the sensation.

Quintia turned her face to him. Her jewel burned ferociously, and her skin was flushed. Sheer lust radiated from her eyes, and with a grin Mikael leant back onto the sofa, pulling his Sister with him. She moved willingly, repositioning herself so that her hands rested on Mikael's chest, her arms stretched behind her. He held her waist tightly as she moved her feet onto the sofa, her heels now touching Mikael's hips, and at once she began to bounce on his member.

Unsurprisingly to Mikael, she did so with vigour. Her breasts shook enticingly as she rode him, her jewel sparkling brightly at the feelings that coursed through her. He moved his hands, instead grasping her wrists, holding them tightly as their twin pleasure built, and the mage's mouth dropped open. She was clearly close -- as was Mikael -- and both were eager to attain release.

Moments later, her gem exploded into life. Her snatch narrowed markedly on Mikael's cock as a minor orgasm erupted inside her, her hips slowing but not stopping as she delighted in the climax. Mikael still held her wrists, her palms on his chest, and he could feel the tension that still suffused his Sister even as her orgasm faded.

It did not surprise him, therefore, when she instantly resumed her old pace, leaning back even further and redoubling the efforts of her loins. Her weight was now almost entirely on Mikael's chest, her legs doing nothing more than raising and lowering her hips with considerable speed, and Mikael released her wrists, his hands sliding down her body and eventually coming to hold her waist.

She continued to ride him, her breathing heavy, and despite the orgasm she had just had her gem had barely dulled. It was, he realised, actually brighter than it had been before, and the voracious way in which his Sister bounced on his cock suggested to Mikael she was not far off another climax. Neither, Mikael noted, was he.

"Fuck," Mikael groaned as the gorgeous Sensei's pussy hungrily devoured his member. "I'm ... I'm close..."

She turned her face to him, carnal need radiating from her pale blue eyes. Her gem shone brightly and her breathing was ragged as she stared at him, her hips continuing their rapid rise and fall. Mikael met her gaze, but her eyelids fluttered shut, her mind clearly bombarded with the magnificent stimuli of their sex.

Come in me, Quintia's words stated simply, flowing into being like calligraphy on her smooth back. They washed away moments later, and Mikael grinned.

"Gladly," he laughed breathlessly, grasping his Sister's hips more tightly and immediately ceasing their movements. Instantly, his own hips burst into motion, rapidly thrusting upwards into the stunning mage, his member sliding furiously into her tight snatch. Quintia's body seized up at the sensation, her mouth dropping open with a great exhalation of breath that Mikael was sure would have been a rapturous scream were she capable of one.

His cock now pistoned into the blue-haired beauty, and her cobalt hair shook with the impact of Mikael's member. Her large breasts, just visible, vibrated enticingly too, and had Mikael not been so eager to come he would have leaned forward and grasped them.

"Urgh..." he moaned, his cock twitching. His Sister, too, was mere seconds away, her pussy quivering with anticipation, her back arching as he drove his member into her snatch. "By the... Gods... fuck!"

With one last surge of his hips he came, his cock spasming, hot cum shooting into Quintia's depths. Pleasure overtook him, and he held his Sister tightly, lost in blissful release as his seed spattered liberally against her walls.

A heartbeat later she climaxed too. Her hips bucked in Mikael's grasp, her gem blazing into life like a minor sun, and her fingertips dug into Mikael's chest with the sheer power of the ecstasy that tore at her mind. Her body was still, yet her muscles trembled, and her thoughts were lost to the bliss that overtook them, the sensation of Mikael's cock as it plunged into her receptive snatch pushing her into paradise.

There they remained, motionless but for the shuddering of Quintia's climaxing body and the faint twitching of Mikael's hips, both exulting in the rapture of their release. Her pussy spasmed around his length, the feeling driving Mikael's own orgasm further, and he cried out his ecstasy as the silent mage's jewel displayed her own.

It was a while before the intense pleasure at last began to fade, their minds becoming their own again, and Quintia sank down slowly onto Mikael's chest, her breathing heavy and a faint layer of sweat on her brow.

After a moment of recovery, she turned her face to him and grinned widely, slowly lifting her hips and moving to settle next to him on the sofa. It was a tight squeeze, but they managed it, their forms curled together on the narrow couch, and Mikael enjoyed her body cosily pressed against his. Relaxed, she turned slightly, placing a hand on his chest and her chin on his shoulder, her pale blue eyes staring into his.

The animalistic lust that had radiated from them had been replaced by a look of pure contentedness, and Mikael was sure his own gaze reflected that. The stunning mage smiled, her gem now glowing a dull green, and he laughed, brushing her cobalt hair from her face.

"That was great," he grinned, his post-coital mind nevertheless still noticing the magnificence of her naked body.

It certainly was, his Sister's words returned, her face displaying the satisfied afterglow of her climax.

"Though I'm sorry about your dress."

She lifted her head and looked up at him, raising an eyebrow as she stared into his eyes.

Mikael, when you make me come like that I don't care what you do with my clothes, her words glowed, a playful smile spreading across her features.

"Nevertheless," he grinned, "for the sake of your wardrobe, perhaps you ought to next time approach me naked."

Hmm, her words flowed as she settled back down with a grin. Perhaps I will do just that.

Mikael sighed happily, and slowly closed his eyes.

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