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It was a simple idea. There was a woman off one of my favorite forums that loved to toy with the idea of bondage and the like. Even though she lived across the state from where my wife and I lived, we had never met before. She was hell bent however on allowing me the chance to try some light bondage on her. In return, she was dead set on initiating my wife into the sisterhood of Bisexuality. Perhaps some background would explain it....

I am your average thirty four year old married guy and in the last ten years, I have had the opportunity to learn various things about the BDSM lifestyle. Although it was hard to get my loving wife of twelve years into it, soon she too was going knee deep into it. My wife is a very curvy thirty years old, the Goddess blessed her with very wide hips and a wonderful set of breasts. Just recently, she had her nipples pierced with barbells and it had really added to their sensitivity. I love the way she wears her shirts without a bra and she winces every time the shirt rubs over her erect nipples.

My wife was also Bi-curious.

For as long as she could remember, she was a big fan of girl watching almost as much as I was. She would love to tell me how tight a woman's ass was as they passed by or how she would want to motorboat a woman's chest just to see my reaction. Yet in all her curiosity, she had never had the chance to live out her desires. It wasn't as if she would willingly stray on me with another woman, but she was unsure if another woman would be willing to lick her pussy or allow her to perform the same.

As my Instant Messenger friend Dee and I were discussing whether she should get her own nipples pierced, this whole idea came up. I would love to say that Dee is a sexy cyber partner of mine, but alas we never cybered, in fact, except for asking each other questions we were pretty much just cyber buddies. Dee lived on the other side of the Cascade Mountains from us, almost a six hour trip. Before, we never talked about meeting just because of the trip time and the price of gas, so when Dee suggested that I bring my wife Bridget to a central place for lunch, I was floored. Bridget had always wanted to meet some of my cyber friends and since she was not as introverted as she used to be, she wanted to show off her new piercings. So we made plans to meet in a small town about three hours away from each of us.

During the rest of the week preceding the trip, Dee and I were on IM every night talking like normal. However, she would pepper our conversations with ideas about how I could bring my leather cuffs or how she could be tied down while my wife ate her out. This wasn't the same Dee I usually talked to, but I figured our relationship online told her enough about me that she felt comfortable confiding in me about her ideas. The packing of my bags didn't help either when I saw my wife bringing her largest dildo and her clit stimulator. She also brought up bringing our cuffs and our rope kit as well as our blindfold. In Bridget's eyes, we were going to have fun after we met Dee.

The drive over had Bridget sleeping in the passenger seat while she wore her white Jenna Jameson half shirt and her tennis skirt with no panties as I have requested. My attire was simply a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt. As we neared the hotel where I made reservations, I saw Dee for the first time. Dee's hair was in a ponytail and she wore a white tank top that barely covered her breasts. Her blue jeans sat low on a pair of gorgeous hips with her open toed shoes showing off her pedicured pink toenails. After we pulled up and I got out of the car, she ran up to me and gave me the biggest of hugs. I felt her nipples through her top and noticed how hard they were already. She stood back and gave me the once over before smiling and turning to my wife. I introduced them and as Bridget attempted a handshake Dee grabbed her and hugged her tightly. The girls waited outside while I went and checked in with my credit card, once all was set I walked back outside to see them chatting like old sorority sisters.

As I opened the trunk and grabbed the bags, I saw Dee walking away and grabbing her bag from her car. When I asked if she had her room yet, she simply responded that since we were talking about body piercing and all that stuff she figured we would all room together. Inside my pants, my cock was excited. I looked at Bridget and noticed the look on her face was more puzzled than anything else. As we saw the room, we noticed one king sized bed and little else. I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom while I tried to figure out what to do. As I walked out, I noticed that Bridget already started pulling out the leather cuffs and ropes out to show Dee. It was almost like Bridget was putting on a clinic about basic bondage gear and Dee was eating it up.

Speaking of eating, I suggested that I go to the local supermarket to pick up some sandwich stuff and the girls agreed in unison. I quickly excused myself and went down the elevator to the front desk to discover where the market was. As I was about to go out the front door, I remembered that I left my wallet back in the room. Not thinking anything different, I went back upstairs and put my key in the lock, as the door opened, I was treated to the sight of my wife's shirt above her naked breasts and Dee's mouth attached to one of them. The sight was both a shock and a massive turn on at the same time. I edged closer, and watched as Dee continued to suckle on Bridget's breast while Bridget finished removing her shirt. She looked at me almost as if to ask what did I think was going to happen. She pointed towards the chair in the corner and I sat down watching as Bridget held her hand on Dee's head and pushed it into her breasts harder.

Dee's response after Bridget letting her go was to lean back and untie her tank top from behind her head. I saw Dee's beautiful breasts for the first time and was amazed she wanted to get them pierced. They were tear dropped shaped and partially hidden by her black hair cascading down, but were capped by the most gorgeous nipples I had seen. I looked over and saw my wife's breasts with the purple barbells showing on either side of the erect nipple and thought they were almost twins. Dee then reached down and undid her jeans to reveal her gorgeous ass to my sight, she was void of panties and was already soaking wet. Bridget then pushed her back on the bed and proceeded to bury her head between Dee's legs. As a man, I thought she would immediately plunge her tongue inside her pussy and proceed to fuck her with it, but I saw Bridget was taking her time to lick on Dee's inner thigh before just pressing her tongue against Dee's shaven pussy lips. Dee began squirming as Bridget kept her ministrations on her while Dee pulled on her nipples and moaned loudly.

I sat there with my jeans tightening around my cock, standing long enough to pull my t-shirt off and strip off my pants. As I was almost back in the chair, I heard my wife tell me that Dee needs some dick inside her mouth, I took the cue and crawled on the bed. Before I had a chance to do anything, Dee had her hand on my cock and was pulling it towards her mouth. It had been a number of years since anyone but my wife had touched my cock. The excitement already had precum leaking from the tip where Dee was licking with her tongue. It was then I heard Bridget tell me to fuck her mouth. She coerced Dee into moving so her head hung over the edge of the bed so I could give the naughty minx a face fucking. Her throat was very tight massaging my shaft as I slid in and out while I watched my wife's tongue fucking Dee. Dee's hips began to thrust towards Bridget as I felt my dick hardening more.

I pulled out and watched as Bridget took the leather cuffs and cuffed Dee's hands behind her back. She flipped Dee onto her knees, and motioned for me to get behind her. Bridget took Dee by her hair and pushed her head against Bridget's shaven pussy. As Dee began to lick her, I plunged my dick inside her and began to marvel about how tight and wet her pussy was. My hands found their way to her hips and I started pounding inside her faster as I watched my wife lean her head back. I watched Dee's expert tongue doing things to my wife's pussy I never saw before.

I was debating on whether to cum inside Dee or not, Dee made the decision for me by pushing herself back so I couldn't pull out before I emptied myself inside her. As she flipped over onto her back, my wife was there plunging her tongue deep inside Dee to clean her out. I fell back onto the bed and watched as the girls began to share my seed between them before I reached over and uncuffed Dee. I was also looking forward to a very memorable weekend.

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